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no exact information about transit visa

I am student. I want to go to san francisco.
Last night I had valid ticket and valid visa of united states.
My flights were as following:
Larnaka-dubai with emirates airline (Ek 108)
Dubai-landon again with emirates airline (Ek 007)
Landon-sf with virgin athlantic (Vs 019)
I bought my ticket from emirates airline from iran and them come to larnaka to pick up my us visa form its embassy at nicosia.
My ticket includes all of my flights. It is worth mention that it was return ticket. And cost me 2250$.

When I want to check in to fly to san francisco, the emirates crew and officers did not let me to check in. The reason was that I don't have transit visa of landon. I explain them that because I have unites states visa in my passport I don't need landon transit visa. But they don't have exact information about this problem, and they said we can let you check in.
You can check this site. See "passengers exempt from the datv requirements" part. That proves I don't need landon transit visa.

Http://www.Ukvisas.Gov. Uk/en/doineedvisa/visadatvnationals

I miss my flight and tomorrow morning I again go to the airport and prove them that did not need any transit visa. They said I should email to emirates. They don't care that I am studen and have no extra money to buy to pay for hotel and food.

My ticket that I bought from emirates airline cost me 2250 $ and I miss my flight because of its crews. My new ticket from another airline costs me 1060 $. I have to stay in cyprus for more 2 days and should pay for it.
I want to refund all of my money from emirates airline because that was their problem, and do not know about the condition and requirements of transit visa.
With whom should I talk? I want all of my money.


lost baggage complaint

Dear sir, I am writing with great disappointment in regards of my friend (Mr.Syed Mujahid Hussain...

bad manners, con money

Just hours ago my mom had a flight traveling from Birmingham airport to Dubai, the women on counter 81 had the worst manners ever. Impolite, grumpy face, demanding, and suspicious of racism, we walked to the counter she had a grumpy face no greeting or what so ever and demanded the passport "give the passport!!", asked some questions she keeps looking other direction and ignoring us (suspicious of racism), we put luggage on the scale she demand us pay the extras "over weight pay up!!", we forced to take out the gifts for relatives, at the end, we still 3 kilos over, okay we payed the 3 kilos extra, which was £16 per kilo, through out time at the counter the manners, and facial looks. we feel they treating us like dirt rather than passengers or customers, after the all bad time at counter when my mom got to the boarding gate she was force to pay over £100 for the hand luggage if not they will throw the luggage away, how heavy can a hand held luggage be? £100 is just stupid and why the women at the counter do not warn us at all about fines? guess she what that to happen. All bad manner and service, con money and racism. not boarding emirates ever.

  • Su
    sunil Nov 13, 2008

    I had travelled from Houston -Dubai - Bangalore on 11 /Nov/08 and to my surprise the checked in luggage was damaged. Sony SLR camera and camcorder missing. The laptop and top half of the luggage inside was soaked in water. All clothes were ransacked and discolored.

    To top it all the wise b**** at Bengaluru Airport physically denied my right to lodge a complaint. She abused her junior and threatened them not to provide any support or officially acknowledge my baggage claim. She snatched and tore the piece of paper which her employee tried to hand over to me.

    Fellow traveller (white guy) wondered whether they would have guts to behave similarly with a WHITE GUY!

    I think its best to stick to BA / European Airline.

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  • Po
    positivepeople Jan 30, 2009

    You are warned and told about your restrictions in regards to the weight of checked baggage which in economy on emirates is 20kg and 30 kg in business . Emirates is one of the most lenient of airlines when it comes to luggage and unfortunately if its over then you have to pay..this is not news and all airlines do this.

    From ALL U.K airports and in europe especially hand luggage must be of a certain size and must not weigh MORE than 7kg..this is not to annoy customers this is because hatracks (overhead stowages ) are not designed to carry Huge amounts of weight..thats what the cargo hold is for...its is also there to prevent injury. In birmingham they are very strict and in check in area there are MANY signs indicating those restrictions.

    The reason why your mother was stopped at the gate and her hand luggage is weighed is because customers tend to hide these little gems that weigh too next time dont be sneaky, check it in and pay the extra.

    As for racism ...would this have been the case of your comlaint if she had just been rude and sullen but you hadnt been charged...its so pathetic.

