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I traveled from Thailand to Dubai on July 26th, on a holiday of a lifetime! As in I mean, I spent well, as a one off to 'splash out', savings used tec. Myself and my partner arrived in Dubai early am, to chaos when it came to luggage retrieval. Our flight from Bangkok was showing anywhere on any info boards in baggage reclaim. Being on an expensive holiday with Twohigs and considering the excellent service we received at Amsterdam, Bankok and Ciang Mai airports, I remembered coming to Dubai airport, a long, long walk, and someone with my name, telling me, my tour guide would meet me at arrivals , giving me a mad map of the airport!

Anyway, carusel kept going, buggies being discarded to one side, wheelchairs, suitcases? I thought MAD? This is not right, asked a female in an emirate uniform twice, still have her name in my head, was their a delay or a problem with luggage coming through, she told me it could take up to 6 hrs! Anyway, my partner, far more patient then me, ws now getting a little fed up, we had checked oot from our hotel in Chiang Mai 24 hrs earlier and really needed a freshen up, met another guy from Australia whose suitcase hadn't turned up either.

Went to BAGGAGE RELAIM EMIRATE OFFICE AT ARRIVAL! What a queue, what a system! No system at all! Eventually some very "FRIENDLY' female EMIRATE AIRLINE member of staff, asked my partner in front of my, to tell his lady friend to 'calm down! I was only asking how long more after 4 hrs waiting , I was in Dubai for 3 nights and I had paid well for the same, 1st night flying, didn't want 2nd at airport.

With agreeable, ny partner reluctantly put in claim for lost luggage with same emitare desk and we left to enjoy hol. Needless to say, the fab Jumeriah and no luggage, gud luck, the few days were ruins.

My mates suitcase was returned to the hotel later on the same day of our arrival, but despite re assurance from airline staff, hotel staff and emirate airline staff, I am now lost. My suitacse with all, souvenirs, memoirs, whatever from Thailand, my HOLIDAY of a lifetime is? Money will never replace it! I had personal insurance for the trip, they are waiting for a letter of confirmation from Emitare Airlines for a wk now, by email! in order to process my claim.

I will never be compensated for what i had in my suitcase but MAd that I have had to call Emirate Airline Baggage Service [protected]! I know he number off by heart, I have rang this number 18 times in the last wk! Still I have no letter for my insurance company! And my belongings and purchases, gifts, souvenirs are? Lost!


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Oct 31, 2018 2:43 pm EDT

“Emirates stole my Checked-In Bag”

Yes, Emirates stole my Mom's checked in bag.
My mom, wife, baby boy travelled from Orlando to Hyderabad on June 10th 2018. Out of 5 checked-In bags, they were able to collect 4. A PIR was filed at Hyderabad airport and it's been 140 but Emirates website status shows Bag is not found yet.

When I contacted Emirates they asked to fill a form with bills and rejected the claim saying the bills are not on my MOMs name. I don't understand how they expect a Visitor to possess Credit card in USA.

I am never going to travel with Emirates ever.

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Jan 15, 2018 6:50 pm EST
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Mustafa Jamour & Anna Zouni (420397) were wonderful. Promote them, please! On 30 Sept.2017 I, my wife Sarah & our daughter Zoe (10) arrived about 2pm at the Dubai check-in counter to get EK432, which we thought was a 3.35 pm plane to Brisbane, Australia. The plane had gone at 3.35 am - our mistake. Mustafa arranged for me to pay the $1500 fine & said there were only 2 Economy tickets on a night flight. I could wait for a week or so to get another Economy flight, or pay $5, 000 + for a Business Class ticket on the night flight. With my credit card unable to stretch that far, I started the difficult procedure of getting the money out of my bank on a weekend, but it was clear that this would not be done by flight time. Mustafa then found another Economy seat. We'll always be grateful to him. Anna also took pity on us, & arranged excellent seats, with plenty of legroom, behind Business Class. We're very grateful to her.

