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farmville game

I have been playing Farmville for as long I can remember. I would say almost a year without no prpblem until this morning on Nov 1. I went to go on my farm and my farm was gone. All of my animals, buildings and Halloween Decorations all gone. Now I have to start over.

I am very upset. It was working fine last night and now gone. All I want is my original farm back and my neighbors. I have worked too hard on my farm. I realize its a game on-line, but still, I should not have lost my game to only start over.

I want it back. Or simply will never play it again.

  • An
    antonucci Nov 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That's too bad. It can be addicting and it stinks that it got deleted. I don't think Facebook has the best security and it's easy for hackers to mess with people's pages.
    But at least you'll still get to play it because you're not behind bars for killing your kid just to play the game like this nut:
    She is totally going to rot in hell for choosing a game over her baby!

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  • Ju
    juantia mckoy Apr 05, 2011

    i was on face book and they keep blocking me and banning me i thinking aboou giving up ###ing face book the service is ###ing lousey and if you can straigting this ### up or close face book i see the college kids use this and the kids in school this is a big waste of my ###ing time and take my bunies e to twitter and my space this is disgusting and if you can ###ing change this it will be great thank you

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facebook abuses

facebook abuses with nonsense rules. i can´t add me real friends, i can´t write to my friends what i want in the chat room, real life friends can´t add me. now they close my facebook chat with out explication.
they close accounts with out warning and people can´t save nothing of our things before.
i have two old account´s that were desactivated by facebook and i can´t delete them. they don´t let me delete the content of my old acounts.

Is abuse of power! sometimes people can denunce others base in false pretexts. and facebook resactivate accounts wrongly without proves.
IS unffair.

i should get explication about things when facebook close our profile or don´t let us write certain words in the chat.


  • So
    SOFFIA66 Mar 06, 2011

    I joined facebook with my name and my CHOSEN password, I have been on a couple of times only. I don't really like this kind of networking so I don't. Now and then they send me people to be friends with or birthday alerts etc. It's now the 3rd time in a couple of months I can't acess my account because it isn't accepting my CHOSEN password, it want's my AOL E-MAIL PASSWORD? I didn't give it that password nor will I and the last time I went on it wanted me to add my friends and it had my WHOLE ADDRESS LIST of which I never gave them...I don't understand how Facebook is able to get your address book and your ISP PASSWORD??

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people I don't know

I noticed a person who wants to be friends with me who i don't know and they have changed their identity. They don't even know if they are a male or female and have changed all information now living in san diego. This person sounds like they just want my information, pretending to be my friend. I don't know who this person is and it sounds like a scam. No picture, no references, nothing to identify themselves, information received said male, then states female with a name of leo. Sounds like a scam to me. I don't like someone getting information about me, wanting to be a friend without references. Thank you, gayla brown

  • Ga
    Gayla Brown Jan 08, 2015

    I never submitted this comment to Facebook. I would like you to find out who sent this to you. Please investigate this message. I would like you to follow-up and send me any information you find. Thank you very much, Gayla Brown

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Daniel IvanOctober 14, 2010 at 8:16am
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  • Ak
    Aka Mauge Aug 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stop this scam.. The scamer is just as cunning like the devil himself.

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facebook promo

It's a fake and SCAMS, no one please to trust all the received SMS or E-mail messages regarding this winning promo.

Perhaps you will receive an e-mail or a SMS via your phone.

The prize is unbelievable number of Money... they are saying you won £500, 000, 00GBP as showing bellow:



Congratulation your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT have won £500.000.00GBP pounds in

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  • Da
    Dada209 Oct 18, 2010

    By the way, up-to-date the messages are still sending by the SCAMS, please just ignore even via your e-mail or SMS.

    Everyone here knows the .. the SCAMS also tried to cheat on users around there but the FACEBOOK admins trying very hard to kick them out as many reports has been received.

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  • Da
    Dada209 Oct 18, 2010


    Here is another copy of the SCAMS forms that they will send to you to verify your information to claim later on your money from the bank directly (LoL)... it's also fake.. be careful.


    FACEBOOK winnings Inc.

    2nd Floor Berkley Square House Berkley Square
    London W1J 6BD London, United Kingdom.
    17th October, 2010.
    Attention: Mr. Jerry Anixouil,
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    Please find below the payee bank contact information’s for swift remittance of your prize award funds.
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    Contact Person: Mrs. Katrina Davidson.
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    Email: [email protected]
    Remember for security reason you are advised to keep your lottery winning information's from the general public to avoid double claims and unwarranted abuse of this program. Please be warned...
    Congratulations and thank you for being one of the lucky winners in our commemorative 5th Anniversary Promo Draws.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mr. Matt Graham.

