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Resolved scam advertisement

My wife recently booked a flight using Expedia, and she purchased the flight insurance in case she needed to...

Resolved my hotel was not booked, but I was charged

As I went to check into my hotel, in which I had previously booked one week in advance with Expedia, the hotel never received my reservation from Expedia and they had no vacancies. In fact, no one within 20 miles had any vacancies! When trying to phone Expedia, we ended up with someone in another country who could barely speak English, and could not understand my problem.

The next day I finally got a hold of someone who spoke English, but it took forever for them to understand the problem. They said they would credit my credit card, but could not tell me when except that it might take a couple of months!

Next time, I'll call a hotel directly instead of using Expedia!

false charges!

I arrived on the 15th of May with reservations only to find that I was not in the hotel register with the...

Resolved consumer fraud

I purchased tickets to travel International through Expedia.com. Upon receiving a blank change in schedule to my email. I called Expedia.com and they inform me that the International airlines change the schedule to where a six hour flight went to 15 hrs. Upon reviewing my bank statement Expedia.com gave the International airlines my credit card information and this airlines took additional funds out of my account. I was on the phone with Expedia.com at least six different occasions with one call lasting three hrs. Upon getting a refund Expedia.com was telling me that I will have to wait two months before I can get my money back from the International airlines.

First, Expedia.com did not have my permission to give my card information to any outside agency or International airlines. "ARE THEY CRAZY?"

Second, I booked through Expedia.com not TACA International Airlines "this airlines is beyond horrible and never on time."

Finally, I am so disgusted with how Expedia.com takes no responsibility at all for any problems with reservations made with them. Buyer Beware when you ask to speak to a manager and been on hold for 45 minutes all you get is a disconnected call "BEEN THROUGH THIS THREE TIMES ALREADY."

  • Ge
    Gena Jun 15, 2009

    I also have the same exactly experience as yours. They put on hold forever!

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  • No
    nolahou Aug 19, 2009

    Expedia displays THE poorest customer service ever!!! The representative tells you they will "escalate the call, BUT you will be told the same thing." Then what's the point?????!!! You can't understand ANYTHING they say because they are in a whole other country!!! They place you on hold forever because they WANT you to hang up, so go to the bathroom and whatever else before you call them! Thank goodness for speaker phone! Oh, and yes, they will mysteriously hang up on you too. That's why you get names and write the corporate office!!! This is some bull!! They outsource these jobs and we have to suffer the consequences for it!

    They have the worst attitude and plus this new ad they have saying NO BOOKING FEES OR CANCELLATION FEES...a crock! I wanted to cancel one day on my itinerary due to a last minute change and they told me that it would cost me $99, which was the hotels policy and not theirs. BULL! I called the hotel and they laughed! They told me that this was NOT their policy, they give you 24 hours before your check in date to cancel. I called Ex-GREED-ia back and explained this to them and reminded them of what THEY had on their website and the rep had the nerve to tell me that the no cancel/booking fees only applied to their "standard" rooms. HELLOOOOO??? ALL OF YOUR ROOMS ARE STANDARD!!! After being on hold for eternity they finally refunded my $298.00, made me cancel my entire itinerary which made me loose the discount rate AND my coupon! I went back in to re-book it and the price had changed!

    So needless to say, I will be using Hotels.com from now on!!!

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expedia stole my money

My son in law booked a flight for my other daughter and her son from Quito Ecuador to Frankfurt Germany. Before booking the flight he checked the rules and restrictions and they were unavailable for the itinerary because LAN Air had not given it to Expedia. My son in law then contacted Expedia to check if the tickets could be exchange or cancel in the event the tourist Visa (a confirmed plane ticket is required before applying for a tourist Visa according to the instructions from the German Embassy) gets denied. A Expedia representative told my son in law the tickets could be cancel or exchange for a penalty fee of a $100.00 each passenger then at that time we decided to go ahead and made the reservation. Sadly enough the Visa got denied and when my son called to get a refund minus the penalty fee, Expedia says the ticket are not refundable. Then they told us to call LAN Air and when we did call they say the tickets are not even transferable or can't changed at all which is more than what Expedia had told us before booking. We had call several times to Expedia just to encounter the same round around problem, they put you on hold for one hour then the said to call LAN Air, then we call LAN Air and they said that only Expedia can make anything about it. We are now in the process to file a complain with the government, attorney general, BBB, and our credit card company.

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Resolved they screwed up my flight trips and I have to pay for it

I called expedia directly for a vacation package to two Hawaiian Islands. We were to spend 4 days on the Big Island from April 21 to 25, 2008 and Maui on April 25 to 29. Well needless to say, for some reason, the agent, Dennis, booked out inter-island flight for June 25, 2008.

I am currently on hold with an expedia agent, Eda, she said we can still get our inter-island flight for the 25th of April, but I will have to pay the change fee of $25 per person plus whatever the airline fee is for the flight (increase or difference), which is my only option.

They set up the package for me, but I have to pay for their screw up. She said for me to get credited or for them to clear the matter without any further cost will be a very very long process. Only a manager or higher level will be able to make the decision.

