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Copa transfer my scooter my handicap scooter to Paraguay when it got there after it got assembled after they disconnected the batteries took the seat off took the post off took the handles off of it took today cane holder off of it and all the parts were finally found after about 45 minutes and it got put back together it would no longer charge and then the seat was torn there was two complaints put in on it the scooter was no longer able to be charged the complete was put in no follow-up was ever done when I finally got back 7 Days Later to Miami nothing was ever done I went from Miami to Switzerland for 2 weeks I was unable to use the scooter I had to rent a scooter for $700 for two weeks still two weeks later I was never contacted by Copa I never got any correspondence from Copa I made numerous calls to Copa never got a return phone call never got a return email got no correspondence from Copa I am now back in Florida I've made numerous calls to Copa got no response I am now heading to on a cruise where I use my scooter I will now have to rent a scooter for another $700 for two weeks it's a Panama Canal cruise and again I'm out another $700 and have not had any correspondence from Copa and have my scooter un fixed

  • Updated by Robert helfrich · Nov 26, 2019

    They have made no attempt to contact me fix the scooter email me

  • Updated by Robert helfrich · Nov 26, 2019

    They transferred my scooter to Paraguay and when it got there seat with torn the handle is missing the armrest was missing the cane handle is missing that batteries were disconnected the charger would no longer charge so I was without my scooter in Paraguay cuz it would no longer charge I got back from Paraguay and immediately got on the plane to go to Switzerland for 2 weeks so I was without my scooter for three full weeks I had to rent a scooter in Switzerland for $700 for those two weeks Copa Airline made no compensation for any of that to this day they have still never emailed me back returned any of my phone calls and as of right now I am scheduled to go on a cruise for 2 weeks I am going to have to rent a scooter for 2 weeks on my cruise for another $700 for 2 weeks they refuse to return my phone calls they're not emailing me they are ignoring the fact that they're damaged my scooter and are refusing to do anything about it

hairy food and lack of customer service

Dear Copa,

Since you've ignored my emails and social posts numerous times, I'm happy to post publicly on your page and other review sites. Booking AOSFHF.

I am normally a happy Copa guest, as I enjoy your attentive service. Unfortunately, this time I encountered a couple of regretful mishaps (food related) that I will share with you.

I appreciate you offering a vegetarian option on your flights, but it became a bit of a nightmare. On flight 0303 LAX - PTY, for breakfast we got beans and spinach. Sadly, I can't really digest beans too well (especially on an airplane), so I asked if I could instead get the pancakes (which are also vegetarian). The flight attendant said "no, it's one meal per guest, and you chose the vegetarian option" ...even though the passenger next to me declined food altogether. I didn't ask him if I could take his meal because I was embarrassed to disclose my condition.

On flight 302 PTY - LAX, my fiance was given gluten free meal instead of vegetarian meal. The chicken was covered with a green sauce, so she didn't recognize it was indeed animal flesh. After realizing this, we requested her meal to be changed to vegetarian, and counting on your "one meal per guest only" I'm sure there was a gluten free passenger who was left hungry.

During the same flight, to make matters worse, halfway through my meal I found a hair curled around a piece of carrot and into the rice. Trying my best to not gag, I asked the attendant to please assist me, and he removed the tray and informed me he would be back to help me-- I assumed he would replace the meal or provide some extra buns to make up for the hair, but he never came back. Twenty-five minutes later, after everyone had been served, I asked the same attendant if I could at least have the piece of bread and cookies that were on my tray, he brought back the Oreos said "don't worry, we will report this issue." No idea what that means. He was great at avoiding eye-contact for the rest of the flight.

Although I appreciate you being one of the few airlines that continue to offer in-flight meals, it has left me with a bad taste in my mouth (quite literally.) I hope that you are able to correct this issue, and ask your caterer to be more careful when packaging the food, to ensure that there aren't any hairs in the meal. Just typing that makes me want to gag, remembering the long, black hair. Also, you may want to try their vegetarian sandwich yourself, so you can see what your plant-food based passengers have to endure.

On a positive note, my fiance's blood pressure dropped mid-flight, and one of your attentive crew member was very helpful and provided oxygen, which helped her recover quickly. He checked up on her several times during the remainder of the flight.

I can no longer brag about your company as I used to to all my friends and family.

Thank you for your attention to this, I would appreciate a call or contact to discuss this matter.

