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rude, arrogant and inhuman staff

I would like to share the nightmare we experienced with emirates airline. My husband who is a national from india but married and living in south africa decided to travel with emirates for a short holiday to india. He left sa and had no problems with his visa but when he arrived back to sa he was told that his visa was not proper. We could not understand how he left the country initially and the emirate airline did not pick this up but only on arrival back home they discovered this. He was sent back to india (Without meeting his wife and child who was standing impatiently to see him,) and when I approaced the airline about how come they did not pick this up when he left they were rude and arrogant and I was told that they made a mistake not checking it properly and they paid imigrations a fine for this. But they did not consider that he has a wife and a child left behind in south africa. When I went to the emirates office in the oliver tambo airport the lady incharged (Koola) embarrassed me and humiliated me in front of all her staff and also asked for security in escot me out of her office. All I wanted to know from her was where did they leave my husband. She just told me "if your husband does not want to contact you its his problem" only later on I learnt that he was dropped by emirates in bombay and then kept imprisoned for a further 12 days. He has not reached home as yet (Today being 18/05/2009) trying to get back his passport which is held by the prison.

I am totally disgusted by the way the staff talk to there clients. They have absolute disregard for people and I have never seen such inhuman behaviour.

hindu meal

To whom it may concern

There's a thing called the hindu meal on emirates. I strongly believe airlines should call any meal after what's in it. Like in this case how about non-veg w/o beef meal?? Here are my takes on this stupid practice:

- I don't want to be given a hindu meal by default just beacuse I am brown, I love beef!!
- you can find people from the indian subcontinent who enjoy all kinds of foods.
- you can find hindu's who are pure vegetarians and others who are non-vegetarian and some like me
- I don't want to hear a dumb stewardess giving me a dumb reply when asled about the meal: "this meal has been specially prepared keeping you in mind" - my god - how ###ed is that??
- if you don't know what 'hindu' means don't try to use it in meaningless ways; it's very insulting.
- last but not the least it simply makes better sense to name a meal after what's in there!!

P. S. I was tempted to use stupid/###ed more number of times than you see above.

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    reply Jan 16, 2010

    dear mr. stupid/###ed,
    if u are culturally educated you will understand that the meal is called Hindu meal following the Hindu religion and not the region, and when you book your ticket why don't you clarify your order with your travel agent as this kind of meal is pre-ordered. stop complaining and start acting... thank you.

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  • Ex
    ExposingCriminals Jun 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ignatius Park College Townsville CRIMINAL THUG Chris Condon standover king hit viscious nasty bully who assaults innocent aged pensioners, including Vietnam veterans, why do organisations like the Townsville Show Society and Townsville Greyhound Racing associate with a nasty criminal like thug Chris Condon ?

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  • Ex
    ExposingCriminals Jun 19, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Greyhound Racing Townsville THUG Chris Condon Manager Townsville Show Grounds. Would you have a bet on Greyhounds in Queensland with a criminal and stand-over thug like Chris Condon Manager of the Townsville Show Grounds involved ?. Chris condon is a nasty viscious criminal thug and gangster who has gun and firearm offences and at least 8 serious assault arrests, just to name just a few serious criminal things this viscious nasty criminal Chris Condon has committed. He is also known for nasty assaults against elderly and aged pensioners. Would you take your family or children near the Townsville Showground ?


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  • Li
    Livs Dec 17, 2010

    You have to call up Emirates and specify Hindu non-veg otherwise the Hindu meal by default is vegetarian.This applies to any other airline too.

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terrible pr and customer relations

My name is salmaan irani and I reside in kisumu, kenya. We (Immediate family) are frequent flyers on emirates airlines, for many reasons mainly the baggage allowances and the dubai duty free. I was to fly to pakistan with my mother in march 2009 and purchased the ticket from a travel agent based here in kenya. Before the flight we confirmed with agent as well as on the emirates website regarding the checked baggage allowance which was confirmed to be 30kg per passenger.