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lost baggage/stolen items

We traveled on 15, August 2008 to 17 August 2008 from Denver to New York to Dubai and on to Dar Es Salaam. Somewhere between New York and Dubai our luggage went missing. We were in a group of ten and only one person got their bag on arrival in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. Each day someone would get a bag and we traveled on to Kiliminjaro airport. Every where we went other people would tell us that Emirates always loses a bag and we would be lucky if all of our items arrived. Each airport passed the blame of what had happened to our bags back to another airport as though no one was to blame and yet always telling us that the bags were just delayed. After not having our bags in Africa until a week had passed the last 5 bags showed up and sure enough we had our shoes stolen, pants, converters and other items. The total is well over $1000 US. They took our complaint in Kiliminjaro(very nice helpful people) and then a list of items stolen after we complained on our return Aug. 31. We have heard not one thing from this company. I recommend you think twice before flying this airline as they are uncommunicative and have proven untrustworthy.

  • Jo
    Joel Strawn Oct 14, 2008


    I traveled from Manila Philippines on Sept. 7th 2008 to Dubai and transferred to Jupiter Airlines to Baghdad Iraq the morning of the 8th Sept. 2008. I used your Marahaba luggage transfer services with great trust only to find out that I paid 80 USD to lose my luggage. Here it is 14th of Oct and I still haven't gotten my luggage and don't think I ever will. I had in my bags a digital movie camera, all my clothes, medicines and gifts for all my friends.

    I'd like to make a formal complaint that you either find my bags and get them to me or I be reimbursed for all my items that total a little over $2000 USD. I would much rather have the bags because there's items in them that simply can't be replaced.

    I hear allot of the same stories about your airlines losing luggage and simply don't do anything to find them, but I'm going to see if you ignore my email or I'm going to take it a level higher? One way or the other I expect to hear something back from you.


    Joel Strawn

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stolen baggage

I recently returned from a trip to Dubai. One of my suitcases never arrived at my final destination. The airline can't even trace whether it left Dubai airport. It was a suitcase with most of my expensive shopping. I suspect my bag was stolen since I opened it infront of a porter who are known to be lookouts to inform the baggage handlers which bag to steal. I just find it strange that my 4 other pieces arrived and the one piece that had the expensive items didn't. I would accept perhaps it got lost if airline can tell me that yes it did leave Dubai airport but they can't. I have heard from many others with similar experiences. I think this is a real shame for Dubai. I plan to on writing to the tourism minister to complain about the number of thefts occuring at this airport. I wouldn't consider vacationing in Dubai again because of this experience. I encourage everyone who has has similar experience at Dubai airport or with Emirates airline to write to him as well. Maybe if enough people write he would consider taking action.

  • Do
    Dont_fly_Emirates Oct 04, 2010

    How right you are sir. Emirates have gained a very negative reputation for this sort of thing recently. During the world cup in South Africa there were scores of similar incidents. However the difference there was that their baggage handlers would actually break into peoples' suitcases and select whatever they desired.

    Being part of the Emirates at Johannesburg Airport must be like being sent to California during the gold rush for these guys. I have had at least half a dozen friends report theft when using Emirates from Jo'burg.

    My personal experience as a Masters student was having an SLR camera stolen, a portable hard-drive with all my work on it and even my back-up USB stick. What hurt most of all was not the cost, but the fact months of hard work and intellectual property have been lost forever.

    Worse still, was the fact that every member of the Emirates staff I tried to speak to evaded my questions and kept referring me to someone else. Finally I was told to send an e-mail to customer complaints, and I received an automated response saying it would take 30 days to process my query. Well after much badgering, 47 days later someone replied and basically informed me I was stupid for packing anything of value into my hold luggage!

    Next time I need to go to Africa, I think I will fly Virgin. I hear a lot of good stuff about them.

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I came from Sydney to Beirut on emirates airline.
I arrived to Dubai on 18 august. I m waiting my flight in airport of Dubai to return to lebanon. The gate was closed with 5 minutes before I arrived & I did not hear any call out & we were 7 personnes with the same situations. My flight number is EK 957. I have to reserve to Oman airlines coz I couldn’t wait the next night emirates flight, and I pay 300 $. I try to ask them to make me a refund but no answer. 2 passengres mr tony sleiman & mss maya abi rached have the same situation but But it seems that they know Mr. Rami in the emirates airport that he have a good position & he change there emirates airlines tickets to Oman airlines tickets without paying anything. Im very sad for the treatment, coz I was expecting that all people are treated equally.

I hope to make me a refund.
Waiting ur reply

Sincerely yours.

  • Ay
    Ayman Ali AL-Lawati Sep 15, 2008

    How many percent of working opportunity in Air Transportation Management and where I can work and what kind of work i will be work????