I am now on hold for over 61 minutes and counting for a manager. She never once got back on the phone. In the meantime, I'm still stuck without an inter-island flight while Eda finds a manager for me.

charged for 2 trips!!!

I booked a trip on-line with Expedia.ca. After going through each screen and entering our information, including my VISA number, the expedia web site went completely off my computer, (please note that MY computer was fine and that it was just the web site that went down). When I brought the website back up, the trip that we had booked was no longer available. We figured that being March Break that we had received the last 2 seats. When I still had not received any type of confirmation or E-ticket from Expedia I contacted Expedia.ca. When I told them that I was concerned at not having received confirmation of a trip that we had bought, I was asked for my "Expedia" e-mail address and after being on hold he came back and told me that no trip had been booked! I was very upset as we were supposed to be leaving on the Monday. He then asked me for any other "account" e-mail that it could possibly be under (maybe by mistake). I gave him my husbands e-mail as well. He came back again and said that there DEFINATELY was no trip booked. He asked if I had looked at the VISA to make sure that there was no charge. I confirmed with him that I had indeed checked and there was no charge at that time. When I asked how this could happen, he said that sometimes the "website" will do this (go down & not book a trip) when a trip is no longer available. After getting very upset, he asked if I would like to book another trip only through him instead of the website. I figured if Expedia's own agent is saying I haven't a trip booked, then I might as well book again. So, I booked another trip for exactly the same destination (different resort - as the original wasn't available), the exact same dates from the exact same airport and same flight times. It did however cost $200.00 more.

So after going on a lovely trip, we received our VISA bill...there it was, the original trip that I was told didn't exist and the trip we actually went on. I called Expedia immediately and the agent could not find any evidence that I had booked this trip that I was talking about. I told him that it was indeed on my VISA!!! After putting me on hold to confer with "somebody" he asked me to fax a letter with the details of what happened, a copy of my VISA, and the confirmation (E-ticket) of the trip that we actually took. I was given a Case#. I did as he asked on that same afternoon.
They never called. I had to call back again on the Visa due date.
After many agents someone finally called back She told me there was nothing more they could do for me and that I had to pay the amount. I was furious. I asked what it was that they had done for me already. I told her this was unacceptable. She said that she listened to the taped conversation between myself and the agent and that there was nothing mentioned about the original trip. I told her that it was lie and requested to speak with a manager or get their number and was refused. I also asked for a transcript of my conversation with that agent and was refused! (Very fishy) She told me she also talked with Sunquest and that they had us down as a no show. I told her that was obvious that we were a no show as we were told there was “NO TRIP BOOKED”. I was told to call Sunquest. I am STILL in limbo with this case and will NEVER BOOK ON LINE WITH THESE PEOPLE AGAIN.

  • We
    Wendy Joseph Jun 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The very same thing happened to me. I booked a trip for my friend with an agent who I was on the phone with for one hour for my friend who was travelling with me to Aruba. He then told me at the end of the one hour that my friends ticket was booked and she was on the same flight as me. He even sent me a confirmation online and said again, not to worry she is confirmed. So we go to the airport on May 18, 2008 to fly to Aruba and the airline could not find a reservation for my friend. I was freaking out because I paid for this ticket on my credit card. So I call Expedia and spoke to Rachel for a good 20 minutes and she was rude and of no help at all. So I ask to speak to the the president or a manager and she flatly refused to let me talk to anyone in authority. So in order for my friend to go to Aruba that day with me, I had to buy her a ticket which cost $2300.00, when the orginally price was $833.00. The only thing this Rachel said to me, was send in a letter with a copy of your credit card showing you paid for her ticket and they would reimbuse me. Well I am about to send this in, but directly to the President. Oh yes I got his name from Google and my boss helped find it. It pays to work for the Govenment. Now I await my response and my refund. If I don't get it, I will sue if I have too. I will not take no for answer and you should not either. My advise to everyone out there. Never book with these people again. They have horrible customer service.

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  • Fi
    Fiona Jul 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar experience, booked a honeymoon suite in Samana, DR, with Sunquest. I got there and apparently it doesnt even exist! This was at the end of April and its just been resolved now. Long story about the vacation, it was crap because we got stuck in the smallest room they had! Anyways, wrote to Sunquest no response because apparently you have to go through your agent to file a complaint. So I did and they didn't respond to her for a month only to offer a $50 travel voucher! As if I'm going to settle with $50 when the difference in the room was $200 and I dont want a travel voucher that will eventually be a benefit to THEM! I got fed up and decided to write to the Better Business Bureau online. I hear normally people just settle for the vouchers if they have problems but I dont know why because you pay for a service and dont receive it...you should get what you pay for right? Anyways the BBB got it settled with $400 cash refund...compared to the $50 coupon I think this was way better. So please, dont just settle for a measley coupon or a refund that doesnt compare to what the difference is, take my advice, write to the Better Business Bureau! Hope I could help, happy travels!

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  • Li
    Linda Jul 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Who is the president of expedia?

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terrible customer service!