Aug 07, 2017 4:14 am EDT

i left my phone charging in the pocket in front of me the phone was buried in the pocket in front i noticed as soon as i walked off the plane the phone was left in the pocket i reported it straight away and nobody would contact any staff to tell them i was waiting on it they sent me to lost and found which i found redicilous as i knew exact location of the phone i rand the phone it was ringing and then it was knocked off as staff obviously found it i have not recieved my phone and am just being told the phone was not found redicilous the phone was stolen by member of staff on the plane who where not informed the owner was waiting in the air port for it i had to board my flight knowing it was in staff possession and getting told today it was not found their was no communication from one department from one to the next i asked if they could call cleaning staff to inform them im waiting on it and they told me no it was different department what a joke so basicly staff found phone taught passanger hadnt even noticed and put it in their pocket i would like to no if their is anybody else had this happen to them and did they go further abut it as i am furious and dont want to let this go i intend on going to a solicitor and bringing them to court for negliganceand advice please

Jun 05, 2017 10:26 am EDT
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I traveled from Geneva to Lusaka in business class on 29 April 2017. I discovered my 2minth old bag damaged on arrival - the zip cut off and jammed zipping system. Emirates refused to compensate claiming it to ge west and tear. I demanded a senior official review the natter, they did not even have the courtesy to respond sending me a response via the same junior officer. I just made gold status on their skyward miles and will not be using the airline again and advise others to avoid them. They may look gksmouros on the outside until something goes wrong.
Kenly sikwese

Aug 25, 2016 6:51 am EDT

Baggae number EK 570395 missing

compalines number :- DMMEK23546

Jun 03, 2016 8:30 am EDT

I travelled with my family from Delhi to Zurich via Dubai and on reaching Zurich found that one of my checkedin suitcases was not there and finally arrived 26 hrs later.Despite promises made no compensation was given at any place to me for all that I suffered in a foreign country.I had to spend more than 200 Swiss Francs to make myself comfortable and still was in same clothes for 2days
All of them made a fool of me that go to India or Dubai to file a complaint
What can be done?

Jun 03, 2016 8:18 am EDT

This is to inform you that i lost a brand new samsung mobile which i bought for my dad and sent it through my brother who was travelling on the 24-11-2009 from Hethrew to Cochin.It was noticed that the luggage was opened by some one and the phone was missing .It is rediculous that pepole opening some one elses baggage while shifting from one flight to the other.We would like the airlines pepole to operate the CCTV and check what went wrong.Its not because i lost the phone it is so precious that i bought it for my dad with so much of pain behind that.We are working abroad for our parents and we buy some things for them and when it dosent reach them in a proper way its really painful.Hope you will look into the matter seriously and do the need full.Kindly do not take this complaint very light and throw it away its really precious to me.Hope you do the needful and rspond.
Yours Faithfully
Sheena Abraham

Jan 19, 2016 4:42 am EST
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I have travelled to Pakistan from Dubai on this useless airline on 22-Dec-15 and they took my hand carry while I entered the plane. I insisted them not to take it as it carried my very expensive shoes and bags but they told me that its Emirates and dont worry about it. They conveniently lost my bag which have items worth $6000 plus and after a long follow up process they offered my $216 as a compensation which I am never going to accept. There customer service is extremely poor and customer service people are even more worse and rude. They dont even bother listening to what you are saying. I just travelled once in this pathetic airline and will never do it again. I have travelled in Qatar and Eithad too and they are much much better than this airline.I am definitely going to go to Civil Aviation Court against them and would recommend everyone to go for other airline and not this one.

