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very unhelpfull and rude staff

On 21st of april 2008. I checked in karachi airport, the lady was in check in desk so I approached the desk and said hello to her and handed my passport and e-ticket and requested her that if she can issue me a window seat she remain quiet and concentrate on talking to her colleague then she passed me back my passport and boarding pass so I asked her again that if she give me the window seat which she reply me yes anyway I boarded the plane from karachi to dubai that was fine I had a window seat I arrived dubai and catch the connecting flight to manchester when I boarded the plane but when I reached to my seat then I found out my seat is not the window seat but opposite the toilets and next to lady and her baby so I asked the flight attendant if she can move me from that seat and I explain her that I requested for the window seat she reply me that she will try and come back to me but she did not come back to me after that so I again ask for the senior staff the lady came after an hour and I explain to her everything she appologise to me and pass me the complaint form and she said to me she going to have a word with her colleague and then she come back to me with the explanation but like others I did not see her again I feel very disgusting, I always travel with emirates because of thier excellent service and very proffesional and friendly staff but after this experience I decided not to travel with emirates anymore. Emirates need to look at thier staff training specially when is lots of competitions in these days between airlines

  • Po
    positivepeople Jan 29, 2009

    Considering that the aircraft used form kerachi to dubai and dubai to manchester are different it isnt always possible to get EVERYTHING you ask for. What customers have to remember that you are probably not the only person who has requested for a window or aisle seat for that matter and there are only a limited amount of these seats available.

    Also on emirates there are generally a maximum of 8 crew in economy on manchester flights and considering there are 400 passengers it would be useful for customers to ACTUALLY LOOK BEHIND AND AROUND THEM and realise that is 50 people to one crew member and sometimes we do forget. Did you forget you had legs and could actually walk to find the crew member and get your answer. Oh i forget emirates passengers only know how to use the call bell.

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delayed luggage

My mother is a elderly woman who recently traveled from england via dubai to south africa. At thabo international airport her luggage was delayed hence causing her to miss her connecting flight to durban. She had spoken to emirates customer services who informed her that there was nothing that they could do for her and if she could wait for the next day, they would arrange a flight. Being only 6 a clock in the evening, this request was impossible as her health would not permit it. She had purchased a ticket at her own cost that evening. Now we were faced with the exact situation earlier that month, but emirates accepted the blame and arranged for the very next flight to durban.

  • Sh
    Shaida Dec 21, 2008

    My Cousin had a flight from iran to dubai from dubai to united kindom her arrival time was 12:17 on 17/12/2008
    but 4 of her baggages had not arrived at the same time.
    My delay refrence number is bhxek16459. When we recived my Luggages one of my luggages was ripped and it was brand new. one of my Foundations was missing from the bag and it was called estee lauder and one pouder with the same make Estee lauder was also missing.
    please sort this out as soon as possible.


    My Phone number is 07954432575


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Beware first class air traveler
This is to alert first class air travellers of serious problems with emirates airways. Main reasons for concern are poor ground services, rude staff, maintenance problems in first class cabins, not taking care of luggage entrusted to the airline. My reasons to bring this to traveller’s attention are I want to prevent others from experience to problems I and my wife have encountered.
My main reason to use emirates airlines was the direct service to dubai, which we visit every 4 to 6 weeks on business.
Here is a list of what I encountered
24/03/2006 melbourne to dubai
My wife’s & ldquo;apartment” was a disaster, as neither her so called & ldquo;advanced hand-held controller” nor anything else did work.
She had to suffer for 14 hours without tv, lights or being able to adjust her seat. No other seat available, as the plane was full. We changed & ldquo;apartments” every few hours to allow my wife to get some sleep. Apologies from emirates and 10, 000 extra miles (23, 093 are the miles earned for that flight anyway)
25/03/2006 dubai to amman
The plane used was old and first class bottomless seats which we fixed by sitting on our pillow. Not even as good as etihad airways economy class seats. Ok, it was only 3 hour each way.
2/04/2006 amman to dubai
Better aircraft with bottoms in the seats

7/04/2006 dubai to melbourne
Home journey went without any problems.
3/10/2006 melbourne to dubai
At check in melbourne we were told in no uncertain terms that & ldquo;only one carry on piece per person”. When I pointed out that we are in first class a supervisor intervened and two pieces were allowed.
4/10/2006 dubai to new york & ndash; ok
12/10/2006 new york to dubai
What a disaster with our luggage. We had four suitcase checked in but none arrived with us in dubai. Late afternoon we were informed that three cases had arrived, but only two were delivered. It was midnight when the other two cases arrived, but to our horror many items had been stolen from our locked samsonite cases. Police and security was informed, as our total documented loss was aed33, 410 or around us$9, 600.
After month of investigating our claim we received a short email in january advising us that as emirates is not a common carrier they reject our claim and we should claim on our & ldquo;home insurance”!!
Our own investigation in dubai revealed where the theft occurred.In the lost luggage office, which has no video camera observation, all goods are just on shelves in the storeroom behind the counter. Goods can be taken straight out on to the street without any security checks. When lost luggage arrives in dubai it is x-rayed and a security strap fitted around each item. This also explains why only two cases arrived in the afternoon with the security straps intact and the other two cases at midnight without any security straps. The x-ray must have revealed what the contents in each case was and so the two cases with newly purchased items were held back for a session of & ldquo;look what is in here for me (The thief).
I had booked and paid for return flights february, but after this disaster a cancelled the flights, but had to wait 5 weeks for a refund.
We then started using etihad airways, which took a little longer, as we had to fly melbourne to sydney and then travel by car to dubai. . But what a service from a new airline.
On travel agents advice I booked again in february with emirate, as I had to work in dubai one week, go to amman for an exhibition for 6 days, go back to dubai for one week and also go to oman. To avoid unnecessary travel from melbourne to sydney and then 4 car trips between dubai and abu dhabi.
24/03/2008 melbourne to dubai
My first class seat from melbourne to dubai only returned half way back, made loud creaking noises when I tried to tell it to go back and even when the staff tried to reprogram the computer to make it work it would not budge. So I had a rather & ldquo;forward & ldquo; position during landing.
29/03/2008 dubai to amman
Slow and poor service in first class
4/04/2008 amman to dubai
Got back to dubai at 10pm and went to get my hotel transfer by emirate car service and was quite rudely told by a female counter attendant that I did not have a booking. When I asked how to get to the hotel, she pointed at the door and mumbled something like & ldquo;taxi”. Well that was it and I had to wait in a queue for 50 minutes before I got a taxi for which I paid my aed50 and got to the hotel at 11.15pm.
As I cannot get a first class seat out of dubai to melbourne with either etihad or my old favourite singapore airlines, which all round are the best, I am dreading my flight with emirates back home.In the past 5 month I have travelled all over the world, but never experienced the rudeness from airline staff anywhere as I received here in dubai.
The latest today 6/04/2008 at 7.30pm
Whilst checking on my flight details via the internet I have just discovered that my confirmed reservation on the 10/04/2008 dubai to melbourne was not there even all my past history files with skywards have been wiped out. When I rang reservations I was informed that I had a & ldquo;no show” and all my paid for flights have been cancelled. I don’t know about a & ldquo;no show”, as I did fly with emirates back on my booked flight from amman to dubai. When I asked where can I complain I was given emirates phone number [protected]. Rang that number and got a recording that the office is only open from 7am to 3.30pm. So the saga continues.

emirates called me up and told me one of my family was dead, by mistake

I have watched with interest the recent media coverage over BA and the baggage fiasco in T5, Heathrow. In comparison to the recent experience of my family having our bags fail to turn up was merely the smallest
inconvenience. When my Australian partner travelled to Australia with our two young children (dtr age 3 and son aged 16 months) to see her terminally ill grandmother in February from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England little did we expect what drama, stress and shocking incidents that Emirates Airlines would subject our family to. This included a Fathers worst nightmare.

