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unauthorized debit of my bank account!

First off when I signed up. I had received 2 debits for 49.95. from my bank account. When I called they said that this was for my other user name. I was appalled and said when did I give you the authorization for this? They did not know what to say. Just that they were going to put the money back into my account in 3-5 business days. I said I want the money in there NOW! You did not have the problem deducting the money not once but twice. I want to see it by the end of the day. This was done. Then about a month ago my renewal was up. I received notices via e-mail that they attempted to deduct the 49.95 from my bank account and it would not go through. This bank account was canceled. It was funny that I could no longer find a number to call them. I sent an e-mail stating how upset I was. Still to this day a response has not been heard.

  • Ke
    kevin gillette Nov 07, 2007

    Seems like you had the problem solved. I dont see why your making a big deal out of this.

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  • Za
    zandra k. bullock Jan 30, 2008

    I agreed to let pogo games get 5.99 a month to allow me access to play their online games. I noticed they have taken 5.99 twice in 1 month. Is there any way i con retrieve that extra 5.99 to put back into my checking account? I feel i was purposely violated.

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  • Do
    doris elliott Apr 07, 2008

    my complaint is that almost a year ago i wanted to unsubscribe from club pogo i sent an e-mail and still every month 10.00 was taken out of my checking account. i e-mailed a second time and still my money is taken and the 3rd time i ask for a comfirmation letter that they recieved my request to unsubscribe and not charge my account anymore and then i immediately recieved the comfirmation letter last month and then again yesterday $39.99 was taken out of my account. I don't know what steps to take except to change my account number. I think they are a scam just to get peoples money once they have your card number.

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scam and cheating!

I paid for a year's subscription & can't get it activated the code they gave me won't work & when you try to get help from them, well THAT"S A JOKE. I have asked for my money back & I know that isn't going to happen, I am a very UNHAPPY CUSTOMER. This has been going on for 3 mos or so I have some ph.#'s etc. You all can try & maybe have better luck than me.

  • Pa
    Pam Mar 20, 2008

    File on-line a complaint witht the Better Business Bureau and the California attorney General's Office. Your credit card company can do something too.

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can't play checkers

I can't open checkers it keeps saying
game occupied. for two days.

Can't even open private room to play say leave??


Bev meffert

  • Mi
    Miss Marcella Denney Jun 20, 2009

    My Name is Marcella Denney, Pogo Club is a disgrace rip off the way they treat peoples their very unfair comypany they lie and their fake, in my heart their absolutey ridiculous, and I tell you why, in December
    9, 2006 I was playing Dice City Roller and all at once the light start flashing I couldn't believ I won the Jackpot for $3, 834.76 and it X 2 that come out to $7, 669.62, and they email me a Congratulations Letter and that I will receive it on monday February 12, 2007 nothing was receive so I try to contact them, I got really curious the keep ignore me, in May 15, 2007 they sent me a Discussion Thread response (ALEXL)! This Information was giging to me by the Pogo Club
    Message From EA online Support
    Dear Ancorglass46, your Electronic Arts Pogo Account has been flagged for Violating the terms of Service for Electronic Arts online. Violation: prohibited solicitation or Advertising while on the EA online Service post messages for any purpose other than personal! communications, including without limitation advertising, promotional materials, chain pyramid schemes, or make any commercial use of our service. Message love your freinds days. Send this all your freinds and me if I am 1. if you get 7 you are a true friends...________ if you get a dozen your________. s $$______ ____s $__________s$$$?_____
    you read the terms of service for Electronic Arts online by going to the following web. Address. $+$#:// the Electronic Arts support team is Available at #[email protected]*:// should you have any general questions or about the rule or its enforcement in the game, as we feel it is important to under rule completely before returning to the word.
    Customer Support Arts, Inc.
    it was a goddamn real diculus they kept on going a against me, I evening told them to take out the tax for the 1040, in September 28, 2007 their sent me a email that I was post to be cheating, They kept on lie in and try to keep cover them up, I paid them $39.99 a year to play, I have all my proof that I won the Jackpot and all the email my friends sent me to congratulations.
    In April 10, 2009 they sent me a email saying that my W-9 Forms was expired I told them that my Lawyer said nothing expired because I never receive it and they wouldn't never respond only give argument, they don't pay out, this is really stupid but it is real serious, because it unfair the way they treat the peoples try to (BRAINWASH THEM!)Their dishonestly and unfairly to win profit and take a advantage deprive of somthing by trickery, a person who cheat; deception, my point is regardless this will show everyones all their lies and fake, I got to a limit that I had to website to searches for all the private number for help, their doing for all the wrong reason, not to give us our money, they just don't want to coopereate I guess the I just have to but it in the Law Of the Judge decide who won the contest, their a lots of faud and dishonest trick, a person carrying this out, Well is their some one there who very honest to help us out there.
    Thank You Truly,
    Miss Marcella Denney

