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miss handling, extra charge 2nd bagage for each passenger and 75 years ol mom with multiple medical conditions and no wheal chair

Our trip began at Chicago o'here airport, we had purchase our ticket online with Chipoair, we were told that we were allowed to take 2 bags of max 50 lbs each per passenger. But at the ohere airport AA charged us 50 us dollars per bag per passenger extra, because AA wouldn't allow us more then one bag per passenger. I argued little but they never agreed. We were four family members and paid 150.00 us dollars extra for 3 extra bags.
2ndly this was international flight so our baggage was all the way through to Karachi Pakistan. When we ask for boarding passes to AA, AA gave us only boarding passes up to Dublin and told us to obtain new boarding passes from Etihad Airline counter at Dublin to Abudabhi and Karachi. I had requested a wheal chair for my mom (she is 74 year old and she had both knee and right hip replaced due to RA). When we arrive to Dublin there was no wheal chair available for my Mom. We were the last passenger to get out of the plane, and our stay was only hour and 15 minutes before next flight from Dublin. In Dublin there wasn't direct walk through to the airport, all passenger had to take stairs to get down and then walk to the airport. Ofcourse my mom 74 years with multiple medical conditions she wouldn't be able take stairs so we forced them to get her down with airlift or what ever option they might have. Any way finally my mom received an assistance to get down but it took us so long, so we were late for our flight. When we went to Etihad airline counter they said it's too late so you can't catch this plane. I said it is quite impossible and this is none of our fault, she said let me see your boarding passes, then she asked why AA didn't give you the boarding passes all the way through to Karachi, I said we asked for the boarding passes but AA said we will get them at Dublin Etihad counter. Etihad counter in Dublin looked at our baggage ticket which was all the way through to Karachi and she said we don't need boarding passes just go to the plane. We went through security using same boarding passes that we had received from AA and no one stopped us, while we were going to wards our flight we were stopped by another security officer her name was Vicky, she said we don't have boarding passes to get in to Etihad Airline, I explained that Etihad said we don't needed. She made us get out and go to Etihad counter, she probably called Etihad that why they didn't did give us boarding passes? As soon as we got out and went back to Etihad counter they had printed our new boarding passes immediately. Know we were rushed back to our flight, our flight got delayed more then 45 minutes due to all this confusion. Any way when we got to the plane same issue, how to get my mom into plane because of stairs, but they forced my mom to take stairs in order to get into flight. With both knee replaced and hip replaced it wasn't quite possible but they said your boarding passes already issued and plane is about to leave and it's already delayed you have no other choice. Well my mom took stairs and got into plane, now we were 4 family members and I had reserve my seats with Etihad in advance so we all seat together, but we all were seated apart, one in the back one in the front and two in the middle but none together. I had argument with the Etihad airline manager on board and wrote my complaint. (Due to flight delayed there were lots of issue). After we arrive Abudabhi and abudhabi onwards and return to O'here we had no trouble, specially at the Karachi airport gentleman person from Etihad airline helped us getting all our seats together. But when we arrive to Karachi my wasn't feeling very well and very tired and complained both leg hurts, specially both knee, as soon as we got home she fell and broke her ribs, we all supposed to stay for two weeks and my mom supposed to stay for 4 months but because of my mom injuries we all came back within a week. Our trip was totally spoiled. My mom she is in pain, my whole family is upset and all the money that I paid for this trip got wasted.

Now please tell us what was our fault that we had to go through all this situation.
1) We prefer to have our money refunded for this flight.
2) We need apology from AA and Etihad why we were miss handled.
3) We shouldn't be charged for 2nd bags for international flight but AA charged us 150.00 us dollars for 3 extra baggage.
4) Why AA didn't give us no boarding passes all the way through to Karachi, though they had our luggage's all the way through to Karachi fro Ohere.
5) Why there wasn't wheal chair for my mom.
6) Why my mom had to take stairs to get into the plane.
7) Who is going to pay my mom's medical.
8) Why my family and 14 years old daughter had to suffer.

