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foreign transaction fee

I made a booking for return flight from Chicago to Delhi on 11/19/2010, at the Etihad Airways website for $2366.34 using my Bank of America Card. At the time of final purchase, the amount was $2366.34 only. Now I have been charged additional 3% foreign transaction fee (which amounts to $70.99). It is an unpleasant experience.

  • Sg
    sg123456 Oct 23, 2011

    I totally agree. The customer should be told that they will be charged the foreign transaction fee. I came to know when I checked by bank of america statement.

    Unpleasant experience for sure.

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  • Bo
    Bobba Apr 01, 2012

    Using BOA credit card for flight ticket booking is jut poking your nose with knife - Bobba

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  • Bo
    Bobba Apr 01, 2012

    BOA credit card is very dangerous to use for flight booking

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rude air hostess

I traveled by Etihad Airlines on October 23rd 20101, from India to Chicago via Abu Dhabi, Flight number EY151. I had asked for non-veg meals, and was served vegetarian by air hostess Eloysa. When I requested for a change of meal, she refused and gave me the veg meal. During lunch, she served me again veg meal, but another air hostess offered non-veg meal. A I began to eat, Air hostess Eloisa came and started questioning me that how can I eat non veg when I refused to eat veg food. She started telling me very rudely that I cannot ask for a food change. Her rude behavior insulted me very much in front of all other passengers and I could not eat the food. I returned the food without eating and starved for the rest of the flight. I have not seen such a cheap airhostess fighting for the food with the passenger. She is an insult to the airlines and must be advised to be polite with passengers.

  • Ma
    Maginoo777 Oct 08, 2011

    I absolutely agree to you MYWAY i bet this is just another typical indian with a british or american passport who thinks she rules the world !! These people are all the same thier brain is stuck in thier ###!!

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missing of items from luggage and luggage broken

Hello there,

I am chandra sahu travelled with my family from chennai (maa) to charlotte (clt) on 6th september 2010 with following airlines

Ey 269 maa - auh
Ey 151 auh - ord
Aa 4111 ord - clt

When I landed in clt, one of my suitcase was broken completely and I did n't find any airway authority to lodge complain at the clt airport because it was late in the night. 2nd thing when I reached home and opended the suitcase found few items are missing.

I can be contacted in the given number - [protected]. please look into this matter and let me know if you have any questions. thanks!!

Chandra sahu

loan instalment

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I work with Etihad Airways . I took car Loan from your well know Bank Nov 2007 .
I gave all the Cheques in for Dhs 1422 for 3 years and 6 months .
I started getting calls from your Bank Feb 2010 . I contacted your Collection department .
They told me I have an Overdue .
I went to your Emirates Branch In Abu dhabi at AlMuheiry Centre .
Met Mr. Habibollah . He asked me to check with my Bank which is HSBC
and get him all the statements, which I did . There was nothing due so he mailed me
back which I still have saved telling me that all charges have been reversed .
However, today on the 4th Sept 2010 I got an automated call from NBD, that I have
a payment Pending . Kindly assist me in this regard please .
I have always got a confirmation from HSBC that 1422 dhs have been deducted from my account .
Its Urgent .
Shaveta Chopra . mobile no. [protected]

3 emails later and still no response

I booked a ticket for my partner to visit me in South Africa over the December holidays. My partner lives in Italy and I live in South Africa. Once I had booked the ticket, he received an email saying that if he could not provide the proof of the owner of the credit card used to pay for the ticket, either before the flight or at the check-in desk, my partner would not be allowed on the plane. Because I, the credit card holder, live in a completely different country to my partner, it would be impossible for my partner to show the card when he checks in. I have sent one email to their booking centre and my partner has sent two, and over the last week, neither of us have got a response. We are more than willing to provide proof of identity, but nobody seems to be available to help. With no other alternative, I feel this may be the only way to get a response out of the airline. Please could we have some assistance!!!?

  • Gu
    Guy Liddell Nov 26, 2010

    They will accept a photocopy of the front and back of the card and a signed statement by the cardholder that they agree to the purchase of the ticket specified. I have done this and it works.