We had an 18 our stopover in dubai at which emirates staff flatly refused us a hotel stay and only allowed one meal during this entire period, we landed in dubai at 5.35am on flight ek722 and were to depart on flight ek622 at 10.35pm to lahore, we were told that emirates only provides hotel or lounge access only on long haul flights, it later came to our attention that many flyers from pakistan and india are provided these facilities if requested. Why was our request denied? My mother is middle aged and suffers from asthma we had no place to rest or freshen up and were only provided with a voucher for one meal during this stop-over.

While in pakistan, we extended the date for the return flight the first time at the emirates office in multan and requested to purchase an moc (Or mco) for additional baggage which we were informed by other friends and relatives who have used this facility to purchase additional baggage allowances at us$2 per kg and that this can be done at any emirates office, apparently no one in emirates pakistan had ever heard of this facility.

Anyways, we paid the us$50 charges and were issued with the receipt by the staff at emirates multan office, during this period I got engaged to be married and had to change the date again, I was informed by a staff at the emirates call centre in karachi that I can miss the flight and when I go confirm the next date I can pay the us$50 charge then. Which I did.

Initially the return flight was from lahore to dubai but we were informed that all flights were fully booked ("it is not possible to get any seat from lahore"). We were then forced to get a local flight to karachi and fly to dubai from there at a later date (20th april2009)

This date change was done by the travel agent in kenya and the us$50 (Per passenger) charge paid by him as emirates will not effect the date change until the payment has been received. We were informedby the agent and the e-tickets were issued (I have the ticket numbers if anyone needs to confirm this).

Please note that on the flight to lahore our checked baggage total was 58kg for 2 passengers and we had no problems regarding the baggage allowance.

On arrival in karachi for the return flight to kenya (I was already married and was travelling with my spouse and mother) is where all the problems started.

At the check-in for this flight our bags were weighed and were found to be 95 kg in total. At a 30 kg allowance we were prepared to pay for the extra 5 kg. This was not to be as first the lady at the counter said our allowance is only 20kg per passenger leaving us with an extra of 35kg but they will give a relief of 20kg thus making us pay for the remaining 15kg.

We tried to make it clear to the lady at the check-in counter that according to the emirates website the allowance is 30kg. We then asked for the supervisor, a lady who turned out to be even more arrogant and thick headed, for she first reprimanded the lady at the counter for giving a "relief" of 20kg. We then asked the supervisor to see the information on the emirates website that we accessed from a nearby internet booth, to which she flatly refused saying it is a waste of her time and moreover what ever is shown on the website comes into effect after 4th may 2009 (If this was the case then on the outward flight from kenya to lahore we had no such problems) please note all this is happening about 40min before departure time (It basically took us over 2 hours 30 min to check in) all this time trying to talk to the most arrogant batch of airport personnel who were not prepared to listen to us even though by then the check in counters were almost empty.

Finally, we had to pay pakistani rupees 30, 200 at the check in for which a receipt was issued. After this at the immigration counter one emirates official comes up and says that we have to pay the us$100 for two tickets change of date, he said that the "system does not reflect any payment made" please note this is happening at the immigration counter. He then takes us$100 from me and says he will have the receipt issued at the boarding gate as the flight was getting delayed. This was not done and no receipt was issued.

It is here in kenya after our arrival that we asked the travel agent and he informed us that the us$100 had been paid when the date change was effected.

This was an extremely terrible experience and the arrogance and lack of understanding has left a terrible taste in our mouth on the services offered by this airline.

One of our relatives is now using another airline and we are thinking about doing the same.

My questions are as follows:

1). Why were we only allowed one meal in 18 hours during the stop over?
2). Why are pakistani staff so ill informed regarding the services offered about the airline they are working for?
3). How can the airline condone the harassment received by passengers at the karachi airport?
4). No where on the website is it mentioned that the baggage allowance shown is valid after 4th may 2009. (In baggage allowance calculator section).
5). What about the additional charge of us$100 paid to the airline staff at karachi airport for which no receipt was issued. Please note we were informed that we will not be allowed to board the plane if the us$100 is not paid.

I would appreciate to receive some feedback from emirates regarding the above and would like to hear from some one at emirates.