This is the worst travel my wife & I had. I called Expedia and logged a complaint regarding my flight from Mexico City to Cancun where we were denied boarding the Mexicana flight. I bought the ticket with Expedia.ca and we started the flight with United Airlines with connecting flight with Mexicana to our final destination. United Airlines did not give us all the boarding passes we need. Our Friday night connecting flight were moved to Monday morning. We were stucked in Mexico City. Mexicana is pushing back the problem to UA saying they should give you the boarding pass, we are only carrier of them. UA claimed that we should check-in with Mexicana. My luggage arrive with Mexicana flight on time at our final destination. We were left behind, one flight away.

Expedia should have take care of my complaints. They simply gave me the Airline phone number and let me logged my own complaint. WORST customer service! We are expecting more than that as our Airline agent.

  • Ma
    macey stinson May 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tonight we had one of the worst customer service experiences that we can remember, with expedia and united airlines . I've been a longtime customer of both, but after this, will avoid using either again.

    Our family missed our flight this evening for a quick family vacation to san diego. We'd booked a relatively inexpensive, 1 hour flight thru expedia, with alaska on the outbound and united for the return flight.

    When calling expedia to try to rebook our outbound, we were put on hold for a while. Then spoke to an agent who said we needed to call alaska to rebook, they couldn't do it for us. First of all that is not what i expected from the 'expedia promise - we're here for you every step of the way', at all. What a pain.

    Then we called alaska , and were told they couldn't rebook us. United owns our tickets so we'd have to go thru united, or thru expedia.

    We called united, hold again, then they said they couldn't help us and we needed to call expedia. We then called expedia again, hold again. When we finally got to an agent she said our record is locked because we missed the flight so they can't help us!!

    We finally convinced the agent to call alaska and try and coordinate. We got alaska, but they couldn't confirm anything because united owned the ticket. Then we had to conference call with united. Even with united and expedia on the phone, the agent could not figure out how to rebook our flight. We decided to hang up and call back again to see if another agent could help us.

    We finally gave up trying to get expedia to help us. We spoke to 4 different agents on 4 different calls. On the 4th call i asked to be elevated to a supervisor but after 20 minutes on hold i hung up.

    Then i spent over an hour on the phone with united. The first agent told us they can't help and we need to call expedia. We finally found someone from united who said they could help us rebook. He said he could put us on a united flight tomorrow afternoon. We'd been hoping to fly out earlier if flights were available, since this is a short family vacation and we were traveling with others already in san diego.

    We checked expedia online, and saw an early am alaska flight available to book. It cost $150 one way, about what we paid for our original alaska outbound flight - so it shouldn't be a cost problem for either united or expedia to book us on this flight.

    But the united agents told us they couldn't book us on the flight. When we pressed, they put us on hold. Then they said they could but we would have to wait 12 hours to find out if the reservation is confirmed. Hello, the flight is in 11 hours. The agent hears this but says that's the policy, we have to wait 12 hours, sorry.

    We asked to talk to a supervisor. Longer hold. When we finally talked to her, she was able to book us on the early am alaska flight. After 2 hours of being on the phone.

    To top it all off, the agent also said there would be a $100 change fee and other fees, so a total of $150 per person fees. All this to fly on a flight which clearly has availability, 11 hours from now. Yes we screwed up and missed our flight, but do they really need to put the screws to us so badly? The flight only cost $150 per person, now plus $150 in fees!

    Ps we checked online, and found southwest flies first thing tomorrow morning to san diego $130 each way. After the pain of being given the run around and being put on hold repeatedly, we considered just ditching the outbound and booking on southwest. But we wanted to check with the agent to make sure our return flight would still be valid. And of course, we were told if we did not rebook the outbound and pay the fees, the return flight would be cancelled, even though it's paid for. Extortion - $150 in change fees per ticket, for a ticket which cost $150 to begin with.

    As my mother said - no wonder united is almost bankrupt and expedia is having such a hard time. If they would just pay a little more for better customer service training, train them to elevate certain situations to someone with more skill and authority, give them the ability to actually fix things, not screw their customers in fees - they would be come out ahead profit wise, imho. They wasted not only 2 hours of their service agents' time, they wasted 2 hours of mine. And frustrated me to the point of wanting to tell everyone i know - plus go online and rant about my terrible experience. Which can't be good for their reputations or businesses.

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  • Ka
    karen moore Jun 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I booked a hotel with Expedia and the CS rep told me that I would get a 3 bedroom superior instead we got a 3 bedroom deluxe which was very disappointing. Also, the rep went over everything the 3 bedroom superior had in it and said that she was going to send me a new itinerary that had the updated changes. We never got the new itinerary! We had viewed the pictures of the resort online and it looked beautiful. However, what we got and what was advertised online was 2 different things.

    Below is my complaint that I submitted to Expedia.

    I am writing to inform you that I was very disappointed with the
    vacation package I received from Expedia. First, I did not get what I was promised. I was promised a 3 Bedroom Superior and got a 3 Bedroom Deluxe.

