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beware & expedia vacation waiver&

I have purchased a vacation package with Expedia Vacation Waiver option. It tells you “You can change or cancel your trip for any reason prior to the scheduled start of your trip”. Even if you read the fine-print it gives a first impression that you can cancel or change your package without losing money. However, when I called them to cancel the package, they responded that only the hotel was refundable under the Vacation Waiver and the airfare was not. Apparently, if your ticket is not-refundable / not-changeable according to the airline policy (which is often the case), Expedia Vacation Waiver will NOT cover its cost. You are going to lose the full value of your ticket. This is far not obvious from the description of the Vacation Waiver on the Expedia site. This experience costed me $600. So, beware.

  • Br
    Brad H Jan 04, 2010

    I fully agree! My wife and I were bumped from a flight and had to eat $1, 200 in airfare as we were never able use the flight credits.

    I am considering pursuing a class action against Expedia as this is a highly deceptive practice.

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  • Cl
    clayguy May 11, 2010

    i had the same experience w/ expedia when i booked atrip package w/ air and hotel, along w/ the vacation waiver...i was told that i would have to pay the penalty to change the air portion in order to use the ticket...and that they would turn around and credit me for the penalty...they dragged out refunding me after numerous calls over several months...being told it would take 3 billing cycles to showw my credit on my cards statement...i called my bank and they said that they credit the refund as soon as the business closes out their system which is normally done daily...i probably called over 15 times and even spoke to a supervisor w/ and attitude and kept being told it is in process, or it was already credited and to call my bank...i finally called aarp and told them to straighten this up for me because if i don't get my refund i will call my attorney to start a lawsuit for FRAUD which is what this practice is...they told me they would investigate the problem and call me back in abound 7days...well that finally got results...after only 4-5 days my refund magically appeared on my online bank account...it could have even been credited before the 4 days but this was the first time i looked...i still have never recieved the phone call from aarp to explain to me what the hell was going on w/ this...i also have to mention that the reason that it is considered FRAUD is because they contractually agreed to do what was in question about the refund...plus i wanted the money paid for the waiver itself since they never fulfilled the contract...i never received the waiver refund for the policy itself but i think they realized that they truely could have a lawsuit to deal with ...so if you have had this problem i suggest that you call aarp and give them an ear full about their partner for travel (expedia)...if anyone else has had this problem w/ expedia's vacation waiver i'd like to hear from you ...WE HAVE TO GET THE WORD OUT BEFORE OTHER PEOPLE ARE RIPPED OFF BY THIS DECEPTIVE PRACTICE...IN NUMBERS WE HAVE MORE INFLUENCE TO GET SOMETHING DONE, such as starting and signing a petition and sending it to aarp/ expedia, as well as the the proper authorities to make sure that this becomes public knowledge...feel free to email me at [email protected]

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  • Ri
    Rivertender Jul 08, 2015

    Almost the same experience.
    Exp agent said I would get all my money back, no problem - gave me case #.
    I called back to book through Expedia and all of a sudden my case # needs more research by supervisor.
    I am pretty sure I will take the pipe on my 500.00 flight/hotel package, but I am not sure yet...because I am on yet another lengthy hold to try and process my claim.
    Not looking good.

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  • Mo
    Monimai Sep 06, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Expedia travel protection waiver is suppose to cover you
    In invent of trip interruption ..
    Mine was medical and I had to pay for change fee.
    Extra Hotel stay, 4 doctors visits at their request just so I could fly home. Yet I when I got home their insurance company said
    No it's not cover .. Go back to Expedia to have claim processed. They bounce you from one agency to another
    .i was told by them to save all my receipts so they (Aon)could reimburse me. They are part of Transamerica Casulty insurance. Mean while I'm still out $5681.00
    It's a never ending circle. In the hopes you go away! Mean while people are still buying this worthless insurance . Is deceptive business practices. Worse yet on my return ticket
    The value was $605. But the cost of the ticket I actually got was $356. But I still had to pay a $200. Change fee. But where is my credit for the remaining .. According to all those so called record line conversations I can use that credit for up to a year. No surprise they aren't rushing to tell me ., hey by the way you have a credit.
    Don't buy Expedia insurance or any other insurance
    Do buy travelers insurance but from reputable company. !!

