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Resolved lost of jewellery

Dear one,
I came back fromdubai on 13/02 eve by emirates. All was well, but I have lost my mangalsutra (Gold) in the flight. When I was waiting for the luggage in india, we found that it's not with me. I rushed and complained for that, staff there told me that flight has already boarded again and we will check at dubai airport now and will get back to you. Till not there is no reply from your side.

Pls check n confirm me at:

Anu bhatia.

Resolved bad behaviour of air hostess

On 16 feb, 2010 I was traveling on flight ek-093 dubai to milan and on arrival air hostess miss vioula gave such a nasty remarks in italian to passengers and said passengers are without brains because they stood aircraft was already parked, she did not know I knew italian, anyway I reported cabi superviser on board, hope they take action against this hostess miss vioula, may she should work on ground not on board.

Resolved online bookings/customer service

Myself and collegues from a top UK university booked to fly to Dubai and connect onwards to Kenya using the online system and all seemed well. The money showed as been taken from my account and i recieved my e-tickets just fine.


My bank account showed the money had been sent BACK to my account! I called my bank who confirmed that Emirates had been sent the authorisation code needed but had not accepted it and as such the money was returned.

Then it gets silly...

I naturally good heartedly called Emirates from the telephone number supplied as a UK number from the website and explained to a pleasant woman the situation. She confirmed our flights were 100% booked and confirmed and they wouldnt be cancelled and the money HAD been taken which is why i had the e-tickets. I called my bank to find out what they were playing at and find out where the money had come from and the INSISTED Emirates had NOT taken any money!

So i called Emirates again and was hung up on instantly... and then called again and spoke to a nice lady who said the finance department needed to look into it and to call back in 30 mins to confirm payment had been taken... she even asked for my card number again which naturally i gave thinking nothing of it as i figured i had paid by card and she would need to search some database to confirm payment? Silly me?

30 mins later as requested i called back... a gent spoke who clearly didn't understand English and he hung up on me! (By now i was starting to worry). So... i called AGAIN and spoke to ANOTHER gentleman who AGAIN hardly understood English and he simply kept telling me to call back in the morning and lots of terminology that made NO sense before saying the number i had called was in Dubai (even though it is CLEARLY stated on the website as UK!) Obviously considering i have VALID tickets and have not PAID for them you would think emirates would be keen to take payment?! But OH NO... i am DREADING my bill (i was calling from a mobile telephone) and i'm now pretty certain we as a university will take our business elsewhere and an official complaint letter including a request for re-imbursement for the sham telephone number trick will be winging it's way to Emirates.

You would think one of the worlds best airlines would take more care of things and they would need to seriously upgrade our tickets to make us even consider using them again. AWFUL.

  • Ra
    Rajeev Gupta82 Sep 30, 2010

    He manager

    Subject : stolen items from our bag


    I want to inform you that the some of the tems are stolen from our bag at airport, (Telephonic talk to miss pooja on p. No. 011-25654939/40/43)

    Detail of list of stolen items:

    1. Black label old scotch whisky - rs. 3500 / - - 1 bottle

    2. Wrist watch - rs. 3000 / - - 1 pc

    3. Artifical ladyset (Egipt) - rs. 5000 / - - 2 set

    4. Rowanda tea - rs. 1000 / - - 2 kg

    5. Black shoe - rs. 900 / - - 1 pair

    Please do needful in my favour and take necessary action aganst this

    Extra detail:

    Pessanger ticket no. : 1769753044285
    Passport no :g8051152
    Name : mr. Rajeev gupta
    S/o sh shiv lal gupta
    Address: c/o shiv lal gupta
    R/o h. No. 13, w. No 4,
    Near samrat hotel, udhampur
    Jammu & kashmir
    Pin no 182101

    Flight name: emirates
    Dated: 10 sep-2017
    724 economic
    Entebbe to dubai

    Date: 11 sep-2017
    Dubai to delhi (Economy 510)

    Most urgent

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  • Th
    Thilanka Nov 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm a. V. T. S. Premawardane. I was on board the flight ek 349 on 21st november 2017 from singapore to colombo. I serve as a first officer in foreign going (Unlimited) vessels. Seafarers are normally allowed a baggage weight of about 40 kg. Although there were many vacant seats on the flight (More than 20) and though I spoke politely to the officer in charge about this matter he ignored me in a very offensive way and charged me an extra amount for my baggage which weighed less than 40 kg. I wish to know why seafarers are mistreated this way. Thank you.

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  • Se
    serenebass Nov 22, 2011

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Resolved horrible customer service from ground staff

The incident happened on saturday 13th february 2010 around 23.30 hrs. At suvarnabhumi international airport, bangkok thailand. I was not the one who flied but I accompanied my mom who needed to board on flight ek 419 to dubai and then boarding another flight ek27 from dubai to glasgow scotland, which both flights are operated by emirates airline.

The problem that upset us and pissed me off so much occurred at the check-in counter as flight ek 419 was delayed from 2.25 hrs. To be 3.10 hrs. (40 minutes delay) , which resulted in the plane arriving in dubai at 6.30 hrs. Another flight in dubai that my mom needs to catch departs at 7.20 hrs. Because the gate normally closed about 20-30 minutes before departure time, my mom has just 30 minutes to move from one plane to another.

The delay would not be the case if this was a direct flight but as this was a transit flight, time does matter as it means there was high possibility that my mom will miss the flight departing from dubai. The thing that disappointed us the most was the way emirates airline ground staff handled our problem, which I considered as inefficient, ignorant and below the standard of international airline.

