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I tried to book 3 hotel rooms for a family wedding. I went through Expedia as I have used them numerous times and felt confident with them. I filled out all the details for the booking paid the fee. The computer showed it was booked so I waited for the confirmation email. It did not come. I then spoke to the hotel who said there was not booking. I then went through the horror of using the virtual assistant. I spend a great deal of time go around in circles being told that we had no booking and that they hadn't taken any money (they had as it had come out of the credit card account). I was told that even though they had not taken our money we could get it back in 5 days? We waited for the 5 days and no money was returned and still not confirmation email. We then got in touch with the Better Business Bureau who sent a letter to them. The bank advised us to wait a bit longer which we did. Still no return. I then did the virtual agent fiasco again and was told that we did have a booking and the email was sent and we would not be getting our money back. Again I told him we did not have a confirmation email. No point trying to get that point across. What do we do now? We cannot afford to give away 100s of dollars for a service that we never received. I am tired of this big businesses screwing the people for the sake of money.

Desired outcome: An apology, the return of our money.

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