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My 80+ year old mother ordered an Emco Storm door through the Home Depot in Holiday Fl on Dec 11, 2008 and the door was installed by Home Depot on Jan 14, 2009. It is falling apart. I suspect this is because it was a special order and the lazy worker's at Emco just cut down a larger door and didn't seal the outer edges of the frame properly. I submitted a very well documented warranty claim with Emco on Nov 20, 2012 and received an immediate acknowledgement of my submission advising me that I should expect to hear back from their Warranty Department in approximately ten (10) business days.
I contacted them again 15 days later because I had not received any response from their Warranty Department and was told "oops" that never got forwarded to them. The person I spoke to helpfully promised that she would send it on immediately.
It is now a total of 71 days since I submitted my warranty claim and still NO RESPONSE from Emco. I'm considering calling a lawyer and suing them for not just a replacement door but the cost of the re-installation of the new door (since their warranty does not cover this) plus legal fees. We will NEVER purchase any Emco or Anderson product again because they do not stand behind their products, they obviously have no intention of honoring their warranty and their customer service is deplorable.



  • Km
    KMCorrigan Feb 05, 2013

    A little follow-up to this matter.

    On Jan 31st I sent the email below to Emco and I copied the three senior executives at Emco Storm Doors in order to propell a response to the warranty claim.

    Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 7:28 PM
    To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
    Subject: Re: Warranty Claim - Request # ...

    It is now 71 days since I submitted this warranty claim on behalf of my mother.

    I have filed appropriate "feedback" regarding Emco Enterprises, Inc. and your Warranty Claims Department on and I have uploaded the supporting photographs which were submitted along with the warranty claim.

    Do I need to have our lawyer send a letter as well or should I just go ahead and file suit against Emco Enterprises, Inc. with the Florida Small Claims Court?

    If I do have to proceed to small claims court action then I should caution you that I will be suing Emco Enterprises, Inc. for not just the cost of a replacement door but for the costs of the installation of it as well as for any and all legal costs associated with the suit and any costs associated for my own time and effort.

    I am copying myself at my work address in case you think I'm not serious. You can easily look that up.

    <Edit re: Home Depot millwork specialist copied on email>

    Since I have been far more than patient with regard to this warranty claim I expect to receive a phone call updating me on the progress of it TOMORROW - that is Friday, February 1st.

    My work telephone number is 1-800-###-#### x ###

    With all due respect.

    On Feb 1st I received a phone call from the Home Depot Millwork specialist advising me that he had just been notified by Emco that the warranty claim was approved and the letter was on it's way to my mother.

    The email confirming this from Emco appeared in my in-box on Feb 4th.

    The letter of authorization from Emco for the replacement door arrived at my mother's house in FL the next day.

    A comment with regard to the letter of authorization that my mother received from Emco: It had been prepared, placed in an addressed envelope - then crumpled up into a little ball like it was garbage, then flattened out again and put into the post.

    Emco / Andersen Storm Doors' Customer Service and Warranty Claims Departments appear to need a major review and over-haul.

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  • Mr
    Mrs Dicesare Sep 23, 2013

    I too, have had no response from Emco on my storm door that is corroding. I have e mailed twice with no response and I have called but no one answered the phone. I then called Home Depot, where I purchased the door and the manager said I need to deal with Emco, but that he would call them and ask them to contact me. Not only is the door so badly corroded, but there is a white powder coming from the hole and there is an awful smell.

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  • Km
    KMCorrigan Sep 24, 2013

    Try ramping the complaint up by using the email addresses I posted above. Of course, I do have to caution you that I work for a Bar Association (lawyers... lots and lots of lawers) so when I threatened them with legal action they knew to take it very seriously.
    Good luck with your mission - and please do keep us posted.

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  • Km
    KMCorrigan Sep 24, 2013

    Try ramping up your complaint by using the email addresses I included above. I do have to caution you that I work for a Bar Association (lawyers, lots and lots of lawyers) so when I threatened to take legal action against them they knew that they had to take me very seriously. Good luck with your mission.. and please do keep me posted.

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  • Ma
    Mary Stellini Mar 10, 2015

    Warranty #8149578

    I, too, have an Emco storm door which I love. It has the pull down window and the screen is inside the door, From the day that I got it from Home Depot in Conshohocken, PA I have had problems but I am afraid that my latest problem, the peeling is going to be an on-going problem. It is peeling on top of the gold plate and looks bad. My previous problems were the door handle kept pitting and they sent me a new one and that too has does take away from the door! The lock has broken and no one can seem to fix it. For what I paid for this door (over $400.00) I am quite dissatisfied. The things, as mentioned above, that led me to buy this door was the storing of the screen. I also have a front storm door purchased from another supplier and I have never had a problem. Andersen today does not live up to the Andersen that I knew years ago...I believe the quality has dissipated. Please let me hear from you in order to resolve this situation.

    Thank you, Mary S..

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  • Da
    David Testa Aug 02, 2015

    With regards to my purchase today Sunday Aug 2nd at Home Depot in North Conway, NH 53 Barnes Rd.
    cashier Jennifer jjc5031
    034778278445 25ssn32wh/ 32 2500 nickel hardware $257.00
    I got home to put door on, opened box and to my surprise there was not one piece of hardware to be found. Not a screw, not a closer, not a handle,
    a big fat nothing. This home is for sale and I need it to be ready NOW not 10 days from now.
    Please overnight these parts.
    Thanking you in advance
    David Testa
    55 Hollow Hill Road
    Tamworth, NH 03886

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  • St
    Steve Ashcraft Oct 07, 2015

    I bought an Emco storm door from Home Depot in 2007. It rotted out and leaked when it rained. After only 3 years of service. They did replace the door but the replacement is rotting out in less than 4 years. I found out that these solid wood core doors are nothing more than particle board. Larson makes theirs the same way. No more so called wood core storm doors for me. I checked out Menard's and they have a steel storm door with a polyurathane core. It's called surviver and made by AJ. Can't find any complaints about their doors.

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  • Ka
    Katherine Paula Mock Dec 09, 2015

    12/9/2015 I order my Emco Storm door doors in 3/18/09/.In 2010.When I would try to close the fort door It would not close.I would try closeing it three, times & go out side to push it close.After I would push close, I would have to use my back door to get in. now 3/20/10 the back door, wouldn't close.I would ask friends.that I knew about the door not closeing they would say because of the cold.As winter came and left I would maybe it was why this was happen. In 2011.the door starting apart at the botton it did not look as bad. 11/15/15/ now the door is falling alway Apart I didn't know that the door was made out of wood.The in side & out side of the door has tape all on it to keep it togeather.EC#R 10283063 Al the has rottinn out.kathymock

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  • Di
    Diane Miller 2 Sep 30, 2016

    Replace storm door
    Diane Miller - 309 Powell Street, Syracuse NY 13209
    Claim # 10847563

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  • Dl
    D.Linscott Oct 14, 2019

    we purchased a small window 70 series in 2012 one night in the winter we got up to a shattered window with glass on the floor in hallway. As of June 2019 we have been playing tag with Anderson windows and silver line-emo and not one of them wants response ability to honor the warranty it was not broken by any family member. the seal was improper. So now with all this time we have had a window that doesn't work in summer and sealed up for winter.
    And now we have to order a new one.Both their web sights are useless,
    Very poor customer service and yes we did go back to home depot and they gave us the phone number to call and then we played back and fourth for three months and gave up.

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