At first the check-in staff offered my mom to board on the flight that leave earlier at 1.00 hrs. So we immediately accepted that offer. After several calls she made, suddenly she twisted her tongue and told us that the solution she suggested was not possible anymore and we had to stick with our same delayed flight ek419. She said the reason was the staff at the end of telephone line refused to let us change the flight. What??? Just like that! The check-in staff said she tried her best but the staff who has authorization over this refused to accommodate our request.

We had not been explained why that staff in the line refused us to change the flight. A better solution was right there in front of our face to ease my mom concern of missing her flight, why the airline refused?
You know what the check-in staff said? & ldquo;ahh, there is nothing I can do so you have to take a delayed flight and if you miss a flight in dubai, the staff there will assist you” - oh wow it sounds like missing a flight is an easy situation for her but obviously it is not an acceptable situation for us especially when there is an earlier flight available!

Why the customer has to experience the problem first before emirates airline staff take any action?

Why emirates airline does not provide the better option to prevent the foreseen problem to occur?

Why staff did not put themselves in our shoes, will this solution acceptable if this occur with themselves or with their families?

Why we have to pay a lot of money for the air ticket and receive inferior service?

Why emirates airline that claim itself as trustworthy international airline and value the customer totally ignores the problem that caused by the airline itself?

You are on your own, let miss the flight first then we will fix it for you. Are u kidding??? What kind of service is this???

The airlines business is very high competitive, emirates airline should be aware that there are plenty of other airlines that provide much better service. Just satisfying customer’s needs are not even enough for service industry, you need to anticipate customer’s need but what we get from emirates airline are even worst than industry standard!

I will never recommend this airline to anyone and personally my family will never use the service of emirates airline ever again.
It is our mistake that we trusted emirates airline. If you want to fly with emirates, think about it again because when you face with problems or things do not turn out the way they should, no assistance will be provided to you.

“emirates and dnata are committed to providing their respective clients and customers with the highest possible level of professional service. & rdquo; quoted from

Emirates airline fails to deliver what they promise to the customers. The service we received is the worst experience ever and the way your staff perform their jobs is far below than being professional.

Resolved poor services

Dear Flyers I frequently travel to Bangladesh on other airlines but this time I wanted to fly the world...

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Resolved bad attitude and pathetic working style

The reason for writing this mail is to bring to your notice about the flight which was a nightmarre for me .I was travelling from damascus on 7th feb by EK914 which was a 16.50 flight .we were standing in the quaeu for 2 hrs to do the check in and there were only 2 people to cater to the almost 200 travellers who was also very slow .The best part was we were standing in que and there were people who were just walking to the counter and getting their boarding pass because they speak arabic and we all asians were standing there like fools .when i spoke to the counter lady she acted a deaf ear to what i was saying, so i went to the manager and complaint to which he said they are syrians and i cant do anything about it, we have been fighting on this for last 11 yrs and still couldnt change them .which was a surprising comment to come from a manager as we are the customers for emirates not syrian airport.hence the flight was delayed by 2 hrs and there was so much of confusion inside the plane with all wrong seat numbers and all .
I would like the emirates airlines to pay some attension to this kind of situation and increase your staff at the airport so that you dont have dissatisfied customers.i would also like to comment that in the flight when you have 80% of your customers who are asians like Indians and pakistanis, and who has to go through this discrimination .Its a very shameful thing for a reputed airlines like emirates to act in this manner .It was a very badly managed flight and the flight has become a nightmare .

Resolved worst journey ever

Dear sir / ma'am,

This has reference to my last business travel I had with emirates; it was one of the most horrifying experiences ever with any airline i've flown in.

The sector i've flown were delhi - london - bahrain - delhi and my pnr was dl3hxs. Please find below the list of problems I have faced with emirates in just one trip.

1) after the booking the flight, I was not able to upgrade my flights due to some error in your server and I had to cal the skywards office in mumbai every time a change was required. The problem was only with my pnr number as told by the customer representative.

2) while traveling from london - bahrain in business class, I expected my luggage to be on-board, whereas, one of my luggage didn't reach bahrain at night 02.45 and all my hotel transfer papers & bookings were in them. I had to take a taxi and go to the hotel wherein, my pick up & dropped was booked with the hotel. The worst was that the ground staff was unaware about my baggage as the system was not showing anything.

3) non-arrival of baggage was not enough, I was told by the ground staff that emirates cannot send your luggage in the hotel and you have to come personally to pick it up from the airport. First I had to buy clothes for that morning from the local shops and then book a taxi to go to the airport and then to work which wasted my half day & money.

4) the grief doesn't end here - after reaching dubai from bahrain, we came to know that the flight has been delayed by more than 12 hours and when contacted with the emirates ground staff we were given a form to fill so that emirates office can contact our families and let them know about our well being. It was so ridiculous that being a business class traveler & silver card holder, we were not offered with any rooms etc at or outside the airport. Later I came to know that because of the few guests yelling at the staff, they were provided with rooms in the millenium hotel in dubai whereas I stayed at the airport for 12 hours without any assistance provided by the ground staff. Now I feel, shouting on the airline staff would have been better than keeping quiet.

5) as I was traveling from bahrain in business class & being a silver card holder, my baggage had a priority tag on it. But as per the emirates airlines reputation goes, mine was the last (Literally) bag coming out of the conveyor belt. I had to wait for 1 - 1/2 hour for my bag. It had been the worst experience i've ever had with any airline.

I think I need to change my airline as I had been a frequent flyer with emirates for quite some time and had been a spokesperson amongst my group about the good service i've been getting. But after this journey, my views about the airline has changed completely and have to think about shifting it to some other airline.