On the return journey from Australia on the 6th March Nicole and the children were disembarked when the plane was diverted to Mumbai in India after another passenger became ill and my son started to develop a rash (which was later diagnosed as chicken pox) on the flight. The passenger, Michael Edgeley, who was taken ill unfortunately died and this has received media attention in Australia and the uk, eg:
but there was another story that unfolded that night which until now has not been made public.

We had no argument about our son receiving medical inspection at the time but the actions of the airline were truly shocking and unacceptable. They;

• Called me up from India to tell me that one of my family was dead, in error. I was in total shock but instead of explaining that there had been a mistake they just put the phone down on me.

• Put the safety of my partner and two young children at risk by driving them around Mumbai in a dangerous, old taxi without seat belts or doors that closed properly in the full sweltering heat of the day with no air conditioning. After hours of suffering with these unacceptable conditions my Daughter also became ill (later diagnosed as a viral infection). •

• If your child contracts chicken pox you might get a local GP to confirm it but instead of calling a doctor to look at him in the airport they took my partner and two young children, none of whom had any inoculations, across Mumbai to two third world hospitals, exposing them to all kinds of potential diseases.

• Attempted to get our children admitted into a filthy third world hospital. As a consequence caused both my young children to get additional severe respiratory infections which meant they were not well enough to return home, and requiring both to have antibiotic treatments before they could fly.

• Expected my three year old daughter to sit by herself on the flight from Dubai to Newcastle, putting us through the stress of refusing to board the flight until the staff reluctantly sorted the problem out

• Provided no food for our children for the whole day when they flew back to the UK. The incompetent airline staff failed to re-book the original food requested for our children on the flights back from Mumbai. It was little surprise that both children arrived back in the UK totally stressed and in my daughter’s case physically ill.

• After all that had happened the airline left our luggage behind in Dubai, so we had to wait and hour and a half in Newcastle Airport to find out our bags were not on the plane.

• Staff subjected my partner to abuse. Cabin stuff vindictively harassed my partner and called her a bad mother as they mistakenly believed she had requested an upgrade to First Class for herself while flying to Australia!

• Staff blatantly lied, were uncooperative, were unhelpful, failed to call me back when they said they would, provided no method of actually getting to speak to a senior member of staff to deal with the case and
unbelievably told me that in what was an immediate emergency situation they hoped to get back to me with a response possibly within eight days – providing I put everything in writing by email to them.

The airline has suggested that the medical treatment provided when they were disembarked was more than adequate for the circumstances and in the context of cultural differences between India and the UK. How can
dangerous transport and exposure to third world conditions be in any way adequate or acceptable? We had full medical cover via insurance but the airline insisted on taking them - against their will and on the basis of lies from the local staff – and ended up having to sign waivers when we refused any further medical treatment in a filthy municipal hospital and requested a doctor attend once they had been housed in a quality safe local hotel.

The airline have apologised to me in writing for the stress, discomfort and serious errors which have been made in this case. However, they are refusing to pay any compensation to us for all the things they have done. I understand that there is no legislation which would oblige the airline to compensate us for anything which they have done so any payment is discretionary. You therefore have to wonder exactly how much worse circumstances would have to be before Emirates would be willing to compensate any of their paying customers. This contrasts with our last flight to Australia three years ago when BA immediately gave all
passengers £30 vouchers due to the TV system not working between Melbourne and Singapore. Contrast the minor inconvenience of having no TV with what we had to endure with Emirates and judge if their response is entirely appropriate!

Emirates claim that there is nothing to compensate as they acted more than adequately. That as they provided cover from a Special Assistance Unit for our trip home (and how wonderful was our journey back with this special assistance!), bought our son a bag of nappies (when they had to wait for their bags to return to Mumbai from Dubai) and paid for the fantastic Indian taxi across Mumbai we should expect nothing else.

Emirates website boasts how wonderful the experience of flying with young children will be from “booking to disembarking”. I certainly would not trust the care of my family in the hands of this airline ever again. I would also warn any other family to be extremely wary about booking a flight through Emirates based on what happened to us and how we saw other families were treated on their flights. As experienced travellers we were shocked by the utterly unbelievable series of events and the staggering incompetence. We put our family’s lives in these people’s hands when you fly and I would just not trust Emirates again.

As well as all the trauma and ill heath my family endured we had to spend a lot of money and I had to take time off work to help fix the problems which Emirates had caused. This cost is of course insignificant in terms of getting my family safely home – especially as at one point, thanks to the airline, I believed one of them was not going to be coming home alive. However there is a principle here which concerns me. Emirates refusal to offer even a penny of compensation is an insult as it shows that they clearly don’t value customers and I hope any potential customer thinks twice about flying with these people.

  • Sa
    saifnidhal Jun 03, 2016
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    Verified customer

    hope i receive an answer, as i' still waiting

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  • The Lidman Foundation Jun 03, 2016

    good luck

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  • Fa
    FARHAN SAIF NIDHAL Jun 03, 2016
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Resolved complaint against emirates

I need your help to redirect this mail to the proper Department of Emirates Airlines and get me justice from Emirates Airlines.

My wife and 2 daughters are traveling by Emirates flight from Delhi to Lagos vis Dudai.

Since the ticket of my wife and youngest daughter was booked as Lagos/Mumbai/Lagos the eligibility for baggage is 40 kg as assured to us by the travel agent and Emirates office here.

We changed the return ticket sector from Mumbai/Lagos to Delhi/Lagos and our travel agent assured us the 40 kg allowance would apply since it was a ticket originating from Lagos.

At the airport my family was harassed by the Airport Supervisor of Emirates Mr Rahul Lal and the staff Jaswinder Singh who did not allow them to carry 40 kg.

This forced them to pay extra baggage and alos leave behind stuff they wanted to carry putting us through trauma.

I am surprised that a reputed Airlines like Emirates can behave in such a shoddy manner misbehaving with women passengers and not allowing them their eligibility under baggage rules.

Stringent action needs to be taken against the 2 officers and also refund made to us of extra baggage charges paid and for loss of items we could not carry.


Rakesh Sud

No 3 Ayinde House

No 2 Oju Oleben Close



Phone +[protected]

  • Su
    sunil Nov 13, 2008
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    Verified customer

    All Indians should boycott Emirates. I found the staff extremely rude and very primitive compared to BA / Singapore. They are illiterate lot.