    Kinds regard, , ,


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luggage lost

My wife took a flight from Istanbul to Mauritius with Emirates. We were estimating that this airline company...

luggage lost

I reached Ahmedabad from Emirates Air-line from flight EK-508. It took almost half an hour for my luggage to come on luggage strap though i cleared my immigration in 5 mins. After then, when i opened my bags at my home, "All the items which are packed in good new packages are missed from my bags". "Even none of the chocolates bags are there in my bag."

Now i am searching a way to figure out this issue but Air-line is not responding me in good way.

bad services

Dr. Priya ramany,
P. O box-132263, gharnatta street, jeddah 21382, saudi arabia,

The head, emirates airlines dubai,

Dear sir,

Sub:resentment over the poor catering services, poor in flight services on board of ek-804, 241, 242, 243, ticket no:176 [protected], pnr-dsa7fw, dt-09-06-08

I had the unfortunate experience of traveling in emirates flight for the first time from jeddah-dubai-toronto. Let me detail my unpleasant experiences on board.

Iam a pure vegetarian, I don't eat-even eggs.

Ek-804 said that I have not specified veg. Food, hence they let me to starve from jeddah to dubai.

On reaching dubai as well as in toronto, at the airport emirates help desk, I made sure to order for vegetarian indian food covering enroute. To my surprise, I was offered hindu meal which had
Mutton, tuna in breakfast!!!

When I protested to the in flight supervisor, she gave me a staring look as though, I am unnecessarily fussing for nothing, took a note of my complaint and told me that there is nothing she can provide.

Again I was filling my stomach with water and air, thanks to the kind services on board.

If it is difficult to provide a simple vegetarian meal, you should have told me so, since I would have got a parcel arranged for the entire journey.

It is a shame to pronounce emirates airlines as the best in services, when it is absolutely not true, looking at what I have gone through.

Iam planning to share my bad experience with the media of saudi arabia so that nobody else suffers this treatment in the future.

It is a shame on the emirates to offer such poor services and charge sky rocketing prices for the tickets.

Hope that atleast there will be suitable action and reply to my accussation asap.

Dr. Priya ramany, 00966-[protected]

  • Mn
    mng girl Sep 30, 2008

    All of you Indians complain about anything and everything. You expect everything to be provided for you. If you buy a ticket on the same day, u think catering will magically come up with ur request? U have the most unimaginable requests. Do you think emirates airlines have a supermarket on board?

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  • Po
    positivepeople Jan 29, 2009

    You go MNG GIRL i completely agree with you could these people ask for anything more...if you dont request your special meal more than 48HOURS before your departure it cannot be you understand that the logistics of catering is more difficult than I WANT!!!

    in future if your needs are so STRICT i suggest you take your own food as it is an aircraft and sometimes because your not the only person on board things dont always go right.

    i suggest a different airline in future

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  • An
    anshuman May 14, 2009

    First off don't call it a fing HINDU meal... call it what it is... Non Veg, w/o Beef meal, or BEEF meal. Or how about a simple VEG meal... its ###ed to call it a HINDU meal... How do you assume that if a person boraded is brown you serve him the fing HINDU meal by default??? It's stupid... felt like slapping the dumb stewardess with hair died blond and trying to fake an accent... who replied with a stupid answer she was tought to blurt out when asked about any religious meal! Never flying that stupid airlines again.

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  • Dj
    DjMan Apr 17, 2010

    Bottom line is Emirates, like every other business really dont care about customers. They do fancy things like provide free cars for business and first class customers but do nothng more than any other airline for economy class passengers. Theyt are a big corporate company who when it comes down to it just dont really care. Full of corporate process, policy and and restricing local managers and staff in what they can do. I just pray for the day when any company, especially airlines really do what they say they do in the company clap trap marketing.