With kind regards

Sachin grover
Country head
Asr certification services pvt. Ltd.
657, sector - 15, part - i,
Skywards number - [protected]

  • Ai
    airin Nov 15, 2010

    i´ve changed my airline.. thats for sure.
    emirates was good when everythings in the right place, but once you are in trouble, there´s no one to talk to and no one can help you.
    *a very dissapointed ex customer ..

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Resolved utter disatisfaction at total lack of respect for the client

I am totally disatisfied with the manner in which my husband and I were treated by a so called emirates ground staff manager. Upon checking in I was told by the officer that my baggage was over weight by 3.8 kg and that I should remove some of the items because the maximum weight she could allow through was 32kg. I requested to speak to a manager because we were 2 passengrs plus an infant and only had 1 bag. The manager politely told us that we need to remove some items which we duly did. After re-weighing the bags the officer said the baggage was fine however another rude manager claimed that we still needed to remove some items for a maximum weight of 30kg. When my husband and I queried who she was and why she was being so rude she immediately mentioned that SHE was the manager and after explaining to her that she was not aware of the full story she continued to embarass us infront of the other passengers. She also proceeded to discuss the matter very loudly with the other officer who threatened that our bags would be offloaded. Furthermore she informed another client at the counter of our inability to follow airport baggage rules and how rude and stuck up people from Dubai are. I am highly incensed by Ms Peters's behavior and would like action taken against this staff member. Surely the client should be respected and not mocked or belittled infront of other passengers. Surely passengers travelling with an infant should have certain entitlements

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    Very dissatisfied3 Dec 28, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I didn't realize how difficult it is write a complaint / review without sounding arrogant or spoiled. Here goes. I have travelled extensively over the last 30 years and almost two to three times internationally a year with my family. I have a Gold status with American. I have never ever experienced the absolute low level of courtesy and staff. Service than the one we experienced flying from Dallas to Dubai. As noted ny other reviewers it has been difficult to write to Emirates and their complaint number in the USA predictably does not even get answered. I was sitting in the front part of the last cabin. The restrooms were in use so walked back to the back of the plane to the restrooms near the kitchen. There were people already congregating and as I was about to close the bathroom door, the flight attendant knocked on the door and asked me to go back to the seat because of turbulence. Having flown all these years and being a student pilot I know what that turbulence was. Mild. The only signal from the captain was to turn on the seatbelt sign. There was no announcement. I was so surprised having never ever been asked to leave the bathroom I quietly went back to my seat and sat down like the young flight attendant asked me to. (she was clearly new and asking instructions from the senior attendant - more about her in a minute). As I sat on the seat I saw passengers continue to use the bathrooms two seats in front of me. After a good three minutes with no more turbulence I went back to use the retools in the back. I was sent back without even asking with a very rude "get back to your seat!". I told her the passengers in the front were using the restrooms and she said I don't care you have to sit down! Angry but embarrassed I went back to my seat. Sat down and told my wife next to me what had happened. As soon as the next passenger in the front came out of the restroom I went to the front and used the restroom (really had to pee). As I went back to my seat, the senior attendant came over and sat beside my seat and reminded me why I didn't like my middle school math teacher. She confronted, e in a demeaning, humiliating manner as to why I had disobeyed intstructions! Dumbfounded I asked her what she meant and she proceeded to tell me that her colleague (the junior attendant) had told her I went straight from the back of the plane to use the restroom in the front. I told her that was not accurate. My Wife try to tell her the same i.e that I had sat down twice after returning from the back and told her that passengers on both sides were continuing to use the restrooms at the time when she had asked me to take a seat (which I had) she behaved very unprofessionally and started singing "lalalalalala"! T ### out what my wife was saying and asked us if she should have leaped frogged to the front to stop the other passengers! Having never ever experienced something like this and especially since this all happened in front of my three children I told her she was out of line and was vey upset. I asked for her name and that's when she threatened to report me for unruly behavior! I told her I was going to write a formal complaint and left it as such! End of story? No! About thirty minutes later while I was asleep I heard her talking to my daughter asking her to write my name on a piece of paper. This really upset, y daughter and my two sons. I tried to talk to her and finally told her she was scaring my children. The short version of the rest of the events is she got scared enough to have a discussion in the back of the plane and later became all good and nice saying " I was only doing my job". I have to say that having flown Emirates for several years and American, Delta, and Qatar (flew first class on Delta less than two weeks before) I can say that the staff on Emirates is clearly out of its league, they are unprofessional, poorly trained, unresponsive and it is getting worse. Especially since this was the behavior of the Senior attendant. I will try never to fly Emirates again, and certainly do not recommend it. I encourage all to write. About the quality of cabin service that was once their stronger point. They need to retrain their staff and weed out such unprofessionally acting individuals before they malign the company's name further.

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Resolved cancellation of flight

Weerasuriya p gayani ranmal 1/64 jones road Dandenong Melbourne, vic...

Melbourne Airlines

Resolved delayed baggage

Respected Sir / Madam,

This is a grievance to be addressed with respect to the delay in despatch of Baggage through travel from The Emirates dated 24th Januray 2010 on flight no EK515 -India- Dubai -Mauritius. There has been a prolonged delay for despatch of bagaage with

name of Mr Amit Kashyap,

File Ref No MRUEK15303/24JAN10/0711GMT and the baggage has not yet arrived the destination (i.e Mauritius). It is very disheartening & bad experince with the airline wherein they have neither followed up or actioned to the situation in a proactive manner, but have further lead to the inconvenience to the customer by asking the security code for the baggae so that same can be checked / invesigated before the despatch happens.