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Hey everyone, I too wanted to give you some information in regards to,, EA Sports... Report...

club pogo jackpots not paying!

I have been a club pogo member now for 5 years and last week I went into Spooky Slots to play. Well, I hit...

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not all club pogo games load

Hello, I signed for club pogo games on [protected] for the year... I paid the $39.99 and all the game...

fraud and cheating!

This game, NHL2017, is a complete rip off. EASports' website advertises all these large changes in store for this year's version, however they don't mention that the changes are only in console versions of the game. The PC version remains almost the exact same as NHL2017 with (slightly) updated rosters. Being swayed by hype of 'revolutionary' new gaming concepts that make NHL2017 "the most realistic hockey experience ever" (IGN) I purchased the game, took it home, and installed it. I played a few games and found that the graphics, sound, and rosters were exactly the same as last year (rosters as per latest downloadable patch). A friend purchased the same game for PS3 and invited me over to play it with him. Playing the PS3 version I found that the screens, graphics, controls, rosters, dynasty mode, create-a-player, game modes, and even the jerseys worn by the teams (updated for the NHL's new-look jerseys) were different from the PC version I had just purchased that same day. I have spent some of today looking around EA's website for an email to complain to, but to no avail... there is NO contact information unless I am a member of the press. I looked on their downloads page to see if there was any downloadable content to "de-crap-ify" my version, but the latest download for an NHL game was for NHL 2017... I then played a couple more games to see if I was just being sensitive and the same AI flaws (this same tough new AI advertised on the website) as NHL07 were hugely apparent. Don't buy this for PC, under any circumstances...

  • Ba
    Barry F Sep 16, 2007

    What it comes down to is EA has decided to deceive their loyal customers. I've been buying the NHL games from EA since 98. Thankfully I didn't buy 07. I now have it as it's been renamed to 08. I've supported this company when they were making games for the Amiga!! They've made thousands off me through all their games. I won't be so quick to support them from now on. It must be nice to be so big you can [email protected]%[email protected]% on the people who put you there.

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  • Ri
    rickcharles Oct 03, 2008

    you gotta understand EA and alotta companies are in for a hard future. US is in big trouble econmically and these companies inside the US are just as screwed. So yes they will rob you any chance they get, i have had EA bill me for products and services I have never recieved. BE extra careful with your personal info these days. There is gonna be alotta starvn people soon and they will do anything too stay alive

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  • Sk
    SKaREO Nov 15, 2011

    "you gotta understand EA and alotta companies are in for a hard future. US is in big trouble econmically "

    During the recession it is proven that the Entertainment industry always has and probably always will thrive. Video game sales have risen steadily over 13.7% for the past 6 years.

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  • Bi
    Bilbrane Jul 17, 2012

    Account Hacked and they have non resolved and it been over 6 months!!!

    The total amount of money spent this past Christmas on Microsoft points to redeem for EA sports FIFA 12 coins was $450.00. My sons FIFA account was hacked in Dec 2017 and all his coins and players/team(s) stolen. I contacted your EA sports help line. After approximately 1 mo. of investigation they replaced the hacked coins in his account/gamer tag. Within a day, the account was hacked again! I called again, explained what have had happened. They confirmed that the company was having security issues. EA rep provided me instructions on how to create a new gamer tag. I was told to call back once I completed so coins replaced in the NEW.

    We recd email approx 3 wks ltr that the coins were replaced. But going into his new gamer tag, there were no coins. I called again and explained and it seems that the coins were placed on the wrong gamer tag account. The coins were placed in the old gamer tag – the one that kept getting hacked. Several more weeks passed, and my son received an email saying that they conducted a review and no coins were hacked from the NEW gamer tag. They are correct. No coins have even been hacked in the new gamer tag. The old gamer tag was hacked and per EA’s recommended approach, a new one created and the coin were to be replaced in the NEW one to avoid the hacking issue that occurred twice on the same gamer tag.