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  • Po
    positivepeople Jan 29, 2009

    Whatever sunil- indians and i must stress NIOT ALL... only the ones who think they have money and the right to talk to crew like ### SHOULD BOYCOTT Emirtes because frankly im sure the crew would rather not have you.

    Im sure BA would LOVE to have your bad attitude on board because they certainly wouldnt put up with it like EK crew do.

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  • Su
    Sunil Feb 15, 2009

    Emirates won't let you order a Kosher meal---thugs--they should try living in the 21st Century!!!

    Never fly with these racists...this airline belongs back in Nazi Germany

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food poisoning!

I got food poisoning on an Emirates flight on my way to my honeymoon destination of Mauritius in May 2007. It was the airline food, as we were flew from London to Dubai, then straight on to Mauritius. This was a long flight and we hadn't eaten anything apart from the airline food. The food in question was an omlette. The doctor in the resort was extremely concerned about my low blood pressure. I was on tablets for a week and didn't recover until about 10 days into my honeymoon, which was totally ruined. I complained to Emirates but they said it was nothing to do with them and said that they had no other reports of problems on my flight. Well, I couldn't get in touch with any other passengers to prove or dis-prove that. Thanks Emirates for turning what should have been the holiday of a lifetime into the worst holiday I've ever had.

Do airlines ever admit responsibility for food poisoning?

  • Po
    positivepeople Jan 29, 2009

    If it was the food why wasn't your partner affected would be highly unlikely to just affect you.

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  • To
    Tombo78 Oct 06, 2011

    I got food poisoning from Emirates on my return flight from Dubai 4 days ago - so did my partner. I'm researching to find out whether anyone ever got compensated. Sadly, it seems in very few cases.

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long time delayed baggage delivery!

Recently I and my family travelled with emirates from moscow, russia to australia, sydney. There were: flight...

2 comments North Parramatta Airlines

mishandling with disabled person

I taveled in emirates air lines in october from newyork to karachi, in flight there is no specified seat for disabled person in side plane very condjusted. When I arrived at karachi my luggage was missing and my wheel chair scooter was damaged badly I launched claims one for my bagage and one for my wheel chair scooter.In regard of my bagage I received after 10 days and in search of my bag I found my 2 items were stolen one of my I pod and other was my watch noted that this bag I opened in front of the staff of emirates air lines, I also launched claim of my stolen items.
Since now today is march 25th 2008 my case still not decided, emirates air lines offering me the amount $1651 against my whole claims. Where as wheel cahir scooter is around $3000. Due to late bagage received I spent amount in karachi they said me you send us your all bills so I sent them all my bills which are around $1250
So my total amount of claim is $3000+1250+1500 (Stolen items). So how can I accept $1651 against my calim. I am realy facing very bad days. I also offered emirates air lines if they think they can repair iyt please repair it on their behalf andtake future resposibility but they are not even give me any answer against my offer.
In my opinion I must say please never select emirate air lines specially for those who are disabled persons. On dubai air port ground staff of emirates air lines behaviour was very teasing and hateful with disabled persons.

rude and not helpful!

I rang emirates to make an inquiry about hand luggage as my aunt is traveling back home and is unable to...

flight delay

On the 4/2/08. I and my freind mr t, royal. Were to fly to phuket via dubai & bangkok, flight n0 ek20. At manchester airport. We arived early checked in. And made our way to the gate. As we went my freind mr royal comented on a couple in their sixties who were drunk and arguing with ground staff. My freind turned to me and said I hope they are not on our flight. You guessed it they were. But the ground crew were still going to let them on. It was'nt untill we reached the tunnel to enter the aircraft that the piolet said later on even he could see. They were to drunk to board the plane. So we had to sit on the tarmac for nearly two hour's. While they found there luggage. Which made us late for our conecting flight. From dubai flght n0ek386 to bangkok. This meant we would have to stay in dubai for 15 hour's we had to wait in line at dubai airport for nearly two and half hour's while they tried to find hotel's for everyone. And alternative flight's. So we spent 15 hour's in dubai only to be told that we would not be flying the second leg of our trip with thai airline's. Now thai airline's are great for short hops. But this is a 6 hour flight and the plane was to say afew year's old and not what we are use to. And not what we payed for. We don't travel 1 st class but it was an awful flight. And also at this stage we were never offered e-mail or free phone calls. Which we now find out we should have. So atleast we could have phoned home and our hotel to hold our resavation. When we arrived in bangkok we were then told they had no flight till the next day. And we would have to spend the night in the airport. Till we told them how long aflitght delay we had had. Lucky for us they got us on aflight in three hour's. When we arrived in phuket neither of us had known it was chinese new year. And of course our rooms at the hotel had gone. So we spent three hour's walking round pattong looking for a hotel. Lucky for us emirates har lost our luggage again only for the thired time in four year's even though we were told that. Even with the delays they would still go through. They did three day's later. So we had stay in a very run down hotel for seven night's at twice the price. We are now in our own hotel. With internet access. So I after two weeks have the clear mind to sit and compose this e-mail. And would like to know what emiratss are going to do about it?. We are silver members of there skyward scyhem and I would exspect better than that, yours sincerly c. R. Hopwood

  • Me
    mehdi gholamali Aug 23, 2012

    on my return journey from iran to the united kingdom i was supposed to have a stop over of one hour and twenty minutes however the delay was six and a half hours. when i went to depart i was told that the flight was delayed the flight was changed to 14.35. my ticket number was 176-2061455631 my name is mehdi gholamali. on my return i was exhausted from such a long journey. this experience was very unexpected as i had had a very good flight out from the uk.

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baggage claim!

My name is Salman Pervaiz. I traveled to Iran from Karachi via Dubai through Emirates (Flight No. EK603) on...

terrible service!

Would like to register an official complaint about the poor service that I have received through the skyward...

terrible service!

I have recently traveled with emirates from birmingham - dubai - bangkok return and have to say it is the worst flight so far I have experienced with them. Each flight was delayed (4 flights total) one by over an hour, passengers were left sitting on the plane during this time without any offer of refreshment. The seats in economy are very uncomfortable and no leg room whatsoever. I traveled with many airlines and have to say this is the worst for comfort. I know it is economy class but millions of passengers travel this way, a little comfort would not come amiss. On arrival at dubai it seems the security is in reverse ie; security checks on disembarking the plane (Holding you up for the connecting flight) but no security before boarding the next plane even though you could have spent time in the departure lounges and duty free.

I have emirates several times in the past and found it convenient to fly direct from birmingham (The only thing in it's favor) in future I would rather have the inconvenience of traveling to another airport and having the choice of a decent airline than face that torture again.