If in an ideal situation, any other baggage is not checked, then why the security code is required for already a delayed baggage which has been a fault from the airlines end

Complete details:

File Ref No MRUEK15303/24JAN10/0711GMT

Name: Kashyap



No of bags: 1

Ticked No: [protected]

Color /Type: RD22HWX

TAG No: EK267170

I request the concerned authorities to immediately coordinate with Mauritius airport authority & give the status ASAP to avoid further inconvenience.I have a stay @ Hotel Ambre in Mauritius & would want the baggage to be reponsibly depatched there

Besides this, I was paid a sum of 1470 Mauritian Rupee for an expence for one day. As there is a further delay & inconvenience & that too the baggae is for the Lady ( My wife) which is majorly causing an inconvenience, I would want Emirates to compensate for all the inconvenience caused considering the case for a baggage lost / delay for a woman who has come in for a holiday trip in Mauritius. Request to kindly investigate & reply on a proactive basis to overcome the loss & inconvenience casued during this trip


Amit Kashyap

Contact : [protected] (The mobile would be on roaming or switchedf off so please contact @ Hotel Ambre Mauritius in Romm No 203 )

Resolved wrongful cancellation of ticket by emirates airlines.

This is to bring to your notice of the wrongful cancellation of my confirmed tickets which has put me in a...

Mississauga Airlines

Resolved inability to follow up on complaint

Since my original e-mail to the "complaints department of emirates airlines in Sept '09 I have not been told of any results of their "looking into it" process. I gather their efforts are just a smoke screen for which they need to be admonished and highlights their approach to customer service which may well be mirrored by others in their industry. I suspect that their legal advisers have effectively gagged them.
See complaint below:
Dear sir/madam, I would like to offer the following comments following my recent flights with Emirates (Aug/Sept).

1. Why don't you have a "contact us" function on your web page . The lack of the same seems to indicate a lack of desire to deal with your customers for a broad range of issues and is hardly "Best Practice".

2.What is the point of going through the e-ticket process and reserving a flight and seat when you appear at CDG (Paris ) and are given a totally different seat at the back of the plane!
eg. Flight 076 to Dubai on 2/9/09 with confirmed seat 24C and was given 47K!!! I still have the doc's for this too!
On board I noted my seat (24C) occupied by a younger traveller. I also found it curious that while I was jammed against the curved fuselage there were a number of rows where people were stretched across.
The actual boarding of the aircraft was the worst that I have seen in some years and the word "chaotic" comes to mind.
The staff at CDG while "looking the part" are not up to par when compared to elsewhere!!
Your "in flight" crew who were in general very good for all of my flights.
I would also compliment your Dubai staff for the boarding of the onward flight EK418 - very professional and a gleaming example for your CDG people.

3. I waited for several hours at CDG terminal 2C and there was no mention of the flight 076 on 2/9/09 on the overhead screens in that section of the terminal (departures). I only happened to find the queue after venturing further down the terminal and asking at the Information desk. The Emirates "presence" at CDG needs to be a little more prominent!!!

4. Why was I quizzed on my visa status in Thailand when I carry a current valid Australian visa and if need be can get a visa on arrival. PS. I currently hold an OA visa and had a valid re-entry stamp !!!
The staff (yours??) are blindly interpreting the visa requirements for other countries and appear to have rudimentary knowledge of the same - not surprisingly!
They seem not to know the extension rules (and that is not surprising either).
I am not alone as I spoke to another Australian traveller who also expressed his concern about the ignorance of the counter staff with regard to this issue.

Despite these points and the delays in Paris and yes with a new 777 in Dubai I would still fly with your airline. I just hope your attention to detail does not lapse as it has done with other of your competitors ie. don't rest on your laurels!

  • Ai
    airin Nov 15, 2010

    Yes, i have spent days to find a way to contact them or to get connected to someone who has power to fix the mess they did. But all i got is those "call service center", with no clue about service at all.
    So, thats how they block complains, no name, no one to be contacted, no one responsible for anything..

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damaged baggage

I am so frustrated with attempting to find a contact email or number with in emirates airline. On december 30th I flew from canada to heathrow uk and then boarded a emirates airline flgt#ek2 from london to dubai. Upon arrival in dubia my luggage was not located so a tracer (File reference#dxbek38752) was put on the bag. It was located with emirates still in london heathrow and would be delivered the next day. Unfortunately I was due to leave dubia at 06:30 for kabul so I would not be able to claim the bag in dubia. Emirates customer service at the airport told me they would forward it to kabul on the next available flight which they did but when the bag was claimed at the airport, it was in a emirates plastic bag. The top snap had been opened and not broken and the good majority of the contents was out loose in the plastic bag.
I could not check the contents of the items at the airport so I return to my place of residence and there I discovered that items were missing. There is no great value to the item as they were gifts that have sentimental value to them more than anything else. I would very much appreciate getting these items back as they can not be replaced.
Items missing,

A dark brown and green leather bathroom bag

A browny/green zipper type sweater with leather patches on the elbows

Two pairs of hand made cashmir type socks

Again there is little value to these items to anyone else but to me they all hold very high sentamental value and I would appreciate them returned.