    Please ignore anything like these craps away.

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account hacking

[protected] this person has taken over my partners Andreas Madesta facebook account and i...

unauthorization of credit card

I had a credit of file at facebook for Adversitsitment of an Ad.
I was learning how to play a game and my credit card was charged for $147.00. I have sent several email but was unsuccesful to inform them of the error. How do I get my refund? Patricia [protected]. They have no customer service only voice mail with an incorrect email address.

  • **SuperMan** May 11, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm afraid that you will never resolve your monetary issues with Facebook. They are in the business of stealing your hard earned money - and not giving refunds for any reason, whatsoever. I have heard (read) your "story" a thousand times, but I have never read of anyone resolving any issue with the corrupt organization. Sorry you lost your money, but look at this as lessoned learned and cancel that credit card immediately.

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disabled account without warning or justified reason

Here is the latest message I have sent to facebook after being disabled with no warning and for no reason...

extra charges

I purchased extra game play on the farmville game on facebook..I have double charges and extra 1.01 charges that I have know idea what they are. I purchased a total of 40.00. all other charges should be removed.

fake account created

respected sir,
I am Shubhra singh,
In facebook someone is using my account with my name and photo as well as other details also.and, if u need any more information form my side u can mail me also my email id is ([protected] ). so its my humble request to u is that please remove taht fake account as soon as possible.the url of fake id is ( )

  • Ch
    chi chaai Nov 13, 2010

    I'm a big fan of face book. but a year ago someone has created a fake account with my pictures in its album. in his whole account he has only that photo. he even sent friend request to me so that i can see my photo in it. hes trying to blackmail by adding my friends. i have reported this account and even the photo a week ago. but still I'm waiting for an answer. if you want any information from my side you can mail me as soon as possible (my id is [email protected]) and the fake id is (!/profile.php?id=1190644004)

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  • Be
    beenishgardazi Dec 12, 2010

    Dear sir,
    Some indivituals creat ID and using in editing my picture so i request to you plzzzzzzz remove this fake ID and my picture as soon as passible.
    they are using this ID [email protected]
    Hope you will be take immediate action bcz our society very strick.
    [email protected]

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  • En
    enigmafreak Mar 03, 2011!/profile.php?id=100002069578920
    plzzzzz help me to delete this fake account
    someone is using my pictures also

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  • Ha
    Harit Nov 23, 2011

    That a fake facebook Profile of my friend please block that fake looser..
    they used my friend Name and Address..
    Plz delete fake Profile of Payal Shrimali


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highjacked account

My account was highjacked by someone who got in and changed the contact email address and my password--then erased my cellphone number and all other security identifiers before I knew it--3 days after I updated all of my Norton Internet Security. Now they are soliciting my friends for money, and I am blocked out. There is virtually no way to contact anyone at Facebook to prove that I am who I am and the person who highjacked my account is a hacker. I have tried, repeatedly, but get no response from them.
My email was also highjacked (even though the 2 accounts are completely seperate and have different passwords). But I pay for email (msn), called the Microsoft 800 number, and got that resolved in 15 minutes.
Facebook acts as though I am the intruder, despite my efforts to prove that
is not me!!

customer service

I have been a huge supporter of Facebook. I was even one of the few people in the world who would have gladly paid a small monthly fee in order to use Facebook as I have gotten back in touch with friends I have not seen in years, met family members I never even knew I had, made some excellent military contacts (as I am an active reservist in the US Army). However, several weeks ago my account was flagged and I was suspended from adding anymore friends when I was adding friends from my graduating class - people that I went to high school with. I have gotten multiple warnings over the last few weeks that I was behaving in a way that Facebook considered annoying - JUST BECAUSE I AM AN ACTIVE AND AVID FACEBOOK ENTHUSIAST!!! Tonight, I was on Millionaire City Forum and was adding friends WHO WANTED TO BE ADDED PUTTING "PLEASE ADD ME" ON THEIR MESSAGE so that I could build my city - the same goal they all had or they would not have requested to be added as friends in the first place. After adding approximately 10 other Millionaire City players ALSO LOOKING FOR MILLIONAIRE CITY FRIENDS, I received a message that my ability to send or receive messages was suspended due to repeated abuse!!! I understand that Facebook is responsible for deterring spam activities. However, I HAVE IN NO WAY EVER PARTICIPATED IN PASSING ON SPAM OR DONE ANYTHING THAT WOULD BE CONSIDERED ANNOYING TO ANY OF MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS OR POTENTIAL FRIENDS!!! It is also even more frustrating that with over 300 people in my graduating class, I can send friend requests to only a couple a week for fear of my Facebook account being deleted. It is also completely unacceptable that a business such as Facebook whose business is "people" has absolutely no customer service in place to help the people who use their business (and used to love it and not just tolerate it because of the benefits of staying in contact with friends and family and fellow application users) when their own business does not do right by their own customers. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

