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T Jul 21, 2019 Review updated:

I purchased an item on (Temptations Cat Treats) on 7/18/19.

Unfortunately, my cat did not eat these treats so I brought RN back to to store I purchased them to exchange (with a receipt) them for another brand. I was refused and told that your policy doesn't exchange opened packages.

I then, went online to confirm the store's exchange policy...Your policy does not state that items cannot be exchanged if they are opened...

This Manager, Marcy advised to call the corporate office and refused to read the policy for clarification.

It is very disappointing when I am a frequent customer and I was denied to exchange a product with a receipt within n 30 days of purchase.

I would like to be compensated for the way I was handled at this location by a manger who clearly is uninformed or simply ignorant about the exchange policy that Family Dollar has.

Tonia Dawkins

temptations cat treats


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    TheManager Jul 22, 2019

    They can’t resell it. Why would try rake it back.

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    Kmart 9459 Jul 22, 2019

    @TheManager Because they can. Doesn't matter if it can't be resold or not. Its a minor loss and petty to make a deal out of it. Would the store really rather pay me $3 wages to argue with a customer for 15 minutes which takes me away from my work or loss the $2 that the temptation cat treats sells for that probably only costed the store $0.50. You don't have to be a mathematician to know what the better option is. Even in scenarios where the store does lose more money in the sale then it would cost in wages it's still petty to for the store to not allow the return. Unless it's in writing somewhere just go ahead and allow the return. I can tell you if my boss tells me not to allow a return because of something that's not included in the written store policy I would out right ignore them, and if they brought it up that I ignored them I would argue with them about it.

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