Expediaairline tickets - round trip (philadelphia to denver)

C Aug 01, 2018

Let me start off by saying I'm absolutely furious with the service and process that I've gone through of having to book plane tickets through your website. I initially, came on your website last night to purchase two round trip tickets for my girlfriend and I from Philadelphia, PA to Denver, CO. There was an error when submitting my payment which I came to find out after several hours on the phone with customer service that this was due to the airlines not having updated the correct pricing of the flights on your website. Anyway, I was charged $342.40 when the total cost of the flight was supposed to be $582.69. I recieved no confirmation number or anything, just a charge in my account plus a $4.71 charge from expedia. They told me I would have to wait up to 3 days for the funds to be transferred back into my account. I then woke up again this morning and tried to book tickets again and the same exact thing happened. Now I am out almost $700.00 and have no flight tickets booked. I don't have the money to book the flights now due to this and have to wait to be refunded which you guys are saying can take days. This is absurd because flight tickets will only rise as I wait closer to my departure date at the end of August. I will absolutely never book ANYTHING through your website ever again unless somehow compensated for this issue that had nothing to do with the available funds in my bank account. This is entirely between expedia and the airlines associated with the flights I attempted to book. One was through Spirit Airlines (Departing from Philadelphia August 29th @ 4:50 pm) and the other through United Airline (Departing from Denver August 2nd @ 10:06 am). I have already been on the phones with Expedia, United Airlines (which the $342.40 charge was listed under in my bank), and my bank account for several hours and have no intention of having to do that again. You guys need to make up for this in some way because this is absolutely unacceptable. Now I don't have to appropriate funds in my account to book anything so I expect that you guys will book my flights for around those same times on you!


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