David c. Leggett
Kabul mil base
Kabul. Mobile# [protected] / [protected]

  • Is
    isabella aujo Dec 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have also realised that this is a common practice with emirates i travelled from london to entebbe uganda on the 2nd of december 2010. i was with my husband and child. upon reaching uganda we realised that one of our 3 suitcases had been offloaded off the plane to create room for the passengers boarding from dubai as this was a connection flight. so we were advised to come pick up the suitcases the next day from entebbe airport unfortunately the emirates agents in entebbe were so rude and unhelpful, however 3 days laters i got back my suitcase. besides my suitcase my baby's travel system had been dismantled and some parts missing. we got it wrapped in an emirates plastic bag, however the hood to the buggie had been plucked off and lost. on our way back to heathrow i lodged a complaint and left the complaint sheet with the cabin crew. its been 2weeks now and i have not heard from emirates yet.
    that just goes on to show that they dont care what their passengers go through. i have vowed that next time i am to travel it definately will never be with emirates again.

    isabella aujo
    [email protected]

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Resolved behaviour of ground staff of emirates airlne at karachi airport

9 jan 2010

To the manager
Complaint department
Emirates airline
Dubai, united arab emirates

Dear sir/madame,

I would like to draw your attention towards the emirates airline staff at karachi airport, I booked an online ticket for my wife 1 child and 1 infant from karachi to dubai on for 8-1-2010 at flight no, ek603, I made an online reservation by using credit card and unfortunately she dont have the credit card at that time and she explained to the staff there that the credit card is at dubai but they refused to give her the boarding pass and she explained to the staff members thatmy husband will fax you the credit card and you already took the money and booking was confirmed but they refused only because of origional.

I tried to talk to your staff but they refused to help us in this situation, I faxed the same card to the emirates office at karachi airport but again they want to see the origional and at that time it was too late to go back to hyderabad.

I accept that it is our mistake but is there any kind of humanity that a woman with the childerns and they paid already the ticket I checked my credit card the money is already taken by emirates airline and its not the first time that she was travelled with emirates and still they are not allowed to travel only because they dont have origionalcredit card and she suffred too much with a child and one infant and that time they are unable to go back I called the helpline of emirates here in dubai but still they are unable to help us at that time as I already faxed the copy of credit card to fax no. [protected] in karachi airport and the most terrible thing is the behaviour of staff they closed the counter without giving any notice to her and the childerns and it was late night and no body wants to listen to her.

I want to know when we paid and we booked and I made an online check in and if for any reason we dont have credit card or may be its lost on the same day when we have to travel then we are not allowed to travel and if we make the cancellation we have to wait for 15 days for the refund and to follow a long procedure and ok it is accepted but what about the behaviour as she was asking to the staff what she can do at that time they said book again and she dont have that much cash but no they refused and she suffered all the time.

Kindly suggest us what we can do if we have this kind of situation


Mudassar ali

  • This is the result of extremely high levels of fraud with airline tickets... People steal credit card numbers and buy tickets online and resell them to unsuspecting passengers. The airline has no choice but to protect themselves as well as they can. It's unfortunate that this happened, and the airline should have informed you of their policy before the tickets were issued.

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Resolved horrible flight


I am writing to you to place an official complaint about a flight from Johannesburg to Dubai on Saturday 2nd January 2010. Flight number was EK766. We had a very difficult flight back to Dubai and I am appalled, disgusted and upset in how emirates has handled the situation. Firstly let me explain exactly what has happened throughout our flight;-

Once we were in the air, for 2 hours there were NO refreshments handed out. For an hour I was trying to call someone to get me a glass of water, as I could not get up being in an isle seat and the person next to me was asleep. No one assisted me and 2 hours into our flight, food was handed out. Now as the stewardess gave me my food and I specifically asked her NOT to wake up my husband as he was fast asleep and as soon as we landed he was due to go to work. Not even 2 minutes later she woke him anyway and asked if he wanted food. Another 5 minutes went past and she again woke my husband up asking him to place his seat forwards as the person behind him was eating. I was so upset with the stewardess and I told her he had his DO NOT DISTURB sign up and not to wake him. She did not ask any other passenger to lift their seats and so I was appalled she had now woken up my husband twice during the flight when she was SPECIFICALLY asked NOT to. Also as my husband was in the isle seat every time she passed him with the trolley she would knock his seat and again wake him.

The second issue we had were our seats themselves. My husbands seat was broken and would not fully recline upright and his head rest was also broken. My armrest on my right was also broken and so I was unable to watch ANY entertainment throughout the entire flight. I advised the staff and they said there is nothing they could do and I should get some sleep. They were very rude, obnoxious and very arrogant when speaking with me or my husband.

The final issue we have encountered has been that one of our bags being left behind in Johannesburg. We went and made a report once in Dubai about our bag not turning up. We landed in dubai at 10:00am and I was told that I would be getting a call in 2 hours to get an update on the bag. I waited till 2pm and still had not heard anything so I had to call the baggage handlers. They then advised me that the bag was on its way back to Dubai and the bag will be dropped off between 8am and 8:30am the next morning. 8:30am arrived this morning and by 9:30am I still had no bag and no follow up call. I again called back and they then advised me the bag would be with me in the evening. I advised the baggage handler that I had taken the morning off work to wait for my bag and now I'm being told it will be delivered in the evening. Then after a conversation with your baggage people they advised the bag would be delivered by 10am. I waited till 10:30am and still nothing. I AGAIN called back and was told there had been a mistake in the morning and now my bag would be delivered in the afternoon... It is now 1pm and I am still waiting for my bag and still NO ONE from emirates has called to keep me updated and I haven't even had an apology for the hassle this has caused me.

I can understand a few problems happening on a flight but the issues we have had have been unacceptable and I have lost a whole days wages due to emirates not being organised. We did not pay for such a bad experience on a emirates flight and I am extremely disappointed in how we have been treated and spoken to

Resolved lost luggage

I am naureen naqvi, I travelled on business class of emirates airlines from lahore pakistan to lagos nigeria via dubai. My flight # was 623 on dec 28 from lahore - dubai and # 783 from dubai-lagos. From lagos airport, I was bound to take a domestic flight to abuja. As I came out of immigration at lagos, I waited till the last bag but my bag which had all my belongings did not arrive.
I filled up the form that local authorities gave me and since then waiting for the bag.
I am totally distressed because I have come here to work for united nations and supposed to live here for a year whereas I do nt have nothing with me except my carry on items.
Neither the airport authorities nor the airline is paying any attention. I am considering filing a case against the neglegence of emirates airlines. My cell phone in abuja is [protected].