Four passenger name as follows:
Gulshan Bano Ticket locator # [protected]/37
Ahmed Sundrani Ticket Locator # [protected]/80
Anum Ahmed Ticket Locator # [protected]/82
Shamim Sundrani Ticket Locator # [protected]/90

damage bags

to whom it may concern

my name is gizelle abou hala

i traveled on etihad air on th 12/10/09 from lebanon back to sydney on th 13/10/09 with my two sons. one of th bag was missing anyway it was reported and got it back. next day my husband noticed 3 bags were damaged when i was taking staff out. my husband left 2 messages on th 14/10/09 to report it, on th telephone number 02 [protected]

i need a reply back please asap thank you

  • Fu
    Fued Abid Jan 21, 2010

    Fued abid
    Ezdan Hotel, Room № 33103
    West bay, AL Dafna P.O.Box 23488
    Doha, Qatar
    Mobile: +974 3696740
    Tel: +974 4969111
    Fax: +974 4969112
    E-mail : [email protected]

    Dears Sirs

    On date 18.12.2009 traveled on Etihad flight number EYO391from Abu Dhabi
    to Doha. Upon arriving to my destination I went to pick up my luggage and after waiting for a very long time it never came. I spoke to a representative for Etihad airline who took my information and was told that most likely my luggage would arrive on a later flight. It never showed up.
    After submitting the claim forms, I was informed that I would receive compensation for the lost luggage within 21 days from receipt of my claim.
    After 21 days, I went to Etihad representative in Doha airport for receiving compensation, but they propose me only 240 $, of course I refuse because the value of my belongings is more than 2000 $.
    Please give me a hand to resolve the problem, I would like to receive all sum of my belongings.
    I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem.
    Please contact me at the above address or by phone
    Fued Abid

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  • Ju
    julesjerry Apr 05, 2010

    oh Fued. I am same like u. I travelled this airline has worst service and next day when i saw 2 baggage has been damaged and items inside is also damaed because of mishandling. when returning back my valuable items is stllen . For all they are telling i wont ge any claim. Help me is there any number to reah i live in USA.

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blackmail by staff

To Whom it may Concern,

I am writing this email to complain regarding the poor service / treatment and ill behaviour I have been put through by your airline.

I booked through a travel agent a flight to Lahore, Pakistan from O'hare, Chicago (Original Dates: Departure - 14th Oct 2009 Arrival 16th Oct 2009)

Original Return Flight Details : Wed 21st Oct 2009 from Lahore, Pakistan to O'hare, Chicago IL

I booked this flight so that I could attend my mothers funeral as she had passed away.

Whilst in Pakistan my wife phoned me and notified me there had been complications in her pregnancy and that she had suffered a miscarriage.

I Phoned my Travel Agent who arranged for me to return on the earliest flight possible so that I may be with my wife and children. He arranged for me to go back on Sunday 18th Oct flight Number EY 0242. He also advised me that there would be a fee of $150 which could be paid in cash upon check in.

I arrived at Lahore, Pakistan Airport and proceeded to check in with just hand luggage.

At the Check In counter there was a representative for your airline who I believe name badge read "Beenish" She advised me that there should be a fee as the return date had been moved forward, She said $150 but would check with her supervisor.

The Supervisor arrived, his name is "Babar". He advised me that he was unable to take any fees of me as he did not know how much to take. He said "i'm quite sure its more than $150, I need to check with the Office" He then told me that he wanted in fact $400 in order for me to board the plane.

I advised him of my circumstances but still he maintained his stance. Had I had the $400 with me I would have paid it, but as I only had $200 cash on my person. I told him to take the payment from my card, he said he could not do this. He asked me to go outside and get more cash from who ever dropped me "and then maybe he could resolve the problem"

As a result I missed my flight.

Issues to be addressed :

Why was the fee raised from $150 to $400 ?

Why is it that ETIHAD AIRWAYS employees could not establish a fee and stick to it ?

Why could a card payment not be made ? My card was used to initially to buy the ticket and your e ticket (attached) shows that you still held those details

Why was my circumstances not taken into consideration ?

The fact that ETIHAD AIRWAYS employees were extremely rude, intimidating, uncooperative
and just out right UNCOOPERATIVE.

I will be copying this email to various regulatory authorities aswell as yourself and hope that you will take serious action at the employee involved as well as your procedures in general. I seriously hope that this is not the type of behaviour that ETIHAD AIRWAYS tolerates or condones.