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discourteous & poor service

Hi, I have just returned back from my trip to London on Emirates, I am not surprised to read about all the complaints this World Class Carrier is attracting!
For me, I have a few complaints as follows:
1) I checked in online at Emirates branch office in Abu Dhabi, about 5-6 hrs before my flight EK 005 from Dubai on Wednesday 30th July. my first "gripe" is that they have a facility for check-in, which then requires you to print the confirmation of your checking-in. This very large facility unfortunately do not provide a printer for printing such a document!!
2) Although when I checked -in, the confirmation was processed along with an option to change your allocated seating. On seeing that the seat was shown as being directly next to one of the exit points, i accepted it, as it provided a lot of leg room. My problem came when on boarding the plane, I was asked to sit in the row behind the seat next to the exit point. Obviously the layout of the plane they use while checking-in is not to be trusted!!.
3) My wife and 5 kids had already flown with Emirates about 2 weeks ago and they had a problem that the "kids meal" she requested when booking her flight were not arranged!!
4) On arriving in London, my wife requested a change of return date for my eldest daughter, she was told on the phone that this was done - no complaint!! But a week later when my wife in London requested that I (father) be seated next to my 4 kids on the return journey which we had on the same flight, she was surprised to hear that all of the kids flights had been changed as per my eldest daughter's flight - complaint!!
5) On the flight back with my kids on 3 August via EK 033 from London, the air crew were extremely uncaring and completely robotic in their dealings with the passengers. At one time though, after being delayed nearly 1 hour due to a passenger not showing up at boarding time, one of the HOSTESS's a chinese lady while following procedures to identify all hand luggage, broke out in a rant and rave that no one was claiming a bag which had been stowed away!
6) After boarding the plane and sitting for over one hour, my youngest (9 year old ) daughter was feeling very hungry, I told her to go to the galley and ask for some snacks. She went back and spoke to some staff who sent her back that food will be served soon ( we had not even taken off at this time!) After almost 45 minutes after we took, my girl again said she was feeling hungry, I asked her to stop the "LADY" and ask her again, again the answer was we are about to serve food soon. 10 minutes later, the drinks tolley was wheeled to the front and after half an hour had still not reached us at the back of the plane! On seeing that my daughter was so hungry, I went to the galley behind our seats where the crew were chatting away and asked for a snack for my daughter who had asked for the same over one and half hours ago. One air steward responded that the food will be served soon, when I told her that we have been told this for so long!! then replied "well does she want dinner or not?" I replied that yes but in the mean time, pls give her a snack ( I was very annolyed by this time!!). He then handed me two (small) packets of salty biscuits!!.
7) Eventually the food was served to us, only to be told that although the menu had two options for the main course, unfortuanately only on option was now available!! ( what was the point of providing menus??)

Anyway, this complaints list may grow further since, my wife and daughter are yet to travel back to Dubai (on separate flights) and lets see what happens then...

S.K. Hassan

8) During the course of the flight, I saw a stewardess (accidentally) slap a small girl ( maybe 10 years old) in the face and she merely said "sorry" and then carried on with her work! Then at one, time as I was sitting in an aisle seat, one of the stewardesses ( same Chinese looking lady) jabbed me with a food tray on her way past.

emirates ground staff supervisor

On July 31st 2008 I took flight from Karachi at 11:30 PM to Dubai then to NewYork. The Ground Staff specially supervisor in Karachi, Pakistan was very rude. I have made 6 trip in 6 months with emirates and spent about 16k US. I was very dispoint with Stuff in karachi. My 3 suitcase was over weight by 3 kg and I was told by supervisor to pay 15000 rupees and otherwise he threaten to close the counter and won't let my fly I was with my son. I had no choice I gave him the money and he put in his pocket I ask for recipt and both supervisor were making deal with each other I never got recipt and they threaten if I ask for recipt they with not let me fly. I want emirates airline to take action on this 2 supervisor and refund my money.

  • Su
    sunil Nov 13, 2008

    I had travelled from Houston -Dubai - Bangalore on 11 /Nov/08 and to my surprise the checked in luggage was damaged. Sony SLR camera and camcorder missing. The laptop and top half of the luggage inside was soaked in water. All clothes were ransacked and discolored.

    To top it all the wise b**** at Bengaluru Airport physically denied my right to lodge a complaint. She abused her junior and threatened them not to provide any support or officially acknowledge my baggage claim. She snatched and tore the piece of paper which her employee tried to hand over to me.

    Fellow traveller (white guy) wondered whether they would have guts to behave similarly with a WHITE GUY!

    I think its best to stick to BA / European Airline.