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lost our luggage and completely ignored our claim

Etihad lost our luggage coming back from Pakistan to New York. After filing out lost luggage form and obtaining claim number we were told someone from Etihad will get get back to us as they needed at least 2 weeks to find out what happened to our luggage. After 2 weeks, no word from Etihad so we decided to call the number on the lost luggage claim form. This number was supposedly provided in case you have a question regarding your case. Spoke to the Swiss Post manager and he promised to call us back in another 2 weeks as he supposedly investigate what happened. We never heard from anyone since. He was either away from his desk and on our last contact we were told he was away on vacation. Sent letters and called their various offices and we received nothing but silence from Etihad. It's been 2 yrs now since we took that flight with Etihad and we still have yet to hear from them. Needless to say, we will never ever fly with them.

  • Ta
    tamanna hayat May 24, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi, my name is tamanna hayat, i travel islamabad to chicago, march 20-2013, i lost my bag chicago airport, i contact the eitahad people
    the give me tag and the told me, they will send my address, everyday i am call to baggage claim office in chicago nobody respone me, the person name is salma in chicago she told me, she is talking with head office, almost 3 month,
    what can i do

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  • Na
    Nabil kaldas Jul 24, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Trip was delayed for two hours from BNA to ORD causing my connection flight to AUH to be delayed for 24 hours and all what the manager offer is sleeping for 24 hours in Chicago airport

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  • At
    atere abisola deborah Apr 09, 2015

    Etihad please deliver my blue box to skypark all i have in this world is in there please i beg you it has been two days now im a foriegner in cebu city with no money or clothes i filled out the form and my name is atere abisola deborah please in the name of God deliever my blue box to skypark as soon as possible i have nothing to wear or use without it!

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not crediting the fre quent flyer miles having registered

I have travelled business class on 13th feb 2010 from Hyderabad to JFK(NEW YORK) transitting ABU Dabhi by ETihad airways.While we registered for frequent flyer programme under the instant membership and got #EV-[protected] as my number for enrolment in the programme.And returned to india (Hyderabad)on 22nd june2010.Though my boarding pass both the times contained the Frequent miles number, My account is not to be traced as the airlines unilaterally closed the account in which I should have my miles credited and should have been accounted for my future deals benefitting me.having called the airlines several times, and visiting their ticketing office in hyderabad, I had to register fresh for claiming my missing miles on-line and to my utter dismay and disappointment (after another call to airline Frequent miles programme desk), I am only given credit for return journey under the pretext the claiming of missing miles is only for the period of 3 months preceding the date of claiming.So I felt cheated by the airlines and the world should know how they can cheat the passengers.So my next travel I have decided not to travel by ETIHAD for CHEATING me.Now I have decided to campaign for emirates or air india/british airways/or any good european or american airlines only who run these programmes genuinely.Etihad programme has small print to cheat the gullible air travellers denying the free miles we are entitled to.Please be ware of CHEAT Airlines Like ETIHAD.
regards, Vasantha Chirumamilla

  • Et
    Etihad Helper Jul 21, 2010

    Dear Vasantha Chirumamilla,

    May I suggest you email your details to [email protected], who will ensure that this can be looked into and rectified for you.

    Kind Regards.

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  • Ka
    Kareem Al-Iraqi Oct 07, 2010

    I fully agree
    Etihad are cheaters and liars. They write one destination on their tickets then I found myself arriving at another. Beware! I tried to complain but to no avail. I wouldn't recommend them to any one!

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  • Ko
    kochu Mar 30, 2013

    same thing happen to twice. I traveled with 5 family members. They suppose to credit all account after the travel according to their own site. Since it had happen to me before I asked the employee who was check in about it. And he said it will be credited on all account. When I checked after a month nothing was credited to the account. After the call they credited my account and didn't credited any other account. so I called them back. This time they said they can only credit the return flight and I thought they will be crediting all account as per my request. But this time only credited only my wife's account. And I emailed them back and they are not responding to my e-mail. I am convinced that they are either incompetent or playing a game. I am thinking of getting a lawyer so I can file a complaint againt them for false advertisement.