I am now left stranded trying to get back to my wife as soon as possible. Making a journey from my home town of Sahiwal, Pakistan to Lahore, Pakistan which is 3 Hours each way, only to have a failed attempt to return home through no fault of my own. Causing distress to myself and my wife.


I eagerly await your response.


Muhammad Naeem Sarwar
US Postal Address :
347 Southwicke Drive
Streamwood - 60107 - IL
Cell : [protected]

  • Si
    sikzul Dec 17, 2009

    may by we should hire a lawyer who can lawsuit all the complaints together

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  • Et
    Etihad Disaster Jun 24, 2011

    Etihad does not have a customer services department. They do not care at all about the welfare of their customers.

    If something goes wrong you will never get any help from them.

    So if you value your time and life - Dont fly with etihad.

    The staff are ignorant and arrogant.

    CEO of etihad James Hogan should be sacked. ABC News likened him to " A Boy in a Lolly shop"

    Spending all the sheikhs money but not building a proper business with it.

    They have now resorted to cost cutting and offering cheaper fares - They are going down - Avoid them at all costs.

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  • Sa
    sasshole Feb 14, 2012

    eithad blows, worst service, worst food, lahore to abu dhabi wasnt bad but when the indians started piling on from abu dhabi to chicago, thats when it started to smell, children were crying and it was hot, lahore airport was a joke too, i was charged a 1220 rupee per person tax when I was checking in at the airport and no one else can enter the terminal but the people flying and they demanded proof of flight

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extra billing


To whom it may concern,

I am complaining about the service i received from etihad airways . I was supposed to travel from Beirout on the 30th .7.09 To see my brother who was coming from USA which i haven't seen for five years, i extended my stay in lebanon till the 4th .7.09. of course after paying penalty fees of US 39 dollars plus 30 US dollars to the travel agent. Any ways on the 4th i went to the airport waited infront the etihad counter for an hour, after presenting the ticket to the service desk i was told to go to the MEA counter because MEA takes etihad passengers, i told them how do i know if it is not on my ticket. I had to stay back till the 6th and by confirming another seat i had to pay US732 dollars plus 10 US dollars to the travel agent

It will be very gratefull if you give my complaint your attention and concern .

your regards NADA SAAD.

  • Rs
    RSSss Feb 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife, who was to join me in Muscat, flew Taipei-Bkk with China Airlines, so far so good, but then when she showed her ticket Bkk-AbuDhabi-Muscat to the Etihad counter in Bkk, they told her she could not fly because she did not have a return ticket. That she would encounter several problems with imigration.In the meantime, I, her husband who was waiting for her here in Muscat, got a call from the Etihad counter from Bkk airport saying that my wife needed at least a return airfare to Bkk.( They did not want me to buy an outgoing ticket to Abu Dhabi. )This I did immediately thinking I was at fault. But again, in the meantime, she lost her flight to Abu Dhabi and had to wait more than 15 hours for her next flight to Abu Dhabi-Muscat. Once in Muscat, we later found out through a travel agency, that she did not need to buy a return ticket. Because on arrival at Muscat airport no one had ever ask her for her return ticket.So in the end I lost $250.00 for nothing.

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expensive items stoled from luggage

I traveled from Karachi to Toronto via Abu Dhabi, and during my travel valuables were stolen from my luggage and my bag was damaged. The stolen goods were very precious to me. I am missing two expensive watches one of which was a gift from my late husband, two 2 gram gold coins and some traditional gold jewelry. surprisingly empty boxes are kept as in the bag while the valuables are taken.The packing of my other gift items was opened but because there was no jewelery in the boxes, the gifts were put back.

My Name is :- Zaitoon Badruddin

My Eticket no:- ETKT [protected] & ETKT [protected]

My Luggage nos :- EY 914315 and EY 914316

If I don't get the compensation of the loss I occurred during my travel I will never travel from Etihad again.

  • AppleKornKid Aug 06, 2009

    That sure sucks. Couldn't you take the expensive stuff in your carry on instead of checking it?

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  • 98
    98niksh Sep 24, 2009

    Contact Airport management in Karachi Int. Airport, Abu Dhabi Int. Airport and Toronto Int. Airport.
    The Airline does not have to do anything with the lost items, I have relatives who have gone through the same problem. Most airport personnel and airport baggage handling personel are the two who are in charge of the passenger's baggages.