Jan 12, 2016 6:26 am EST

Is there a lost baggage claim form for emirates i could fill up? I lost my luggage and they said they would look into it but until after a week no news yet

Oct 05, 2008 5:27 am EDT

Dear sir,

I am writing to the complaint board as it is my last hope in seeking help in regards of my colleague’s lost baggage during a flight journey on board the Emirates Airline from Karachi to Dubai on 6th April 2008. My colleague Mr.Mujahid Shah is very disappointed with the service and bad attitude shown by the airliner’s customer service/senior claim assistant staff (Asilya Mukhidinova) when he went to lodge a report in concern of his lost baggage at the Dubai International Airport. She (Asilya Mukhidinova) had impolitely told my colleague that they have his baggage with them on the same flight but they stubbornly declined to handle it back to him and my colleague was surprised and shocked with her this treatment. For me on my side all I can say is that the service of this Emirates Airline is totally the poorest amongst the other airliners in the world. Please kindly give a response on this matter to my colleague. He can be contacted at his mobile [protected].Thank you

Dec 30, 2010 11:09 am EST

I mrs. Rathod travelled from Cincinnati to Chennai via Chicago Brussels, Frankfurt, Dubai to Channai on 1st Dec. 2010 and arrived chennai on 3rd Dec . My one bag has not arrived yet. It has my name tag on Mr. & mrs Hardas Rathod with address and phone no. It's almost a month and no sign of bag. My file no is MAAEK31976

Feb 02, 2008 12:00 am EST

My daughter arrived in Sydney from Manchester UK via Dubai, on 31/01/08, but her rucksack didn't. After being passed around from phone number to phone number, manned by staff with an uncaring attitude, and with me also spending huge sums from the UK phoning anyone I could, it eventually transpired that Emirates had change baggage handlers 31/01-01/02.
It wasn't until just before her bag eventually turned up that someone even bothered to tell my daughter that this was one of the communication problems, but it is unbelievable that Emirates Australian staff were still giving out the old number of the previous baggage handling company.

As if this wasn't bad enough, I can't find any details on their website to direct an email to their head office, complaining about their grievous lack of customer care.

May 25, 2008 1:10 am EDT

I am a frequent traveler. I traveled by Emirates Air line EK 322 on 27 April 2008 from Dubai to south korea Inchoen air port. On arrival to air port my baggage went missing. I had filed complaint nr EK 124269. I have been informed by the lost and found that I can carry on with my trip to busan and they will forward the baggage to busan air port. In Busan I called some many times to seol branch/ emirates air line (which is the only number made available to me by Emirates for baggage problems). Twice someone picked-up the phone and told me how difficult a job it is to retrieve baggage, took my phone number to call back. And that's it. then I informed MY Company in Abudhabi to follow the matter. My company were informed that eimirates air line told them that they have dispatched the bag and we have to to deal with korean section /emirates airlines. I personally used roaming charges calls to talk to the nr [protected] in dubai but were in vaein and waist of time.

Stayed in busan some 3 night failed to accomplished my business trip as I had a lot of documents and some important paper in that bag. At last I came with promise that the DUBAI OFFICE WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM FOR ME TILL THIS DATE WAITING AND CALL EVERY WEEK TO FOLLOW UP nn it is never ending story. Waiting... till mircale prevails.

Dec 09, 2007 12:00 am EST

A friend of mine flew to Dubai on Tuesday 4th December 2007, he packed one bag for a three month trip. When he arrived in Dubai his bag went missing, after trying everything he could at Dubai Airport and missing his flight to Austria, I also contacted Jo-burg Emirates, as well as his travel agent. Unfortunately no-one can help. What is a person suppose to do? Is it worth traveling with Emirates when so many people are complaining about the same problem? If that bag does not get found I will make sure that every newspaper and every tourist and travel agent gets to hear and see what is happening on their airline!

Sep 23, 2007 12:00 am EDT

I was flying with Emirates from Mumbai to Dubai and Dubai to Manchester on the 20/09/2007. However from Manchester I had a connecting flight to Isle Of Man on Flybee. I have already lodged a complaint at the Isle Of Man airport for missing baggage. It has been 4 days now and I have not heard from them. When I called them, they informed me that they have not yet received the baggage and requested me to call Emirates. When I called Emirates they said that they cannot help me, as the last flight was on Flybee. This is ridiculous that none of the Airlines could help me. I will never fly by Emirates ever again.