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bad customer service

I have always flown air new zealand as the service has always been excellent both over the phone and in person. I was recomended the emirates airline, so I thought I would give them a try, as I am buying two tickets for my parents to fly to australia, for my mothers 70th birthday. Monday 14.7.08, I tried booking airfare tickets for my parents on-line and after so many failed attemps, and no success in booking, I gave up. I contacted the emirates office and explained that I was having trouble on-line, and all the operator could say, was that I must have done something wrong. I have booked on-line before, and never had a problem. The operator was not helpful at all, and the phone manner was not pleasant at all. I tried again that night tues 15.7.08, and to my dismay, I was still unsuccessful. I rang the emirates office, once again, while on-line, and the next operator I spoke to, I could hardly understand. This operator told me that I couldnt book my flights on-line, they had to be booked on the phone (Where on the website does it say that?) this operator was very frustrating, I was placed on hold 4 times, and had to repeat booking details 3 times, and in the mean-time became very irrate, with the service I had recieved over all this. I told the operator I was ready to hang up, and book with someone else, as I couldnt understand him and he asked me to stay on the line.In the end I booked and made payment, and hopped off the phone not a happy customer at all. I paid for 2 e-tickets, which were suppose to be sent to my sisters email address in n. Z (To pass onto my parents) , and she should have recieved them that night. Wednesday 14.7.08, I rang my sister in n. Z to confirm she got tickets, and she didnt recieve them. Once again, I rang the emirates office, and believe me, by now I was "steaming"! I got a lovely operator (Suprisingly, after the last two) , explained my situation, and that I was not happy, and she told me that the e-mail address details were wrong and thats why my sister never recieved tickets. Now that just topped the whole "bad customer service", for me. I had repeatly told the operator all the details, and he still got it wrong! This is not good service, at all and I am not happy at all.In fact I am now worried about the service my parents are going to recieve on this flight. I think my parents deserve to be upgraded from economy class, that would make me feel better, considering the poor service I have recieved, this would be greatly appreciated. I dont believe anyone should recieve service like this, and that compensation should be in order. I would like to hear from someone about this immediately. I await your reply.

  • Ma
    Maria Ramos Nov 15, 2010

    I have paid twice for the change of the date of our return to Brazil (my husband and I) in September and the officials in Brazil have sent me e-mails telling me they would put in my credit card bill ( MasterCard 5428 2044 1580 6331) the money back due in October then in November, but up to this moment I have not received any amount back. I have paid to the office in Australia with the credit card number 4002 1700 4830 1130 Creditcard Visa, and to Sao Paulo office with the MasterCard above. I expect a quick solution. Best regards,
    Maria Ramos.

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  • Re
    rekash99 Jan 14, 2016

    Sadly, customer service is very poor. Rude counter people.
    They treat economy, like they r doing us a favor.
    In truth, economy makes up their bulk. It was exciting to know emirates was made available, but with grouchy customer service... I shall start looking elsewhere.

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on board and ground services

Quality of emirates is all a myth. Emirates is one of the best of worst airlines of the world.
Traveling with kids and the treatment and service were of the type of service you expect behind a macdonald's counter. No care or concern for any of my requests. Kids next to my seat in the economy class were treated as business class. Upon my asking, the busboy's (Based on my experiences and the cheap level of service, this is what they deserve to be called) response, oh we are out... I asked why were they treated and provided differently... Oh we are out of stock!!! I had brought a kids stroller that they authorize to bring on-board, on both trips from london to karachi and back, they were forced to be checked-in, no other means of stroller-type service was provided, they knew I am traveling with two kids (One infant). Three hours of layover left me carrying the 3 carry-on pieces and holding the infant. The emirates person at the counter in dubai for filght dubai-karachi, intentionally without informing me changed my seats from front (Where a bissonnette can be placed) , which were already confirmed at the counter in karachi, to elsewhere where no bissonnette can be placed. On-board I got furious of this and all your so called representatives had to say was... Oh we can't do anything!!! Take it from a mom of 2, making the biggest mistake to fly emirates. It only makes you believe that the level of trash service is reflective of people and culture of the emirates that are there to so called 'serve'. I have lived there also. I am thinking of filing a discrimination lawsuit. Everyone I meet from today on... Will be hearing my experiences flying with the crappy emirates.

Bottomline: you pay more for your ticket to deal with their utter discrimination, disregard and disrespect.

  • Po
    positivepeople Jan 31, 2009

    Your experience sounds like an awful one...continue to call crew BUSBOYS and you'll get treated exactly the way you treat them. your attitude towards crew reflects on the willingness of crew to help you. strollers are generally not accepted on emirates flights unless travelling out of the US where it is a legal requirement and that one occassion was probably a nice gesture...wasted on you.

    Why were you travelling with so much hand luggage ... a child possibly doesnt need that many nappies, food and clothes. I suggest being more organised...or travelling with a nanny or your partner...which i know is not always convienient.

    Unfortunately bassinets are not always available and due to last minute operational changes maybe this is why your seat was changed.

    Its hardly discrimintaion just because you didnt get everything you wanted.

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rude, arrogant and liar filipino staff

24 june 2008

To the manager
Complaint department
Emirates airline
Dubai, united arab emirates

Dear sir/madame,

I have decided to formally file a complaint against a certain & ldquo;francia”, one of your employee/staff at the emirates airline’s passenger handling section with regards to the severe and worst experience I have ever had in my 9 years in uae.