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[Resolved] transit visa


I'm on a South African passport and had arranged a short stopover (less than 24 hours) in Abu Dhabi on my way from London to Australia.

I spent the last 2 weeks chasing various people in Etihad Airlines (both in London and Abu Dhabi) and nobody was able to help me. I got passed on from one person to the next and eventually I was told that Abu Dhabi no longer offer this visa as its too much administration.

I went to the UAE embassy and enquired 2 weeks ago, and they were also very surprised that the airline would not offer this.

I was then asked to contact hotels to arrange this, and I contacted the 4 biggest hotel chains that I knew but they advised that they donot arrange this visa for short visas, and the airline should arrange this.

I then got referred to the website : www.moieserv.ae to get an e-visa, but again I was told that the airline organises transit visas, not the department of naturalisation.

As a last resort, I tried to book the transit hotel, but this was fully booked.

I also tried to get my flight changed or cancelled and Etihad wouldnot allow this under any circumstances and I would have lost the price of my entire ticket. I have also lodged a compliant on the Etihad website but have received no response in the last 2 weeks.

I am now flying on Friday, and I'm going to be stuck at the airport for a whole day and night with nowhere to sleep or anything. I am most disappointed with my experience with Etihad Airlines and I would never fly with them again.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Vd
    vdwaltmd Jun 28, 2015

    I agree fully with you. One cannot get a response out of Etihad Airways. It is like poeping agains donderweer.

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  • Et
    EtihadHelp Jul 02, 2015

    Dear Guest,

    Sorry for the late response. Please be advised that you can apply a transit visa through the link here: https://www.ttsuaevisas.com/.

    Thank you. *JS

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fwd: a complaint about your office and airport manager in kuala lumpur.

Good day.
I'm writing this e-mail in hopes of a speedy solution to my issue.

My name is Sidi Mohamed, and I purchased a one way ticket to Casablanca (CMN) from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) "E-Ticket Number 6079686558132C1". My flight was scheduled on the 31st of July 2009. Your airport manager in Kuala Lumpur, an impolite and arrogant person with the name Sunil Bhashkaran refused to let me board the plane unless I pay the amount of RM 4000 for my hand baggage which is 130% of the price I paid for the ticket!. As I did not have that amount of money on me I requested for other solution. His response to this was talking to the ground staff to ask them to unload my bags from the plane, he tore my boarding pass in front of everyone in the plane gate, and he made me sit and watch the plane leave. His attitude was hostile to all Arab passengers in the plane for a reason that I do not understand, but the treatment I have received was extremely unacceptable.

Once the plane left, I approached him to ask for a solution since I have missed my flight. He responded by shouting at me with words of the like "This is not ###ing your country", and "You're now black listed, you'll never fly Etihad", and the straw that broke it all lose was him throwing my bag on me shouting "Where the hell do you want to take this bag". Because of this I pushed him away from me, and as he was screaming the police approached us to see what's happening. This Sunil then claimed that I have assaulted him and complained to the police officer that I have punished him in the face. These facts were stated in my police report. But since the guy complained first I was locked up for the night in the police station, humiliated, and treated like a criminal because I chose to fly Etihad!

Now to be frank with you, I will never fly your carrier again. What I want is my money completely refunded with a proper compensation for the time I lost, the treatment I got, and the night I spent in the lockup with theifs and drug dealers; not to forget a proper disciplinary action to be taken with Sunil because such behaviour should not be tolerated by you or anyone. I await your feedback the soonest.

Please note that this is my first communication to you, and it is by me. The next correspondence will be through my lawyer's office.

Awaiting your soonest feedback.


email: [protected]@gmail.com

  • 98
    98niksh Sep 24, 2009

    Dont let people abuse you, go and file a lawsuit against this man because this is against human rights. Why didnt you tell the police of what happened? I feel now encouraged not to fly Etihad anymore or even once.
    Call the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and report to the airport management what this man has done to you. God Bless and Take Care. I do not know why this man has done that to you.

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  • Gr
    Gregory2014 Oct 16, 2014

    OMG, please check yourself in the mirror, how could you leave RM4000 unpaid in the first place? You surely have f----- attitude problem. Your lawyer is gonna charge you RM40, 000 to sue Eithad and ended with you getting to pay Etihad another RM150, 000 depending on suits level. You are as stupid as PIG. Ooops...just being honest.