  • Ge
    Geoff De Manser Jan 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Emirates, so far in advance of it's competitors in every aspect of service until it comes to losing baggage, customer follow up and customer service. We checked 5 bags at Auckland in New Zealand. A 4 hour flight later and we were in Melbourne but only 4 of our bags made it. We were assured at the time by the Emirates Airport staff that they bag would most likely show up the next day and then would be couriered to us at no extra charge. We were given a contact number that we have called frequently and get no response from. We called the airport direct and were transfered through to the Emirates baggage services twice and even though we have been assured we would be kept informed no one returns our phone calls.

    What do we need to do? Not good enough!

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  • As
    ashraf elsiddig babiker mohammed Jan 23, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I was traveling from dubai to mombay flight no 504 date 11-01-2008. I have been delayed to other flight although my reservation was ok.

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  • Po
    positivepeople Jan 29, 2009

    considering everything in the lounge and duty free is security screened there is no danger. and your screened during transfer to ensure you not transporting goods that are dangerous or illegal!!!

    So all of your flights were delayed by an hour...did you arrive in time to catch your connecting flight...yes... SO WHATS THE PROBLEM????

    some people are not happy unless they;re complaining

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misplaced luggage!

I am a resident of Dubai and always take pride in flying Emirates. I am a Skywards Gold Category member (by virtue of earned miles) indicating at my loyalty towards Emirates. I always take pride in associating myself with Emirates in any way. It is clearly evident that the service delivery as well as the quality is fast declining on Emirates and a frequent flyer like myself can not only observe and notice it but can easily compare the same with other global airlines. Anyways, I have always convinced myself so far that things will improve and will bring back the glory to Emirates.

In the midst of this impression I had developed about Emirates, there happened an incident which totally shattered my confidence on Emirates Airlines. I checked on EK 512 dated 16.01.2008 from Dubai to Delhi. The flight was scheduled at 5:15 a.m. to depart from Dubai. Assigned gate was number 41. Everything was going on usual till I reached the boarding gate. I noticed a long queue (in the corridors that runs 2 floors underground) waiting for the buses to arrive to transfer the passengers to the aircraft. The sight was totally uncommon and in sharp contrast to what anyone thinks about Emirates. It was a shame for me to hear the comments being made by people who were connecting through Dubai to further destinations and were unfortunately on this flight. Sarcastic comments likes " we thought Emirates is world's best " or " this what Dubai offers " were embarrassing for someone like me who is always proud of Dubai and anything associated with it. The flight departed after 1 hour of delay and when we reached Delhi airport, it was a chaos because lots of baggage were reported to be misplaced. I was flying business class so was lucky that one among the ground staff announced my name near the conveyor belt and upon contacting him, i was told that baggage of 82 passengers could not be boarded on EK 512 and will be delivered next day when they arrive into Delhi by the next incoming Emirates flight the following day i.e. on 17.01.2008. It was a surprise but then i thought it is ok... happens sometimes. I quietly filled in the PIR, gave my contact details to the Emirates Ground Staff at Delhi Airport and left for my home more or less sure that my baggage will arrive next day and that Emirates, as promised, will ensure to deliver it at my residence in Delhi.

Come next day, I started calling Emirates Delhi Airport Office and was diverted to voice mail probably 5 or 6 times. I was running out of patience after trying to contact them for about 2 hours and all in vain) and gradually the fear started sinking in that something is wrong somewhere. I was lucky enough to contact the Emirates Ground Staff at Delhi Airport after numerous attempts and was told that my luggage did not arrive even on the next flight. I asked for the reason and was told that there is some problem at the Dubai Airport Baggage Handling. I called Dubai +[protected] (Emirates Customer Care) and informed them about my situation. They were kind enough to call me back informing that the baggage could not be loaded even the second day and they will try to load it on next Delhi Bound flight on 18.01.2008. Having no choice, I agreed but told them that if the baggage does not arrive on 18th then i don't need it anymore in Delhi as I am coming back to Dubai on 19th. I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping my baggage arrives tomorrow i.e. on 18.01.2008.

I came to Delhi on a business trip strictly related to a signing of some important property related documents. I am without my luggage and also went through some anxious moments trying to contact Emirates Ground Staff at Delhi Airport. My question is what do I do in such a situation? Can I forget or ignore this experience? Will I ever get to see my misplaced baggage ? Will an offer of few skywards miles suffice as compensation? Is this Emirates really... ?... so on... What do I do and who should i address this complaint to?

Please advise smb.

  • Di
    Diana Liyanage Nov 15, 2014

    I have had a similar experience, my whole luggage was lost from emirates at Mumbai airport and I strongly suspect the guys at the check in desk took the bag - I never saw him put a label on the bag or moving it down the conveyor belt. Emirates are apparently 'trying to trace the bag' but have not taken anything I have said seriously. There is not even any human response to it. You are lucky you at least finally got your bag back, mine contained all the christmas presents I had bought for my family, as well as many other personal items.

    I can't believe that this could happen at a large international airport. Really not happy.

    Diana Liyanage

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  • Di
    Diana Liyanage Nov 15, 2014

    Aologies, this comment posted before I had amended it as I see you have not yet got your bag back. There is obviously widespread bag theft/negligence by emirates in india. Emirates should do something to safeguard their customer's luggage in these cases, considering the cost of flying with them is at least £200 more than other airlines.

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damaged luggage contents!

My luggage on transit from London over Dubai to Australia was left in 50 deg C heat for two days in Dubai (late arrival to Brisbane) in which all my expensive clothing and gifts were spoiled due to plastic bags and shampoo bottles melting in searing heat and had caused damage to my luggage contents. In addition of being unable to gain access to my unit (my keys were kept in my luggage) and ending up paying 2 nights of hotel accommodation out of my pocket, I also ended up over $500 worth of contents damage. Despite alerting Emirates customer department immediately delayed/lost luggage and contents damage, all they have to offer me is some free flight points next time when I fly with them. No compensation for damages nor out of pocket expenses for hotel accommodation! They basically turned my long-planned London trip into a very bad experience. I would not recommend Emirates to any Australian flying public. In contrast, Qantas airways provided us and my parents free accommodation at the Melbourne airport when their LA-Melbourne flight was delayed, causing us to miss our train scheduled to depart that night to country Victoria town of Sale. They also provided us with a free rental vehicle. Now that is a extraordinary service, 10 out of 10 marks to the great flying Kangaroo. I have 6 email correspondence with Emirates Customer department and can provide it to relevant/interested parties if needed.

  • Mi
    Miss P. Apr 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Subject: Emirates Airlines
    Dear Sir/Madam
    Could you please remove my postal address and phone number from the above posted complaint since it breaches my privacy?

    Both the address and the phone number is actually mine, not the Emirates's phone and address (it supposed to be Emirates and not mine).

    Thank you in advance
    Miss Pinar Ozaydin

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  • Pa
    paul Apr 12, 2009

    Dear Sirs,

    I am writing in regards to a visit visa standoff between me and one of your employees who promised to issue me two three month visit visas at a cost of AED 1500 each.

    I payed the money to this particular gentleman and he processed one of the visas though its validity was only for two months, the second visa though fully paid was never processed and no reason was given.

    After a bitter follow up with your employee and upon disclosing to him I would follow up from your offices, he offered to pay back the money in installments.