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double booking

Sometime prior to August 22, 2008 I booked a room at the Salmon Arm, B.C. Travelodge. Prior to my scheduled arrival and certainly within 24 hours of that date, I cancelled my reservation. The reason was that I was attending a funeral and determined that my friend, whose wife passed away, invited me to stay with him. I called the Travelodge and thought that I cancelled my trip. I was informed that I only cancelled one reservation and that I had made two. I certainly had no reason to book two rooms for two of us (husband and wife) to stay overnight. I have been charged for this stay and futile efforts to recover my expenses have met with no results. I went through Travelodge and Visa. Is there some means that you can assist me to recover my lost funds ($98.95). Thank you.

  • Ch
    Cheryl Ann Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am an employee at a hotel and i will say this much... Third Party reservations is a bad idea. 90% percent of the time if you call the hotel and tell them that expedia has a different price the hotel will match that rate if you book it through the hotel.

    Another MAJOR problem is, you have already paid for the room by the time you get to the hotel. So, what if you have problems IE: the wireless internet isnt working, the pool heater is broken, the elevator is out of service? Guess what? the hotel cant give you a discount for your stay... We have no control over the price once you pay for the room.


    Is few dollars worth the risk? (most of the hotels rates are same as as a third party anyways WE ARE GETTING SMART!!!)

    So, Call us FIRST!!!

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failure to refund

I purchased an airline ticket online through Expedia.com. The airline made several changes to flights that I could not accomodate so Expedia told me that I could get a refund for the ticket. I made my original call to request the refund on August 4, 2008 and at that time I was told it would take a "Billing cycle or two to receive the refund.

After more than a month I contacted Expedia since I had not received the refund. At that time I was told it wuld take two to three billing cycles to receive the refund. As of today, October 30, 2008 I still have not received the refund. I called today and was told it would be three to four billing cycles to receive the refund.

This is completely unacceptable to take three or more months to receive an electronic refund. I discourage everyone from using Expedia.com to purchase tickets.

  • Ge
    Gene Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar problem that I am still trying to resolve with Expedia. I cancelled my refundable flights July 5th and I am now on hold with Expedia (four supervisors later) and have been for 78 minutes. I was originally tol everything was being processed and that I should expect a refund in 2-3 billing cycles. the latest is that they never processed the refund because "they have been very busy in the refunds department and did not get to it until October 15th and now expect me to wait another 2-3 billing cycles. I strongly recommend avoiding Expedia. I will never book through them again.

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  • Ty
    tyler Nov 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's a huge hassle dealing with expedia. I've been waiting almost 2 months now for a refund of $2300 of which Im getting charged interest on. I'm going to call my credit card company, this is stupid.

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hidden fees - poor customer service

I had a very bad experience with expedia.ca customer service regarding a "airline hidden fee issue"

Long story short we booked an all inclusive trip but on the way home were informed we couldn't check our baggage (1 bag per person - All under weight) unless we paid $15.00 USD per bag.

We expressed our displeasure to expedia.ca about there lack of communication regarding these fee's and the fact there was no mention of it in our booking confirmations etc...

The customer support person was rude and basically said tough luck and there is nothing we are willing to do to help you.

They lost 4 customers already and hopfully other will read this and come to the same concusion.

  • Al
    alexandra Feb 12, 2009

    I work in the Expedia.ca call centre, and would just like to mention that, when you book on the Expedia.ca website, YOU ARE YOUR OWN TRAVEL AGENT. We are simply an online booking tool. The baggage charge is not a hidden fee...it is simply something that is unique to each airline. Some airlines charge for the first piece of checked baggage, while others do not. As a responsible traveller, you should be checking the airline's website to see what, if any, fees are charged for baggage, as these charges vary from airline to airline. A little research on your end prior to booking your trip will prevent headaches during travel.

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cancellation of flight/refund

We booked flights for Christmas from Anchorage to Acapulco in June, 2008. The credit card was charged about $5, 100.00. On August 14, 2008 they called and said that the flight was cancelled. They said we would get a refund "within 3 billing cycles." On October 24, 2008, I called the airlines (Delta)directly about this. I was informed that Expedia never requested the refund for us, even though we were entitled to it. Now we will get our money back in 7 to 10 days (hopefully). Bottom line is that they sat on $5, 100.00 for 5 months.