Jan 11, 2015 11:41 am EST

dear emirates i not received luggage MY FLIGHT WAS kar to dubai ...then dubai to tunis...n tunis to tabruk libya...but i not receive my luggage in tubruq flight was on 27 dec 2014...ihave 2 bags my luggage number is below kindly help me out
EK 591430
EK 4591431

Oct 16, 2014 5:12 pm EDT
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When you post an experience about the delayed or lost or stolen baggage, they get removed we have submitted one and the day after it was removed! Further more we have now referred to the staff in Dubai -, same result, lots of emails forward and back, still no resulting action, about the missing suitcase and or payment or compensation of lost values!

Oct 09, 2014 12:37 pm EDT
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I also lost my luggage traveling from Dubai to Karachi and Toronto. My luggage was missed during Dubai Karachi flight I called so many times to Emirates but no one even reply me I just check my luggage update via tracker and it still show we are tracking you luggage please patience. Its almost 3 weeks and feedback from one of the biggest airline of the world (they claim) but their services are worst.
If any one know how I deal with this air line please reply me I am really frustrated.
Asim Siddiqui
[email protected]

Mar 20, 2014 1:10 am EDT

###ing Emirates...
Stole my item from my baggage but still now don't give me back.
Its my report number DPR D/10544

Dec 15, 2013 12:19 am EST

Dear Sir /Ma,

I was a passenger on the Eamirate Airline no: EK408 that flew from Frankfurt to Dubai on the 7th of Dec 2013. The plane touched down at about 5:17am the following day (an early Sunday morning).
I left my black nokia phone in the plane just very close to where I had sat; the phone was left inside the seat pocket of the seat that was in front of me. I sat by the window and my seat number was 27J.Please, all the three seat pockets on this particular row should be checked!
The phone is very important because of the vital pieces of information I had inside- ( All my contacts and the information about my trip to Frankfurt are contained in the phone) I have tried to contact the Emirates Office of my Country, Nigeria, but they have not been quite responsive ( seems they have been preoccupied with some other issues).
My phone number is: + [protected] – calls to the number may not be possible at the moment because the battery is down.My email address is: [email protected]
I am still optimistic that the phone is there because I carefully tucked it in one of seat pockets in front of where I ‘d sat.
I would surely appreciate whatever help you could render in this regard.

May the Lord continue to broaden your horizon and guide you in all your operations.

Kind regards,

Giwa Akintunde Ayodeji (Mr)

Dec 12, 2007 12:00 am EST

I am so frustrated with Emirates airlines,who lost my luggage with my all belongings from the trip Las Vegas-New York-Dubai.Cant believe it would happened with such a big and respective company! And the worse, noone seem to care or call me,the number has given to me [protected]), i call every day and its hard to get trough and i after i get chance to talk to someone,they give me wrong information,l ies, promises to call me back (which they never did!). I am so lost and don't know if there any responsible devision for that. I have a shock of my life and will never trust the to leave my luggage with Emirates airlines!

Mar 01, 2010 3:28 pm EST

I left Toronto Feb. 5 2010 aboard Emirates Airline headed for Dubai, then Afghanistan. When I arrived in Dubai I was informed that my bag was still in Toronto and they reassuringly told me I would have it in Kabul Feb. 10 2010. Well the 10th came and went and it is now march 1 2010 and I still have no bag. To say the least I have been treated poorly to say the least. I work in the Canadian Embassy and working for almost 1 month without a change of clothes is DISPICABLE! Emirates doesn't seem too concerned at all where my bag is or even looking for it. They now blame Toronto and say its there. My wife has phoned twice daily trying to figure what the heck is going on, and she is no closer than I am. Dubai has not kept in contact with me, even tho I had given them my e-mail address and phone number at the embassy. I have worked all over the world and BY FAR this is the WORST airline I have ever travelled on. EMIRATES AIRLINES IS A DISAPPOINTING, RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES, THIS ISN'T THE LAST YOU HEARD FROM ME!