    Second, I was told that I would have 3 balcony views of the greens and instead we had 2 balcony views one of the highway that you could hear all during the night and the other looked into the condos across from us. Our condo was located out in the middle of nowhere. All we had to look at were sand dunes. The pictures placed on the internet for the Ginn showed walking trails and a lake which we could not seem to find even after asking several Ginn employees. The internet made mention of a water park which was not open the entire time we were there. I was also, informed that I would receive 2 king beds and 2 full size beds instead we got 1 king size bed, 2 twin beds and a full size bed. When I called to get this straightened out I was put on hold for an hour and 30 minutes twice while waiting to speak to a supervisor. Needless to say the Expedia's customer service response time was awful!! I'd ask to speak to a manager and the cust service rep would put me on hold for hour!! Then CR would come back on the phone and say o.k. I just got through reviewing your acct let me put you through to a supervisor. I had to wait another hour just to speak to a supervisor and when she couldn't satisfy me I told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor and was put on hold for another hour!!!! How could I enjoy my vacation with being on the dam phone trying to get this issue resolved?? This in itself was enough to make you mad! I spoke to several representatives to try to get us moved to a 3 bedroom superior but was informed there would be an additional cost. How could this be when the rep who made my reservation said there would be no additional cost to upgrade to a 3 bedroom superior??? Nothing but lies!!!

    I strongly believe Expedia owes me my money back for the entire trip due to the inconvenience, stress and false advertising we incurred. We did not enjoy our stay at the Ginn nor did we appreciate the run-around we got from Expedia customer support department.

    Expedia's response:

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Unfortunately, we are limited in providing assistance via email correspondence. In matters such as this, we need to have you on the line while we assist you. Please contact our 24-hour customer support desk. If possible, please have your itinerary number and account information ready when calling.

    If you have further questions regarding this issue, feel free to reply to this e-mail or contact Expedia customer services at 1-800-397-3342 and reference case ID 33832802. You can also visit the Expedia.com

    "Customer Support" page (<http://www.expedia.com/daily/service/default.asp>)
    for more customer service information.

    Thank you for choosing Expedia.com.

    So I called Expedia on Friday, June 8, 12 times and each time a customer service rep would tell me that they could not give me a refund unless they got the o.k. from the hotel...then put me hold while trying to reach hotel manager which they were not able to get in touch with AND COME BACK ON THE LINE AND ASK ME TO CALL BACK. NOT ONE OF THOSE CR REPS ASKED ME FOR MY NAME AND NUMBER SO THEY COULD CALL ME BACK!!!Then I would call and ask to speak to an Expedia manager and they kept me on hold for an hour and 30 minutes and came back on the line to tell me our supervisors are really busy right now can you call BACK!!!! I have never heard of such piss poor customer service in my life...AFTER THIS I SUBMITTED A COMPLAINT TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!

    Turns out the Better Business bureau has several phone numbers for Expedia and they have several addresses too. I asked several representatives for the name of Vice President or CEO in charge and they would tell me they did not know who was in charge.

    I submitted a 2nd complaint to Expedia via email requesting my full refund and that I tried calling them 12 times to resolve my issue like they requested and could not get a satisfactory response or even get to speak to a manager. They responded with we are sorry for the inconvenience unfortunately, we can not refund your money.


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  • Ka
    Kalen Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    My name is Kalen and I was previously working for Expedia.ca for about 7 months. Unforinatly, working in the flights department, I have heard of many similar situations with airline connections. Please know though that as customer support we're there to do what we can to help, but regretably with situations like that the representitive was correct in suppling you with the airline's phone number.

    Basically Expedia is a online booking tool for CUSTOMERS to be their own agents. The reason you may get passed over to an airline in situations like this is because it may be a situation where a refund is able to be granted to the customer. However, Expedia itself does not make profit off the actual flights itself. The only thing Expedia makes from bookings is that $9 booking fee. [Which I think would REALLY help in so many situations if Expedia provided something on their site to show how it actually works]

    Best suggestion I could make to you would be if you're ever booking another flight again through Expedia, make sure all the connecting flights travel with the same airline or partnered airlines. That way if, for whatever reason, something happens it's a LOT easier for the airline and Expedia to assist with the problem.

    Best of luck,

    - Kalen

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  • Gi
    Gizmo Nov 27, 2009

    DO NOT under any circumstances book Expedia, Customer Service are kids who follow scripts, have no empathy with their customers just come back with the same quotes in their condescending way. They say they cannot get a refund back from the flight company - what's wrong with them giving their customers a refund, it would ensure consumer loyalty. But no, they decide they would rather lose custom by the bucket load by the amount of unhappy paragraphs on this site.

    Pass these experiences on to ALL your friends and family, let's get rid of these cheap and nasty unhelpful booking sites!!

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dont ever use expedia ever!