Ps. We are both skywards members and the supervisor at the emirates counter in karachi even refused us from purchasing skywards miles she said in verbatim "go to the emirates office and ask them"

  • Dy
    dys Feb 01, 2010

    Emirates does not really care about customer issues, they only care about generating sales. Let 's warn other people to stay away from Emirates.
    join us at facebook group "Emirates Airline-poor customer service"

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  • He
    Hello1 Jan 01, 2011

    It is horrible AIRLINES. It has very very poor customer service.

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missing baggage

To whom it may concern,
I am fed up phoning and e-mailing such a poor services airline! I had heard a lot of good things about emirates well I experienced alot and regret travelling with emirates! I would like you to send me the head office address or phone number so I can get in touch with them directly! I have went to my holiday and come back without my luggage nobody wants to get back in touch! I dont have time to run around I do have a job which I have to go to so I do expect a flipping reply as soon as possible!!!

  • De
    devika pranam Jul 04, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My family flew from New York to Bangalore. On the 24th of June. But when we reached Bangalore one luggage did not come. Since then it has been one week and still no news.

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  • Ca
    Carol Muller Mar 02, 2010

    I am so in agreement with the fact that emirates Airlines never call back, I have been fighting about missing luggage since the 4th February 2010, no one ever phones me back and every time I phone I get through to someone else and have to repeat my whole story again, then get told to fax through my paperwork which I do and get told it will get looked into and I hear nothing again, this happens every time I phone and it is costing me 100's and 100's, not counting my phone calls and time lost during working hours as well, This is just very bad service and then you pay through your neck just for a ticket as well!! Something really has to be done about this.

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crew labour union

Please join me to show to the world the truth about emirates airline ek and how it`s cheating it`s passangers, and employe.. And also how there no labour union.. And how they hiding the truth of firing crew for no reasons.. Because simply you can`t do nothing about it.. Before you buy an emirates airline ticket plzzzzzz think again and plzzzzz check on google how many complaines are already there.. Many thanks to all your support.

*eg: first class passangers did you know that ek offer you the cheapest water called emirates water costs 0.50 aed for 1.5 lt instead of evian.
*did you know caviar served in f/c has no expiry date, , omlette frozen.. Food stay without fridge for houres.. The wine is re-used on return sectors.. Bread frozen... They heat your meal on microwave as crew I know all this things.. Catering is only 50 per cent and they ask the crew to cinvaince you to eat what left... So all first class pax cheated all the time.
*did you know that crew flying in 16 hours flight can`t even save you because simply there r tired or jetleged as they do not get enough rest outstation so the company can make money..

crew labour union

  • Ri
    Rishan Skantharajah Nov 30, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Ceci,

    i would like to get in touch with your regarding this comment as I am a university student in my final year and I would like to get further information on the lack of a union for crew members please comment bellow and I will comment with further questions, I would also like to know where you recieved this information and if you are an employee or an ex- employee of Emirates.

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flight operations incharge at karachi

Emirates flight operations incharge at karachi airport mr. Feroz, I would say for him that (He make himself an honest person and than he may be sure there is one less rascal in the world)

What happened when I reached the emirates counter at karachi airport for travelling from (Karachi to dubai) he said u have an excess baggage around 35 kg, he asked me to pay 35, 000 around 1000 rs per kg after that at last he asked me to give him 15000 indirectly for his personal pocket for releasing my luggage, he is a kind of ###.

  • Zo
    Zohaib Apr 29, 2009

    Hello !
    Every one Cargo Booking in Dubai, U.K, Malaysia, USA & Middle East Country Etc Etc...
    Plz Contract To Sky Logistics
    Mr. Zohaib
    Mob : 0322-2319212

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denying mother of sick child to accompany the child in the same flight - ek 719 on 13th april 2009

Dear sir/madam,

I am one of the passengers (Waruhiu/hmr) who flew in the above mentioned flight from dubai to nairobi and would like to inform you of my dipleasure with the manner in which my case was handled by your ground staff at dubai international airport.

I travelled with my family to dubai on 8th april - my wife, two children and my sister. The following events made me upset with your services.

1. 8th april 2009 in nairobi: my two children were placed in a different flight from the rest of us. One child is slightly over one year and the other four years. The children had been scheduled to fly on 9th april. After a lot of difficulties, we were able to fly on the same flight - an issue that took more than two hours to be sorted out.