  • Sh
    sha77777 Oct 05, 2009

    I made a reservation for Cancun for my two children and I back in May of 2009 for July 2009. Expedia called and informed that the airline had cancelled that flight. They said it would take a month or two to receive the refund. It is now October 2009 and I have still not received the refund. I have called so many times. Today, they told me that the airline had issued the refund to them back in May!! Even American Express was unable to help.

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Resolved inflates event ticket and restricts available show times

1. Expedia inflated event ticket prices. Prior to booking my vacation package, expenses looked reasonable. My...

Resolved think twice before you buy an e-ticket from them

On April 18, 2008, I purchased two return e-tickets for travel to and from Hong Kong with my son during the summer time.

The first trip to Hong Kong was fine. But on the day of my returning to Vancouver on August 29, 2008, the airline (Air Canada)refused to check in for us because the travel agent (expedia.ca) had not fully paid for what they reserved the tickets for me. I had to pay them a difference of HKD2660 in order to get the flight as scheduled.

I have made a complaint to expedia.ca to ask for a refund of that money after I returned to Vancouver. Their responses were very poor. Yet I have not received the refund or any positive reply since I filed the complaint on July 29, 2008.

You know, I did not make any change to my flight scheduled.

I think they just want to deny their responsibility.

stole my credit card

I booked a hotel room through expedia. 2 days later i found out my card number had been stolen, and over 1000 dollars put on my account, on top of the hotel charge that was 233.00.
When i got to the hotel, they had NO RESERVATION for me. Expedia had never booked it for me, and the hotel was full.
I've never had such a horrible experience while traveling before. I'm trying to figure out now how to get a refund on the hotel room that they never booked for me. I've already called the fraud dept of my credit card company for the other charges that i did not authorize.

  • An
    anonyMiss Jul 23, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You can chargeback on the original charge under 'Non receipt of goods/services.'

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refund policy

I changed in my Hotel reservation over a week before traveling to Kinsale, Ireland -- to delay my arrival from 29Sep to 02Oct08 -- as required by your cancellation policy. The confirmation #123467 was not reflected in the travel itinerary sent to my email 6 days before my new departure. I immediately responded by email on 25Sep that the itinerary information was wrong and that I had to postpone my arrive until 02Oct08.

All other attempts to obtain clear contractual information have not provided any indication that would alter your existing refund policy following 72 hours notice. Instead, the only information I received was after it was too late to change. Such as no breakfast would be included because of expedia prepayment and, when my normal reservation ended on 09Oct08, that I had to call expedia to confirm my stay had ended because expedia had extended my dates rather than provide the add-on rate normally used by the hotel. These latent revelations became impossible to resolve because the 800-expedia number was not functional from Ireland. Hotel assurances that my abbreviated hotel stay could be confirmed by a later call to expedia have been dishonored.

Resolved unauthorized billing

I booked a trip to Arizona thru Expedia. I later found out that the hotel I reserved was a long way from where I was going. I called Expedia to change hotel locations. The CSR from West Virginia quoted me $124. TOTAL to change from one hotel to another. I told him to check with his manager, because it needed to be the TOTAL amount, not the DAILY amount. He put me on hold, came back laughing, & said he checked w/his Manager and it was $124 TOTAL. for the 7 night stay. I changed hotels.

Later that day I checked my bank account, and he took out $800 from my account. I called back right away and got that same West Virginia office. I told them what happened, repeated my conversation & told him to check with the Manager, since the other CSR did too. He said there was a note in the system that said I KNEW there was an $800. additional charge, & that I agreed to it! I told him they quoted me $124 for the ENTIRE change, and he told me it was my word against theirs. I asked to speak to the Manager, and I could hear all 3 people talking to each other in the background. She told me the same thing, saying that I could NEVER prove what they did, & I would NEVER get my money back!

You know--THEY WERE RIGHT! I have sent hundreds of emails, & made hundreds of calls, and NO ONE CARES! They are ripping people off left & right, with no one to answer to! I am so pissed! That West Virginia Office is up to NO GOOD! I keep telling the CSR's that I speak to about what happened, & all they do is send me a "form letter apology" saying they strive to maintain excellent customer service, and then go into a sales pitch trying to get me to go on vacation again---and USE THEM! They are all NUTS! They have no corporate office that will take your calls, and no line staff will forward your emails to management!

