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December 9th Manager Regina Robinson caught a young lady shoplifting. Rather than call the law she called the girls mother. This lady was old enuff to be arrested for shoplifting sweat pants. Her name is Amber her mother is Tracing Wyer a good friend of Regina

Shortly after Regina becoming manager. She came to me and said cameras didn't work. Wednedsay truck came to come in. She told me to come in and shoplift whatever I like as long Asia carried out what her and Amber Cosco had put back for theirselves. This went on for quite sometime until one day the city police were waiting on me. I had my 4year old daughter with me. She wanted her juice out of car I asked Regina to go and get that for at that time she put marijuana in my daughters jacket in the I received shoplifting got the ticket. Cop followed me to the car and asked for ky daughters coat. At that time I got a possession ticket. I have lost custody of my daughter due to this. Amber has posted on Facebook bragging about it. Needless to saysl she was involved with my husband and still is. They totally set me up. So my question is what is Protocol for catching shoplifting l feel I got rolled and have lost my daughter. Which is exactly what my soon to be x husband wanted was my daughter. Whilethis went on I witnessed Regina selling prescription drugs several times. Is this how the Family Dollar wants a manager representing their store in a small town...

Update by Lori Kincaid
Dec 10, 2017 12:33 pm EST

I took very personal and my daughter never needed involved. YES I was also wrong and I paid my fines and lost my daughter...

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