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seats not given as per confimation - poor service - bad experience

My family consisting of myself, my wife, 4 month daughter and 2 years son had a very bad experience flying...

1 comment Mississauga Airlines

eithad airways lost my baggage

29 april 2010 I was travling isb to abudhabi conection abudhabi to toronto

The poor service of eithad airways have lost my baggae both of them which I checkin one baggage they sended on next flight and other one they cant trace becouse thr management is so poor all they do just wait for the next flight which come toronto and then they call me that oh on this flight ur bag didnt arrived
Now they consider my baggage after 21 days as lost baggage
And some one returned my calll and told me airline can pay you 450$ which I dennined to take becouse the stuff in by baggage is more then 3000$ and now they are saying we dont care what u have you have to insurace ur luggage if you have expensive stuff

What are my options airline said we pay on 20$ per kg and your bagg was 24 kg so we will pay you 450 $

What are my options to get money from them atleast 3000$

  • Wa
    Wali Imran Khalil Mar 09, 2014

    My baggage was also lost by Eithad air during flight from Newyork to Abudhabi to Islambad. Now they are giving me 460 $, which is nothing. My file number is ISBEY15824. Please some one advise me what to do

    Wali Imran

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baggage mishandles

I have travelled on Ethihad Airways from Hyderabad, India on 28th Feb.

The flights travelled:
EY275 --Hyderabad to Abu Dhabi
and EY41-Abu Dhabi to Dublin.
File Reference Number is DUBEY10510.
The items and the net value of those items are given below.
The net value of all these items is 1440 EUROS.

The baggage was an hand baggage and they asked me to check in as I had an laptop bag. The hand baggage was full of costly items and more essential items and this baggage was mishandled by the Etihad Airways and there were no consideration taken to return the baggage. The service was very poor.

The baggage tracing was stopped before 3 months and there were no actions taken to trace my baggage which is totally unfair.
The settlement provided by Etihad Airways is very less and the service for tracing the baggage is too poor.
There were no proper consideration to trace the baggage.
The baggage could have been easily traced as I have kept all the documents(Passport, visa, ID proofs ) in the baggage.
My contact details:
Name:Sivanandi Nattamai Malli Sundar
Mobile Number:(+[protected]

An lost baggage needs to be traced for 3 months according to procedure but they stopped it in the middle.
Please provide valid reasons for stopping the baggage tracing earlier and please resume the baggage tracing to identify it.

  • Na
    Naveen S Jul 23, 2015

    We travelled from DFW-HYD via Frankfurt on Etihad Airways on July 17th. We did not receive one bag. No response from them.

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denied boarding

To whom it may concern, Re: booking reference: x6ryi3; ticket number: 607-[protected] 607-[protected]...

customer service liars

Etihad service was dismally punitive against us. Bad enough that the web site did not accept our credit cards; it lied to us by saying we were timing out, with 10 seconds of processing. We tried from 2 different computers and servers. Then we were told we had to drive across town to purchase the ticket; we were told we could not purchase the ticket at the office Etihad at the airport. When we arrived at the office, agent Afrah Al Dhanki lied to us repeatedly for her own personal enjoyment. She stated that the web site did not work and was being repaired; only the customer behind us came in with a ticket he just purchased from the web site. Then she offered us a ticket at 50% more than what the web site offered. She said this was the best she could do...until we asked for alternate days. The price came down, but was still more expensive than the web site price. Finally, we asked her if my passport and frequent flier information were on the credit card purchased ticket. She assured me they were. But the passport number was not memorialized, instead my partners credit card number was used as the identification for check in. Upon asking Afrah if I would have to produce the credit card number upon check in, because the actual card would not be in my possession as I am travelling and my partner is staying home, Afrah responded that "no credit card information will be required for check in." She then apologized for the web site not working. When we got home, the web site still was offering the lower priced ticket. We called Abu Dhabi call center after figuring out the Call Center is in Abu Dhabi and not Oman (because Afrah jotted down the Call Center number without a country code). The call center in Abu Dhabi confirmed I would have to provide credit card verification on check in. It is bad enough that one can not use the web site, it is badder still that one has to drive across town to buy a ticket when the logical place to buy an airline ticket would be at the airport. What is really bad is being lied to, face-front and personal to the satisfaction of Afrah and the detriment of Etihad customers. How does an airline stay in business offering this level of deception. How does this employee maintain a job after maliciously lying to a paying customer? S and E in Oman