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re scheduling

I am travelling by Flight from last 10 plus years, but i have not come across services as bad as service of flights from Abu Dhabi sector. The first time I travelled in Etihad was in year 2006 and it was good and this time I have travelled in Etihad both by business and economy class, the business class service has come down to the level of service which I use to receive in economy class during my travel in 2006, so you can imaging how worse the service of economy class will be.

Over and above that the ticketing office employees at Abu Dhabi Airport are so arrogant and ill informed that you will get very upset and disturbed after talking to them. I had a business class ticket for my wife & son, which I wanted to reschedule and I was told by call centre staff that I have to pay Dhs. 100 for the changes based on which I send across my driver, but on arrival of my driver at Etihad ticketing office in Airport, he was been told that I have to pay Dhs 800 as it is a promotional ticket, which was incorrect as I was holding a regular ticket. Further the Abu Dhabi Air port ticketing office staff named Mirza & Honey where not ready to speak on phone neither they where picking up the line at their office and they where not ready to speak to any of the call centre staff, who were desperately trying to reach them to resolve the issue and after waiting for almost 3 hrs my driver came back. Again I called up the call centre to provide me a solution and they have told me that they will call back. I am waiting for their response.

“This is how you are been served by Etihad flights and their ground staff”.

customer service

I write out of sheer unadulturated fraustration...
I have attempted without success to garnish any satisfaction regarding retrieving an electronic book (Kindle) which I inadvertently left on flight EY401 from Bangkok.
As a general proposition I am not the least inattentive to my personal belongings, however in this instance, owing to flight EY 401 arriving in Abu Dhabi more than an hour & a half late of schedule I was more concerned with catching my connecting flight to Ireland.

Regarding my 7 month ongoing dialog, the latest person I have spoken to is a Ms. Blacklock - unequivocally no help. I have spoken to everybody connected with the flight as I realized en route to my connection that I had left it behind. I spoke with a lady on ground staff directing people to their connecting flights - she advised hat she would have the kindle delivered to the gate, however her attitude was such that it was evident that she was more concerned with ending the conversation than assisting. I spoke with a gentleman at the Ethiad information desk who similarly was inundated with enquiries and assured me he would 'look into it' I reported it to the Gate Attendant and the chief Stewardess on flight EY 0045, whom I might add was perhaps the only evident sincere person of concern whom I spoke to. (all the people I spoke with were wearing Ethiad uniforms or insignia). I have written three (3) emails to your on-line Customer Service again to no avail I have spoken with Rocky Donor Vital & Ebrahim G. Ashoori (both of whom extended me the courtesy of investigating the matter. ETHIAD IF YOU READ THIS AND GIVE A FLYING %^$£" WITH REGARD TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PLEASE COORDINATE WITH THESE MEN IN THIS REGARD THEY HAVE THE FACTS.
Oh, I have had no luck with Ms. Blacklock - perhaps you will - like duh!


I left an expensive electronic item on a flight from Bangkok to Abu Dubai, unequivically it was in my seat pocket as another pasanger remembers seeing something 'White' in the wall seat pocket of my seat as they disembarked. the flight was 90 minutes late getting into Abu Dubai and I had a connecting flight to Ireland. I was in a rush 5 minutes after leaving the plane I realised I had left the item behind
I informed no less than 5 Ethiad (all uniformed) personell - all to no avail. I have been to & fro with their beaucratic lost & found and Ground Management ever since and honestly, how can they morally or ethically sleep at night after their customers as they do.
It is remarkable in this day & age, the blind ignorance and contempt for consumers. I would row the Atlantic rather than travel with the sorry crew of incapables that call themselves Ethiad Airlines
Robert Redmond