2. 13th april 2009 in dubai: my younger son (One year) fell sick while we were there. My wife (Jane njoka) was scheduled to fly out of dubai in a different (Afternoon) flight from me and from the children. We made changes by contacting the emirates office in nairobi and your colleague in nairobi (Michael) confirmed that my wife's ticket had been changed and that we could fly altogether that morning. When we arrived at the airport, we were told her details did not reflect on your system though we later obtained this information. I was eventually informed by your ground staff that she would fly with us. We had a sick baby with us and we made this known to your staff. This was not to happen and eventually, I and the children flew and left my wife behind. Upon arrival in nairobi, the baby needed to be admitted but could not be taken in without the mother.

I consider the act by emirates (To deny the mother of a sick child to fly with the child) as totally irresponsible of the airline as well as morally and ethically wrong. I also consider this to be against fundamental human rights. While some staff on the ground empathized with our situation, some of them were completely insensitive and non responsive to the case at hand. Efforts to have my sister or myself left behind so that the mother could fly with the child went unheard.

Although it might be late for you to do anything now, any position that I consider on my end should be looked at from the manner in which the case at hand was handled. It is indeed my third time to have issues with your airline. As a matter of fact, I find it difficult to ever reconcile flying with emirates again or even recommend the airline to anyone. Needless to say that my flying experience on 13th april with your airline is the worst I have had in my 20 years of flying.

Hopefully, if this matters to you, you will be able to improve your passenger handling services, if only to save the reputation of your airline.


Waruhiu henry

bad attitude

to whom it may concern,
most respectfully I am obliged to inform Emirates Authority about my bad experince this time. I had been flying Emirates for more than 10 years and have flew various destinations, only this time I had shock of my life when the emirates staff were impolite and rude to me. It happened on 6th of April 2009, I had direct flight from dubai to toront and I was flying economy class with the infant (15months). 3 weeks prior to departure I personally came to Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 to confirm my bassinet seat and was told by the Manager (Indian guy) that it is confirmed and he said that almost 3 times, the day of departure on entering the plane I was surprised to see that I had been issued seat between 2 passengers, I reported that to your respective crew members and the Ground crew Manager was v v rude and was totally not helpful to me. I have no reason to tell you that a single parent travelling with an infant should have the priority to bassinet seat, you would not imagine how terrible the flight was I had the baby on my lap the whole time (13 hours). I had been put through mental and physical stress, Even my baby felt sick post flight and still is recovering from it. Whatever you reason might be it is totally not acceptable that for sake of making money you put your customers through this, if there were not any bassinet seats available I would have been extremely grateful if your staff would have informed me and told me to change the flight. I understand there is a penalty to it I dont mind paying if your staff would have been honest to me. I woudl appreciate if proper action is taken against it and the airline saves me the trouble of taking the issue to higher authorities.
thanking you in gratification.
Dr Hajra H Mirza

  • Ne
    Neels Jan 20, 2010

    Oh I'm really sorry about the pain u had. Once with thai airways I got the same seating, but I strictly decline to travel that way. there were people who did not have babbies and were seating at the bassinet seat. and air hostesses were requesting them. they were not willing to change because of the leg space, but there was one very nice lady, she gave me her seat.
    I'm not able to understand, why do the airline people allow bassinet seat to people travleing without infant. they shoud improve there system. I'm going to travell with Emirates next week with 1 infant and 1 toddler, and I dont have bassinet seat. but they say, they will give me bassinet seat at the time of chek -in.
    I'm praying for this, really I'm . coz it is 15 hrs journey.
    I'm requesting here to everybody to please, do not ever take bassinet seat, if u r not traveling with infant. A request from mother