  • Ex
    ExecFreq Flyer Jan 05, 2011

    I can vouch for the intransigence, maliciousness, and incompetence of the service staff at the transfer desk at t3 in abu dhabi. I had a miserbale humiliating experience, my complaints were treated with indignance and I was threatened punitive measures. Etihad has no valid, fair, method to file customer complaints.

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  • Di
    Dispertion Jan 07, 2011

    feckless bumble ###s at the transfer desk at abu dhabi

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  • Ec
    ecustomer Mar 23, 2011

    I've had similar experience with Ethiad airways. I had to book tickets for my parents in india to visit me in US. While booking the tickets online they payment was to be made in indian rupees instead of dollars because the origin of the journey was from india. So i had to borrow the debit card of my friend in india and book the tickets. After the booking i get an email with ticket confirmation and also an email saying if my parents cannot show the debit card used for ticket purchase while boarding they wont be allowed to board. I called the customer service and explained my situation and told them since its my friend's debit card my parents wont be able to produce it for verification while boarding. The customer service is absolutely useless they keep repeating the same sentence like parrots instead of offering any solution. The soltuion they offer is..produce verification or loose the moeny. What i dont get it..how can someone charge me for a ticket and still not give me a ticket that i can use. My arguement was either give me a ticket without these damn comditions or dont charge me until i satisfy the conditions. They dont agree to either..they want to charge me but yet not give me a ticket. This crazy policy is costing me 2000 dollars..i'm surely not going to let this go...they are going to have to fight it out in consumer court...

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charged xtra $ on credit card without authorization

I purchased two tickets for Etihad Airways from Chicago ticketing agent Diomond Travel Inc. and I was charged extra $35.28 for each ticket ( ticket price $1260.00 ) by Etihad Airways without my authorization. When I called the travel agent they assured that it was a mistake and that money will be returned which never happened. Then I contacted Etihad and they confirmed that money will be returned which didn't happen either. It has been almost 3 months.


flight cancellation

HI my booking reference no is 2LOUM7.
I was supposed to board flight EY 100 from JFK to Abu Dhabi. The flight got cancelled and I was stuck in New York for 24 hours. I had observed a few guests being given alternate flights and the rest of us just had to stay on.
I was in US for a company trip on per day paid basis. Since my days of stay were over, I was stuck in NY without any money, the baggage was already checked in, therefore I did not have any change of clothes too. I wear contact lenses and had assumed I would be in delhi by the time I needed to refresh my medically prescribed lenses, the medical supplies for which were not available at the airport, nor near the Airport Hotel location. I did not even have the money to take a cab and cater to me medical needs. I have undergone mental trauma, harassment and physical pain because of Etihad.

I agree, the airline provided us with a hotel. (horrible one) but the inconvenience I have had to undergo was enormous. I missed my office which is a direct pay cut from my salary as I was not supposed to be on leave.
Your ground staff did not provide us with accurate information and I was rendered tired, broke and frustrated.I work for a 65000 people organisation and I am definitely going to communicate this to my company travel desk to blacklist Etihad unless I am compensated for my loss and harassment and obviously word of mouth matters. All the passengers I spoke to that day said the same thing " Etihad - never again".I want to be contacted immediately and want this discussion to take place in a very professional manner and not the Etihad way.

