ETSYall shops closed due to item not delivered case in 1 shop

All of my shops were closed (account suspended) leaving all customers wondering why they couldnt access my products due to 1 case being filed for ITEM not received. This customer had ordered item for remote location with limited courier service hence it took longer than estimated date of delivery. ETSY refunded money even through tracking details stated ITEM on its way along with latest update saying item in local country. All of my other other shops have suffered loss since then and now getting multiple frustrating customers as they can not see details of items they have ordered under other shop selling different products.

I am now left with great loss with no income or money to invest in further products. I can not believe but I am saying it that EBAY n AMAZON are alot better and professional than ETSY.

THREATENING me that they will take money from my account if I didn't sent refund or return label to a customer (even through buyer agreed to return item and didn't for 70days) and now ETSY has accepted return. Allowing buyer enough time to reply to one message with lack of evidence on the case but threatening BUYER to provide shipping label on weekend within 24hours otherwise case will be closed and they will force from my account!!!

Aug 09, 2019

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