Be Careful! I never did get my $800 back, and I had to borrow rent money because they stole that $800 from my account!

Resolved unfair and possibly dishonest?

I have bought from ebookers a pair of return flight tickets from Manchester to Rio at 9.30pm on Tuesday 9/9/2009. Shortly after I have found that the same ticket was cheaper elsewhere (eg, at lastminute.co.uk and expedia.co.uk). No problem, I thought, for ebooker offers a "Best Price Guarantee".

The next morning I phoned them and was asked to say where I had found a cheaper offer. I mentioned expedia.com, the ebookers representative checked expedia's website and told me "yes, print this out and send it to us", which I promptly did. The email went to them at 12pm.

However, and contrary to what I heard in that first phone call, there was a problem with that expedia.com offer: the first leg of the return flight (Rio to Paris CDG) was two hours earlier than in my ebookers reservation, in which I hadn't specified any preferred time (route, airline and class were the same).

Ebookers wrote to me saying that the first printout was no good at 10.37pm, 25 five hours after my initial booking. I then sent them another printout (this time from lastminute.co.uk, which I had also saved when I realised the price difference), in which every single detail of the trip was EXACTLY as in my purchase. Then their answer was "as you're sending this more than 24 hours after your booking, no refund".

The refund I was expecting should be of 192 or 476 pounds, depending on what other price the ebookers one was compared to.

In my opinion, ebookers has been unfair. Whether they have also been dishonest, that is something I'll leave for you to decide.

dishonest booking practices

I booked a room on Expedia.com. When I arrived to check into the hotel, I discovered that they had booked us in a different hotel location, even though my printed confirmation from Expedia clearly stated the location I requested. The hotel provided me with the reservation they received from Expedia, which is incorrect. I have called Expedia many, many times and spent hours on the phone. They frequently disconnect customers and put me on hold for long periods of time. I was promised a refund I never received, and when I call back I am told something different each time, always amounting to the fact that I must call back at a later time or date. I strongly recommend that you rethink booking any travel on Expedia.com. I will never do so again.

dishonest robbery, ruined last day honeymoon

We booked a trip through Expedia to Disneyland to get married and a few days honeymoon afterwards. We had paid for transportation and day passes to Universal Studios to use on our last day(value $200). We called the number for the shuttle service to Universal and confirmed 24 hours prior. On our last day we went early to the front of the hotel to wait for the shuttle at 8:15 am(pick up 8:30). A Coash USA shuttle as on our itinerary was parked and we met the driver, showed him our itinerary and he told us we "werent on the list" we then showed him our confirmation number and insisted that we were on the list and he refused! We went into the hotel front desk to call Coach USA, and the driver took off! Our front desk agent called them and we were confirmed, however they said everyone was picked up except us, AND this just happened to 5 more people ! Coach denies that we were there, yet our front desk agent witnessed the whole thing! We were not going to pay $95 each way to get to Universal for a service we allready paid for! We were on the phone arguing and re-explaining our situation to Expedia for a good 3 hours! Our day was ruined, and they offered no apology, told us we could not get a refund, were not willing to change our passes to a 1 day Disney for compensation, it was our fault, even though we had a witness for their vendor leaving us high and dry!!! We used our credit card to get into Disney that day-and dont understand why expedia offered us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!Now they have spoken to our front desk agent as a witness as to what happened to us and its been 4 days that they say they have been doing an "investigation". I say screw the investigation as we have provided everything they need and give us our money back!! If not by Monday, I think I will have to take legal action! NEVER USING EXPEDIA AGAIN!!