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lost and delayed luggage

My family and I traveled with emirates airlines last december and at my destination when I tried to collect my luggage, much to my horror I discovered that I was missing 3 of my luggage. It took me about 7 days to receive 2 of them but the 3rd was never found. I filed all the necessary paper works including a signed affidavit of the contents with the local emirates office before I left for home. I was told by emirates employee that it will take 6 weeks to resolve the issue. After 2 months emirates called my relatives at the local number that I have provided to come and pick up a check. I called emirates and explained to them that I lived in the us and it is not possible for me to go to another country to pick up my compensation check. Much to my surprise I was told that I will receive much lower amount than what my total loss amounted to and the new york office will contact me. Sure enough the new york office contacted me almost 2 weeks later and informed me that they are ready to send me a check. When I questioned the amount the representative told me that she had her instructions from the head office in dubai and she will not be able to negotiate the amount of my compensation. When I asked how emirates came to conclusion that the compensation amount should be $530 when my signed affidavit of lost items totaled around $1100. I was told that since I did not provide any receipts, the amount was $530. I emailed emirates 2 times since then and it has been another 2 weeks but I am yet to hear from them. I informed emirates that at the time of my paper work for lost luggage and contents, it neither was on the form nor was I told that receipts were required in order to receive just compensation. Should one carry receipts to a vacation? Why require signing affidavit if emirates will question the truthfulness of the person who signed? Should one exaggerate on the lost content list in order to get just and due compensation? It is over 3 months now but I am yet to have my lost luggage issue resolved. Needless to say that I have the feeling of utter frustration and total helplessness. So I decided to write blog and I hope my fellow passengers will be aware of emirates airlines.

  • Us
    usha ayrga1 Jan 10, 2010

    I travelled to Delhi via Dubai on the 12th December 2009. Much to my dismay I landed in Delhi only to find out that my bag had not arrived from Dubai. I spent 2 painful hours filling in forms and contacting Dubai where I was told by the assistant in Delhi that there were 2 flights due that day from Dubai to Delhi and that my bag would be on it. I was told to carry on with my journey hence forth and that my luggage would be delivered to me where ever I was India. I was left with only the clothing I had on and my handbag.
    I contacted Delhi airlines the following day and was told that my bag had not arrived. this went on for a weeka and finally I contacted the managers office at the emirates office in Delhi ( spoken to Devendra) and was told to fax him all the relative forms, with my ID and ticket and also that upon my departure I would be compensated with $150.
    Sad to note that to date I have not been compensated, neither has my bag been found.
    I have contacted the Johannesburg, South Africa emirates Office ( Henrietta) and was told that she would contact the Delhi office once I fax her all the relevant copies. I have done so and have not to date ( 10/01/2010) heard from them.

    My dismay was that I had to buy underwear, toiletries, cosmetics, and clothing. I was going on a pilgrimage to India and was left totally deserted. I had to buy Eastern Clothing to attend the pryarer ceremonies being attended.
    I also had my travelling iron, kettle, and blow dryer in the bag. Futher to this I had all my Baby's medication (she is asthmatic) in the bag.
    I had no jerseys and had to buy these too as the north of Delhi was freezing.
    In Mumbai it was 35 deg and very very hot, which left me having to buy summer clothing.

    I am so disappointed with the way this query has been handled. I was told by Henrietta (in the Emirates Jhbg offices) that I could possibly wait for up to 3 to 6 months for them to try and tradce my bag or for a compensation on my bag. in the interim I have to compensate myself. And should they find and retutn my bag, what happens to the money I spend on purchasing all these items.

    I honestly thought from the all the positive advertising Emirates does in our media that they would provide an up to date service and look after their passengers esp. in a foreign land, and yet they created the inconvenience.

    I will be taking this issue up with the media and also in all Emirates advertising cmpaigns, 'cos I think the service stinks!

    My ticket no : 176 3674650138-139.
    Place of issue : Johannesburg South Africa issued by Emirates.
    Depart 12th Dec 2009 - EK 762 JNB / DUBAI @ 14:10 hrs and EK 510 Dubai - Delhi @ 04:40hrs.