    Six months down the lane since our agreement for the payment to be done, this gentleman payed for three months and refused to pay the balance. please advise me what would be my chances of getting back my money since I have many responsibilities and I am quite caught up financially.

    I have some of the emails which we exchanged during this time and i will be willing to forward them to you if need be.

    To contact me on any precendings please use my address [email protected]

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non receipt of baggage - ek 516

My family and I traveled to bangalore on the 19th of december on emirates. Out of the 5 bags that were checked in - we only received 3 on arrival at the bangalore international airport. We were given a contact number for the baggage section to co ordinate with regarding the remaining bags. We found out that we are not eligible to any compensation as we had received part of our baggage!!! Several email were sent to the customer relations etc (Which I have included below) they were on holiday and then there was no response.

An airline of emirates' calibre promises the best service etc, but sadly does not deliver. If someone can help me in this regard I would be much obliged.

A copy of the emails sent to the customer affairs at emirates

Date: sat, 29 dec 2007 03:53:28 - 0800 (Pst)
From: vandana aroon
Subject: reminder: fwd: non - receipt of baggage - ek 516 - december 19, 2007 - urgent
To: customer. [protected]


Further to my email regarding compensation for the non receipt of my bags, given below, I have not yet received any response.

Baggage with the tag number ek630409 was received on the 23rd morning. The bag contained perishable goods which due to the delay in arrival, was spoilt and not fit for use.

Since these bags contained my personal items such as clothing etc. Please advise regarding compensation as I have been inconvenienced and have had to make purchases. The local baggage office and toll free number (A call centre in mumbai) were not able to take a call on the same as they apparently are not authorised to process the claim. We were advised to write to this email id. This has been done on the 21st of december - with no effect.

Request you to take action at the earliest and expedite our claim request as we are returning to dubai on the 4th of january. I am a skywards member - ek [protected] and expect the service you promise and solicit a reply in this matter.

Best regards,
Vandana aroon

Vandana aroon wrote:
Date: sun, 23 dec 2007 04:25:20 - 0800 (Pst)
From: vandana aroon
Subject: fwd: non - receipt of baggage - ek 516 - december 19, 2007 - urgent
To: customer. [protected]

Dear sir, madam,

I am still awaiting your response to my earlier query regarding compensation for mishandled/delayed baggage.

Request prompt response.

Vandana aroon

Vandana aroon wrote:
Date: fri, 21 dec 2007 22:12:02 - 0800 (Pst)
From: vandana aroon
Subject: non - receipt of baggage - ek 516 - december 19, 2007 - urgent
To: customer. [protected]

Dear sir/madam,

I would like to bring to your notice that my family and I -


Travelled on ek 516 - dxb-blr on 19 december, 2007. We are holding confirmed return tickets on the 4th of january 2008. On arrival at the bangalore airport, we did not receive 2 nos. Baggage under tag no. Ek630409 and ek630406.

Yesterday - i. E. 21 december, we received 1 bag no. Ek 630406 that was ripped apart completely and wrapped in a transparent polythene emirates bag. The scanned copy of the emirates mishandled baggage receipt no. 1640 (Case no. 12787) dtd. 21 december 2007, and comments are attached.

Our contact person at the local offcie in bangalore - ms. Devaki adviced us to return the bag in the received condition to claim compensation for the bag only. This has been done.

The remaining bag still to be delivered contains all my clothes and personal effects. As per ek policy - if part baggage has been received the traveller is not eligible to receive any compensation for the non received baggage (As adviced by the local staff - mr. Sriram raju, mr. Prasanna, ms. Devaki, mr. Raghavan).

We are travelling as a family and as such the baggage was checked in under one name - i. E. Aroon/kpmr. All the 5 pieces of baggage were booked under this name. Your policy of non compensation for receipt of part baggage cannot be applied in our case. If needed the bag, labelled with my skywards tag - vandana aroon - ek [protected] can be checked in my presence to verify that the contents are indeed my clothes and gifts.

The reason for non delivery of the misplaced baggage is the malfunctioning of the conveyor belt in dubai, (As explained to us by the local office in bangalore). Regular ek flights have arrived from dubai with passengers and luggage since. I fail to understand how my baggage has not been able to reach the " so called malfuntioning conveyor belt". I have been assured that my baggage will be sent on the next available flight, to no avail.

Given that I am in india to attend family weddings, the delay in receiving the bag no. Ek630409 has caused extreme inconvenience and I have had to make many purchases to ensure that I am able to attend these personal; functions. I am expecting that an airline of your calibre will address this issue on priority and ensure;

1. Prompt delivery of baggage (In good condition, unlike the earlier one)
2. Compensation for the purchases made to cover the delay in receiving the bag

Being a skywards member I expect assistance of the standard you claim to maintain. I am very disappointed and hence this written request to expedite the matter at the earliest. My local contact number is + 91 80 [protected]/+91 [protected]/+[protected] (Roaming dubai number).

Vandana aroon

  • Mm
    M.Muhammed Asif Jan 07, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please Send My Member Card Urgent 5th time i registered But my Membership Card Is Not Sent To My Adress Please sent me my member card.


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  • Ab
    abdul ghaffar shujath Jan 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I and my familty travel from Dubai to Hyderabad by Emirates Airlines on 27/jan/08 Flight no. EK524 . from my baggage one JVC handycam movie camera has been missed. I want emirates airline should take immediate action and compensate me. I chosen air becuase I trust this is one of best air line but got bad experience. Your prompt action will be highly appreciated.


    Abdulgaffar Shuath

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  • Th
    Thomas Sephton Feb 15, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am disappointed in the fact that I changed from another airline to fly emirates. I lost my luggage going to South Africa on flight EK 761 22 Jan 2008. I was 1 of about 8 others. Reporting this eventually resulted in me missing a connection flight as well because of the time delay and long cues at that counter.

    On doing follow up calls to the emirates I was lied to at least once and that was when they decided to answer their phone which they don't seem like doing. I have had no response from them. Almost a month now and I have still heard nothing and don't expect to either.

    Travelling back to Eastern Europe I once again had the misfortune to fly with them and lost my luggage again. The entity there booked it to Iran and at Dubai I determined that I was booked on a later flight too and would once again miss the transfer flight. I am not the only one that it happened to.

    This is not acceptable to me and have requested that our Company no longer use emirates. I will at my own cost publish a detailed article in the Sunday news papers to warn others of this lousy setup.

    I regret using this airline and will not recommend it.

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  • Ni
    Nisar Ahmad Khan Dec 07, 2009

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to bring to your notice that my family and I travelled to Delhi from Riyadh via Dubai on flights EK3818 (Riyadh to Dubai) starting on 18th November, 2009 and EK 512 (Dubai to Delhi) starting on 18th November, 2009, reaching Delhi at 2.40 am on 19th November at IGI airport in Delhi. We are holding confirmed return tickets on the 17th of December 2009. On arrival at the IGI airport Delhi, we did not receive 1 baggage under tag no. EK556293.

    We filled immediately the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) for checked baggage besides the Baggage Inventory Form. We had already provided the original baggage identification tags to the Emirates representatives immediately on arrival at IGI Airport, New Delhi on 19 November.