    I called again on 4/16 and they agreed they made a mistake and would resolve. I have placed calls on the following dates to get status and still no resolution – 4/18, 4/19, 4/27, 5/2, 5/8, 5/16, 5/18, 6/11. I send emails to top executives in ea 3 times and no response.

    I finally open case with Better Business Bureau and Ea finally contacted me for resolution. They have replaced half the coins and one month later they still have not replaced the rest. The are now just offering a free video game for compensation for the remaining. THEY ARE HORRIBLE AND CLEARLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE SPENDING MONEY ON THEIR GAMES!

    They do not deserve our business!

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poor service!

I brought a years subscription from club pogo and they sent me an registration code confirmation. It say...

spades won't let me in to play!

I go into spades and it does everything it suppose to do, but it wont go into spades for me to play. It just stays there it say java, but then it just stays there . That's no cool cause i paid $5.99 a month and for this to happen that's not right. pogo can you please resolve my problem. now the e-mail i usually use is [protected] e-mail me there telling how can i go into spades and play cause I've been playing spades on pogo since 2005, and this is the first time this happen. The crazy thing is that i can go onto any game in pogo right now but not spades, why? That is my question.

  • Sk
    skip wilson Sep 19, 2008

    9-18-8 700 pm til 1245 am, high roller texas hold poker, the spin did not add my winnings to my total score, trying to scroll mini's did not work either, lost 1000's of tokens, sincerely, clubpapers

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  • Ly
    Lynvets24 Oct 01, 2008

    I think your dealing programs in all your card games stink to high heavens. They are not realistic. In real life all the games I have played, ie. Pinochle, Texas Hold'em, Solitare, etc. never in all my life have I ever seen hands that are dealt like in your dealing programs. I think you should go back and re-program your dealing programs so they are more realistic. It's nice to win a card game, but not when the dealing is so slanted.2e735

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unauthorized charge from bank acct!

I received my bank statement, & was charged $39.95 on June 25, 2007 from Pogo, which I never authorized. There was no number to contact them. I tried several times to send them an email to explain this charge, but never received an answer. (POGO/WWW.EA.COM CA).

  • Ve
    verna yeary Dec 16, 2007

    call this number 1-866-5435435 we had a billing problem too

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  • St
    steven May 24, 2008

    HI had a charge on my credit card that i didnt autothrize for $39.99 i found it when i got my statment i was looking at it.. I card the credit card and cancelled my card they sent me a new card in 5 days they said they are going to dispute it with ea aka pogo.. Does any one no a number i can car to report the fraud? thanks


    p.s i dont even play games on pogo .. never ever..

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  • Ca
    Cathleen Giaquinta-Smith Jul 21, 2008

    I have been charged 3 Years in a row for pogo services I have not used nor have I authorized the charges. The bank says the only thing I can do is close my account and start over and get a new card. I have emailed pogo several times requesting that I be taken off that list that I do not even play anymore and dont have the internet. Is there anything else I can do?

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  • Ma
    Mary Ruffin Aug 11, 2008

    August11, 2008

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I don't know if this is the right place to do this, but i would like to cancell my membership. I'M being charged each month and i don't use the service. So i do hope you can assist me with this or know you to refer this to.

    Thanks A Lot for your assist,
    Ms Mary Ruffin

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  • Br
    brandie Mar 20, 2009


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  • Jo
    jolo3639 Jun 08, 2009

    You charged my account twice not 39.99 but 43.39 and $1.00 Please correct this error.
    Thank you . Lois McCourt

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  • Sq
    squirrelnelle Jul 01, 2010

    u charged my card 2 times in 1 month fix or i will cancel. i am not paying 2 payments for 1 month service. 1 charge on 06-08-10. also06-21-10. $5.99 a month not every 2 weeks. reply at email address. thank you! not happy

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  • Sq
    squirrelnelle Jul 01, 2010

    charge3d 2 months at $5.99 for games within 2 weeks. fix or cancel. dont over charge the little people!

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jackpots are fake!