  • Ka
    Karen Beth Young Mar 31, 2011

    Facebook customer service does not exist - Sorry to hear about your
    problem and frustration, feel free to post on the lawsuit blog -
    Young v. Facebook, Inc.
    Currently pending in Santa Clara County, California
    Blog information at -
    Post your comments or write to [email protected]
    Class action status consideration
    Share your Facebook account problems

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  • Ka
    kathy reader Jan 08, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I send friend requests to PEOPLE I know. Facebook has become a pain in the ###!!! How am I supposed to connect with friends that I DO KNOW and Facebook says that I do NOT know them????? That's a god damned crock of ###!!! What the hell Facebook???? I'm looking for 2 friends and trying to contact my niece so wtf is wrong with Facebook?!?!???? I'm sick and tired of being "banned" for 30 -60 days at a time for sending a ###ing friend request to a person that I DO KNOW!!! God damn it Facebook get your ###ing ### together!!! You have made it to where i can't message my own friends to get a friend request and that bites ###!!! If FaceBook blocks or banns again there will be a lawsuit with you ###s!!! Get a ###ing life facebook ###!!!

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  • Ka
    kathy reader Jan 08, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The banning is not right when trying to get in touch with friends I KNOW!!! I am so pissed off at Facebook. I have lots and lots of family and friends and friends from High school I'm looking for, Your dumb ### say I don't know them.

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  • Sh
    SHOPRIPPER Mar 04, 2014

    I have had the same experience and am insulted and annoyed... I tried to add people I most certainly knew AND FOR WHATEVER reason facebook banned me from adding...THOSE I ALREADY KNEW.
    There are those who, for whatever reason, may claim not to know me...FINE...let them ignore or reject my request.
    I am 61 years old and some of these people I sent requests to may not remember me, or for whatever reason;PERHAPS A RELIGEOUS OR OTHER VIEW I HAVE STATED, have made a comment.
    Good grief...this is a ridiculous use of power.
    The easiest method of bypassing fools is to not use this service...BYE BYE FACEBOOK

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  • An
    Anne Causey Oct 02, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The following is an email I sent FB . . . doubt they have even read it (BTW, FB email [email protected]):

    Thankfully, my son sent you an email and you responded so I actually have an email address for you. Since Monday evening, I have been unable to even get on my FB's login page. All I get is a white screen . . . nothing else.

    I have cleared cookies, cache, etc. and nothing appears to work. I've also been in a forum where (at this time) approximately 5000+ people are running into the same thing. Yesterday, because my husband doesn't logout of FB, he was able to get on. So I logged out of his, logged onto mine and BAM . . . white screen. And now, on his computer, he gets nothing but the white screen.

    I have run my virus scanner, etc. Please tell me there is something I can do.

    FB User name is: [email protected] (**** **** ******)
    Password: ********** (I was actually able to change this - don't ask me how - one of the hoops I jumped through - and then it gave me "we're working on this, check back again:

    Please help., I have a business page on my FB, and I have clients contact me through there . . . needless to say, I'm in a quandary.

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facebook account problems

I have a Facebook Account online. When I get someone who want to know more about me, they wants me to add them as a friend on Facebook. If I get someone on "People You May Know" list that I see to be a good match or relates to me, I would add them to my page.

But in the last two weeks now I've be unable to add those who want me to add them or unable to send out a request to those that are on my "People You May Know".

When I called Facebook I get the run around from anyone with no answers and when I email Facebook about the problem I am having I get nothing back from Facebook.

I know there's some who aren’t into the whole social media thing, but when I want to answer a request from someone who wants to know more about me or likes the same hobbies I do then I should be able to add them as a friend and interact with them; that’s how you start becoming friends.

Facebook should be more friendlier to those who have accounts and not give us problems that might defriend Facebook.

  • Ma
    marsha baker Jan 31, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased gold bars on Candy crush saga my receipts are in my e-mail but i didn't get the bars..I purchased more had 63 today i have 44 never used any..What is going on!!