On Feb 22nd I booked a 2 day stay at a local travel lodge through Expedia over the phone. I was taking my dog with me and wanted a speedy result. The booking agent was very helpful and nice and gave me quick accommodations at a cost of () per day. I went to the hotel and checked in. When I got to my room, it was horrible. I t had cockroaches, tv didnt work, had no towels, toilet paper or even water cups. Now their website says in room coffee, but when I called teh front desk was told no coffee forget it. I informed the manager that night I would be checking out 1st thing the next morning and NOT to charge me for the 2nd day since it was deplorable there, and he said fine. I called Expedia and talked to them and was told if I checked out before 11 am in the morning I would only be charged for 1 day. I checked my statement online and found I was charged for both days. When I called Expedia, the girl (anne) said she called the hotel and they were charging me for both days anyway so she wouldn't refund. She did however, offer me an 80 dollar certificate to stay at the SAME COCKROACH HOTEL! She said I didnt have a recourse, they had my cc info and could charge what they wanted! She also refused to get me a manager to speak with. I ended up calling the bank and filing a dispute about the charge and was told they get disputes from Expedia all the time because they pull this stuff alot! Dont EVER use Expedia EVER!

overcharged for room

In 2/08, I booked a trip to Arizona, stayed at a hotel for 7 days. I was promised the lowest and best rate available with no refund. I was billed for $105.00 per night and hotel was not very nice, but I didn't really care about that. I checked with the desk clerk to see if my room was prepaid and was told it was for $634.00 and I would not owe anything on checkout. That comes to $89.00 per night. I was told they don't have rooms for $105 a night and the $89 is the regular rate, even during Super Bowl week.
I emailed Expedia about this, return email told me the hotel was not authorized to tell me rooms were $89 and they would not refund the difference. The $89 rate was for the general public and not for me, I think I am part of the general public.
Expedia's answer didn't make any sense and I hope there is a lawyer somewhere who is exploring a possible civil suit against the company.

hotel was in bankruptcy when I booked

We booked a one week vacation through expedia.ca at The Beach House Barbuda in November for travel on February 14,2008. While browsing a travel forum yesterday, I discovered that the Beach House has been closed since September. I contacted expedia customer relations and spoke to a rep. The rep called the hotel while I was on hold and then came back to me and said there was no answer and that he would give me the number to call. I pointed out that I shouldn't incur the long distance charges and that it was Expedia's responsibility. I repeatedly asked to speak to a supervisor and was refused. I arranged for the rep to call me back and let me know. A few hours later he reported that the resort was closed and they would refund the money. I asked whether I would have been notified ahead of time and got no response. Given that we had also booked a helicopter to get there and had non refundable airline tickets to Antigua, this has been a nightmare. As of today, you can still purchase a package to the Beach House through expedia.

  • B
    b Jan 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Suggest you tell them you will get the police involved - this is fraud.

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  • Jo
    John Doe Jan 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    EXPEDIA is a fraud: http://www.expedianews.com.

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  • Mi
    Mike Jan 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You may want to prevent a future "nightmare" by purchasing travel insurance.

    Even non-refundable tickets can sometimes be changed for a fee - ask your travel agent.

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  • Je
    jeff meyer Mar 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hey its not fraud. it is the hotels responsibility to notify expedia if they have any changes. so if the hotel was closed for good they should have told expedia. how is expedia supost to know if the hotel does not tell them? true.....i think so. and as to fruad how is it fruad its not like expedia is using fake names or using your credit card for unknown purchases right so no fraud sorry but no

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  • Wi
    William W. Robinson May 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been charged $12.95 per month, how can I stop the charges. I did sign up a free credit report, and do not remember agreeing to pay $12.95 monthly for any service. Just how do I stop the charge.


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customer service reservation!

I bought an air ticket a week ago for Montreal to Geneva via Expedia.ca. Departure 4 February and return the 15 of June 2008 with Swiss. Unhappily I have to come back earlier for professional reason and I needed to change my return date.
Till to day, I did not have any confirmation of this flight: " Your ticket purchase has not been confirmed by the airline. Please check back in 24 hours for ticket confirmation information." but they get my money as I had to pay more than $1000 for this flight.
I called to Expedia and they told me that it is impossible to change the return date and I have to contact Swiss to do so. Then I called Swiss and they said they can't do anything and only Expedia can do it. Then I called Expedia again and they confirm it is impossible for them to change the return as they have to follow the Swiss rules about that. Then I called Swiss again and spoke with a manager that she told me Expedia should do the job and she put a note on my file via their computer and I just have to call back Expedia. So I called back Expedia and still the same story, it is the worst customer services I never seen in my life. Those people take the money very quickly but after that you are dead meat. My travel is not in a high season period. It cost nothing to change a return date. Anyway, I called back to Swiss to understand what is happening and they told me that they have signed an agreement with Expedia and they can not go against it. Only Expedia can change something.

So At Expedia people are lying to customers and they just try to find the best way to steal customers and make them lost a lot of time calling around and I am sure you know what I mean. On an other way, Swiss do not have any more power as they are subject to Expedia, so Expedia is the new boss of Swiss if you did not know.

When I read on the net that Expedia is so great, I think instead there are a lot of people disappointed about the methods used by them, and those people do not have always the courage to speak loud! When I was younger, I was professional helicopter pilot so I know a lot about what you can do and what you can't do. At that time, traveling by air was always a nice experience. To day it is the place for dumb... I am a frequent traveler too, last time with Swiss, last time with Expedia but it is not the end of the story.

Everything can happen in life to anybody in any company. The only rule that must be applied till the end, is CUSTOMER SERVICE. They know absolutely nothing about it! There is plenty other method to buy air ticket, do not use Expedia. Sorry for bad English, it's not my mother tong.

Best regards,

  • Jo
    John Doe Jan 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Expedia tried to scam me once and failed miserably. It seems to be a common practice : http://www.expedianews.com .