To wit, that today (24th of june 2008) , as early as 1 am in the morning. She informed me that my mother
Severina mariano agustin, a passenger of ek 333 flight from manila bound to dubai has been offloaded, and she vehemently argued with me over the phone that my mother who is ill and in wheelchair, was denied boarding at flight ek 333, the time was 1850 manila time.
As I was about to fetch her at the dubai airport from 10:30 pm last night (23rd of june) , I placed a phone call at your handling section to double check why my mother was not yet appearing. It was already 1 am the next day (24th of june). She advised me to contact the emirates office in manila to verify why my mother has been offloaded and denied at the boarding.

What concerns me, is francia’s unwilling to give assistance to me as I requested. On the contrary, she rudely and arrogantly insisting that my mother was not on the flight ek 333.

I decided to go back home to sharjah, around 1:30 am, I received a phone call from emirates airline
Handling section from a certain & ldquo;chris”, who was so kind to inform me that my mother was in marhaba services counter at the dubai airport, and with an assisting person with the wheelchair.

The numbers that I called are the following: [protected], [protected] and [protected], only to get disappointed when I received a phone call from a mobile number [protected] own by a certain & ldquo;francia” with regards to the unconfirmed information about my mother.

I was so dismayed last night by her rude behavior the way she talked to me on the phone, and she even hunged up the phone 2 times.

This worst experience in uae I had from my own compatriot who is really out to put me into a big mess last night. I had to made an overseas phone call to my sister in the philippines, if my mother is indeed denied boarding, she must be roaming around the naia airport in manila. I was so frustrated, because my mother is sick, she couldn’t utter a single word, although she can communicate, because she can write and read. It is due to her recent mild stroke, the reason why I am bringing her here for medical check-up.

The taxi, which I asked to drive as fast as possible from my house in khalidiya, sharjah had a nearly escape in minor road accident. My mother and the assisting person with the wheelchair, had been waiting for me since 12:30 plus midnight.

I really appreciate the assistance provided to my mother of emirates airline. That is undisputable.
I have been travelling emirates since 1999.

My main concern, is for your good office, that a certain & ldquo;francia” who is my compatriot, also a filipino,
To be reprimanded. And be subjected to a training seminar how to handle various passengers regardless of origin, color and race.

I therefore, am thankful to a certain & ldquo;chris” whom I got to know that my mother is indeed at the airport and not being denied boarding at the ninoy aquino international airport in manila, philippines yesterday, 23rd of june 2008 at 18:50 hrs. (Manila time)

Again, I thank you for assisting my ailing mother.

Grieving emirates airline customer,
Manolito m agustin

  • Je
    Jenny Bautista Sep 25, 2008

    I hope you could assist us in this matter, we, Al Ansari Mall Of the Emirates Branch has been looking for the whole day for Ms. Jennifer Gaddi Padilla with employee no 390934 Stewardess II IFS- Cabin Crew of Emirates Airlines. By mistake my colleague sent an SMS to her for her pending claim for her transaction last August two days back (Sept. 24, 2008), the ff day she came to the branch to collect the money only to find out today September 25, 2008 that she had collected the same amount of money in our Mooruj branch on August 14, 2008. Therefore we do ask your kind assistance for us to get in touch with her to return the amount of AED 4, 175.00 to Al Ansari MOE since her mobile +971507028576 has been switched off the whole day today. We appreciate any help that would come from you since our staff would pay that from her own pocket if she will not return the said amount.

    Thanks and more power!

    Jenny Bautista-Caparas
    Customer Service Officer
    Al Ansari Exchange
    Mall Of the Emirates Branch
    Tel no : +97143414005
    Fax no: +97143414007
    E-mail: [email protected]

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inflight service

I mumtaz abbas traveled your airline on may 30th 2008, flight # ek211 from dubai to houston. I regret to...

poor quality of food forced on travellers

Extremely poor quality of food served on flight ek-547 from kolkata to dubai on 13/5/08. I submitted a complaint to the airlines cabin staff on the said date while on flight.. Hope something positive comes out of the complaint. No breakfast served although flight take off requires early morning reporting at the airport. Food supplier at kolkata playing mischief with the quality of food. Immediate attention required please.

damaged pushchair and no food provided for children!