    We were told that our mishandled bag will be traced and restored to us within three working days but even after 17 days, the Emirates office staff (starting with Ritu Suri, Joshua, Olivia etc..) at IGI airport are clueless.

    On December 06, 2009, I received a call from one Ms. Olivia that our bag had been traced in Dubai and the same would be restored to us the next day. To our extreme disappointment and dismay, an air bag belonging to some other person travelling from Beirut to Delhi via Dubai was delivered to me. This happened even as we had supplied each and every detail of the mishandled bag to the above mentioned Emirates representatives at the IGI airport in duly filled forms and through telephone and even a lay man could have visibly differentiate between the wrong bag delivered to us and bag specifications provided by me including physical appearance of the bag and Tag number.

    I wonder how responsibly the ground staff of Emirates at IGI airport executed their job that instead of providing our lost bag, they delivered a wrong bag to us thus creating more difficulties for us and also to the person whose bag was delivered to us.

    Given that we came to India for Eid Al Adha vacations and to attend weddings, all our Eid clothes and gifts are in the bag and the irresponsibility and deficiency in service of Emirates in delivering the bag No. EK556293 has caused extreme inconvenience and we have had to make many purchases to ensure that we are able to attend these personal functions. I am expecting that an airline of your calibre will address this issue on priority and ensure;

    1. Prompt delivery of baggage (in good condition)
    2. Compensation for the purchases made to cover the delay in receiving the bag

    I am a dedicated Emirates traveller but this is a really frustrating and irritating experience this time with Emirates. Even after our repeated follow-ups, we are told that the bag is still untraceable, which is not at all acceptable to us.

    I expect assistance of the standard you claim to maintain. I am very disappointed and hence this written request to expedite the matter at the earliest. My Delhi contact number is + 91 99539 00063 and Riyadh number is + 966 507142607.

    Please find below my communication with the ground staff of Emirates at IGI airport, Delhi. This is in addition to our almost daily telephonic inquiries with the Emirates staff.

    Thanks & Regards

    Nisar A. Khan
    Senior Consultant
    Consulting Center for Finance and Investment (CCFI)
    P.O.Box 2462
    Riyadh - 11451

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scam and cheating!

This is the reference no. I received from emirates airlines newyork office. On oct.29/07 I submitted the complaint. Numerous telephone calls and telephone messages forwarded, but no reply at all. The worst thing is that nobody picks-up the telephone. Always comes a recorded message which is not helpful. This kind of response from an airlines which profess very good customer-service is unheard anywhere. Nobody is interested in solving the problem

  • Ja
    jack stout Dec 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    emirate airlines have extremley bad customer service even thouh they proclaim it is good. I have traveled with various airlines between south africa and the uk and emirates is the worst by far. I was charged for a flight i had already paid for, my luggage didn't arrive on the same plane as me, infact it arrived 3 days later. All the planes i traveled on beween joburg to dubai to LHR were all late and subsequently i had to spend alot of money on a train ticket in london becasue i had missed my service. The worst thing is when you contact them they dont answer the phone and they dont reply to your emails. Ive been waiting over a month and still no reply!! i would discourage anyone from usin this airline!

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  • Mr
    mr.saleem.khawaja.mohibali Jan 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    firstly our bags were torn when we arrived in pakitan,they wrote down reports and gave them to us and told us to bring our bags back to the air-port office.Then nothing happened therefore we lost thee suit casses.Apon our return flight my duoghters buggy was lost, evetually they dellivered it to our house from gatwick airport in bits.on both cirrcumstances i was told somebody would be in touch with us ,but nothing happened.i have been flying with emirates for a long time with my membership number is;159929954. please resolve this problem.
    yours sincerly mr .s.k mohibali

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nightmare holiday!

I am writing regarding my family’s recent experience attempting to go on holiday. Our family holiday that we had been planning for over 5 months was completely ruined by the negligence of Emirates and incorrect advice given to me by the travel agent.

A few weeks after booking and paying for our holiday tickets and some accommodation (approximately mid April) we went to the travel agent that we used and asked about visas required for our trip, we advised that we were planning to travel overland from Thailand to Malaysia and then to Singapore and then again returning to Bangkok. We were advised that no visas were required for my wife as she was on a Fiji passport, we specifically asked about my Wife’s passport. As we did visit the agency some weeks later and we also asked (about the visas required), we took it for granted that their advise was correct. I also phoned Emirates and asked their advise regarding a Visa to Thailand, and was told it was not necessary on a Fiji passport for a visa for Thailand. I also phoned EMIRATES before our departure and faxed through our passport copies, we were told this was normal procedure, EMIRATES had knowledge that my wife was traveling on a Fiji passport for many months. I asked EMIRATES if my wife needed a visa, and I was told no visa required.

We had booked accommodation, paid for some of it. We had paid for transfers, airline tickets, train tickets, changed currency and purchased travel insurance.

On our departure I checked in online and a question regarding Advanced Passenger Screening came up, I entered the passport details and thought that everything was fine. I know what APS is, it is when the carries must check that the person entering the country must have the correct documentation. So when we checked in at Emirates Auckland Airport and nothing was mentioned by check in staff, I actually thought everything was fine. If we had been denied boarding I would have understood.

We had a very good flight over, and we must say that the service on the flight from AKL – SYD was exceptional. The food was excellent, the range of drinks offered good. I did not find the cabin cramped or seats any narrower than Air NZ (whom we travel frequently on). The ICE system was excellent and the crew were all friendly and helpful.

Things went wrong when we arrived in Bangkok, the immigration girl said we ‘need visa for Fiji passport’ and ‘no come Thailand’, I said that the travel agent said we did not need visa. We were taken to the immigration section and I explained that we were here for a holiday and showed them out tickets to Malaysia and Singapore. We asked if we could apply for a visa now we were here. We were given no answer. We were taken to the immigration supervisor (I think) and processed with a Chinese passport holder. We explained our planned trip and showed the tickets (again) and asked if we could apply for a visa. We were told to wait for Emirates staff. I THOUGHT THAT AS WE WERE CUSTOMERS OF EMIRATES THAT THE STAFF WOULD BE OF ASSISTANCE TO US, but NO. As the staff entered the office they greeted the immigration supervisor and completely ignored us. They told us that my wife was to be returned and I informed them as we had a baby with us we would not be separated. As a customer of Emirates we THOUGHT that they would be there to assist us, they were no help at all, they would not interpret to the immigration person when I asked, when I requested that the supervisor see me, he refused. Only when I asked ‘who shall I sue?’ did the supervisor speak to me over the phone, distancing EMIRATES from my problem, saying it was the problem only of the Auckland EMIRATES staff and that he could do nothing for me. Onboard the aircraft the announcements referred to Emirates Award Winning Service, there was no service for us on the ground at Bangkok. The Chinese national was seen by the Air China representative and given entry into Thailand, we were not given entry. The EMIRATES staff in Bangkok were of no assistance to us at all, saying it was all Auckland’s problem and not their problem. I explained to them that it is the same company and it is their problem. I am disgusted with the ground service in Bangkok on EMIRATES, all ground staff were completely useless and unhelpful, with the exception of 2 members. The first one being a young boy who was on the international transfer desk that day, he was as helpful and apologized about our bag loss, he was genuinely helpful. The other girl who was mildly helpful was the girl who apologized for losing our pram, but not for the predicament that the airline put us in.