Resolved damaged luggage

I have traveled from new delhi to lagos (Via dubai) on the 4th of december 2009 flight number ek 531 and ek 781. I had checked in one baggage from delhi to lagos. It took nearly one hour to get my checked in baggage, on receipt of my baggage I found the number lock fitted on the baggage completely shattered and beyond repair. I showed the same to the emirates luggage handler, he asked me to go to the first floor office of emirates to lodge my complaint. I found that the elevator from ground floor to the first floor not operational, and the appropriate complaint could not be lodged.

I wish to bring this to the notice of the competent authorities so that I can be suitably compensated.

Rajinder singh dadial

Skywards no: ek [protected]

  • Ch
    Chandini Aug 02, 2009

    Bringing back my grand daughters guitar from Melbourne to NZ on the 2nd August, I placed it in the fragile department with a fragile sticker on it. When I arrived in NZ it had been broken. They refuse any liability to it & refusing any compensation.

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Resolved complaint about lost luggage

Name: patel kokilaben vasantbhai
Date of travelling: december 07, 2009
From : ahmadabed to toronto, canada
Flight no: ek 0241
Seat no: 47 g

I booked wheelchair, due to health reason. While flight changing at dubai terminal, at that time the wheelchair attadent didn't delivery my hand bag. So, I was worried whole my journey from dubai to toronto, canada.

After reaching pearson international airport, canada, I verbally talked with emirates, air lines staff person (flight attadent) and he advised me to complain via internet, because we don't have regular office at pearson air port, canada.

Antisipating your favourable reply as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Patel kokilaben vasantbhai

  • The person assisting with wheelchair transportation is not responsible for gathering personal belongings... I assume you took the bag with you when you exited the aircraft to go to the other flight. If not, did you tell the person assisting you that you had a bag on board that you needed?

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Resolved excess luggage rip off complaint - & pound;175 for 5 kilos!!??

Re: flight 1 december 2009. Lgw & ndash; dxb & ndash; bne

I checked in online on november 30, and received a confirmation, at 18.22 that day to my email, including a pdf copy of my e-boarding pass.

Once & ldquo;dropping off” my luggage at the drop-off desk, I learned I was 5kgs over the 30kg limit, which I expected I was a couple of kilos over. I was then shocked to learn the excess luggage charge was & pound;35 (Thirty-five pounds) per kilo. & pound;35 x 5 = & pound;175 (One hundred and seventy-five pounds).

It is the most excessive and rip-off excess baggage fee I have ever encountered on my travels in my life!
And I was marched like a criminal to the payment desk, and even worse, the staff kept acting & ldquo;happy” about it and smiling, like they were receiving a tip. When I told them it was ridiculous, they told me & ldquo;i had to get treated like everyone else”. Wow & ndash; amazing customer service (Sarcasm intended).

However my main complaint is this:

Why wasn’t I informed of such a rip off and excessive excess luggage fee when I checked-in online? Online they didn’t even ask how many bags I had. If they had told me, I would’ve weighed my bags and not gone the 5kgs over.

My secondary complaint is this:

£35 per kilo is a rip off...

After this horrible and expensive experience, I will now go out of my way, to never fly with emirates again.

Resolved verify this offer

This is rajini from india. I got the offer in emirates airline group terminal 2 departures hall
Manchester airport united kingdom post code m90 4qx. Please verify this offer early as possible.

Thanks & regards,

Rajini v


  • Fp
    FPB2 Nov 27, 2009

    What are you talking about?? There is no information in your post at all. I'm not sure what you got but it sounds like a scam to me. Airlines don't go around making offers in departure halls.

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  • Ga
    GAURAV BHATNAGAR Feb 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    verify this offer

    Emirates Airline Group Terminal 2 Departures Hall
    Manchester Airport United Kingdom Post code M90 4QX
    United Kingdom
    Phone: +447024055591
    E-mail:[email protected]

    This is Gaurav Bhatnagar from India. I got the offer in Emirates Airline Group Terminal 2 Departures Hall
    Manchester Airport United Kingdom Post code M90 4QX for senior technician. Please verify this offer early as possible.
    i am attaching the appointment letter.


    Dear Sir,

    The management and staffs of Emirate Airlines hereby wishes you compliments of the season and a happy new year.

    This is to put to your notice that you have been short listed on the ongoing Employment offer of Emirate Airlines in United Kingdom.

    EMIRATE also does not employ any third-party on-line employment agency and also note that Emirate Airlines does not request any payment nor charge any fee for processing job applications for any of our expatriates.

    You are obliged to follow the procedures as advised on your Employment Documents attached on this email by contacting the Emirate Traveling Agency of England for the procurement and acquisition of your necessary traveling documents.

    Every documentation process of your traveling documents will be done through our Traveling Agency with the help Immigration Home office here in United Kingdom, because of the Mandate we have with them and there will not any further interview regarding this. We also want to make it clear to you that the Emirate Airlines has already made provisions for your Visa/flight ticket but you shall personally incur for your working permit processing charges. This is to mark your seriousness in joining us on the stipulated date.

    On this note, you are advised to make an urgent contact to the;

    EMAIL: [email protected] OR [email protected]
    PHONE: +447024058662

    Once again we said Congratulations!!!


