ETSYseller complaint

I opened an Etsy shop approximately 9 months ago. A friend, who had been doing business with Etsy for several years, helped me to open the shop and helped me to list the items I wanted in my shop. Recently, my shop was shut down. Even though Etsy claimed to have sent me an e-mail, they did not. They sent that e-mail to my friend. She has violated Etsy policy. Because her IP address was used to log into my shop, Etsy not only shut her down, they shut me down too. I contacted Etsy and only received automated responses from Etsy legal. I question if they actually have employees in that department as I would send a message stating that I had never received an e-mail from them and did not have any associated shops. The response was always "check the e-mail we sent to you for the information'. I would reply "I didn't get an e-mail from you" and the response was "check the e-mail we sent to you for the information". I think the respondent is either a computer or a terribly lazy employee. After getting nowhere with legal, I filed a dispute with Etsy. The note I received after the dispute was filed said that someone would be in touch with me when my dispute was reviewed by the legal staff. I went into the dispute center to check the status of my dispute and guess what??? The dispute was marked "Complete" and I NEVER received any communication at all from Etsy. In addition, they are holding my last pay for 6 MONTHS AND I DID NOTHING WRONG! I guess they can scam some interest $ on my money for the next 6 months. My items were custom made and nothing could be returned after 30 days so there was no reason to hold my money for 6 months!!! Etsy has also taken from seller's bank account (google search for February 22, 2019) and are now skimming money from the top of sellers accounts. Sellers are setting a minimum charge for Etsy services and Etsy is over charging those folks by a penny or so each time they provide the service (which is multiple times a day). With hundreds of thousands of sellers, they are making a killing stealing from their sellers! Etsy is the most unethical company I have every had the non-pleasure of working with. This business is a cesspool of unethical behavior and unscrupulous business practices.

Mar 14, 2019

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