Etihad Airwaysdelay/cancellation flight

M Aug 11, 2018

I have submitted this complaint towards our cancellation flight number EY 0028 with booking number ( RWKUEF ) & my husband booking number ( SXLNSI ) from Edinburgh to Abu Dhabi dated 11/08/2018

Kindly be informed that we reached the airport on time, however we got delayed in check in due to manual procedure without notified us as we were in queue for around 2 hours and after we asked them they tell us with improper response..

And then we again waiting for the boarding for one more hour until is opened the gate and set on the Planck with again standing in queue to go there, In the plane we waited until 3:00 pm and then informed us to drop off from the plane and take the luggage and go to book for hotel and taxi

Once again queue in luggage, queue in booking the hotel & queue in taxi until we reach the hotel which is not acceptable at all as it is located in remote area with no facility provided..

I'm a pregnant woman and booked in business to reach home smoothly but the whole terrible suitation lead me to jump from one floor to another waiting in queues for more than 7 hours !!!

The staff is unfriendly and have improper response to fix the issue and help us !! They did not update us and told us to go to hotel and did not give us the duty manager number to contact them for next scheduled flight & I have contacted the Etihad Airways in UAE as they don't know about the issue as the system showed that everything is went well and the plane departed on time.

The luggages was too heavy to carry from one place to another and there is no priority between business and economic passengers waiting in queues for hours let me to feel dizzy for standing the whole time ..

This is not acceptable and I need to be compensated for this horrible suitaion.

As there is no contact number I may contact them with no information


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