Stephen Knowles

Sep 17, 2010 9:16 pm EDT
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I'm an unfortunate gold member of Emirates Airline who lost his luggage during a flight EK362 from Dubai to Guangzhou. I was on a business trip and all the important files and docuemnts were in luggage.
to my horror i was not able to find it on the belt and when complaint in the Missing Luggage counter, the attitude was ridiculous. They have given me a form and later given me track number CANEK12571... and that's it.
I've been following them since then (i.e 5 days) and the response is simple "'We are unable to find your bag, and we can't do anything, wait for few days". These...idiots can't even understand and realize that how important these trips are and what a huge loss i've to bear because of their negligence.

Sep 18, 2010 7:27 am EDT

Dear Sir

I lost my baggage and got it back.
However, someone opened my baggage and took some items.
And I reported it to your staff(Mr.Hamza) in Dammam airport.

He said 1month ago the items are in Dubai airport.
I have tried to call Mr. Hamza 100 times this week.

It is obvious that he is avoiding my call.
I checked the baggage service center next to Hamza’s office.
They said Mr.Hamza was in the office.
But nobody took my phone.

I need to get my ###ing I POD back.

Your company service is worst in the world!

Return my ###ing I POD!

I will put all conversations with Mr.Hamza in YOUTUBE!

========this is what I faxed to Hamza 16/August=============

Tel : [protected]
Fax : [protected]

To : Emirate airline Dammam airport manager(883 7861/ Mr.Hamza)
From : Akiko, Ueda (Park, sunghwan)
Subject : Missing articles

Reference : BAHEK40382

This is Park, sunghwan who is Akiko’s husband.
Today, I got my missing baggage in Dammam airport.
When I checked my baggage, It was already opened by someone.
There were no locks(2locks) on the baggage.

There were also missing items inside.
It is obvious that someone took them.


[email protected]

Please check it and let me know the reason.

Please use e-mail : [email protected]

Feb 23, 2012 3:46 pm EST
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I returned yesterday 22nd February from what should have been a holiday of a lifetime. I flew from Birmingham airport with emirates to Dubai then on to Sri Lanka. Upon arriving at Sri Lanka on the 7th February my suitecase did not. My details were taken and photocopies of passport, tickets etc were left with the airport. E-mails were exchanged between myself and SriLanka airport in which I gave a brief description of what was in my case. He said Birmingham and Dubai had had these details but no-one had my case.
This was a holiday to celebrate my 50th birthday and my 30th wedding anniversary and so I had bought new things and saved for a long time for this to happen. As you can imagine this has totally ruined everything I left Sri Lanka airport in tears thinking how unfair this was. I have had no clothes, no evening wear no make up, jewellery etc for the whole of my holiday despite me chasing this up. Today 23rd February I have just had a telephone call from Birmingham airport to say they have my case (which I presume has been with them for the whole fortnight while I have had the worse most depressing holiday I have ever had which should have been the best) and will be delivering it to my home address. This is disgusting as this could have been found the day after I arrived on holiday not the day after I have returned.
Dubai airport was the last straw for me. Being a smoker on a long flight is not easy. On arrival at dubai I had 15 minutes spare after which I had to check in for onward journey. I ran around the airport to find a smoking room (without success as this was not signposted) then noticed people smoking in a wine bar. I went in and lit a cigarette. When I explained I had no time for a drink I was told very nastily to put the cigarette out and get out the bar. It was obvious if I wanted to pray there were plenty of prayer rooms but no-where for you if you smoke. This is discrimination for the smoker. This is against human rights.

On all Emirates (which I was led to believe are a good company) were absolutely rubbish. I also wish to mention I did not receive a meal on my return flight as the staff were coming back to me but never did. I am absolutely disgusted with all aspects of the service I have received and would like this complaint to be DEALT WITH as a matter of urgency.

Yours faithfully

Debbie Smith

Jun 10, 2008 1:57 am EDT

Dear Sir,
I am Syed Mujahid Hussain Shah from Pakistan and with great regret in writing to seeking help in regards of my lost baggage (AHLDXBEK959491) during my flight journey on board the country notable airline EMIRATES AIRLINE flight EK607 from Karachi to Dubai on 6th April 2008.For your kind information, I have lodged a report to the concern airliner customer service and senior claim assistant in charged (Asilya Mukhidinova) in regards of this matter and they promised to deliver my baggage to me at the soonest possible but yet still I did not receive my baggage nor any good response from them till today. The items inside my baggage are camera, watch, cloths, documents and Hepatitis B medicine made in South Africa (worth AED35000) which I very much need to stay alive, therefore my total claim for this baggage is AED47000. Your urgent attention to this matter will much oblige and I can be contacted at my mobile number [protected]. Thank you.