  • Et
    Etihad Helper Mar 24, 2010

    Dear OP,

    The best way to contact Etihad is to email them your concerns on [email protected], This is the guest affairs Department who will reply to you.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Ex
    ExecFreq Flyer Jan 05, 2011

    Please note [email protected] or [email protected] are nothing but email blackholes, expect your complaint to fall on deaf ears. See if you can go in person to their head office. Expect poor service, intransigence, indignant incompetent service

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  • Dh
    Dhuha Hayani Mar 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is the second time to fly from Japan (Nagoya) to Iraq (Baghdad), the first time everything went smoothly. However the second flight on 3rd of March, after i arrived to Abu Dhabi Airport coming from Japan (14 hours flight), i was looking for the connection flight bound for Baghdad that was cancelled on the day without prior announcement. My husband in Japan phone called the Etihad Airways in Tokyo since he was worried about me. The staff of etihad informed him that the ground staff at Abu Dhabi will take of passengers in this case and provide them with the hotel to stay. However the ground staff kept us in the transit in without sending us to the hotel. It was so hectic and frustrating to wait in the airport for more than 27 hours without having shower or even close your eyes. One of the passengers his medical condition got deteriorated and unfortunately died in the transit. I really feel unsafe to fly with this company though i paid about 2000 US dollar for this inconvenient flight and i am waiting for the compensation for what happened to me . My booking reference is 5U4VMF.

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  • Er
    ernesto picardal Apr 07, 2013

    how to know if my fligth is cancel or not cancel pls help me
    May 6 2013 is my fligth fmanila to abu dabi and abudabi to riyadh

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  • Mo
    Mohammad Khalid Khan Apr 04, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Etihad airways customer care
    Respected sir,
    I want to bring to your notice that due to some technical reason.I would not board on flight.EY222 on 4th march 2015 at Quaid.e.azam international airport karachi pakistan.reserved by reference #YRGETK and e.ticket number, 6075465649122.
    It was not my fault because I arrival on time at airport but Etihad staff did not allow me to board.
    Therefore, kindly refund me or issue a voucher.
    Please sir help me.I am very poor and my contect number is ...00966548604582...
    Thank you...
    Name. Mohammad Khalid

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bad service

We are writing to let you know of the horrific travel experience that we had on Etiahad airways. We spend a lot of time before deciding on Etihad for our travel to Kochi, India from JFK Airport in New York. We booked our flights well in advance after considering layovers, flight lengths and other factors. We were traveling with 2 young children (3 yr old and a 1 yr old) and a senior citizen (my mother) so we wanted to ensure that our journey was a pleasant one.

We began our journey on Dec 1st from JFK. Our son was so excited to travel and loved meeting people at the airport. Everything went smooth until we were on the runway ready to take off. They had a child (8-10yr old) in the plane who was vomiting and the parents wanted to continue with the flight but the crew wanted the child unloaded. It took them 2 hours before they decided that they were going to unload the child and the family so we had to return to the gate. By the time we took off the flight was delayed several hours and many customers on the flight were in danger of missing their connections in Abu Dhabi. They reassured that all the connecting flights have been notified and that they will wait for us. However, when announcing gates for connecting flights on our approach to the airport, they didn't mention our connecting flight # . When asked about that, they reassured us again that when we get off the plane they will let us know, as it is too late to get information from Abu Dhabi.

When we got off the plane the five of us rushed to the gate that was posted on the television screen to find out that the gate was closed and we missed the flight. We arrived at the gate at 9:45p and the flight was scheduled to leave at 10 PM. The airline knew that there were several groups of passengers depending on that connection and that they had landed and would be only a few minutes late for the connection. Instead, they close the gate and inconvenienced those passengers for many hours (in our case a day and 1/2) rather than having the plane delayed a few minutes.

We were told to go back to to the "transfer counter /desk ". When we reached there, we were quite amazed at how disorganized and chaotic things were. People were just going up to the counter with no queues. We finally got to the desk and a lady named was helping us (by now it was after midnight). She claimed to have made arrangements for the following morning (8:30am) to fly from Abu Dhabi to Kochi. She failed to mention that we would have a connection in Muscat (Oman) before arriving in Kochi. IN addition, it meant that we would have to travel to a hotel at this late hour and get up again a few hours later to return to the airport and then get off the plane and re-board with 2 kids and my mother . She didn't explain any of this or give us options. When we realized what her arrangements meant, we went back to the desk to request a more reasonable solution.