Resolved liars

Well what can I say I'm a cheap ###...I saw low price guaranteed on Expedia and went to see if its true...I was going on vacation so i wanted the bang for my buck...So I spent 30 mins searching through several websites ...most were exactly the same price as expedia.. until I found a European Site that has a HUGE difference in price... I proceeded to book my hotel with Expedia online... I called cutomer service 5 mins later to complain i found a better price... The CSR kept saying it must be a mirror image description of the hotel. the ### read word for word describing the room... describing the continental breakfast...describing the decor...The euro website gave me a total of $88. The expedia site gave me a total of $140.00... the csr was shocked to see such a huge price difference... and I was put on hold... as I've read in other blogs.. I guess its the death Hold...He came back and said oh no its not the same... our site says free wireless and your site doesn't mention free wireless. It's a totally different room. Sorry I can't refund you the difference...but i can give you $50 voucher.. I said Hell no maann GIVE ME My money he put me on hold ..he came back and said I can Give you $100 VOucher... SO i said Fine... I was gonna book more rooms at a differnt city for the following day so pretty much I got it for free. =0) Screw it I didn't get the $50 difference back but I made a free $50...JUST BE AWARE THE MONEY BACK IS A SCAMMMM ALL THEY DO IS TRY TO STIFF YOU WITH A $50 VOUCHER SAY NO I WANT MORE!!!...BEING CHEAP IS KING!!! by the way that Euro website is www.roomex.com I was afraid of putting my cc into the site... but you can at least us it to compare prices differenes with Expedia...to get your vouchers...

  • Ch
    Cheryl Ann Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am an employee at a hotel and i will say this much... Third Party reservations is a bad idea. 90% percent of the time if you call the hotel and tell them that expedia has a different price the hotel will match that rate if you book it through the hotel.

    Another MAJOR problem is, you have already paid for the room by the time you get to the hotel. So, what if you have problems IE: the wireless internet isnt working, the pool heater is broken, the elevator is out of service? Guess what? the hotel cant give you a discount for your stay... We have no control over the price once you pay for the room.


    Is few dollars worth the risk? (most of the hotels rates are same as as a third party anyways WE ARE GETTING SMART!!!)

    So, Call us FIRST!!!

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expedia elite plus customer service

Expedia elite plus has been unable to apply a delta credit for a properly cancelled flight for a new reservation for the same passanger for the same travel route for the same airline. I've spoken with three (3) offshore (English is second language) representatives for over 2 hours listening to every note of pachabel's canon in d until I am about to scream. The two previous calls somehow mysteriously "dropped" after being on eternal hold.

Okay... Hurricane ike and delta... But why am I an elite plus member; don't they even answer the phones for the regular customers.

And... No direct way to speak up the chain of command... How convenient.

What has happened to expedia???

dishonest re cancellation

booked trip to italy in mid april--got cancellation insurance--trip was to start on May 30th--refund policy was >3wk in advance got a refund of 50%--if < 3wk in advance--got nothing. On May 6 called to cancel as my partner became ill. Said I wanted to cancel--was told to call travel insurance number and get a cancellation number and that would facilitate cancellation. Was called later that afternoon by expedia to ask if I wanted to cancel for just my partner or both of us--Told them for both of us. Tried travel inurance company--on hold for ne hour-- no luck--On May 8th called travel ins and got cancellation case number and called Expedia to give them the number--(again waiting interminably for cnnection as always). Though all was ok--got call the next day (May 9th) from expedia with a new person asking if I"wanted to cancel my trip." I said I had called three days ago to cancel. She said no cancellation had taken place so far, but that she would intitate cancellation then, but since it was 21 days before the trip, I would get no refund. I protested that I ahd cancelled three days prior but was told it hadn't occurred. I was then told I had travel insurance, so it didn't really matter. I said that was not the point. As it turned out, due to full hospital rooms here, my partner was admitted to a private clinic, as there was no choice. Private clinics of course, are not covered by insurance, so travel insurance refused our claim. I then called expedia with a more valid reason to protest their actions. I got an email from them saying that when I had called originally, they only put that down as an information request re cancellation. I said that they called me again that afternoon to confirm that I wanted to cancel for both of us, adn that I had calle on may 8th(22 days in advance) to give them the cancellation number(not that my cancellation with expedia should have anything to do with whether I choose to put in a claim with insurance) they have not answered any emails re this, but of course they have my 3599 dollars and will not refund the 50% owing me. I always used expedia.ca first in my on line booking search, but seriously, STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!

  • Do
    DonWK Aug 19, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. I had cancellation insurance and a valid reason to cancel. Cancelled a week in advance of travel. Insurance denied claim. Said my reason was not listed - can they ever list all reasons?? Terms of contract also said they reserve the right to deny a claim for any reason whatsoever.

    In other words the insurance is a sam - there is no insurance. No help at all from Expedia.

    Shame on Expedia for acting as a sales agent.

