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Reviews and Complaints

Family Dollarthe workers at this store were very rude and ignorant.

On Wednesday July 10, 2019, I stopped at Family Dollar at 625 Wolcott St. in Waterbury, Conn for some furniture polish. I thought I'd walk over to the cleaning section, grab a bottle of furniture polish and be in and out of the store in a flash. Needless to say, I couldn't find the polish and had to ask a store clerk for help. She questioned if I was looking for nail polish and I said "No, furniture polish." She directed me to the front of the store to the first two aisles where the cosmetics were sold. I couldn't figure out why the furniture polish would be in one of those two aisles and not with the cleaning supplies. I asked the lady near the register to help me find furniture polish and her response was the same. She walked over to the cosmetic aisle, when I insisted that it wouldn't be with the cosmetics but with the cleaning supplies.

Lady number two hollered across the store in Spanish to the other worker and I still didn't get any help finding this product. The first lady continued with her duties as if I wasn't even there, and I tried to look harder through the cleaning supplies for furniture polish. Alas, I finally found it with no thanks to the terrible help I received from the Family Dollar workers. Apparently, they thought that furniture polish and nail polish were the same thing.

These women were rude and offensive and it didn't help that they music from their boombox was blaring throughout the store and filled with foul language. Usually, Family Dollar workers always greet me at other locations as soon as I enter the store but that wasn't the case last night. I think these ladies need to be transferred to another Family Dollar location or let go. If they stay with the franchise, then they definitely need more customer service training.