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  • Je
    jeff meyer Jan 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hello! i work for expedia.ca and i would like to clear some things up if you don't mind. now when it comes to flight changes of any kind if you are trying to make the change befor your departure flight wich is your flight to your vacation destination expedia can do that change given there is enofe time between the change time and departure time to make sure the air line gets the change. if you want to change your return flight and have already taken the departure flight you need to talk to the air line because once the time of your departure flight has gone the air line takes expedias rights to do any thing to those flights away so .... expedia can not access those flights any more to make changes... we can see them but can not change in any way because the air line will not let us. and in regards to the change penalty that is the air lines policy to charge for a change and to pay any difference in fare on tope givin the new ticket price is higher then the old. that is the air line rule not expedias and expedia has to follow rules set out to them by the air line . i do apologize for the run around you had to go through but i can asure you that in your situation yes expedia could not do a thing it would have had to been the air line to make the change. again i am sorry for the run around.

    apologies from : expedia agent

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  • Da
    Dani Apr 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally true!! Swiss is one of the most difficult airlines to deal with. They constantly say one thing to the customers and another to us. Often times too the Swiss fare is a special fare which prohibits any change of date. You want the best cheapest price, you will have more restrictions on it...
    We lose control of the ticket as soon as the trip has started and this is true for ANY airline. Our changes will be rejected by the airline when they have control of a ticket and that can happen before the trip starts if there were changes which involved a change of class of service or rerouting (for some airlines). Do you really believe we do this to just bug you???
    It is so much easier when people buy tickets with their names spelled correctly and for the correct dates from day one!! If you have to change your dates, the airline will charge you. NOT EXPEDIA.
    WE do not take your money right away, the AIRLINE does!!! check your bank statements... unless it is a special fare, any airline ticket will show the airline name, not Expedia's.
    Expedia gets a whooping $9.00 per ticket and yes sometimes we have to spend HOURS rebooking... so please people, stop accusing Expedia of robbing you!!

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  • Ce
    Cesar Nov 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    what its the penalty in money from
    basel to Toronto if you change your expedia flight within 7 days

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  • In
    indy123 Aug 11, 2011

    I booked with BCAA Expedia and had the same problems. I had my itinirary and tried to change something the day before but noone could find my itiniray.
    I was on the phone for over 6 hours, and eneded up not being able to change the flight times so we had to travel without my oldest daughter. I have never had such a horrible experience. When I got back it took me about, 4 calls and 4 hours to speak to a escalation department person, and guess where they were located, EGYPT. I will never book without using a real Travel Agent . I hate Expedia, there customer service sucks if you ever need it. You would think that it would be easier, but it is not.

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Resolved bad customer service

Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to customer relations;

I can not believe the horrible service I have received from expedia. Ca customer service!! I am absolutely appalled! Not only does expedia needmore phone agents but it is about time they better train the staff!

I waited on hold for 2 hours on friday november 16 2007 after receiving an urgent email regarding a flight cancellation. I was told the system had crashed and a debra promise me that someone would call me back on saturday nov 17 2007 between 9am pst-12pm pst - I waited and no call-backs!! On
Sunday nov 18 2007 I called again and spoke to a male rep who told me that he couldn't help me and I would need to be transferred again - when I asked about the wait time - he told me he didn't know!! I also told him I was to get a call back on saturday and no one called - he said that is not expedia
Policy - they do no make outbound calls - I was extremely frustrated - I asked for his name he refused and then I asked for his supervisor's name - he had the nerve to tell me for privacy issues he couldn't tell me!!! Ok - I have called many call centres and I have never heard of any such
Nonsense!! Again after waiting 2 hours I finally spoke to a cordell. She told she couldn't help me either since frontier
Airlines was closed and she could call me back on tuesday nov 20 2007 - I told her I don't have time to wait for calls anymore - I was just told by the previous rep no outgoing calls were made & I have to believe him since no one called me on saturday - she said she would issue a full refund - I said ok - I also told her I wanted my expedia booking fee back and she said no! I told her it was not in my control that the airlines cancelled - she
Said the booking fee in non-refundable - I said if I went on the trip or re-booked - I would have to pay however I am not the one who is cancelling the flight - frontier airlines did - collect the money from them not from me - she said no! I am taking this to media and bbb in ontario... I am also going to blog this entire complaint on my site and facebook for everyone to
Know what a rip off expedia is!!! I have been a long time customer of expedia - a very loyal customer and I can't believe expedia values $27 more than a customer - what a shame!

  • Je
    jeff meyer Jan 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ok so i work for expedia and i'm telling you that all you ppl who do not read the rules and or don't care about rules need to shut up. we do all we can but unfortunatly we have to go by the air line rules and they have to be followed by us so sorry but we do our job the way we have to wich means if we have to follow rules so do you sorry

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  • Sh
    sheryl1 Aug 12, 2010

    I booked a flight through expedia website and needed to make a change to another flight. I was put on hold and waited one hour only to be disconnected. Then I tried for the next 4 hours to get through to someone to change flights and the same thing (for 4 hours) I was using 3 different phone lines to get through. Finally Expedia.com managed to get a hold of someone in canada and we were on the phone to him for an hour but he was unable to find the flight that we needed even though it was one the airline web site. He put us on hold to contact the airline and then we were disconnected once again. I will never go through them ever again and hope that others will check them out before taking a chance.
    Good luck to you if you do.