    A reply hereto will be sooo greatly appreciated

    Usha Ayrga
    South Africa (contact details cell no: 072-480-4011 on the south african code)

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overweight chargebaggage

Dear sir/madam,
Regarding excess baggage weight
As I have travelled with emirates with my family and have been pleased with services, when I checked in at bangkok airport on 05.04.09 to fly from bangkok to dubai via emirates at 20.30 p. M with my family 4 persons
1 - hossein nasirinejad skyward [protected]
2 - shadi gilani [protected]
3 - amirhossein nasirinejad skysrfers [protected]
4 - sanam hajinorouznazary [protected]
We had 9 kg extra baggage weight and when I told the check in counter that my 6 yearold boy is very ill and has high temperature and I have to buy medicine and do nothave time to pay and weight for paper work and asked her if she would be kind to ask her superior to not to charge me, when the person in charge saw my situation and baby, he still insisted that I have to pay for less (5kg) !!
So I told him it is not matter of payment and I will pay for full 9kg which is attached.
My question is that isn't the purpose and intention of having a superior person at counters to resolve special circumstances and is having 2kg extra baggage per ticket is really unusual in the above circumstances when I have a very sick baby on my hand?
Yours truly,
Hossein nasirinjad

overweight chargebaggage

  • De
    Deeda Apr 30, 2009

    The Emirate Air is very strick to the extra weight, and will no mercy for any passenger.

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non-refundable tickets

Emirates have been sued bymy friend because apparently he had a nonrefundable ticket. he did not know this but because of medical reasons he had to extend. They took his money and gave an extension. When he came to book the return journey they said there were no seats. Then they rang and said they had a seat. He went to collect the ticket and they said his ticket had expired and demanded nearly US $2, 200 for his flight home!

We now discover that if you have a restricted fare then you may not get a seat because only a limited number of seats are allocated for restricted fares. So if they can't provide a seat because all seats have been allocated and you are forced to stay beyond the validity date, well bad luck for you it seems. They tell you that you have to pay a higher fare to get to come home. The number of restricted seats varies according to how full the plane is, so you are never guaranteed a seat!

Has anyone ever had a problem with non refundable tickets? Do people know that they might have difficulty getting a seat if they have an 'excursion' fare or one with similar restrictions?

If anyone in Sydney or Australia are having a problem please let me know. Maybe I can help.

in-flight service

This is about my experience on dubai-lax - - ek215 on 11th mar 2009

Yes, emirates defenitely have to do something about their customer service and in-flight service. They have good and new flights, they are neat etc..

... But there crew defenitely need to be fixed. Sofar my last 10+ years of international travelling this is the worst experience I have had with service in flight.

None of the crew member were answering call button, I have pressed it 15 times and ot would simply re-set itself after 15-20secs.

— dubai - los angeles-non-stop-16.5hrs... Except 3 time food service.. They did not serve any water or juice at all.. If you need any water etc... You have to walk all the way till the end of the flight and help yourselves.. I wouldnt mind but I was travelling with my 10month old son and he was exteremly cranky...

I have left 4 voicemessages for emirates customer service and 3 e-mails till today (24th mar) but no responce what so ever..

I have a return flight on the same airlines... Now I am thinking to buy a ticket on different airline (Probably singapore)...

I kindly need help in escalatin this case to other sources if any.

  • Gr
    greg Apr 08, 2009

    Your be lucky to hear from Emirates as I have an out standing complaint that has gone on for over a year now with them, 3 emails sent plus a number of phone call and today I finally heard something back from, but they are now saying they have no record of our complaints and refuse to apologies for anything, which is all we are after!

    Not happy and will be flowing this up again with them, but I don't hold my breath. I will never fly with them again regardless of good there planes are. They need to learn to look after there customers. And by the way I was a silver member air-miles with them!

    I'm looking at sending my complaint to the chairman of the airline!

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  • Be
    bella Apr 22, 2009

    we were stuck on the plane for 4 hours without it moving because they discover a battery needed to be changed. This caused lots of passengers including myself to miss our connecting flight. When we arrived to NY, they kept everyone waiting in long lines and not knowing what to do. I found that to be extremely odd since they had at leat 12 hours to figure everyone's connecting flight prior to our arrival.