This time a different gentleman (gentleman A) was going to help us, as the first agent did not have a computer at her station. Our children were very tired and we really needed to get them some rest before proceeding. We asked if we could stay in Abu Dhabi and fly out the next evening on the same flight # that we had missed. Another gentleman (gentleman B) joined in and assured us that we could take the flight we requested. He suggested that we go and have some food, make phone calls if needed and come back to pick up the necessary paperwork including the boarding pass. So, we called India to let the individuals who were picking us that we would be arriving 24 hours later than scheduled. We had our dinner and came back to the desk.

The paperwork was not ready when we returned so we waited while they arranged for the hotel, the limo, and printed what we thought were our boarding passes . When we asked if we need to arrive earlier at the airport, they told us that it was not needed, as they have made arrangements for the limo and all we need to do was be ready for the limo. Gentleman B came over to us as we were leaving to reassure us and show us where to go next and explained the procedure to us. He told us that we should go through immigration, go to the Etihad desk and present them with the paperwork and they will take us to the hotel and they will also pick us up at a certain time the next day. He also told us that we need not worry about our checked-in bags as they will go to our destination with us the next day. All we need to do is show up at the gate tomorrow. He really made us feel at ease about everything. What a mistake!

The next day, the limo was 15 minutes late and the limo driver did not know which terminal to take us. I asked him to stop so I could get the paperwork out of my bag but he said he knew where to go. He took us to the wrong terminal before asking someone and finally dropping us off. We had to rush through immigration and security and reached our gate just in time. It was clear that we were scheduled to be picked up from our hotel much too late. We got through the immigration and made it for boarding.

When we were to board, we presented our boarding passes to the agent and the computer was not accepting it. After multiple tries, she discovered that the date on the boarding pass was wrong. It was from the previous days boarding pass. She couldn't see a booking under our names. The agents at the transfer desk had simply given us the previous days boarding pass!!! It was the same boarding pass that we presented to them when we first came to the transfer desk. At this point we were in total disbelief! How could anyone be so incompetent? My wife and I had to leave one of our children with his grandmother and take the other child with us to the transfer desk to try to get things straightened out AGAIN . They asked us why we didn't come earlier to the airport!! Interesting indeed!! as it was their agent who told us not to worry and be ready for the limo!!

They were apologetic at the desk, but they REFUSED TO MAKE ROOM FOR US ON THE FLIGHT. I asked if all the Business class seats and/or first class seats were taken. They did not answer (On our return flight last week I noticed that the Business class section was almost completely empty). Meanwhile, our son was so upset as to why they wouldn't let us on the plane. He could see that we were upset as well. He was crying and wanted to go back home. He was so traumatized by the whole experience that he cried every time we had to go back to the airport. He had his grandmother and mother crying as well, as we were all on our wit's end.

After all this we were given two options...Either wait another entire day and fly out on the same flight the next day or drive to Dubai and take a flight on Emirates to Kochi. We were already delayed a full day and needed to get to Kochi as soon as possible. We needed to restart our children back on antibiotics. The people who were picking us up had to travel over 3 hours to get to Kochi airport and were expecting us that day. So, we opted to fly out of Dubai. We had to get all our luggages and go through immigration again and go to Dubai airport in 2 cars as our luggages wouldn't fit in one car as there was 5 of us!!

When we presented our confirmation # and paperwork at the Emirates counter, they couldn't pull up the reservation. However, as they had plenty of seats on the plane, the agent was able to make a reservation right at the check-in desk. We finally arrived in Kochi safely on Friday morning, over 30 hours later than scheduled . Our son had to be taken to a doctor in India and his antibiotics had to be changed as he didn't finish his entire course of antibiotics with the delays, etc.

