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Yesterday afternoon, Sunday 6/5/22, about 5:15 pm, I took my adult daughter to the store for regular shopping. Location was 556 West Commerce - Buffalo, Texas 75831. We usually go on a Saturday. I personally do not like to go there because the cashiers are usually rude. There is one in particular that is extremely rude anytime I've encountered her. She acts like she hates her job and customers are a bother to her. I dropped my daughter off and went across the street for fuel and was coming right back. (She is legally disabled and does not drive.) She had asked the cashier a question about pricing on some detergent in the clearance section and was rudely spoken to by the cashier. NOTE: Other than being a customer, she does not know the cashier. She told the cashier there was no need for her to be rude and the cashier began to curse at her using profane four letter f — words and threatened to f — her up and got up in her face. My daughter, who is 98 pounds, bucked up and told the cashier she better back the f — away from her and that she was calling the police for her threatening her. She called me instead. I quit pumping gas and came straight back across street and picked her up. She told me what happened and we headed back to her house to call police. She said there was a second employee there, but that she stayed out of the incident. As I was turning into the drive at house, police turned lights on behind me for me stop. They said Family Dollar had called on my daughter for a disturbance. We told them we were just about to call them ourselves on the cashier. My daughter explained what happened and told them to please watch the video tape and it would show she did nothing wrong and that the cashier was the problem. The two officers said they would go talk to cashier and come back. They came back said manager wanted to criminal trespass my daughter from the premises based on what cashier had said. Officers asked about video and were told video does not work. My daughter has never caused any problems with any business. She does not look for problems or trouble. She is limited on her shopping choices due to not driving and when she feels up to making the walk, the Family Dollar is the closest that she can go to. I do not agree with the manager requesting my daughter being criminal trespassed from premises. I also do not believe that the video does not work in the store; however, if that is truly the case, I believe that it needs to be repaired, replaced or corrected to work. I am here to say that if the video had been available, it would have shown that the employee needed to be terminated for her actions. No, I am not the typical mother that believes everything my daughter says and takes up for her on everything, but I have personally witnessed the rudeness and hostility from that same cashier towards others and also myself. Email is [protected]

Update by NormaTracie
Jun 06, 2022 5:24 pm EDT

How dare you be so presumptuous as to assume she is mentally incompetent! She is not! She is MEDICALLY disabled due to health conditions. You actually need to learn the difference between the two. Your opinionated statements are highly defamatory, accusatory and completely incorrect. If the store had working video, the truth would show the cashier was the instigator and was the cause of the incident. The Family Dollar cashier was blatantly rude and very disrespectful. The outrageous rudeness of your comments is atrocious.

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Jun 06, 2022 7:06 pm EDT

If your daughter isn't mentally incompetent then why are you handling this for her. Does she have no mouth to speak with or hands to write with? Doesn't she read, spell, and write? Chances are they do have working cameras and saw that your daughter was out of control but the cops saw how unstable you were and thought you'd only become hostile perhaps violent when confronted with the truth.

Jun 06, 2022 4:59 pm EDT

You're daughter is already determined to be mentally incompetent and you think she is the one to believe. Unless the cashier is also mentally incompetent I'd probably trust the cashier to know what actually happened. Mentally incompetent people like your daughter are the ones responsible for these massive crime waves. They take knives and guns to public places for the sole purpose of attacking strangers. I'd also request charges pressed against you for leaving a mentally incompetent person in a store by themselves.


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