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Resolved stuck in hamburg airport

I booked a 3 leg flight in Europe for Late April

Newark- Hamburg

Hamburg thru Nurnberg to Milan

Stuttgart to Newark

When I arrived in Hamburg in April to fly to Milan, I didn’t have a flight & paid 300 Euros to get to Milan. I called Expedia many times & was given the run around – on hold for way to long. Apparently they have customer service centers all over (USA & India?). No one is trained properly. By the time I was told what to do, a month had past. I sent in my documentation & waited. When I called a month later they said they sent my info to the “refund department” & Amex would credit it with 30-60 days. To make a LONG story short, today when I called they changed their story again. The request was sent to the airline & the airline would process the refund within the next YEAR!

I cannot believe the lack of ownership. Horrible business practices/processes. Expedia should simply refund me and deal with the rest. As the middleman, they should make the process flawless for the customer and deal with any issues for me. They suggested I call the airline directly. The response to my original complaint letter was just “sorry”. Today after I mentioned it, they gave me $50. I am in shock.

They lost me as a customer.

Resolved the worst company I ever dealt with

I have never dealt with a company like expedia before. I would never recommend them! I recently booked a hotel room for Denver last week. I booked two weeks in advance and paid and received confirmation. A week later they sent me an email saying they were unable to accommodate my reservations at the hotel where they sent me a confirmation. What’s the point in pre-paying and getting a confirmation?

At this point all hotels in the area were booked. They would not give me a refund and offered to upgrade my hotel, in which they didn't. They put me in a DUMP with no A/C (it was 85 degrees in our rooms) intolerable!!!

Within that week they screwed up my reservations several times. I kept a phone log and figured I spent over 5 hours on the phones. And the amount of stress it caused me was horrible. The company offered me nothing! I have recently sent over a complaint to corporate offices demanding something be done... doubt it will.

Regardless my trip was ruined from booking through Expedia! I will never use them again, nor will I get the vacation I should have had back! I have never been more upset with a company! And hope word gets spread how horrible they are! No one should have to deal with this from a major corporation.

Resolved cancelled my reservation without my consent

I will never, ever use expedia again.

In march of this year, I reserved a hotel room at a sleep inn through expedia about 12 miles outside denver for the last week of august, '08 — the time of the democratic natl. Convention. At that time, there were hardly any rooms available for that time period.

On june 20, expedia sent me an email confirming that my reservation had been cancelled. I was, understandably, horrified and angry. I called expedia, who said that someone — they don't know who — had used my name and email address to cancel the reservation. Expedia, I was told, does not ask for the last four digits of the credit card used to buy the room. Name and email address is all that's needed to cancel a reservation. (Expedia did refund my money.)

The customer service agent I spoke to that night looked but found no other rooms available in all of denver for that time period. I was pissed.

I mailed letters to several expedia corporate honchos, including chairman barry diller, with ccs to the attorney general's office of washington state, where expedia is headquartered, and to choice hotels president. Within two days, I got a response from the assistant to choice hotel's president, who offered a room 30-35 miles from denver, the closest in they could find one. But I by then had found another room 25 miles from denver. But at least they tried and responded quickly.

The washington ag's office also sent me a response saying they were following up with expedia. But expedia took more than a week to respond, with a voicemail. When I called them back, I talked to someone who had no idea what my case was about and simply read the notes of the person who had left me the voicemail earlier. And, she said essentially, there was nothing expedia could or would do to ameliorate the situation.

So I say again: I will never ever use expedia again. And I suggest you don't either.

  • Mo
    Moochums Aug 02, 2009

    Expedia sucks! I work at a Sleep Inn, and they are constantly ripping customers off. If you just walk into the hotel or call ahead to the hotel, 9 times out of 10, you will get a MUCH cheaper rate.