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racism / anti - semitism

I was born and raised in israel, and i am a proud jewish. At the beginning of the year i accessed my facebook account after years of not using it, it was because the “revolution” - it was so big that even the news and other tv programs used or mentioned it sometimes, the account was almost empty so i fill it with something like a dozen of friends and family members and friends and little bit of information about myself, but the real reason why i access it was the poker, i really like this game as many people does, and everyone around me played it in their facebook’s poker account, so this is what i did on my facebook, the only thing i did actually.

At the very first months it was real fun, i played almost every day. The table turned 3 - 4 months ago, when i add an israeli flag (Animated icon of a flag fly in the wind) to my poker user, next to my picture and it’s presented in every table i play next to my picture – since that day (Which i never regret it) i had no rest.

It wasn’t new for me that there’s still many anti - semitism in the world, despite the holocaust and the big wars, despite many means today such as books, movies, articles that try to illustrate what is happened and how wrong it was, it’s always slightly hurt to encounter it, unfortunately we (Israeli people) know that this is what god judged us, that we will always have haters as some others has (But not in the same scale) - and we can never totally change that, but we will never stop trying – it is a very painful and complicated issue that can fill thousands of pages, but it’s not my point now, my point is how wrong and corrupted can be when the power is in the wrong hands and what’s might be the influences.

I had no rest – every third to fifth users with an arab or nazi name and some others was starting a fight with me in those poker virtual tables, some in the way of cursing and speak dirt on my country and me without even know me, some of them by sending me some “gifts” – send an icons that forcefully change the flag icon, without anything you can do about it accept replace it back to the flag, and then guess what they do next (A tissue box to - what i saw as burn the israeli flag - cost 6 not real bucks, and some of them has millions) . Of course that i never sit quiet, i will protect the name and proud of my country, and me, from them, and this is when i have no rest and lost a lot of virtual money. I know all that maybe sounds childish and immature, but in the allegory (The virtual poker table) as in the real world, first - even if i want to be mature i can’t, because it’s like there is a very mature person and some immature person punch him in his face for no reason (In moral, for example, a person who think we not ok in the israeli - arab conflict here in israel (Although he know we right and we do more than enough in that conflict and that other countries would long ago killed who try to take it’s lands) , which is the easiest / closest reason to hate israel for reasons that he shame them (For example - jealousy in better religious, that not allowed having sex with little girls or in family marriage) – so basically just another form of anti - semite, now would you expect the mature person to act maturely then?, the very mature person will be called immature because some real immature person leave him no choice when punch him in the face?! Now second, all of the above can be allegorized and will be almost exactly in the real world even the deeper levels – for example, i never saw someone (Arab or nazi for that matter) attempt to remove that way the american or the british flag. In moral, each kasam toy missile the arabs lunch on us – israel, allegorized to “gift” any arab send me in the virtual poker table of the facebook, and the 9 / 11 was the only time that i saw arabs that we know as stupid – to be stupid enough and dare send “gift” to the mightiest – the united states, and they pay for it until now.

What i did in the former paragraph is to justify things that i did in that virtual poker table, to show the good side of the table. I did that just to show how really bad is when the power is in the wrong hands, that despite all that - my account was disabled, like “israel was denounced by x country…“ - “your account has been banned. Your poker account has been disabled due to abuse…” – they now it’s wrong, they need to know, obviously hundreds of arabs / nazis that i was fight with report me, maybe even some innocent people saw me fight with the arab / nazi and did not know that he started the fight report us both but even then when i fight with one and we both reported then in the second this is two complains for me and one for each one of them and there’s many of them unfortunately, so its 100 complains on me and 1 for each of 100 nazi / arab. This is actually when that facebook’s zinga poker uses its power to do bad things, it wasn’t me that they should close his account, it’s the 1000 arabs / nazis that start fight with me, i told them before that it’s not my fault that we have so many haters that don’t know anything about whats really happen and anyway it easy to them hate us because are the best religious and minds and power then so many people jealous us and wants to harm us or to have what we got. I told them back then that either they make an option to not get gifts without permission or the complains about me will continue, because i am not going to remove the israeli flag and i will not sit in quiet when someone else try to do this or curse my country or myself, so they knew that is the situation, and yet they close my account, i was thinking that maybe they are anti - semites, maybe the guy who responsible to ban accounts or receive complaints (That i sent about arabs / nazis that do all that) is arab or nazi himself. The thing is that it’s maybe because they wants to make money - by allow that virtual wild west (The all bunch of cowards that starting a fight and teasing behind a screen when they cannot be physically harmed, they have no soul anyway because the have no respect) they make a lot of interest (Which brings advertisers which brings money) but sometimes negative - people do things in that virtual tables that they will not do in a real situation, that’s right i will not also sit in a poker table with small israeli flag on my head, but it is their responsibility to make sure bad things like that will not occur, what i mean is that maybe physical things cannot be harmed, but what about the mental things? A good name? Respect and dignity? It’s all gone?! This is what they do they destroy are mentality, by allowing the dam arab somewhere teasing like that, they create a lot of hate and who can know what is the consequences might be, and there’s many more issues that need to be taken care of, i think we all give them power just by using their service, legitimizing such things that corrupt our soles and mental. It’s just about money for them, it has no mental value and as i say its okay if it’s not harm others valuable things. I put my country respect on that and now it like they kidnapped that valuable thing for several arabs or nazis that gathered against the good. Righteous and bad to him evil and good to him?! That zynga poker, maybe very strongly, just aroused anti - semitism, slander and hatred, by allowing such things to happen, in my case, who knows what else?!

