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So, I was at Family Dollar the manager Wendy was ringing me up and I bought 5.00 washing powders and gave her 20.00. She is looking in my wallet on the counter and said do you have anything smaller and I said yea but I need change for the laundromat and she said everybody is giving her 20s and I need to go to the atm to get change which, makes no sense cause the atm gives 20s and I was purchasing an item which was 5 dollars. She said something about putting a sign up. Take small bills. Also, the woman behind me was seeing how rude she was to me and Wendy told her oh she comes in here regularly so it's ok if she talks to me that way. I left a couple days later I went In there again cause I always liked Family Dollar until her rudeness. When I went to the register again all I had was a 20 cause I got them from the bank atm. I bought what I needed and she again says to be 20s what's up with these 20s. Now I am giving her a 20 to purchase my items so why is she so rude to just me. That's twice. It's not a 100 it's a 20. Now a few months back, she overcharged me for an item 50 cents. I have 6 kids every penny counts to me. Well instead, she said it's lot of paperwork for me to do over 50 over 50 cents so she reached in her purse and gave me the 50 cents. Thats when sbe started being so rude to me. After that I went to a job interview with her but she didn't like me so I didn't get the job. I did get a job at dollar General but they only worked me 5 hours a week so I am looking for something better. Thanks I just wanted you to know how rude she is to me...

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    Your probably friends with her. Oh if I am a child then you must be 80 years old lol

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