Cristina Farah & Laura Amin

flight to nicaragua, online booking, flight insurance

Purchased airfare to do mission work with poor, and needy children. Was told by nicaraguan based mission not...

Panama Airlines

booking services

September 23, 2017

Michael J Davis
7254 Fairchild Dr. Apt. 101
Alexandria, VA 22306

Complaint Regarding Copa Airlines and Cheap0air.com

CheapOair.com - Davis / Michael - Booking receipt - Booking # [protected] | Booked on Tue, May 23, 2017

Departing Flight Travel Time:
6h 25m
Copa Airlines
Flight 403
Aircraft: 738
BOEING [protected] STD SEATS

Nonstop |Coach
Baggage Fees | Visa & Passport Info

Sat, Jun 17, 2017
Washington Dulles,
IAD - 02:15 am
Panama City, Panama
PTY - 06:22 am
Sat, Jun 17, 2017

Airline Confirmation:

Layover Time ( PTY ) 1h 1m

Copa Airlines
Flight 533
Aircraft: E90
Operated by
Nonstop |Coach
Baggage Fees | Visa & Passport Info

Sat, Jun 17, 2017
Panama City, Panama
PTY - 07:23 am
Medellin, Colombia
MDE - 08:41 am
Sat, Jun 17, 2017

Airline Confirmation:

Return Flight

Travel Time:
6h 22m
Copa Airlines
Flight 530
Aircraft: 73G
BOEING [protected] STD SEATS
Operated by
Nonstop |Coach
Baggage Fees | Visa & Passport Info

Mon, Jun 19, 2017
Medellin, Colombia
MDE - 06:27 pm
Panama City, Panama
PTY - 07:53 pm
Mon, Jun 19, 2017

Airline Confirmation:

Layover Time ( PTY ) 1h 47m

Copa Airlines
Flight 404
Aircraft: 738
BOEING [protected] STD SEATS

Nonstop |Coach
Baggage Fees | Visa & Passport Info

Mon, Jun 19, 2017
Panama City, Panama
PTY - 09:40 pm
Washington Dulles,
IAD - 03:36 am

Tue, Jun 20, 2017

Airline Confirmation:

Flight Price Details
1 Adult Ticket $361 .00
Travel Protection Plan Cost $32 .95
Subtotal $393 .95
Taxes and Agency Fees
$119 .06
Flight Total $513 .01

Total Charge: $513 .01

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing this complaint because I am very dissatisfied with the Customer Service given to me for the above trip. Never have I ever been treated with such disrespect and disregard as a human being and as a customer.

I hold both parties Cheap0air.com and Copa Airlines responsible for the situation I was placed in regarding the above flight. I guarantee had you been treating in such an appalling way you too would want to hold someone responsible for the incompetence and disrespect of a customer by Copa-Airlines and the booking service Cheap0air.com.

1. Copa Airline summary complaint:

I want you to know that I will be reporting my complaint to the President’s Office of Copa Airlines and the President’s office of Cheap0air.com. I also will be reporting this complaint to the FAA Complaint division and the BBB Complaint division. I will also be seeking the advice of an attorney to advise me of my legal rights as a paying customer.

My plane was scheduled to leave at 2:15am on Saturday, June 17th. I arrived at the airport at 1:25 am and headed to the Copa Airline ticket counter to check in. I walked up to the Copa Airlines Ticket Agent at 1:25am; she asked” what did I need?” I told her I wanted to check in and could she hurry because my flight leaves at 2:15am, and I don’t want to miss it if possible. I had 50 minutes to get to the gate from check in to Security. I knew I could make it because I saw no one in the security check line.

The Copa Airlines Ticket agent stated it's too late they started boarding at 1:15 am. I stated it only been 15 minutes since they started and I know I can make it. I also asked her could she called the gate and let them know I was on my way. She refused to call the gate and told me that I would have to call the airline and booked another flight. She stated there is another flight leaving at 5 am that you could book and that there were seats available. I was very upset and told her why do I have to call, I know I can make this flight would you please just give me my ticket. She again refused and said you need to book the 5am flight it is too late for you to catch your 2:15am flight. I stated can’t you change it from where you are no, she replied No you will have to go to one of the phones and speak to a customer Service Agent for rebooking. Then she gradually goes about her business as if I am not standing there, at this time I became very angry, and frustrated, knowing she had caused me to miss my flight and it appeared to be on purpose, the flight had not even left yet, and I never got my ticket I felt very humiliated and disrespected.