I had I flight from Munich to Abhu Dabi today at 12:20 I booked and payed 25 days ago. They told me Etihad will provide me the touristic visa that I also payed, but after they manage to fail to provide me the visa in time, they also wanted to charge me for flight cancellation even it wasn't my fault. They had more than 15 working days to do it, and they claim they need only 5, their employee don't know how to open a PDF file format, even they sent me blank PDF to fill it with my peronal info needed for visa. They were provided all they need but they don't check their e-mails on time, I provided all the documents in time, and they were prolonging to send the papers until they have failed to do it on time.The need few day to replay to an e-mail, they don't know Dubai is in U.A.E, etc etc.Also 2 of my friend sent the papers with me as a group, same day, same-mail, and they got their visas approved in time.Now they are refusing to replay to my e-mail obviously. They have not only ruined my vacations I was looking forward the whole year, but I feel robbed cause they are not only refusing to refund my ticket expenses but even the Visa expenses, the same Visa they didn't provide me. I also traveled 1000km with a bus yesterday for nothing, cause they called and told me my visa will be ready in a day or two.Then they wanted to charge me more than half that of the ticket price more to cancel the flight for a day while they get my visa ready. Im seriously thinking about taking legal actions against them. Worse company ever.

change of return dates

Hi there!
Its me dr faisal khan, refference no 2YECKL.I have booked the flights from london to islamabad & return tickets.Now my mother in law is unwell and she is on death bed.I want to delay the flights of my family(wife & Kid).
The etihad office in islamabad is refusing to extend their flights, eventhough I am happy to pay for the change.
Even my traveling agent is refusing to change the dates.
I will be thankfull, if u help me on humanitarian basis.

  • Ma
    Mark Forsyth Apr 02, 2011

    To put simply and bluntly; Etihad airways can be a greedy airline!

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  • Sa
    Sarafina Dec 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why does Etihad have to be so greedy? Those people have so much money, they waste it like it is getting flushed down the toilet. Etihad is the worst airline in the world.

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my wheelchair got damaged on your flight

I flew on flight EY450 - Etihad Airways from ABU DHABI to SYDNEY on the 11th March 09. I use my own wheelchair to get around and when I got on the plane the crew put it in the hull of the plane.

When I arrived at Sydney airport I saw that my wheelchair had been damaged. I am very upset as I need to use it to get around whilst I am in Sydney on my honeymoon.

We fly back to England on the 1st April 09, where I will get it repaired. I would like to know if you would be willing to compensate me, as it was on your flight when it was damaged. I will have to send the wheelchair to Germany for repair so I will need to hire another one whilst mine is getting repaired.Which is somewhat of an inconvenience as mine is tailored for my disabilities.

I am sending you photos of the damaged to my wheelchair. In the photo you will see that the push arm is bent, I presume it must have been thrown or jammed against a heavy object.

flight delayed over 24 hours due to insufficient fuel for flight

I had the misfortune to fly Etihad airways on the 29/01/09 to Kuala Lumpur from London Heathrow. The flight started well as we were on time and the aircraft was very modern. However we had insufficient fuel to reach Abu Dhabi so we were diverted to Al Ain approx 40 minutes flight away. After being held onboard for about 4 hours we were told to disembark and wait in the lounge- no refreshments were provided. We kept being promised a take off was imminent, as per videos on youtube see etihadflight for details. Come 8 am we were told to go back on the aircraft where basic refreshments were provided, refueling was done and we arrived in Abu Dhabi that afternoon about 12 hours late. The staff were useless and didnt know what was happening/ didnt care. We missed our onward connecting flight and were told our new onward flight would leave the following morning over 24 hours delay with appalling service and 1 proper meal. I would never fly Etihad again, their customer service department doesn't want to know.

  • Ch
    Charlieboy77 Feb 25, 2011

    I was on a flight that day also that was delayed due to fog closing the runway at Abu Dhabi.
    Our plane wasn't carrying enough fuel to circle Abu Dhabi for 12 hours which is completely understandable and so it diverted to Al Ain. We sat on the ground there for what seemed like an age before returning to Abu Dhabi. I too was disrupted in getting back to London but it wasn't the airlines fault. I was taken care of by Etihad with hotel and meal costs. Inconvenient yes but not the airlines fault. I saw your youtube videos and I thought your "video evidence of the delay" in order to try and wangle an upgrade was laughable to the point it was almost embarassing.

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flight staff kissing on board

I was flying with Etihad last month, I was waiting around 2 and a half hours for a refreshment, so got up and went to the rear of the plain only to see two staff members full on kissing each other they were so embarrassed and asked if i wouldn't mention this to any thing. i couldn't hold it in for much longer, after reading about what happened to that poor family that got kicked off the flight.after flight crew made an error on there seating.