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  • Te
    TedN Mar 04, 2011

    Expedia.ca issued a voucher for their mistake, tried using it and it would not let me. Called their service center in India, spoke with an unknown rep who couldn't speak English very well, referred me to her supervisor, gave me his name as Ahmad Saad, real or not, who knows. He gave me the run around and outright lied. Finally gave up after about an hour. Hope this company and all their customer reps go to hell.

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refund refusal

I made reservations to go to New York and thought I had a great deal. I was wrong!!! I chose to stay at a hotel in NJ, right outside of NY because Expedia said that it was only 8 miles from NY. They lied. It was about 14 miles. That's not the worse part.

I made the reservations on 11/12 and charged it to my bank card. Some one came in the next morning and recharged my card which meant I got hit with a double charge. When I contacted Expedia about this they claimed they didn't know anything about it until multiple phone calls later along with complete anger, that they finally got that part straight. While in the process of getting that straight previous charges came in and hit on my account and I was charged 5 overdraft fees. When Expedia and I contacted the bank to verify if the funds were available, Expedia didn't want to return the overdraft fees and told me I had to share in the responsibility of the charges. Are they crazy. The bank was nice enough to return 3 and Expedia doesn't want to return the addl. $68. They thought that they were doing something by giving me a $100 as a courtesy for my inconvenience but still doesn't want to pay my two overdraft fees. It was made clear that one had nothing to do with the other. I cancelled my reservations for the two nights and they only refunded my back for one night. What is wrong with these people?

  • Fe
    Feri Apr 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree ! Expedia is a fraud. I made a genuine error and did mispelled my husband name on a flight ticket that I booked through Expedia. As soon as I received the confirmation I replied straight away informing of the error. I informed them less than 24 hours of the booking. Now they are saying that the name can not be corrected and that I should have contacted them straight away after the booking. I made the booking at 12 pm, it was too late to call and did not think that the lines will be open at that time...

    Anyway, they are adamant and say that there is no possibility to corect the mistake and that I will loose the ticket that is unrefundable ( £700.00) I am really angry at this situation. I have been trying to contact BA but they refer me to Expedia as I booked through them. Expedia refer me to BA.

    I wonder if anyone has been in my situation by any chance and if anyone can be able to give me some advice.


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non refundable

Be aware of expedia's nonrefeundalbe policy I spent countless hours w/ an expedia custormer rep,when i...

tried cancel trip to san diego!

We tried to cancel our trip to San Diego , CA for Dec 27-31, 2007 due to unexpected personal reasons. Here is our nightmare experience: We called expedia.ca Customer service on November 12, 2007 to cancel our trip. We were put on hold to listen to music for 2-3 hours. We called at least 3 times that day, but each time we got the same problem: waited to listen to music when they transfered us to their flight department to cancel our flight. We gave up! We called them again on November 13, November 14, November 15... Same thing happened. We were put on hold & listening music when transfered to flight department.

The worst happened on November 15. It seemed There is nobody working @ your flight department After your support representative transfered our call to flight department and we were put on hold and listening the music through the night for 8 hours from 22:30 pm November 14 to 6:30 am in the morning of November 15 and we fed up to hang up the phone because we had to go to work!

We have continued to call their customer support rep @ [protected] and continued to be put on hold and continued to listen to music "hours to hours" since Nov 15 until November 16 , I got hold of a manager. We request her to cancel our trip and get our refund. She promised to send our request to her head Office to check. We continued to call the manager November 19, 20 but no news... of decision!!!

We wonder the people working @ customer service expedia.ca are playing the game with their customers! We wonder the fight cancellation department is a"phantom" or "Ghost" department??? try to fool their customers?? As of today November 22, We have not been able to cancel our airline flight and get a full refund or full credit for use on future flight

This is a nightmare experience we want to share with all of you. Please do not use expedia.ca to book your travel vacation.


  • Ph
    P. H. Nov 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Try calling the airline directly and telling them that you would like to check to see if Expedia did what they said they were going to do. Some people have had success with the airlines and some haven't. If you get an agent who is not willing to help hang up and try again with a different agent. I've had success with the airline.

    I absolutely understand what you are going through and hope you get this resolved shortly. Good luck.

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  • Ja
    JayJay007 Dec 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had booked a car through Expedia.ca For health reasons we could not travel. So giving them a resonable 30 days notice for the cancellation . They where more than happy to keep $ 50 of my money. The total retal was $ 153.66. So that seems far dont you think. I sure as heck DONT... never again!