I have been to many Airports and have never had an Airline Agent point blank refuse to help me. I have seen many people running to their gates to catch there flight. Boarding usually takes at least 30 minutes if not more. Point being I could have made my flight. And then I ask why would I call the airlines if I am at the Airlines? That makes little sense at all to me. She claims this is our policy.

I then sternly ask her for the number of the Airlines to call to get this booking done. She ignores my request and. walks off to help a customer with his bag, who had just walked up, now keep in mind that time is ticking away and there is no one in the security line and I could easily get my ticket, sweep through the empty security line and make the plane trip.

I walk away, I find the phone by asking someone one where is an airline phone and I called Copa Airlines customer service and the Agent claims there is no 5am flight, REALLY! I stated why the ticket agent would then tell me there was a 5 am flight when there wasn’t. Okay now this is really getting ridiculous.

The Customer Service Rep. for the Airlines then goes on to tell me about other flights and states I could apply my ticket to one of the other flights. The Rep states there is a 9 am flight and a 4:29pm flight but it will cost me 900 dollars instead of what I had originally paid for my ticket. I told him that it doesn't make since and asked if he can accommodate me or give me some type of discount, considering the Airline Ticket Agent caused me to miss my flight I could have been on. Take in mine also I had flight insurance which should have covered me and they made no mention of that to me either since it was there fault I missed my flight not mine.

I will talk to this flight insurance to find out about a refund for my flight missed not by me but the Agent a 2- hour appearance is recommended at the airport but not demanded as I am sure there have been passengers in the past who have been 15 minutes or so late for boarding.

The Customer Service Agent then says there's nothing he can do if I don’t have an additional 900 dollars to pay for a new flight. The Agent then stated; you should have come 2 hours ahead of the trip, you can try to call the agency, you booked through which was Cheap0air.com and see what they can do. By this time I was ready to burst into tears. Never have I been treated this way before with an Airline.

As a customer, I felt ignored, and felt I should have been given an apology. I was never given an apology for any of the mishaps that had just occurred.

2. Cheap0Air.com Summary:

Okay so knowing there was nothing else Copa-Airlines was going to do I took the Agents advice and. I call Customer Service at Cheap0air.com:, After lots of hold time and going back and forth with their Agents I am told that they can get me the 4:29 pm flight but there is a penalty fee associated with it and I will have to pay the difference. Why do I have to pay a penalty fee and the difference for Copa Airlines mishap? I was very confused seeing it was not my fault I missed my flight.

I was upset, I explained to the Agent what occurred she seemed very sympathetic but says if there is no poof to show us that they caused you to miss the flight then it becomes your fault and thus a penalty fee is added. REALLY!

Now on the phone with Cheap0air, I am still at the airport and time is ticking for me to get that 4:29pm flight, waiting for them to book me. The customer service Rep says it will be 374 dollars more. I agreed to pay it I just wanted to get to my destination that day, the Agent makes the change and says can I place you on hold for a second I say yes, she puts me on hold and when she returns, she says COPA airline, canceled my return flight on MONDAY - 6/19/2017, so she will have to give me a refund or I can talk to the airline and see if they can reopen the status of the return flight, me not knowing why they canceled my return flight.in the first place, . I said ok, I will call Copa Airlines again to have them open the status of my return flight or explain why it was canceled and have them rebook it, because I had to be back home by the 19th of June.

Feeling secure that my flight was booked for 4: 29 pm I go to the Customer Service phones for Copa Airline and said, they canceled my return flight on 6/19 and I liked to know why and I like to have the flight rebooked for the same day if possible. They stated that when the departure trip was cancelled it automatically cancelled my return flight, I say what, REALLY! I have never heard of that in my life, the whole flight was not cancelled just the 2:15 am flight due to me missing it due to your ticket Agent. REALLY! Who the hell does that! Next I am told nothing can be done, I tell them well I have just been booked for your 4:29pm flight and I like a return flight re-booked for the 6/19th. She tells me she cannot do that it would cost me again an additional fee since it was cancelled. Okay I asked to speak to her boss and was told he was not available.