Dec 13, 2008 9:22 am EST

1. Arrive in Dubai from Johannesburg on flight EK 763 -16 November 2008
2.Baggage number EK 364510
3. Fly from Dubai to Iraq on flight 603 ( Jupitor)- 17 November 2008

Baggage still missing after numerous e- mails-Somewhere someone dont care.

[email protected]

Jan 20, 2010 6:53 am EST

To ALL at Emirates Airlines,

I would like to put in a complaint about the gentleman at the check -in counter at birmingham airport (bhx), who refused to check my baggage to blantyre, malawi, on 15th August 2009 despite me pleading with him.

I explained to him that when we reach O R Tambo international, Jo'Burg, we will only have 1 hour before checking in to the flight to Blantyre, and i have 3 young children with me, it will be impossible for me to check out and be able to check in again, we will miss the flight. He bluntly refused to help me, and put the baggage tags on with BHX, via DXB via JNB. I was helpless and tensed throughout the entire 2 flights, wondering how we were going to manage on our arrival at O R Tambo International.

When we arrived Dubai we met my friends who had travelled from Manchester, to Dubai, and then Jo'Burg through to Blantyre and there baggage was checked ALL the way through.

I told them about my dilemma and how I was going to manage with the children, we asked an assistant at Dubai airport who told us there will be someone in Jo'Burg who will be able to help us on our arrival.

On our arrival at O R Tambo, as we left the aircraft a lady wearing an Emirates Airline badge asked to see our baggage tags and whether any baggages needed to be transferred. She asked me where we were travelling to and I replied Blantyre, she looked at her watch and told us to hurry, as we did not have much time and she will handle our baggages and transfer it to the QM202 FLIGHT. She gave me new baggage tag numbers and assured me that she will make sure she puts them onto the flight.

We luckily just made it on the flight as it was overbooked, and on arrival to blantyre ''NO BAGGAGES''

I want Emirates Airlines to know what a NIGHTMARE it has been ever since. Had the gentleman on the Emirates checked us in through to Blantyre, we would have not experienced such an inconvenience that we are still experiencing TODAY.

The last airline to fly you is the airline that will be responsible for solving your baggage problem. Is that not the reason why passenger baggages are checked through to the final destination giving the last carrier the responsibility to trace the baggage?

As far as Emirates Airlines are concerned we were not checked through to our final destination and do they have proof that the missing baggage did leave BHX? did the baggage get to DXB? did the baggage leave DXB and arrive AT O R Tambo?

We are very very disappointed with Emirates Airlines, the service, the poor response, and worst of all not checking our baggage through to our final destination which is why we are missing our baggage.

My children do not ever want to travel with Emirates Airlines as they think it is a cruel plane, which took so much away from them.

Raihana Seedat

Oct 01, 2013 2:27 pm EDT

I travelled on emirates from London Gatwick to Dubai and Riyadh. on the 1st aug 2013 and returned via same flight on the 16th aug 2013. I am not sure but feel I left my prescription prada black brown/orange colour on the plane along with my book passion for jesus. pls if found pls contact me on [email protected] so I can be reunited especialy with my glasses.
mrs adio

Feb 26, 2013 1:25 am EST
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Please can you give me contact details for lost property, I left my reading glasses on Emirates airline and cannot find anywhere to locate lost property?