My wife was detained, we were not offered to be put up in the Airport hotel, this was only offered after I confirmed it with a staff member in Auckland, and by that time we had spent over 9 hours in the Airport. We had an immigration and security personal with us constantly. We were treated like common criminals, when in-fact we were genuine tourists that wanted to contribute to the local economy.

Our bags were searched at the cabin bag screening point – when I had asked EMIRATES staff to check them in for me, I was accused of being a THIEF as we were given 2 packs of baby amenity kits and we had put them in our suitcase and our suitcase was bought to the hand luggage screening point, then I lost my ‘rag’ as the screening people called the EMIRATES staff to check my suitcase, I then explained – with voice raised, that EMIRATES had checked my wife in without checking her documentation and we had been in detention, and now on top of everything we were being accused of being thief’s, because we took what the airline had given us. Even when the airline staff came over to the screening point the screener tried to accuse us of stealing airline ‘property’ it was only when our guard stepped in and explained our side of the story to EMIRATES staff that they waived us through.

We were waiting for our bags to go onto the aircraft at the gate, the EMIRATES staff did not do anything until I insisted that the bags be stowed in the hold, then I had to check the tag receipt numbers were correct. Due to the fact we had not had any sleep in about 42 hours, I did not check the tag destination, only that the numbers matched. If I had not done that we may have never seen those bags again. On arrival in Auckland our bags were missing. Also lost from AKL – BKK was our baby pram. My Wife and I had to carry our child everywhere in Bangkok Airport.

We were frog-marched through the Airport in front of our peers, with deportation papers stapled to the outside of a large A4 envelope for everyone to see. We were absolutely HUMILIATED in front of everyone. In Sydney we were assisted and guarded every step of the way by staff – like a criminal. Why did this happen? Because we were given wrong advise regarding visas by the travel agent and EMIRATES. EMIRATES should have denied us boarding at Auckland, but due to their negligence we have lost out on our holiday.

We were not offered an upgrade on the return flight, even though we asked. We were offered 4 seats across the middle all the way to Auckland – BUT GUESS WHAT?? When we got back on the Aircraft at Sydney, there was someone sitting in one of the seats in that row. DISGRACEFUL! We were even paged when we got back to Auckland. The cabin crew did not have the discretion to look up the passenger list to find us, they just called out our names. DISGRACEFUL.

We have NEVER EVER been so ABSOLUTELY HUMILIATED in our lives. Even when my wife and I were accused of have a marriage of convenience by the New Zealand Immigration Service 11 years ago, they did it with some form of dignity and we were never treated this badly.

We are truly disappointed, distressed and humiliated regarding the way we were treated by EMIRATES staff with the exception of 1 person in Auckland. Our long haul trip and last planned long haul holiday for some years has been COMPLETELY RUINED by the negligence of EMIRATES check in staff and advise given us.

What we expected from EMIRATES is full compensation for what we had lost. If we were denied boarding in Auckland I would have changed the flight dates by a few days (costing $100NZD per change per ticket) and we would have applied to the Thailand Embassy in Wellington for a Visa. The $100 per ticket is what I am prepared to concede. EMIRATES have accepted that they were wrong to let my wife board the aircraft to fly to Bangkok. This they have accepted as they have had to pay a 20,000 baht fine. EMIRATES and their check-in staff are liable for costs incurred by us.

Our complaint to EMIRATES took 7 weeks to process and they offered us nothing. They are disgraceful. If I treated my guests as these people treat their customers I would be out of business with in 6 months.

not helpful a nd rude


My name is shensha bhimji; I have always picked emirates as the preferred airlines for travel to india. On november 17, I was supposed to return to usa from india I received a call in regards to a sand storm in dubai. I was quite upset, because I had already checked out of the place I was living. Since I had scheduled certain days in mumbai, I also had limited amount of money for expenditure. Due to this delay I had to find an american embassy that could lend me some money so that I can call my family to wire extra money to pay for the extended stay due to the flight delay. When I was on the phone talking with a emirates employee she gave me a tough time to get a flight back to my home country (Usa). I am very disappointed with such treatment especially from an emirates employee. I have always traveled with emirates and never thought I would get such bad service.

terrible service and unreasonable rules!

I want to share my bad experience with Emerites Airline so everyone is on the watch-out. Emerites has a very unreasonable rule written in fine print. It says if you are not flying in the sequence as printed on your e-ticket, they will invalid your entire trip !!! For instance, if you fly from Bahrain to Dubai then to NJ, if something happens to you, like being caught in traffic, that you have to miss the flight from Bahrain to Dubai, even if you get on another flight to dubai to catch your connecting flight to NJ, you are not allowed to board unless you pay substantial amount of money to Emirates. This does not make any sense at all. Besides the Emirates agents in both Bahrain and Dubai airports are so unprofessional and unwilling to help. They even pointed figures to female passenger. Next time you have to choose an airline, better avoid Emirates. You will be glad that you did.

  • To
    Tom Griese Nov 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Horror Trip with Emirates from Bangkok to Hamburg 16/17/18 of Nov, 2007

    Nice blog to read because I never thought that such an unbelievable experience could ever happen to me anyway... but when I go through these different mails I understand better the Way Emirates acts... in short words: Make as much money as possible and do not care about any customers requirements... we were really not alone during last weekend at Dubai. punished by absolute incompetent, arrogant and rough treatment of Emirates Ground staff and also by Dubai Information Center.

    Also interesting to read the “well well well” mail from a member of Emirates board staff

    Does it clearly show how the attitude of the employees of Emirates to their “customers”(passengers pay your income!!!) is and how they think , behave and care... further I noticed unacceptable English knowledge and low education... verified by my experiences with Emirates Staff Members during my unintended stay at Dubai during last weekend.

    Here is the Story:

    We were booked on
    EK385 Economy 17th of Nov, 2007 BKK TO DBX
    Dept 01.30 Arr.05.00

    EK205 Economy 17thof Nov, 2007 DBX TO HAM
    Dept 08.55 Arr 12.55

    Departure Bangkok right in time, we were informed by the Captain in the early morning hours that Dubai Airport cannot be reached due to Fog (??) or stormy weather, that we would have to land at Muskat and wait for better conditions.
    We had been already 5 hours on the plane and did not even get a Breakfast. After landing the aircraft stood 6 hours at Muskat. We couldn’t leave the plane, the information flow way quite thin and we did not even get any beverage. Finally some passengers went to the kitchen to ask for water, which they got and distributed by themselves. In the meantime the Captain said that it would be difficult to arrange catering service for such a large numbers of passengers shortly. In the Bord Menu Card Breakfast was mentioned but latest during the Airport hours at Muskat it became quite clear that there was no breakfast on board... means considered as a night flight by Emirates they do not even plan beverage and breakfast to the passengers. Looking out of the window meanwhile we could see 8 Emirates Aircrafts standing at Muskat waiting for further instructions.

