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my name is Pawan k pandey. i was travelling first time with etihad airways on the 3rd of may 2012. i was flying from new delhi to abu dhabhi and abudhabi to johannesburg. my flight was delayed more than 2 hours because of engine problem. all the passengers were taken to abu dhabhi with another flight. we landed late in abudhabhi and because of this, i missed my connecting flight.. at the reception area, passengers were just waiting for a proper arrangement. my next flight was given after 8 hours without any accomodation. i was just moving on that airport for many hours
people were very rude. finally when i took my another flight and landed to johannesburg, i could not find my luggage. i complained about my missing luggage. airport authorities gave me a lost baggae form and the said they will call me and deliver my baggage immidiately.
after that i only recieved 2 calls in the connection of my baggage, and that was just a formality from the airline.i waited a month and i'm staying 150 km far from the airport. i decided to go to the etihad baggage claim office and i could not find any one there for 30 min. one lady came and she gave me a form, she told me to fax or e mail directly to etihad & i did that. now its been more than 3 months and there is no reply from etihad airlines.
my every thing was inside that bag, and i came home without any clothes. my expensive items were there. and there is no hope from that i wil find any thing from etihad. im still waiting and don't know how long i have to wait. my worst journey ever. i need help


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      Jul 01, 2011

    I have Lost one Baggage during my flight from Abu Dhabi to Beirut with my family as a visitors to Beirut.
    Four baggages out of five were received at the destination point last 26 July, 2011. Till date there is no call /response received from Etihad airlines nor acknowledging what is the next process.
    I called the baggage lost centre in Abu Dhabi, asking to be compensated for not having my stuff for my trip daily use but the one answering the phone pretend deaf and not giving neither a comment nor an apology for the fault of losing the baggage . baggage Tag #EY 135750

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      Sep 10, 2012

    I agree! My baggage was lost on a flight from Johannesburg to response to any of my email, calls or faxes! My luggage has disappeared into thin air, it is pathetic! I had NO clothes, NO toiletries, No underwear for my holiday in Germany and Austria, had to buy a few things to get by with the hope that my bags will be delivered to my hotel. I am now back in Johannesburg and still have had NO RESPONSE to my lost luggage!!! They are pathetic and I will NEVER use them again!!! How can one prove what was in your bags, surely no-one keeps sales vouchers for everything they buy to prove what was in the bags!!! THEY ARE PATHETIC!!!

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      Sep 08, 2013

    I normally use ethihad airliner, and their service have been always good, i used it again on the 02/09/2013, from johanesburg OR TAMBO airpot South Africa to Moscow via Abu dhabi, we waited in the que to receive boarding pass for one hour in South Africa, but we only manage to get our boarding pass 15 minutes before taking off, we were informed in johannesburg that our bags will get delayed and we will only be able to receive our bags in 2-3 days and the bags will be send to moscow which was our destination, but i have been waiting for almost a week now and there is no information about my bag. other 2 people who had same case like mine received their bags alred. I am starting to pannic and get worried, pleas help me out,

    TAG NUMBER; SW414458


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  • M
      Jan 31, 2014

    It is such a stupid airline that I ever had.
    There customer service is 0.
    The staff, ground staff as well as air hostess they all are rude, I also lost three baggage but still I do not get it back.
    They should have to shut off

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  • D
      Aug 20, 2014

    Baggage missing for close to 4 days. Non communication, unresponsive customer service of the airline.

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  • N
      Aug 29, 2014

    Etihad airways workers almost no good... I just want on from Manchester to Mumbai on 19/07/2014. On the cheek in lugged dash there is British woman who don't Evan no howe to cheek the people.? As me disable and my wife with my 5 kids. Dash woman See way my lugged 3 time off 7 suitcase see way and Tailing my Wife to take out back and see way again and again and see kip take the boding pass and suitcase laybale out and see kip tore and see don't lat go lugged in side.? and my lugged comparing to 7 tickets 40 to 50 kg lass and see make my wife tirade and angry and when my wife ask watt you doing be coz normally whenever we fly to any where from any world airport we never seen like this you kip waiting my luggage and you not pus it in side and you kip asking after Waite to take outside and put other bag.? Then see South to my wife and see call manager and don't no watt see told to manager he come to as and he Saide we can Cencal your ticket and we don't let you in the flight so we was spires about all this so not good service at all.?...

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      Aug 29, 2014

    Bobby I'm with him I was there and I see every thing from my eye so ask me about this meters.

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      Aug 27, 2015

    I am very disappointed when I know that I have miss1 of my bag .I travelled first time through this flight, I travelled on 20/8/2015 from Hyderabad to jeddah connecting flight. My flight number from Hyderabad to abudabi EY 215 and from Abu Dhabi to jeddah it was EY 311 out of 7 bags I missed 1 .
    TNo EY 825504 I have filed complain but no use no one revive call and response it has been 1 weak now I did not receive my bag and the bag is most important to me it consists of all new clothes and with important document and medical reports and medicines .the bag colour is black and with one brown stripe in middle .the things are of 60 thousand please help me what to do I want my bag back .

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      Dec 19, 2015

    I flew fr om toronto on 16th December on flight EY7609. My itinerary was toronto to Brussels to Abu dhabi to karachi. When I landed in karachi on 18th friday at 2 30 am one of my baggage did not show up. I filed a report  reference number is KHIEY18037. It's been 2 days and my bag cannot be located. Is there anyway I can find out if my luggage even boarded the plane from Toronto. 
    All my stuff is in there and I am on vacation with no clothes and shoes. I had presents in there as well.
    There has to be a way to know wh ere the bag is. Can someone tell if it boarded the plane or if it was transferred
    It's been 2 days and I am wearing same clothes. I had to buy new glasses as well. This is getting very entire vacation is getting ruined

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  • R
      Jan 24, 2017

    From [protected]
    Dear Sir,

    Have a good day and bad day for me while I had choose your Airlines to travel.

    In this regards, I, Mitesh Dave had traveled from Mahe Island-Seychelles to Mumbai-India on Dtd.23/12/2016 with my Family total Four Members including me. While I come to Mumbai and when I received my Baggage I found it is in totally Damaged due to was Mishandled and it is not possible to Carry Over from Mumbai to Bhuj-Gujarat my Native Place.So I contacted airline Officer at Mumbai Airport but they all are behaving like they are King of the Eithad Airways and no body had taken my complain even so due to that I am writing your good self. So I request to your good self kindly find attached herewith my all Four Tickets with Boarding Pass and Damaged Bag and Weight Tag for your ready reference and file my complain in this regards and revert me ASAP.

    I am socked after getting this type of Services by Airline Officer at Mumbai who was treating Eithad Guest Member who is Frequently Flying in this Airline like he was Beggar due to such type of services Reputed Brand Name of the Eithad is spoil out. With in a week Complain is not short out then I will be not Book my Return Journey in your Airline as well as I will be never Refer any of my Family as well as my Friend to your Airlines ever.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Dave ([protected]

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