S. Welsh

[email protected]

Feb 04, 2013 2:59 am EST


Jan 24, 2013 12:55 pm EST
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Hi I'd left me Cannon Digital camera with bag, spare battery and two 32 GB memory sticks under my seat on flight EK 434 from Dubai to Brisbane. After coming out of my flight the flight attendant wouldn't let me go back in and said to catch my connecting flight to Auckland and register a lost property form there. I did that and after being two days they tell me it's not found, I've lost all my memories of a family trip
And the last photos of my grandparents on it, how can some thing go
Missing within such a short time frame? And wouldn't they have cameras on the flight? I will keep ringing every day but we are terribly upset and think emirates must be responsible for such poor follow up if not more
Emphasis should be put on stealing fr
Flights by either cleaning staff or cabin crew ?

Jan 24, 2013 12:50 pm EST
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I've left my digital cannon camera with case and tow 32Gb memory sticks under my seat no 20B on flight Ek434 from Dubai to Brisbane on 23 Jan 2013 and after filling in the forms with lost property the airport staff told me nothing was found when I def left it on the plane and could of retrieved it right away had they let me go in and get it right away. Instead I was told to fill in the form at Auckland airport after my next connecting flight to New Zealand. All my family trip photos and my great grandmothers photos are gone. If you find any info please email me on [email protected]
I feel as though it was a waste of a trip and its not about the claim for the camera but the memories that were on it. Do they not have cameras on the plane?

Sep 14, 2012 4:52 pm EDT


Aug 13, 2012 10:18 pm EDT

There are lot of thief's inside Emirates, they just steal things from the baggage and when checked for the investigation, they will say that they cannot provide any information as it is internal investigation. I have lost a Phone, Pad, Wireless Charger, Watch and they were broken from the boxes. The Phone was stoles with the box. As per the information, this is ongoing issue with at Dubai. Officials from the Emirates Dubai just drag the complaint and conversations and even talk rude. They know the that they were stolen and ready to give me the claim as well, but they are offering me nothing. I can't even afford buying the phone that I lost with that amount of money. In case anyone really can do here, write me back I can give you the case id or else it is okay, I am going to post these information all over as I have been a victim of losing everything that we felt like having great happiness.
I will not take Emirates flight again and ever and will ask none of them to use it.

Apr 01, 2012 10:12 am EDT
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Dear Sir,

My name is Suneer Babu I am traveled EK563 Calicut to Dubai on 28Th march 2012 That time my money wallet is missing That included my driving licence credit card and oTher personal documents my mail ID is [email protected]

Dec 31, 2011 6:25 am EST

Dear sir,
On board EK 348 from Dubai to Colombo on 30th December 2011 we were seated in row no: 29. My son has left his gift bag of emirates to which he has included some of his other gifts and we would be very grateful if the bag could be returned to us. My seat no was 29 G,

Best regards,
Kapila Dayaratne
Mobile :- +[protected]
Residence :- +[protected]
E mail [email protected]

Nov 27, 2011 2:12 am EST
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Dear sir i had purchased a brand new SEKONDA watch code [protected] white dial, from bkk to hkg flight ek0384, from bkk duty free, Date 26.11.2011. It was placed in my laptop bag placed overhead baggage compartment. I remember i had placed my baggage not on top of my seat due no space so kept a little fwd from my seat 78H, in same place. But when i came back to home and excitingly opened by laptop bag to take it out to my daughter it was not there and hence missing. Could not expect this at an emirates flight. I dont know how and where to approach emirates as there is no section for this type of lost and found section in emirates. There office today in hkg is also closed. If anyone can help pls send me email at [email protected] I am skyward member EK282359243.

Nov 23, 2011 6:58 pm EST
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Dear Sir/Madam

Salaam !

This is to report a lost of my memory stick (small, approx. 2 x 3 cm) for the camera on the Emirates the particulars of which are as following:

1. Flight No. EK 051
2. Date: 22. Nov, 2011
3. From: Dubai ( DXB )
4. To: Munich (MUC)
5. Departure time: 16:30
6. Seat No. 30 J (or next to it)

I would be more than appreciative to be given any lead of wether it has been found or not.

Thanks & kind regards,

Sep 06, 2011 5:53 am EDT
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i lost a cellphone model:n97 nokia black in fly iran to dubai, one month ago.i don't have my fly number.
please help me
my mail adress:[email protected]


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