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stolen laptop

My name is mouhamad mouslli, I flow on emirates airlines on december 31 2008 from new york to dubai flight number ek0202 and my last distention was damascus flight number ek0913 on january 06 2009. I had with me a brand new dell laptop pink top color in my bag and it was cleared from new york. Unfortunately I was so shocked when I opened my bags in damascus and I couldn’t find the laptop. I tried to call emirates offices in damascus and they said you have to go to the airport office to complain, so I did, I went there the first time they were close and the airport is really far from where I was staying, so I called again and I took the operating hours and went there again on time, but again the office was closed. And no one even tried to give me an answer in damascus, which made me very angry. And here I am trying to complain and I should get some kind of reimbursement for the laptop ($ 600) worth. So please let me know if you needed more information I can fax you over a copy of the credit card for that purchased laptop, and or any other information you find handy. I called emirates airlines more than 10 times but I couldn't get any clear answer. Hope someone from emirates see this and contact me.
Email [protected] phone# [protected]

flight checking and cancellation issue

Dear collage from emirates, I have problem with my air trip because the flight from dubai to peking wa...

excess baggage charges

Has anyone else been ripped off by emirates for excess baggage? At & pound;35 per kilo!

In september 2008 emirates withdrew their "migration" tickets apparently, which had a 40kg baggage allowance per person. We booked our flights in october 2008, when they gave us 20kg allowance per person from newcastle, via dubai to perth, australia.

Knowing this would not be enough I checked with our movers, pickfords, for some airfreight and they priced 150kg of unaccompanied air baggage, to be collected from our house and to be picked up from perth intl airport at & pound;350 all in. So I reckoned, even if emirates were a bit more expensive it would be worth it to be able to arrive with all our luggage at the same time. And I was sure we wouldn't need 150kg.

At the check in the nice young lady saw we had excess baggage and then weighed everything. Handbaggage too - even our children's cuddly toys.In total, except for ourselves, we had 105kg of excess baggage, and emirates wanted & pound;3675! They gave us 3 choices, pay up and board, abandon 105kg of baggage and board or walk away. They then waived 48kg of baggage, 28kg of which was handbaggage anyway, in effect giving us a free suitcase, and wanted & pound;1995 for the remaining 57kg.

In effect, it costs the same for 20kg of excess baggage as it does a full adult fare and their 20kg allowance. I have tried to complain to emirates and asked them to at least justify their pricing policy but they replied:

"an airline is at liberty to determine the excess baggage rates it charges and to change these at any time"

They wont justify the excess baggage charges and they obviously bear no relation to the actual costs incurred to them as the carrier.

As such they can be rightly described as a "rip off". As a pax, at check-in, you have very few options and very little time to arrange anything.

No other carrier charges anything like these rates as far as I know. Thieving b******s.

  • Je
    Jean Bagshaw Mar 08, 2009

    I went on holiday at the end of 2008 to Australia, and decided to go Business Class, as it was going to be the trip of a lifetime. The ticket cost me almost 4500 euros, for which I expected a high level of service - how wrong can you be? I had a wonderful holiday until I returned to Brisbane airport for the return journey to Cyprus. Yes, I knew I was over the limit, but did not expect to be charged AUD920 (approx 460 euros) excess baggage charges! It was not just the charges, but the total attitude of the Emirates staff at Brisbane. I was not offered unaccompanied baggage, nor was it mentioned to me by them. I have written to Emirates and complained (and not just about this), but all I received was a letter back saying they were bringing my points to the duty manager - in fact, nothing at all. I hope to return to Australia in a couple of years - will I travel Emirates? NO I don't think so!

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visa issue

I phone to emirates customer services regarding a visa issue and explained to them that I am going to dubai by-air and from thr I am travelling to omen by car.
From omen I am coming back to dubai for my flight, on which the customer representative said that "yes, its possible, you have to fill 2 visa application forms along with all the doecuments required and its possible you can travel out. (She further put me on hold and said she will confirm with the visa section first as well) after a while when she back, she said that yes its possible you have to send us two visa application forms accoding to the visa section.
On above phonic confirmation, I finalized my flight and now I have recived a following reply:-

"subject: re: visa application *dhcjgj
Date: sat, 21 feb 2009 19:50:05 +000016
From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Cc: [protected]

Dear mr haq,

Please note we have received a reply from our visa section in dubai. Emirates visa section has advised that you will have to enter and exit through dubai airport to apply for a visa through emirates.

If you have any further queries please contact us on +[protected].