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  • Je
    jeff meyer Jan 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ok well about the flight cancelation shut up ok they tryed and unfortunatly they could not help at that time because of the flight department oh no sorry to hear haha not. and as for the car thing dud if you read the rules and ### there was a 50$ change or cancelation penalty in the rules befor you booked so shut up if you did not read the rules thats your fault boo ###ing hoo suck it up and stop being ###ing babys ok. god dammit you ppl piss me off. read the rules and regulations befor you go crazy k they are there for a reason if you choose not to read them thats your own fault no one to blame but your self. soo on that note.....go suck big hairy balls......*HEY LOOK A BALL* *GET THE BALL YOU ###ING ###ED ###S*

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  • Ch
    Chrisy Nov 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having the SAME EXACT problem right now and I am LIVID!!! Crazy thing is...their customer service caused me to dbl book a ticket because it didn't go thru online - then I got a call a month later stating that I had to call them to update my travel information - that's how I found out I had dbl booked!! I'm typing this as I'm on hold waiting for the manager!
    Their customer service is rude - their managers are rude - I can not deal with these people!
    I will NEVER recommend Expedia.ca to ANYONE ever again!
    Thier service is alarming!!! >:(

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ghost credit card charges!

I was looking for flights on expedia in oct/07 and couldn't book due to a "technical error" when confirming the flight at ~$200. I phoned expedia and they tried to book over the phone without success and told me to try later.. Later the price increased to $630 and i did not attempt to book.

A week later i get a call from continental to tell me i need to check into nwa at the airport. I again did not book anything, phoned expedia and they said nothing is booked and my credit card won't be charged.. 2 days before the flight my credit card gets charged $630. I phone continental and they say it was booked through expedia, i phone expedia and they say it shows up as "not booked". I phone my credit card company and they say there is nothing they can do.

After several late phone calls and waiting hours on hold i get a csr in expedia that i convince to call continental to see my credit card is charged... They do and offer me credit for future flying, but then look into it more and offer me a refund of $620 in 7-10 business days to my credit card...

It has been 15 business days and no credit back... Soon i will be charged interest...

Don't use expedia website! It may charge your card for no reason whatsoever on itineraries you saved and did not book!

non-existant customer service!

I received an urgent e-mail from Expedia that an airline had cancelled 2 of my flights and I should call immediately to discuss alternatives. The first time I called I was put on hold for 1.5 hrs. I decided to call back in the middle of the night. Surely it couldn't be as busy then. This time I sat on hold for 3 hrs. befor finally giving up! There is not even a recorded message occasionally to let you know they haven't just gone home and forgotten you, and the worst part is the elevator music that just keeps repeating over and over hour after hour like some cruel form of torture! I will have to see if I have better luck calling the airline itself. I will never use Expedia again and will pass the message on to everyone I know!

  • Ja
    James the 1st. Apr 29, 2009

    Thank you for standing up to these customer unservice people of Expedia.not !. It's time to Unite and by-pass these people who take us for granted !. I thought in the real economic world the customer was always right ?.
    Expedia, thanks for nothing !. If Ford or GM where like you, they would have been out of business by the 1930's.

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  • Na
    narosch Nov 16, 2009

    expedia is not responsible for every single mistake that is made. you guys have to stop pointing fingers at people before you know what is actually going on. It clearly states the airline has change 2 of your flights I dont see how expedia is to be blamed for that. and in terms of customer service, its a line based on when you call. If expedia has a long wait time that is not there fault. It just alot of people are deciding to call them so if your having difficulties reaching a call rep dont just blame expedia.

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terrible experience! don't hire them!

Originally I chose Expediant because they were nicer on the phone and gave me a lower initial estimate than...

put on hold for over 2 hrs

I booked a flight and everything was confirmed then I get an email to call [protected], I did this yesterday, waited on hold for an hr then had to leave. Today have been on hold for OVER 2 AND 1/2 hrs.

It is crazy ,my neck is sore and that music is enough to drive a person crazy. When you ask that I call re a flight change have some why do I need to wait for hrs. Waiting is one thing but over up to 3 hrs is not right.


  • Lu
    Lucie Kocum Nov 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear All,

    I have been on hold for over 10 hours, and I'm still ticket less and out almost 600 bucks.

    It all started with an email, telling me that my flight had changed. I thought it must be pretty significant, if I need to call in person.

    Well, it took 4 hours on hold to find out it hadn't changed from EXACTLY what I could see in front of me in my account! BUT, since I'd had a couple weeks to think about possible changes (it took that long to finally get through, because it's not every day that I have FOUR HOURS to kill), I had the audacity to ask if *I* could change the flight. Not without paying a $107 fee, I was told. At that point, I asked for a refund. Well, of course I got a travel voucher which could only be used BY CALLING THEM AND BOOKING. 4 hours is now over 10 hours. My latest call, I was close to booking the ticket, finally, but they said there was some glitch with calculating the $107 service fee and that they needed time to fix it. Rather than keep me on hold (haha), they said they would call me back when it was confirmed. Oh, they took my $107 no problem, but just couldn't confirm that I actually had a flight.

    They never called back.

    Here I sit. I'm out $567. I have no flight. I just received an email informing me that I was sent a confirmation for my flight. I did get a confirmation just a few minutes ago--for a flight that's ALREADY PASSED!

    Now what? I honestly have post-traumatic stress from the music they play when on hold. I used to love the Brandenburg Concerto... I'm serious, though. What on Earth do I do??? I can't afford more time on hold! I want my money back, or at least the flight I booked months ago! Had I never received that useless email, I wouldn't be in this position right now.


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