    LUCAS MENTOR (Head of Emirate Recruitment Services)
    Emirates Airline Group Terminal 2 Departures Hall
    Manchester Airport United Kingdom Post code M90 4QX
    E-mail: [email protected] or
    Phone: +447024055591

    Thanks & Regards,

    Gaurav Bhatnagar

    [email protected]

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  • Pi
    Pijush Kanti Roy Mar 10, 2010

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Kindly verify and confirm the appointment letter pasted below to my email ID-'[email protected]'.

    Terminal 8 Departures Hall Hilton close, Off Allen Avenue
    Manchester Airport United Kingdom
    Post code M90 4QX, UK. Phone: +44-7024085328
    Phone: +447031961118 Mail;[email protected]
    Email; [email protected]

    Job Ref: E.A.G/GAP/UK411-05
    DATE: 10/03/2010


    EMIRATES AIRLINE SEEKS TO EMPLOY YOUR SERVICE AS MANAGER ACCOUNTS this document embodies the approved Terms for the purpose of this contract.
    2.0 POSITION:


    You would be expected to resume on site on the 24th of April 2010.
    Prior to resumption as inscribed above, you shall be expected to start your job processes by acquiring and procuring your necessary Residence/Work permits papers (With the Best Way Travel Visa United Kingdom) on it’s earliest acquisition, you will receive all your due entitlements/ emoluments prior to resumption of duty to enable you settle all domestic necessities before embarking on project trip and avoidance of excuses leading to delays on your side.
    You shall be expected to work lead a team of prime experienced individuals with the mandate to provide excellent services.
    All salary and expense figures shall be in Pounds (GBP), Sterling or Euros equivalent depending on employee home country and salary preference, (except where employee prefers currency on his/her local/home currency).
    4.1 SALARY:
    Salary shall be paid on monthly bases. Work time shall be 40 hours work week for the Twenty Four (24) month contract term as such employee shall also be entitled to over-time allowance if employee work time exceeds the official stipulated hours. Salary shall also be liable to increments with time and employees' official promotions and position in service. Monthly salary is £18, 500 GBP (Eighteen Thousand Five hundred Pounds).
    5.0 EXPENSES:
    Expenses incurred by the employee related to job before commencement of duties will be substantiated

    With receipts and the employer will reimburse the employee not later than Five (5) working days after

    submission of employee’s expense report and receipts.
    First class accommodations will be provided for employee. Accommodation shall be of first class international standard same as accommodates Emirates Airline expatriate senior and management staff. Employer shall also pay for and provide complete meals for employee / (Family) as deem appropriate for period of contract.
    5.2 TRAVEL:
    £3, 600.00 flat rate travel/entertainment allowance shall be paid to employee by employer for each intercontinental trip. Travel shall be by business class/first class.
    However for the purpose of commencement, the cost of travel ticket shall be paid in addition to travel/entertainment allowance. Cost shall be substantiated and shall be the rate charged at the Period/time of purchase. Employer shall also take care of employees' travel ticket including that of employees' family only on employees' early notification to employer and as shall be requested by employee.

    5.3 MEALS:
    This will be taken care of by us (employer) Emirates Airline Group.

    You shall be required to furnish us with your valid residence, work permits and visa on or before the 26th of MARCH 2010 as a proof of readiness to join the EMIRATE AIRLINE COMPANY project team in the due time as stipulated above for your job resumption with the EMIRATE AIRLINE COMPANY in London and also to enable you receive your first monthly salary including your due entitlements/emoluments prior to your departure for services with the EMIRATE AIRLINE COMPANY in London.
    The employee will be reimbursed by the employer for reasonable moving expense incurred only as a result of relocation or early termination of leases, storage charges; procurement of travel documents, immunizations etc. Reimbursements shall be paid not more than five (5) Working days from submission of report/and receipts as proof of payments.
    Employer will provide the employee with comprehensive health care for the term of contract, and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the term of contract for employee and family.
    This shall be provided for as deemed appropriate, and will be paid by employer. Quality single or family housing in company community. Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances. Free medical care in uk for you and your family for contract duration.
    5.7 VACATION:

    Employees' shall be authorized paid four times vacation during the term of the contract, to be used at the employee’s discretion after duly informing and receiving approval from employer’s management. Employer

    will pay for travel expenses (i.e. flight tickets) and flat Rate travel allowance of £3, 600.00.


    The first monthly salary shall be paid in advance before you embark on journey to assume duty. This is to

    enable you settle all domestic needs before travel. As such no excuses will be entertained on assumption of duty relating to default. All payment of Salary after assumption of duty in UK shall be 75% paid into an offshore account to be provided by employee with the remaining 25% paid locally in United Kingdom. This is in line with the United Kingdom expatriate financial statutory laws. Expatriate shall also be liable to pay % of salary as withholding tax to the relevant authority in United Kingdom

    All employees successfully screened and recruited for Emirates Airline shall be required to furnish us with a valid UK residence and work permits papers on or before the 26th of MARCH 2010 as a proof of readiness to join the Emirate Airline team in the due time as stipulated above for your job resumption with the Emirate Airline in UK and also to enable you receive your first monthly salary including your due entitlements/emoluments prior to your departure for services in United Kingdom.
    However, for expatriate services employees who do not presently posses their valid UK residence and Work Permits papers, they are to make contact with the address given below for directives and assistance on the acquisition and procurement of their valid residence and work permits papers with the Best Way Travel Visa here in United Kingdom.
    BWTV Corporate Building,
    12 Milton Hills, Water Crescent BP 78965 London – UK
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Tel: PHONE: +447024079442
    Contact Person: Controller MR. GEORGE SMITH
    8.0 CONTRACT:
    This is with effect from 24th of April 2010 when the contractor/consultant assumes duty in UK.