    After these 6 hours we took off again and landed at Dubai 1 hour later. No need to say that the connecting flight probably also did not start , but we couldn’t find on the information display panel EK 205 . No gate, no time... nothing. Checking with the Dubai Information Center we learned that Dept will be 1700 and we should check the panel constantly... Boarding cards are still valid. So we had to wait and starred at the expected changes.

    When it became 1600 we asked again and where informed again 1700 Departure. Still no gate, no time on the panel. When it became 1630 we become quite nervous due to running out of time and asked the Information Center again. Still he said 1700 ( no gate no time on the panel). After 1700 still the same answer... we decided to check with Emirates Office. The funny thing is that there is no Emirate Office except the business and first class lounge.

    So we went into the lounge and had to meet a lot of embarrassed and upset passengers asking for information. One older Gentleman shouted at an Emirates employee that he told him 11 times the same lie and he wants to speak to a competent manager answer: The manager is not on service. Several also economy passengers complaint heavily to the staff getting no answers. After strong and unfortunately loud protest (normally not my style but here it’s a must) we are told by an unfriendly Emirates Lady that the flight is probably delayed and we should check the display panel!!!

    Frustrated we returned to panel and saw to our surprise suddenly JFK New York which was the following destination of EK 205 after Hamburg boarding 20.30. So we moved to the Gate and waited with a lot of unsatisfied passengers listening to their experiences of the day.

    You will not believe what happened then...

    Time 1930... 2000... 2015... boarding 20.30 blinked... a man sitting a the counter and wait the same way we did (crowded area in front of the gate) and suddenly the blink stopped and he disappeared with out any words. It was a tumult situation of a lot of people shouting after him... and a big crowd moved to the lounge again. The scenes there are nearly indescribable... an American Lady shouted all over the people that the does not want to sleep another night on the ground of the airport and asked for immediate clarification when her flight will go... she got a lot of applause, women crying, enraged people shouting to the staff... business dates could not be fulfilled... etc etc.

    After a while we got trough to the same Emirates unfriendly Lady who now informed us that we will have to change our boarding cards to tomorrow, but we are “only economy” and so have to check at the economy counter. Until then we didn't even know that there was an economy counter and she sent us to Gate 7 for clarification. We reached there round about 2100 but no one was there so we returned to the lounge, waited and asked again. Now we were sent to Gate 18... and this is such a horrible place nobody can imagine.

    Understandable that this room is n o t located at the so “beautiful” Dubai Airport with all the luxury shops and offers but in the first floor over Gate 18 in a very bad condition with “ emirates economy counters”. Hundred of People where standing in front of the counters squeezed like a audience in a rock concert. Children, old people, handicapped and what ever, nobody takes care. The Emirates employees behind the counters work so slowly, unfriendly and arrogant that the impression of harassment cannot be debarred ( because this is “only” economy). Old people fall down because they cannot stand such a long time, push to the front was apparently essential, consideration not to be seen.

    Short example (there are a lot more) a French group presented 15 Passports asking for new boarding cards... the Emirate female employee changed 14 board cards and went to break for about an hour. The people had to stand in this rows hours and hours, some times it takes more then half an hour to change one single board card only.

    What can I say, I stood there from 1000pm to 0600am next morning, means 8 hours and finally my girlfriend came off and needed another hour until we received bloody simple boarding cards after total 9 hours of waiting. Think a lot of passenger couldn't make it just because they were too late for boarding. Ultimately we got out aircraft Sunday morning and reached Hamburg Sunday the 18th of November, 2007 after more the 60 Hours without sleep and minimum beverage and food.

    Trying to complain here in Hamburg at Emirates is not possible, because the phone Number, the Fax Number and the e-mail address is wrong and even checking with the local Airport Press effected no different results.

    For me and my girlfriend it is quite simple to tell our final decision after this weekend of pain:



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  • Wa
    Wahidullah Apr 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am going to write a gain regardin my laggage lost while i was traveling from Indonesia to Duabi and then kabul, i havent received any feedbak from any one ever since, can some one give me the right email address or phone call so i can contact to find my bludy bag, i had so many important documents in that, please...

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  • To
    Tom Apr 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Fogue is a very big issue for Emirates. And Emirates loses lots of money on one single fogue day, and people should be patient and understanding, sometimes wrong things happen to the wrong people, well sometimes things go out of control, why not thinking in a positive way, if any of the ground staff were rude to you all u have to do is report them, bcoz they know very well what will hapen in case they mishandle customers, you should also keep in mind that these are human beings who work 12 hours a day and they meet different kinds of " customers " with different acts and way of thinking and talking and treating people.

    Well if each one of us think that he's not the only one living on this earth the world will be a better place to live in. We have to stop being full of our selves.

    By the way its DXB not DBX!!!

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  • Da
    Danielle Apr 30, 2008
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    Verified customer

    American people always complain about everything, it is the passenger's responsibility to arrive airport on time, not the airline's. ma'am your complaint is pointless. Blame it on you.

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  • Kj
    KJS Aug 29, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I read the comment and saw several things wrong. First the passenger should have been taken care of, this is the responsibility of the airlines when they take your money. They need to plan for situations like this especially if happens alot. Right?
    Second, the person writting the response should check the English of the complaintant. That is British English not American! Don't automatically assume that because it is English it is American. Yes we should all learn to realize there are more than ourselves in this world. At the same time realize that when you provide a service then you should do everything possible to make that service strong or not have a job in the future.

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  • Po
    positivepeople Jan 31, 2009

    Fog unfortunately is a big problem at dubai especially as the seasons change. As you complained that no food was available because you had already been served the food that would have been available and you must remember that aircraft dont have an unlimited amount of food and drink on board.

    Muscat is a small airport and so to cater for 6 Emirates aircraft would not have been possible. `please think logically when you complain.

    considering there are 100's of lights arriving and departing if those aircraft are redistributed or cancelled then there is a operational nightmare as aircraft aren't were they are supposed to be. Because of legality with crew and flight deck, flights which cause the most headaches such as direct jfk or flights to australia where the flying time is 14 hours are given priority ...especially as most of these flights have 4 sectors of stranded passengers. This takes time to get aircraft back from there alternate destinations and ready to depart. Im sorry your flight was delayed for so long but your flight is 5.30 hrs.

    As mentioned before you have to remember that ground staff have to deal with thousands of miserable people at times like these and I bet no one says thank you or please...just full a head with accusations of lies et etc.

    It hardly encourages them to help you. Ground staff are also just following orders from those in charge of operations and this includes ground service managers.

    When ground staff have the information it is passed on as quickly as possible.

    Everyone seems to think that if you dont get answers they are being personally vindicated...PEOPLE GROW UP AND THINK BEFORE YOU MOUTH OFF...AS YOU FOUND OUT...IT GETS YOU KNOW WHERE.


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