  • Et
    Etihad Mar 11, 2009

    I have found Etihad Airways attitude appalling in my experience aswell having suffered major delays and a flight diversion and their customer service and staff are an absolute joke. I will never fly Etihad airways again- If given the choice and you want a cheap flight most middle eastern airlines are excellent. Just avoid Etihad airways in my experience see http://www.youtube.com/etihadflight for details...

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  • Al
    Allyson in Oz Feb 13, 2011

    At least you are given a meal, forget the fact that the airline delivered you safely to your destination so you could rant on this thread. I feel sorry for the poor flight stewardess that had to serve you.

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  • Et
    Etihad Disaster Jun 24, 2011

    Etihad does not have a customer services department. They do not care at all about the welfare of their customers.

    If something goes wrong you will never get any help from them.

    So if you value your time and life - Dont fly with etihad.

    The staff are ignorant and arrogant.

    CEO of etihad James Hogan should be sacked. ABC News likened him to " A Boy in a Lolly shop"

    Spending all the sheikhs money but not building a proper business with it.

    They have now resorted to cost cutting and offering cheaper fares - They are going down - Avoid them at all costs.

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family of 5 ejected of etihad airway

Family of 5 ejected of etihad airway flight ey 0612 after etihad made an error on their seating

I am writing to you re: an experience my family and I had on flight, etihad airway ey 0612, we are a family of 4 with my wife’s nephew also traveling with us.

On saturday 28th february 2009 my family and I arrived to casablanca international airport at 6.30am to depart to australia. we went through the usual protocol, we arrived to where the passengers were boarding, handed our tickets to the ground crew,
This is where the problem started; we were given the wrong boarding passes without our knowledge. the lady at the boarding department gave us a pass from abu dhabi to australia. we made our way down to the plane. as we arrived into the plane we were given directions on were we were seated.

We made our way only to find that the seats were allocated to two other passengers and my wife was seated 13 isles away. I sat my two kids down aged 4 and 6 and made my way to the front of the plane to discus the problem. I raised the matter with one of the flight attendant only to be told that nothing can be done about it as the flight was full and return to my seat. I knew for a fact that there were 17 spare seats and five of them were side by side we got into a disagreement, she was rude and disrespectful to me and my wife, called my wife a dog and a number of other rude words. I reminded her over and over again that this is there mistake and it has to be rectified before we fly. I requested to speak to the captain at lease five times and was again rejected that privilege

The plane was delayed for over an hour and a half, we were told either we apologies to the flight attendant or we had to all leave the plane there was no other alternative
By then the other passengers were getting involved with rude comments to the staff about there behavior towards us. we were then told to leave. they removed our luggage left it on the runway sent us on our way. mind you it was around 9 degrees. no body from the entire etihad airway would help us or wanted to get involved.

I am requesting immediate action towards the flight crew and dismissal of soumia, flight crew chief. this whole matter was handled wrong and this should have never happened we should have never been told to leave the plane. once I arrive back to australia I will commence a law suite and approaching the current affair and what ever other television and radio station that wants to listen. too many other problems with etihad airway have gone on deaf ears, but not this time.

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    Concerned Mar 10, 2009

    I feel for this family and think they should follow it up further beacause the way they were treated was disgraceful and embarrasing not to mention humiliating.

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    nonewhatsoever Apr 07, 2009

    as we read this email we cannot just judge the people on how you were treated on that flight. i suppose you didn't tell the whole story before you posted things here. did you or did you not gone wild on that flight. since you are not getting the seat that you want, how did you respond on the crew? i mean...there are no reasons why they will off load you if they didn't think that you're a threat to them. you must have said something that made them feel that you're not safe to fly with.

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    etihadguest May 04, 2009

    i believe in one thing ; if you treat people nicely then in return you will be treated nicely too..
    i strongly believe there must be a reason why they off loaded you
    i dont believe that the crew called your wife a dog in front of others because that can be used against them by the airline to terminate them
    i've been to casablanca myself with etihad and the passengers were so rude and demanding
    i never want to go to this place anymore
    i feel sorry for the crew and sympathetic really they have a tough job
    and one more thing; you should really check your boarding pass before you receive it
    and all of that horrible experiences of yours could be avoided at first place..