On our trip back from Kochi to USA, we tried to check-in 24 hours of the trip via the internet. After being on the computer for 3 hours trying to check-in, we decided to call the Mumbai office of Etihad as the Kochi office was closed. They told us that Kochi airport doesn't let us check us on line. So, we asked to check in through her. She told us that she couldn't find a reservation under our names. She told us that the reservation that we had was canceled by the system since there was an interruption in our flight to India. She said that it was a glitch in the system that was responsible for the cancellation.
Once again we were in total disbelief. How can so many incompetent individuals be at the same airline. We were so upset and in tears again. She told us that she was going to email headquarters and for us to call her in the evening. Fortunately, they had seats on the plane and they were able to get us on the flight.
The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful as far as the schedule was concerned. However, the flight attendants on the plane from Kochi to Abu Dhabi were rude and abrupt with the passengers. They were careless with their carts and barked out orders rather than politely asking passengers to follow directions.

We were truly traumatized on both ends of our journey.and felt that the employees of Etihad airways were unprofessional and ill-prepared to make things right. Are there no policies in place to handle sick passengers? The transfer desk was very chaotic and disorganized. There should have been well defined lines for passengers to wait in. AS an agent with a computer monitor became available, they should summon the next person in line. The counter was a free-for-all with the loudest, pushiest people getting assistance rather then the first people to approach the counter. Every agent should have a computer to work on and to look for information! so that things are more organized. They should explain and give us options.

Based on our experience and the lack of any effort to compensate us or make up for these inconveniences, we are unlikely to be using Etihad airways or to recommend it to our family and friends. We feel like we paid good money to be inconvenienced and abused mentally, emotionally and physically!!

  • Pr
    PraveenThumma May 18, 2010

    Hi i am praveen...travelled from india to USA thru Ethihad airways..i lost my luggage...given complaint alos..but i didnt get my luggage back..

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worst pilot

I had the most terrible experience with an Etihad pilot cum molester at a hotel lobby. I could vividly remember his name, with his despicable action, destroying the name of etihad.
If it happens again in future, I will not be reluctant to lodge a police report against this captain ling liong tien. This pilot is screwing up the company's image. [censored]

  • Pi
    pissed off Feb 01, 2010

    i apologize for the wrong name mentioned in this complaint. It was a complete misunderstanding and mistake. Please disregard this complaint. Thank you

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  • Li
    Ling Liong Tien Jun 27, 2010

    Administrator of this website,

    This is totally unacceptable.!

    Your immediate attention is required.!

    Since what has been written was admitted to be a mistake by ther originator of the post as below:

    1st posted: 2010-01-30 by pissed off
    subsequent apology: 146 days ago by pissed off

    Please remove this post immediately, as it is extremely defamatory and untrue.

    Legal actions is being considered.!

    Capt. Ling Liong Tien

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etihad airlines ticket foreign transaction fee

Etihad ticket purchase cost 3% extra to US customer Beware of the Etihad Airlines's worse ticketing and...

non vegetarian meal served against vegetarian meal

I was served a non-veg meal despite pre-booking of Asian Vegetarian meal which I ate too. The details are as under:
My husband and I were travelling from London to New Delhi. We took EY 12 from London to Abu Dhabi on 23 August 2009 and were seated on 28H & K. I am a strict vegetarian being a brahmin Hindu and accordingly requested a vegetarian meal. The airline recorded this as evidenced by a notation "AVML" on my boarding card. As the lunch was about to be served, Paul a cabin senior attendant came over and requested me to accept a change in the vegetarian meal from Asian to non-Asian. This was due to paucity of AVML on board. I accepted his request and asked him to ensure that the alternate meal was a strict vegetarian one which he assured me.
While eating, I put an item appearing to be “paneer” (cottage chees) in my mouth which turned out to be fish. I was aghast with this and had been thus subjected to a cruel joke with my religious beliefs, culture and eating habits. On being confronted with this, the cabin attendant Andrea apologised and so did Paul. The F&B Manager Kiran also came over to apologise. Ms Singey, Cabin Manager also came over to admit the mistake but the most unfortunate damage was done. I asked for a form for logging my complaint but Kiran and Singey assured that they have logged this in their record on board and I will hear from them soon. It has been nearly 5 months since and I have not heard anything from anyone at Etihad. Since then, I have been wondering whether this happened because I was nice and agreed to your crew’s request to give the AVML to another passenger, or because the airline was not carrying enough meals and if I should not help anyone in good faith in future. I dread to eat outside any where now. Not only my value system is affected, my religious belief was subjected to a cruel treatment by your staff. Worse, Etihad has completely forgotten about this as if they did no wrong. We are now planning to hand this matter to our attorneys for suing the airline but before we do that, I want to know what does the Etihad Airways have to say in this matter.