I flew with my family feb 06.08 from heathrow to dubai. My holiday was a disaster, my twin pushchair got damaged, and dubai emirates help desk were very unhelpful, for the whole of the holiday my sons and i struggled, me and my partner could not do anything separately without the pushchair. Emirates promised they would get in touch the next day at our five star hotel, however they failed to do this. Using our contact phone we made numerous calls to emirates, without much success, finally we had to ring england mama and papas store for proof how much our pushchair cost and that we purchase this. england were very helpful, however the calls made has now landed us in a nine hundred pound bill. Finally on the last day emirates agreed to buy us a replacement twin stroller, i was so upset as this ruined our holiday landed us a heavy bill, emirates did not even say we would be able to make calls from their desk or to fax. Following this on our journey back my sons were not provided with a meal, explanation given by staff was it was an error made my ground floor staff. This is atrocious, i have a good mind to go to watchdog regarding the appalling service emirates has provided. my ticket number is e1761797299769-772 my contact number is [protected]. To top this all off emirates not once apologized.

  • Ge
    Geoff Pound May 16, 2008

    Do put in an official complaint to the CEO of Emirates. They seek feedback and you seem to have a good cause for complaint and justice.

    I put in a complaint to Emirates and got a good hearing and other forms of compensation for difficulties they caused through faulty equipment. They responded so much better than Air India from whom I am still waiting for a response to their serious disruption of my trip caused by cancelled flights for 20 hrs and no food and passenger service.

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cancellation of flight and bad customer care

Because of some security problems, the Emirates flight on 10th May 2008 from Khartoum to Dubai was cancelled, I managed to get another booking on Monday 12th May, but the flight was also cancelled, so I couldn’t catch a very important appointment in USA which I was supposed to enter through New York airport (via EK). My complain is that the passengers found a very tough treatment from Emirates staff, especially a lady called Fida (she is like a supervisor in the operation staff) in Khartoum Airport Office. She closed the office at about 3.35 pm after she informed some people who came so early that the flight was cancelled, then she left around 3.45 pm before the check in time (4.30 pm). I myself offered her to help me to open the ticket to another airline but she refused and left quickly before people come and ask her. She didnt aplogise and all passengers felt so bad for the way they were treated. Many other airlines left on time except Emirates. Some people had exams in other country and they missed it. a lot of people gathered near the office but no one from Emirates staff was there.Iam frequent traveller via Emirates. iam even a skywards member having silver card no [protected]. I expect to be compensated from missing my appointment with a US governmental body and from bad treatment from your staff.
Thank you

  • Ra
    Rajeev nair Jan 28, 2009

    i got the same experience with emirates.I booked ticket from saudi arabia (Dammam ) To trivandrum.I went for cancellation.The staff of the Emirates dammam told me that i can't re-route the ticket immediately.For re-routing i have to get consent from the my travel agent.They send some info to the travel agent and wait for three days.But i did'nt get any message and i asked airline staff to cancell the ticket.They told me they are cancelled the ticket and i will get the refund within 3 months.After three months they are saying i availed the ticket.It is very bad experience for me.I searched lot for their customer care.But i didn't get any officials e-mail id.Hope that they are very much fearing the passengers and they will get more complaints .

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pathetic customer service and the consequential financial/psychological loss/damage

From: [protected] To: [protected] Cc: [protected] Subject: complain against emirates'...

6 comments Carrboro Airlines

unprofessional behaviour

Passenger name: radhika kochhar
Eat no: 48g
Date : 16april 2008
Flight : ek 029
Boarding time: 09:05