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    sam Jun 05, 2009

    I wish to lounge a complaint against the flight attendant, the poor handling of a simple matter by the flight attendant. In state of doing what is part of her job to fix a simple mistake that was caused by the airline she was shouting using an un appropriate words I think that was vary wrong and with such service I will not fligh with Etihad again, I have never came across an airline who ask a family to exit the plane at that time without fixing there mistake or giving them an alternative, I really hoop that this will reach someone who will take action.

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    lilli1976 Aug 21, 2009

    i support u etihad guest fully!!instead of takin it out on the crew who have no idea how seating system works, deal with the ground staff.plus if u check in late, chances of getting seats together are next to nil.so be on time, early, and check your boarding passes before you board the plane!!!

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[Resolved] poor service during flight diversion

Through this letter, We would like to bring to light the suffering of passengers during their 26-hour journey...

[Resolved] booking cancelled not refunded

I brings this to your kind attention that i have booked a flight ticket on 5th september 2008 through online...

flight delay and not giving the connection flight.

Dear sir,
I am ashok ullattil having booking reference zdzu6v and ticket no:607-[protected] travelling from kuwait to calicut on 28 september 2008 and calicut to kuwait on 04 oct 2008. While going from kuwait there was 5 minute delay for ethihad flight ey304 and reached abudhabi airport at 22.50. At abudhabi airport we the passengers from kuwait reached the boarding gate for flight ey250 to calicut. We were denied the boarding saying our flight was delayed and could not locate the luggage. This caused me heavy financial losses since my one day leave without pay kd 50 and the ticket for the same day which I paid to the ethihad airline was kd 184.650. The next day ticket for other airlines was available at lower cost kd120 only. I was going for a real estate business, due to delay which from which I lost around kd 500. Hence I request the airline to pay my total financial losses in kuwait dinars 750.000

Thank you

Ashok ullattil.

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    S Jacob Jun 23, 2012
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    Verified customer

    RQID: 096233: I boared the flight from Trivandrum to Almaty in Ethihad Aiways. My baggage was stolen by Ethihad staff on the pretext of Excess Baggage, since i refused to pay bribe. ( but agreed to pay excess baggage charges)Now i wrote to Ethihad for compensation and they are trying to support their staffs., but claim to have the best customer service levels???? Looking for justice and compensation of 1 Million dollars.

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bumping customers

This is to inform all travelers, that etihad airways has the worse, customer service. They bumped my family travels and gave it to someone else in pakistan, and they are charging me almost $ 11, 00 us dollars for something l am not suppose to pay. I will make sure l write all media and all other avenues to put this airline down, due to they cheat/lie to helpless customers

They don't have respect for ladies and infants... They do what they want and they the most disrespectful crew in airline industry. I will never ever refer anyone to this airline. Emirates is billions times better then etihad!!!

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    Frequent Flyer Jun 08, 2009

    In no way can this airline be given negative PR in this manner...Ok fair enough it sounds like you had a difficult and unpleasant time flying Etihad Airways and in that situation it would also upset and anger me however...

    For an airline that has WON so many awards, in such a quick time and being such a young airline as it commemced operations in 2003...it seems some what unfair.

    This airlines product and service is one, that is incomparable to that of other airlines for its incredible hospitality in todays tough world of the so called 'Low Cost Era'...(CLARIFY - - -In no way is that incinuating Etihad Airways to be 'Low-Cost').
    I have flown many many many airlines into all 4 corners of the world, and by far...some how... Etihad will and shall remain and airline I cannot fault in anyway what so ever, and unfortunatley beats any other arab and western airline on service and Product by incredible distance.

    I flew with them from Johannesburg to Manchester and i was supposed to be upgraded with my 'Etihad Guest' miles, however the system at Johannesburg Airport deleted the booking and I ended up traveling economy. When I landed in Abu Dhabi I was greated off the aicraft by a pleasant Etihad staff member, who could not appologise enough. She took me and my family and gave us first class lounge access, our miles refunded, and a free upgrade for our next trip abroad.

    Clearly people have different experiences, but i feel it is upto the Traveller to decide for THEMSELVES who they fly.

    Travellers...don't believe everything you read!!!

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