    +44 7031961118

    Awaiting for your early response pls.

    Warm personal regards.

    70/2B, Banerjee Para Road, Kamala Park,
    Sarsuna, KOLKATA,
    (PIN-700 061)
    Mob no.# +91-9903004688

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  • Pr
    pradeep dube Apr 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hallo sir this is pradeep dube from india.i got email mentioniong the appointment letter from imrates plese check its authentication and provide me further information.

    Terminal 2 Departures Hall
    Manchester United Airport,
    Post code M904QX, England,
    United Kingdom


    JOB REF #: EAG-68/29674



    Hence, Emirates Airline Group, United Kingdom, Seek to employ your services as an expatriate. SECRETARY MANAGER. For the provision of expatriate services as stipulated in the following acts in this document. This contract document embodies the approved Terms for the purpose of this contract.


    The work Location will be within the work metropolis of Emirates Airline Group, United Kingdom.
    You shall be expected to appear on site on the 5th day of May 2010.(Twenty days after submission of your traveling documents) And to report immediately to the Human Resource (HR) Department/Contact Center Department Manager upon arrival to conclude prospects of screening and other logistics.

    You will be eligible to receive GBP £12, 920.00 (Twelve Thousand nine Hundred and twenty Pounds) –Basic (Tax exclusive) Monthly. Work time shall be 40 hours work week for the Twenty-four (24) month contract term as such employee shall also be entitled to over-time allowance if employee work time exceeds the official stipulated hours. Salary And Contract Period shall also be liable to increments with time and employees' official promotions and position in service.


    Hazard/Inconveniences: GBP £360 (Monthly)
    Car Maintenance: GBP £625 (Monthly)
    House & Furnishings: GBP £5, 000 (Yearly)
    Entertainment & Recreation: GBP £285 (Monthly)
    Travel & Events: GBP £550 (Monthly)

    All Employees are entitled to 2months Paid Leave which can be taken once at a time or 2weeks apart one different period. All Employees will receive GBP 4, 805.00 Take home for each leaves Period. Employer for each Inter-continental trip shall pay GBP

    1, 720.00 flat rate travel/entertainment allowance to employee. Travel shall be by business class/first Class.
    However for the purpose of commencement, the cost of travel ticket shall be paid in addition to travel/entertainment allowance.

    Cost shall be substantiated and shall be the rate charged at the Period/time of purchase. Employer shall also take care of employees' travel ticket including that of employees' family only on employees' early notification to employer and as shall be requested by employee.
    The First two months upfront salaries shall be paid in advance before consultants embark on journey to assume duty. This is to enable consultants settle all domestic needs before travel. As such no excuses will be entertained on assumption of duty relating to default. Employees (Expatriates) are to note that 1 MONTH UPFRONT SALARIES are paid as soon as Employees Submit their UK Valid Papers Works and Residence Permit here in London and submit it to the Human Resources Department.
    All payment of Salary after assumption of duty in London shall be 75% paid into an offshore account to be provided by employee with the remaining 25% paid locally in London. This is in line with the London Expatriate Financial Statutory Laws.

    All Employees are expected to reside at the Company’s Staff estate. There are Single Bed-room and Flat options for Employees to choose from. Employees are entitled to take meals free of charge at the General Staff canteens. Dietary options, Customized cooks and Dieticians are available options.

    Employer will provide the employee with comprehensive Health care for the term of contract, and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the term of contract for employee and family.

    Safety and Security of personnel (Local/Foreign) and Facilities on Job Locations and communities are no small issues, and have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations. All operations on Job Location are designed to adhere strictly to the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy. All expatriates are entitled to a free and mandatory safety courses on Job Locations to be delivered by qualified safety and environment experts.

    Laptop Computer, Intel Pentium M Processor, 1 GB RAM, 48XCD-RW, 20GB Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, Integrated Network Adapter, Internal 86K Modem, Spare Battery and Necessary Software’s. 24 hours Internet access is also available. The company will also provide the employee with one land line phone at home and one mobile phone both will have a reasonable credit amount each month.
    You shall be required to furnish us with your valid residence, work permits and visa with the EMIRATE TRAVELS AGENCY; to nable you work legally with the Emirates Airline Group on or before the 15TH April 2010, as a proof of seriousness to join the Emirates Airline Group, UK. Note that employees are to personally incur the expenses of work permit as same will be reimbursed by the company.

    Contact Below:
    EMAIL: [email protected] OR [email protected]
    PHONE: +447024058662

    Date of Approval 31-03-2010
    Date of Joining 5-5-2010

    Human Resources Manager.
    Emirates Airline Group Terminal 2 Departures Hall
    Manchester Airport United Kingdom Post code M90 4QX
    E-mail: [email protected] or
    Phone: +447024055591

    sir my email id is:
    [email protected]
    contact number:

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  • Ak
    A.K.M. Khairul Alam Mar 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got an appointment letter which contains the job reference: Job Ref: E.A.G/GFP/USA114-012 dated 13th March, 2012 from Emirates Airline Group, Terminal 2 Departures Hall, Manchester Airport, Post code M90 4QX, USA. The mail number is [email protected] The appointment letter provides the contact person which is given -
    Barrister Email Contact Below.
    56 Custer Avenue
    EMAIL: [email protected]
    HEAD OF Work Scheme Card
    The appointment letter was issued by TERRY JOHNSON, HR MANAGER.

    Please verify the said information whether the all information are correct or fake and reply in the email address: [email protected]

    A.K.M. Khairul Alam

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