I was very happy and excited, since I was travelling by emirates for the first time.. I flew from delhi-dubai-uk.
But the behaviour of the flght crew had put me off. During my flight from dubai to uk.. I was asked about my food prefrences, and I clearly told them I am strict vegetarian, and would prefer if you serve me only vegetarian food, after waiting for half an hour I called the hostess and asked if I will be served she said yes and bought me food, I was shocked to see fish in my food as I had specifically told her about my preferences, I called her and asked to take back the food, same thing happened with my co-passenger mrs. Radhika gupta aswell. She made faces and said that we do not have vegetarian food I gently asked her to serve us some fruits.. After waiting for while I called her again, she then came with two servings one for me and for my co-passenger, she said that these are vegaetarian food, but they looked altogether differnt, so I asked if she could please explain what the difference was, she said one of them is vegetarian and the other one is spicey vegetarian, I kept quite because to my knowledge she wasnt very happy serving us both, as her actions were very predictable. She dind not even know what food she was serving therfore she gave some bizaare explanation.
When I opened my food it had pasta and some salad and rest all the dishes were empty. I have absolutely no problems with that as that was the best emirates airline could provide there customers.
My co-passenger was served indian meal which had dal-rice-and other stuff.
Anyhow, moving further, which was so unexpecting from such an reputed airline crew, while serving the breakfast no one bothered to ask me and the lady if we need anything or are we hungry. That was stilll okey because I thought to myself that they might not have anything hence they havent served us. After sometime another hostess came along with the coffe kettle and asked me if I need it, I smiled and politely said I dont have the cup, she apologised and went back and asked the same hostess to attend me and my co-passenger, she came to me and apologised for not serving before, I said it's okey and requested her to serve me only if they have vegetarian food otherwise I might aswell stay hungry and not regret later. She went back and brouht two different meals, (Again).
This was something which got onto my nerves, because the moment I grabbed a bite I got panick because it was chicken sandwich, I called her and asked her what have you done, and asked her to send some senior to speak to me, no one came for 5-10 mins, and then mr. Sayeed mehmood came (flight stewart) and asked me what the problem was I explained it to him, thinking that he will be sympathetic and would undestand that this is very religious to me and she has sopilt it by serving me and ignoring my requests again and again, instead he kept laughing with one hand on his mouth and behaving as if I am some kid and told me on her behalf that she asked you if she can give you chicken sandwich, I got furious with this reply because this was an cover-up for her, I asked him how could she lie point blank on the customers face. Am I mad requesting again and again to serve me vegetarian meal, I futher asked him to please get serious while talking to customers, he asked me to give him five minutes. He came back with the list and said that no request was made from my end to serve vegetarain food, I told him that, this is an altogether, different issue, because I asked the hostess twice before serving me meals that please do not serve me non-veg food, and if you do not have I will understand. She just was ignorant. I then asked him to give me a form to make a formal complaint. Still he was non-serious about the issue on seeing his behaviour I asked him to make me speak to his senior, mr sayeed mahmoud (flight persor) he was a gentleman who listened very carefully and asked me to give everything in detail, which I did, and I verbally told him that the hostess (Veera) was making faces to me. The name was told to me by the (Flight persor)
As I could not read from her batch. He asked me to give this in writing aswell so that the proper action can be taken against them. Which I did, I was asssured by them that they will get back to me asap.
It's been12 days and no one has got back to me, I therefore request your goodself to kindly get back to me asap. Otherwise necessary action will be taken form my end.
Radhika kochhar

  • Iv
    IvaF Oct 23, 2009

    Very typical. Indian passengers who, are allegedly vegetarians (I know many of them really are), request vegetarian meals during the flight without making a prior order as if they thought that it is a restaurant and the crew will cook it for them during the flight, make some kind of magic or maybe divert the air-plain to get them the desired meal. Common sense tells that if you want to have a special meal you have to request it at least a day before the flight. Some if them are not even vegetarian, they just lie to make crew's life difficult I guess, because at the end a lot of the times they happily eat chicken. On top of that they lie that they made a special request before the flight and make a scene. There is never this kind of problem with a non Indian passengers. These people are just never happy and they love asking for complaint forms for various reason, e.g. because they didnt get the vegeterian meal that they havent ordered anyway, because the seat is too hard, because economy passenger didnt receive business class food or amenities as if they were meant to get it, because they dont like the crew's face or uniform. It is ridiculous. You will not find worse customers in the world. And they lie, lie and lie... Have a look at this:

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  • Ab
    A.B.1979 Dec 29, 2010

    I completely agree with IvaF

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  • Ab
    A.B.1979 Dec 29, 2010

    I have flown for this airline for 3 years and several other major aurlines in Europe. Aviation is ever-changing but there is ONE constant throughout- Complaining Indian Passengers.
    It seems that they enter the aircraft pissed off. Once they buy a ticket they think theyve bought the whole airline!
    Indians ALWAYS complain ( frustration at home or generally unhappy that theyre indians ). Even if its their OWN fault.
    In this story, ofcourse this "gentleman" is the "victim"! Ofcourse, as all indians do, he will not tell u the entire truth. See, we dont have a chef in galleys on planes, which means we CANNOT make food at the drop of a hat! Vegmeal, diabetic meals, jain meals, lowfat meals and all that food has to be requested AT LEAST 24 hours PRIOR to departure and NOT afterwards! Who the hell does this guy think he is?
    On top of that, when we fly to India, we ALWAYS have a choice of veg or non-veg as we know that most indians are vegetarians.
    In his own country he gets treated like [censor] so, to make himself feel like a man, he will rip on cabin crew, even though its his own fault. In this way he tries to get a negative reaction from a cabin crew sothat, he can lodge a false complaint to get the crew fired.
    This is the Indian way. They are born liars. If you catch out their lie they wil act stupid, mostly they they dont have to act to be stupid.
    So miss Radhika, why dont you fly with an Indian Airline if theyre so great? U dont deserve to fly with an Airline like Emirates, because the more we give you, the more you complain. Its in your sorry-DNA. Indians always HAVE to show a position of authority. GROW UP you continent of FREAKS!

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