I hung up the phone then with disgust and disbelief that this was happening to me. I then called Cheap0air.com and told them what Copa Airlines had told me. I tried to schedule another return flight through Cheap0air.com because now all the Monday night 6/19th departure were all booked, except business class seats so why was I not offered one of those seats at no charge from Copa Airlines considering this is there mishap not mine. . So while on the phone with Cheap0air they told me so Mr. Davis unfortunately all the seats for the 4:29pm flight had been taken, I am like What REALLY! Yes when I went to book it, it was still processing and when I returned to find you a return flight on the 6/19th too much time had gone by thus 4:29 pm all booked up, so sorry. I felt like at this time I was in a Nightmare and not waking up from it. I said oh my goodness how could all of this entire morning ever happened I hung up because I did not want to cruse anyone out, as mad as I was I thought I would so I just hung up to get my composure back. .

After calming down I called Cheap0air.com back to get all of this straighten out, get me a flight and be done with it all. -Cheap0air.com- Agent then took a re-look at some dates and states sorry Mr. Davis we have nothing in June, July or-August available for the price you paid under $900 dollars, even after we apply your ticket credit. I say how could that be, you are telling me I have to wait until September to book a flight and she states really you have to wait until November to book a flight under 900 dollar. I am thinking now I am being scammed by them. They stated this is no scam this is the truth. REALLY!

So I now wind up having to book a flight in November on the 10th, 6 months later, then my original flight which was in June. So I would not lose my money or my ticket, Why, I will tell you. Because if I did not use the ticket by November I would lose my ticket credit completely, now that a REALLY!

I will never book anything on Copa Airlines or through Cheap0air.com this was the worst booking I have ever had to deal with:, I was told if I did not book in November I would lose my ticket all together and get no refund, REALLY! Because they told me that there is no guarantee that the credit would be good after a few days, that I don’t understand either.

So I booked the November flight for an additional $324 dollars along with the ticket credit which I will say again I should not have had to pay anything additional. I felt I should have been given a free roundtrip ticket for all my troubles by either Copa Airlines or cheap0air.com but instead I wind up paying additional money and getting a trip booked 6 months later. Imagine how that ruins my work life to cancel my vacation as well as my personal life in meeting a friend in Columbia.

After the horrors that happened to be that day I wanted to be done with Airline bookings all together but being a business man and a traveler that is impossible.

In addition to all of this I was stuck at the airport from 1:25am to about 4am going back and forth with calls to try to get a flight that I know I would never had missed had it not been for the Copa Ticket Agent.

Neither Cheap0air.com nor Copa- Airlines would give me any kind of discount, would accommodate me or offer me a. free ticket, even a one way ticket for all I had just gone through. Did they not know I was a customer, a person, a human being? Yes, but they just did not care about their customers was my conclusion.

I am disgusted with Cheap0air.com booking agency and Especially, ESPECIALLY with Copa -Airlines, they are the worst in the world until I see different. Now I have to wait until November to take a trip I should have taken in June, 2017, and now the same trip has to be through them Copa -Airlines or else I would lose my ticket credit. REALLY!

This whole incident was totally unacceptable and did not should not have ever happened. Everything that happened could have been avoided had the Copa Airline Ticket agent released my ticket to me and let me run and catch my flight. This will linger on with me forever.

I bid you reviewed the phone conversations as I know they are recorded and you will know all of the above statements are true. I bid you to put yourself in my place and see how you would feel as a person, as a human being, and as a customer.

Michael J Davis

  • Updated by Vickyd · Oct 01, 2017

    complaint still waiting from Copa Airlines

Refused to cancel

I booked a return flight to Ecuador 3 months ago on Expedia.ca for the date of Oct. 20 to Nov 24 2015. A...

Copa Airlines
Montréal Airlines

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discrimination of turkish citizen

March 1st, 2015
Iquitos, peru

Below is an official complaint about copa airlines, to the attention of star alliance
A copy of this letter will be forwarded to turkish international affairs and the turkish consulate in columbia

I, deniz karabacak, arrived at bogata international airport on february 25th, 2015, on my destination to iquitos, panama. My ticket information was as below:
Ticket number: [protected]
Airline confirmation: dsg4pi