Dr Prabha Singhal
e-mail: suneal.[protected]@exlservice.com

  • Ro
    Roger3424 Jul 26, 2012

    so what is the big deal .. if a bit of fish went into the mouth .. i am sure there was no medical emergency .. how does it matter..

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  • Me
    Mel12345 Feb 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Etihad hasn't got a proper customer service...i had issues with them too and they never ring back when they say they'll do so, moreover they are rude and absolutely don't care of the welfare of their customer...Though I subscribe the frequent flyer program I hate to say that I won't use it in the future...I'd rather pay the extra money and choose a company that really value its customer.
    I'm sorry for what happened to you...being a vegetarian too this add to my certitude that I won't fly Etihad again.

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  • An
    anjalinc Jun 22, 2015

    the people who eat non veg food must be feeling guilty themselves as they do not respect that we do not eat what they eat. According to me one should respect individual choice and faiths and religious beliefs as for they are not harmful.

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  • Ku
    Kumar tailor Jun 10, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same experience on both my flights. The worst was that they told me that a Hindu mela had chicken in it! its like saying that a muslim meal has roast pig in it!!

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over charging on booking

1. I got my 5 x tickets booked from kansas city (mci) to islamabad (isb) through airfare.com. my booking reservation numberis : zrcyyn. it is available at: checkmytrip.com for viewing. as per the initial booking I was to be charged for these tickets a sum of us $ 4010.64. the airfare told me that I will be charged as under:
1. child 1 usd 727.06
2. child 2 usd 727.06
3. child 3usd 727.06
4. adult 1 usd 914.73
5. adult 2usd 914.73

2. where as from my bank account a total of us $ 4042.74 have been charged by etihad airways. the extract of bank statement is attached, which can be verified from my bank.

Page 1 of 1 armed forces bank online banking and bill payment

Number description debit credit

07/23/[protected] purchase etihad airw [protected] etihad airw 607756 abu d 922.05
07/23/[protected] purchase etihad airw [protected] etihad airw 607756 abu d 922.05
07/23/[protected] purchase etihad airw [protected] etihad airw 607756 abu d 732.88
07/23/[protected] purchase etihad airw [protected] etihad airw 607756 abu d 732.88
07/23/[protected] purchase etihad airw [protected] etihad airw 607756 abu d 732.88

3. as an additional us 32.1 $ have been charged without reason, so I contacted airfarecom, from where I got the ticket. they say that airfare has not charged me additional amount and it has been done by etihad airlines. it means that they are showing wrong amount to attract the coustomer while the actual fare is more, there by brininging bad name to etihad airline. I donot know why then additional amount has been charged. please tell me as what to do? my bank is armed forces bank and your office has other details as they have already got the money out. please clarify/ verify deduction at your end and contact me at [protected]@hotmail.com.

4. please remit the amount as soon as possible as I will be leaving usa by 14 december 09.

  • Sa
    sasshole Feb 14, 2012

    first of all... why would you post this on here? its a not a complaint, its a mishap and plus.. its $32, big deal???!!1

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balckmail, violating human rights

I really dont know where to address this complain but I believe it is still part of Etihad management and responsibility since this person is part of your company. I am a foreigner and I dont have other idea how to make complain of this person but I do believe that he is working for the Etihad security management. This security guard name is Abdulpatta Kiman Daggong. He knew me for sure. He is threatening me through sms and posting unauthorized pictures, nude pictures (edited and faked) to internet sites.
Please give him warning to stop doing the mentioned things above. I will keep watching of his actions and I will be informing you of the process. And if this continue, give him the right/ proper action.
He might do it with others specially passengers so as soon as possible please take an immediate disciplinary action. He is bearing the Etihad name so all personnel involved in your company must carry the etihad values.

Thank you and I appreciate your immediate action to this matter