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  • Ma
    marty 2 Mar 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have done some investigation here about Tripadvisor. I have worked with hotels for many years and this is what I can say for sure.
    Hotel owners, mostly independent hotels, have lost control of their industry. Third parties have taken over while having little or no investment. These third parties, i.e. Tripadvisor, Hotels.com, Expedia and Hotwire, all of which are owned by Barry Diller have turned the independent owner into a pawn by having the ability to manipulate the reviews in such a way that they can actually redirect customers without them even knowing it.
    How so? O.K. Go to Tripadvisor pick a city and see what you find. A list of hotels in a rating system from one to whatever number. If we believe the reviews some might have 15 reviews and are rated # 1, 2 or 3 (often these hotels have only recently signed up with these third parties). Then one will have 100 reviews and be rated somewhere in the so so area. Yet the 100 reviews have 75 very good ratings. The highest rated one could very well be an old hotel under new management and it might have been a dump in its previous listing life. The new hotel owner swiftly loads his fake reviews by having his family and associates post fake 5 star reviews. Tripadvisor can not stop these fakes if they are loaded in by different computers with different IP addresses. Think Kinko’s, UPS stores, etc. or even office depot while appearing to be looking to purchasing a new laptop.
    This also applies to the other side of the picture. Someone loads bad reviews of their competitor. Or a crazy customer that did not get a discount and just creates new email accounts and looks like 30 different people. This all happens on tripadvisor every day. Because they do not require proof of you even having stayed at the hotel.
    Now lets look at how Tripadvisor makes money. They make a % of every unit booked on Hotels.com, Expedia, Hotwire or an affiliate. No you say tripadvisor does not get a commission. Well kind of? They get a pay per click fee from most of their links. So the more they keep you going in circles the better. More clicks.
    However Expedia, Hotwire and Hotels.com are owned by the same person that owns Tripadvisor. 25-35% of the hotel rate is what they get. Some hotels have contracts that are better for Expedia, etc. so you are now very cleverly directed to these hotels. How? By manipulating the reviews that is how. They remove negative reviews or hold back positive ones. Do they write them? No they just maneuver them. Which is the same thing in my book.
    Also most of the time there is no discount at all. You just think you got one. Just check the room rate or call the hotel before booking and you will see that.
    Now in the beginning these third parties were great for independent hotels because it got them in with the big boys on the web. Where can a small independent advertize. They could not take ads in every city in the world. So that was good in the start. However when Barry Diller saw the manipulation that was possible he began to purchase these companies and here we sit today all arguing with one another while he rakes in the cash.
    The last thing that no one gets is this. Third parties have raised the price of rooms over the years. Hoteliers have adjusted prices to include their third parties commissions. Just a fact of doing business. As usual the angels become the devil and that what third party bookers have become.
    Always call the hotel before booking. Because third party bookings get the worst rooms in a hotel because your booking is classified as a bargain hunter. If you book direct you get treated better and you have a direct relationship with the hotel not some third party that holds the hotel, less commission, funds for up to 30 days or more. Many times if there is a problem the hotel will tell Expedia to refund a guest payment. In that event what sometimes happens is the guest is told that the hotel would not refund the money. Then the hotel does not get the funds and Expedia keeps it all. No you say! They would not do that! Well let me show you how far they will go. Lets say you book a $100.00 + tax and the Hotel is paid $70.00 + tax. Where do you think the tax on $30.00 goes. Nowhere Expedia keeps it. Now if a company will cheat every city in the world out of sales taxes what do you think they will do to you. “BARRY DILLER” you are a piece of work!

    One more thing that no one really gets. When you book with third party bookers like hotel.com, etc. You pay at time of booking the total bill of your stay. When you book directly with the hotel. You pay on checkout. Not so bad if you are booking a day or two in advance. If you book months in advance to get a certain hotel, that is a hell of a float time for them. Hotels.com does not pay the hotel for up to 45 days after you checkout.. So not only does the hotel pay a hefty fee as well as delayed payment. Remenber Hotels.com is owned by Tripadvisor. So Tripadvisor the company that could be killing your business is also making big bucks off you. What a SCAM!!!

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  • Ma
    marty 2 Sep 26, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Well here we are at the end of 2011 and "Barry Diller" continues with his scamming with his new Venere.com. His new web scam. Book with this site and you will pay at least 200% more than the hotel will charge you than if you booked directly with the hotel. This S.O.B. needs to go to jail.

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  • Co
    Coco puff 18 Jun 03, 2016
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    I made a hotel reservation through Expedia and paid in full. The day before I was to check in I called the hotel to confirm only to discover that Expedia had cancelled my reservation for no reason, I contacted Expedia, they had no explanation, had me on the phone for over an hour, mostly on hold before they hung up on me. Then they had the nerve to send me a questionnaire to rate the hotel, I will never, ever use them again, they did nothing to resolve this issue, they did refund my money but 700 miles from home I had to scramble to find another place to stay.

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