On february 25th, 2015, betweeen 17:30 - 20:30, i asked a female copa airlines staff, who was about 1. 55 cm, dark haired, eye glasses and spoke english with an accent, to do my check - in. She asked for my return ticket. I told her that my return was going to be through the us, and it was giong to be with my turkish airlines miles & smiles points. She said that she could not let me fly to bogota, iquitos without a return ticket. When i asked her why she did not apply the same rules to other customers, she explained that it was because i was a citizen of turkey!
As an ex turkish airlines flight attendant, i told her that she had no right to treat an star alliance customer that way, she said;
Because i was a turkish citizen
Because i was alone, i had the potential to become an illegal immigrant, that i could not travel alone and that i could get on the plane only if i had a return ticket.
I explained to her that i was going to travel by bus in peru, i was going to proceed to equador, i was going to fly to san fransisco to attend a conference and that i was still looking for an affordable ticket. That lady seriously was blaming me for traveling alone and believed that i was a potential immigrant just because i was a turkish citizen and she refused to give me my boarding pass until there was only one hour was left until departure. She told me that copa airlines reserved the right to do this and that if i did not have all the tickets, including the return ticket from the us, that i would not be able to use my ticket numbered [protected], would not be able to fly with copa airlines and that my ticket was going to burn.
She asked my to plan my whole month of traveling in half an hour and to buy all the tickets. She would not sell me the tickets at the counter, so she told me to buy all the tickets online and come to the counter afterwards with the ticket confirmations. I had had a surgery on my femur bone only three months ago and had to rush all over the airport in order to get internet signal so i could buy the tickets. The lady declined my request to leave my luggage at the counter, pretended not to hear my demand for a wheelchair. While i struggled to find tickets with my 3g, she sat at the counter looking at me and laughing at me while talking in spanish with her colleagues.
She repeated a couple of times that she suspected me because of my passport and that i could not travel alone in south american countries. And she asked me twice why i was traveling alone.
I hold that lady responsible for everything she said representing copa airlines and for all the mental and financial difficulties that she made me go through. An airline which is a member of star alliance can not discriminate against its customer, question her about why she is traveling alone. It can not suspect her passport. I ask to be compensated for the discriminative behaviour.
As star alliance and copa airlies, you can be assured that if you ignore or fail to act upon this complaint, i will make sure to take this matter into court.
I will sue copa airlines for the mistreatment i have received because of my nationality, for the treatment i eceived as a disabled person and for the tickets that i was forced to buy because of copa airlines staff.
I had to buy two tickets through aerobilet using my own 3g. The lady allowed me to board on the plane after seeing the confirmations of the tickets i had purchased. Only the 3g service that i had to used has cost me around 100 usd.
Below is the information of the two tickets i had to purchase:

Iquitos (Peru) – quito (Equador) / avianca airlines / march 11, 2015
Pnr: pqrjqq
1, 364, 79 tl (Approx. 545 usd)

Quito (Equador) – ft lauderdale (Usa) / march 23rd, 2015
Pnr: prd744
1, 396, 65 tl (Approx. 568 usd)

I am currently in iquitos. I ask for your urgent response and your help to solve this matter.
I ask that i am compensated for my financial loss (Approx. 1200 usd) and that the lady representing the copa airlines is warned, pereferably laid off so that she can not mistreat another turkish citizen.
Deniz karabacak

no me acreditaron las millas de mi ultimo vuelo

mi nombre es Eduardo Nelson mi numero de one pass es AP530181 y mi esposa Vilma de Nelson one pass HP922581, mi queja es que no me acreditaron mis millas acumuladas en mi ultimo vuelo saliendo de Panama a los Angeles el mes de diciembre del 2010 y regresando el 24 de enero 2011 en el vuelo 473Y, estoy molesto porque por negligencia del personal me han hecho perder mis millas acumuladas, yo las veces que viajo siempre es por copa para acumular millas porque tengo que viajar constantemente por cuestiones de salud y por eso necesito las millas, tengo que hacerme otras operaciones y voy a tener que viajar mas seguido por eso para mi es importante que me sumen las millas de ese ultimo vuelo, ahora estoy saliendo el 23 de mayo por un periodo de casi un mes para otra cita medica, me di cuenta que no me las sumaron ahora que fui a comprar otro boleto para mi esposa y para mi, yo estuve hospitalizado y en terapia por un periodo de 8 mes. les pido tomen en cosideracion mi peticion y me acrediten mis millas . yo les he comprado a ustedes muchos boletos para mi y para mis hijas cuando bien a visitarme y es justo que tomen en cuenta a un cliente que siempre vuela por copa.

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