Best regards,
Zoe prophet
Senior customer sales and service agent
Emirates european contact centre
Tel +[protected] email [protected]

My question is that I have inquired all the information over the phone and explained each and every situation to the customer services agent in emirates, I did explain to them that I am travelling by car to omen on which she said thts fine you have to fill two forms for two visas,

And now when my flight is confirmed they are giving me the stories!

Its really ridiculous!, I need a way out on it. I need a written explanation of why first your agents said I need to apply visa on two forms and I can go out of uae by car!
If not where does your rule says that no one can travell out of uae and if this is the rule then why customer services did not explained it to me when I phoned them and inquired about all the information!

Its a bit of annoying situation!

I need a written explanation on it! And it has to be on urgent basis because my flight is on 11th march!

I am really not happy the way emirates customer services deal with this issue, they are giving the false information to the customers

Hope to hear you soon!
J. Haq

  • Ab
    ABSHARMA Feb 22, 2014

    I have recently had a similar issue wherein Emirates airlines denied me boarding since their flight to Dubai transits via Australia and i need to have a separate transit VISA. All this told to me on the day of boarding instead of 7 - 8 weeks back when I bought the tickets. In fact the tickets had no mention of Australia transit at all.
    I have lodged a refund claim with them.

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reissuing my ticket

I, Hussain Hirjee, passenger of emirates airline traveled last month, Jan 16th 09 from LAX to Karachi. Everything was fine, but while coming back to LAX my flight # ek 605 from Karachi to Dubai was cancelled and all the problems started. My flight was in the morning at 5.45 am, so I reached at the airport 3.00 in the morning, and there were no emirates offices open. Finally customer information desk informed us to contact emirates office in the morning, so I finally managed to go to the emirates office to reissue my ticket, they told me to contact virgin airline so I went to virgin airline office and explained them my situation, but they told me because it was emirates airline fault, you have to go back to emirates offices again. I went back to emirates office then they said to go to continental airline office so they I went to their office, but they also refused to issue the ticket. They told me to go to emirates office, this is the third time with all the transportation hassle I went back to emirates office, and try to explain the supervisor and finally I was very upset so they issued me the new ticket. Now you can imagine how much hardship and problems I went through, so kindly consider anything your management can do for me. Also, my luggage was missing at la airport, they said it was emirates airline fault. I am a regular emirates airline customer but this time I was not happy to travel with emirates airline, so kindly reply me soon what your management can consider.
Hussain Hirjee (passenger)

P.S Please email me back on the e mail address [protected] and we have send you 3 complaints before but never got a reply. Hope to get the reply soon.

  • St
    Stevensen Oct 03, 2014

    Not sure which airline you are complaining about.
    I was on the same flight. And everything was smooth.

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refund or change of date of airline ticket

To whom it may concern, My name is joe tabone and a year ago my wife had to return to her native...

security removed item

Dear sir,
I travelled in emirates on 27th nov and while security check, emirates staff removed a knife (Hilti multipurpose knife) against which they have given a tag.

I inquired in dec and asked the location and then went to emirates left baggage counter in terminal 3 to take my item back. To my surprise, the staff told that it is already disposed. How can emirates dispose anything without prior confirmation from us. Also there is no date mention which says that the item needs to be collected within so many days.
My tag no. Is ek 118494
Ek 734
Date: 27th nov 2008

I want my item back.
Please take up the issue with emirates and advise further.
Praveen kumar
Mobile +[protected]

  • Sa
    sara warsame Jun 13, 2009

    my name is sara warsame I LOST 4 GOLD BAGOL IN SECURITY  CHECK    ON 12/6/2009I PAST AT 11.50  TO 12 CLOCK... PLEASE I NEED MY BAGOL BACK
    MY EMAIL [email protected]
    my tel nr ...447903192270
    my e tkt 1763517797224
    please hope get my item back
    yours sara.

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tkt amount

I am hon abdulkadir mohamed haji your office in jfk gave me etkt to return without amount written.
Flight number ek 402 of 25 jan to nbi transit dubai
My the reason of return come when I got calling to participate conference in djibouti
I asked to refund this tkt they asked the amount. that is why I contacted
Therefore kindly reqesting to sen the amount of return for this tkt [protected] to get my refund from jfk to nbi

Wishing best
Email [protected]
Cell +[protected]