That is corruption, we can’t allow it.

Thank you.

  • baicks silalahi zts Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to ask why are my chips 700 m more in ben, .. I though there was no illegal transfer, I play six people my computer suddenly cut off, after I go back there was exposure of the DOH, after I go back my chip was minus 9 M, help is on the follow up.
    Baca secara fonetik

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  • Ka
    kathyschroeder Apr 25, 2011

    was duplicate charged on my bank account for 35.00 on april 21. 2100 for points that were purchased i recieved the orginal points alloted for the first $35.00 i recieved and wasaddtionally billed a secondary amount of $35.00 that wasnt asked for . when i wernt o have it corrected i was givin a email addy of that gave me the run around after calling the number giving to me on the bank account for facebook 650-573-7818 which doesnt do any thing other than tell u to contact th at above email addy .. it madding spent a hr tryin to locate this to bring to there attention . please help some one...

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face book

Your account was disabled because your behavior on the site was identified as harassing or threatening to...

someone has made a false account using my name

I was browsing the internet and found when typing my name on the google website there was a face book account...

fake identify malicious stalking

Facebook is doing NOTHING to resolve an issue...

I am not a big advocate of social networking but my wife uses it for her small but business. Three days ago, someone posted a fake profile of her and since then has been deliberately and maliciously stalking her, harassing her, and attempting to defame her by associating her as a porn star. She is taking legal action but in the meantime, after several notices through the normal channels, Facebook has done absolutely nothing. In fact, if anything, it appears that they are stalling and avoiding it. All the while, the fake person is gaining popularity by using semi-nude photos and more.

My wife's business is targeted at mothers and children. This malicious effort has already started to impact her business because that is the one market (and Christian conservatives) that won't tolerate that association. She feels violated by the attacker but more than that, she is hurt that Facebook seems to not be taking it very seriously. She spent three very hard years building her business on no college education and no business know-how only to see it begin to crumble in a matter of days.

My advice - stay away from Facebook but keep tabs on whether or not someone is saying negative things about you. Do not EVER post photos of your children on it either - you just don't know who is out there!

Facebook doesn't care and doesn't follow up. They WANT the controversy and are putting their heads in the sand when it comes to problems.

  • Ki
    KixStar Jun 01, 2010

    It's only been 3 days. It can take weeks for Facebook to get to your problem. There's thousands of people with issues in line ahead of you. Yes, it sucks that this is happening to your wife, but she'll have to wait it out until they can get to her.

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blacklisted or identity theft?

About 2 months ago I attended my niece's funeral whom was killed by an (alleged) drunk driver. This wa...

abuse on facebook and myspace

On Facebook and Myspace revealing photos have been put up of me without my permission. I reported them multiple times and the site have done nothing to remove them even though it violates their terms of use. I want them deleted now and the websites won't do a thing.

  • St
    Stephen Drake May 25, 2010

    People Don, t post In this Site...Tthis Site Is made just to sabotage the Image of other companies and Complaints Board gets Paid to do this, Most of the posts are being posted by their blooddy writers inorder to keep this site active ...

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  • Ka
    Karina2009 May 30, 2010

    Stephen Drake must work for Facebook or Myspace as he is accusing most of us who are regular users with bad experiences with places as writers posting in order to keep the site active that is a lie to say all of the people posting work for complaints board. I for one do not.

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Hello Zynga site. I have joined the blockbuster online service. I had the correct credit card information and I have received the confirmation number. Yet I have not received my yocash. I am not trying to attempt a scammbecause I am a true yoville player who has completed the game, but I continue to enjoy it. my e-mail address is ms.[protected] This is not the first time this has happen to me, but I feel that I can not keep allowing this to happen. So if you can please look up what have happen to my yocash. My confirmation number is [protected]. Thank you. Ms.[protected]

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