On June 12, 2007 I won a Jackpot for $3,611.12 and they won't pay. I have never used any automated...

can't contact them about games

Why is it that won't accept complaints? I pay good money to play their games and their game...

I won the jackpot, but they wont pay!

I won a jackpot which was doubled since i have been a member for 4-5 years now. Finally after doing all the...

it is all a big huge lie!

Hey everyone, I wanted to send you some information I found out today. I hope you will pass this to every pogo player you know, so pogo knows we are on to them. Today while playing in Mahjong, I noticed someone had won another jackpot and the winnings were doubled, meaning they were a member. Well my curiosity got the better of me, so I added this person to my friends list, and followed them into the room they were in.

When I got there, the room was in a buzz, Marilyn33C was not talking to anyone, and it showed this person as a watcher but when you sat at the table you could not see Marilyn33C. Hmmm, gets stranger.

Come to find out this person is not a member, but playing under a guest pass. Now how did they get the double jackpot, or did they get a jackpot at all. One of the other members who was mad, started checking out all the past winners from this week.

It's seems that NONE of them are members, but playing under guest passes. So who are these people, do they exist, or is Pogo just playing all of us as fools. I have since emailed pogo to let them know we are onto them. One of the other players in that room is notifying the FBI. This is serious folks, Pogo takes our membership money and I will admit I have more then received my portion of fun from the cost.

But the big picture is that they tell us we have a chance to win this big Jackpot, which many of us could really use, and then we find out it is all a big huge LIE. I am not sure where to go from here, but I wanted to let all my friends in pogo to know what was going on.

So please send this to everyone on your list, who knows maybe we'll start winning!

  • Jo
    Joey Aug 07, 2007

    The spiel means nothing. So what if this person is in a room and is a watcher and does not chat. I rarely see an uproar over any Joe Schmoe not talking, or watching at a table; let alone a jackpot winner! Frivolous complaint right there. I see you say nothing about non jackpot winners, so it's okay for everyone else and not jackpot winners?

    And people win on guest passes. SO WHAT? People are allowed to win on guest passes. Picking one random person and commenting on pogo cheating, is not proof!

    Also following this person, is Stalking! Not good to encourage people to break the rules.

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  • Re
    RedC0ugar Aug 20, 2007 doesn't have a clue about Customer Service. Expect your questions to end up unanswered. I've been attempting to contact them for 9 months, regarding my previous screen names. I explained I'm trying to locate old pals, they knew me under my previous name which pogo will not let me change back to. Pogo refuses to respond to emails, phoning their office is a lost cause. Years ago pogo would allow players to change their names (daily)...when got involved, without warning they changed that policy. They won't let us get back our old names, nor will they address customer issues.

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  • Ch
    Char Jan 11, 2008

    I am concerned. I have been playing in multiple common gaming rooms and not once have I found a winner. Many of the players are complaining that who ever wins doesn't seem to appear again. Call me crazy but I have won big jackpots at the casino and trust me once you win you don't go away. You come back to play some more. I have checked the profiles of people on line and have yet to find a jackpot winner. If Pogo is only to have fun I can accept that but it is wrong to tell people they can win a jackpot if one doesn't exist.

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  • Fr
    Frosty Apr 04, 2008

    Pogo, is the worst that I ever came across as far as customer service is concerned. They cheet you out of Jackpots, They take your money than toss you for stupid reasons so you can just sign up again under another screen name. Will not here any arguement that you have and the word no is all they know.

    If anyone has made any progress in a law suite, I would love to join the fight !

    Time and time again they are cheeting us and say we are the one's cheeting this is plain old B.S.

    I have never came across such a bunch of un- proffessional's in my life. We need to do something about them.

    I have never came across someone who has won a jackpot it's plain old sad that they cheet us and take our money.

    Thanks for reading this.

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  • Ma
    maredith Jun 14, 2008

    I recently won the five dollar gift in the jackpot, about two weeks ago. Today I got an email stating that my prize of five dollars was forfeited because I was "cheating". After that, I think they are full of it. I don't think they give out prizes to real winners, and when they do, they claim they are cheating. I have never used an auto, nor do I know what the heck they are. Not to mention I always chat in every room I'm in, and I am running on Windows ME. If anyone has Windows ME still they know there is NO software that is compatible with it anymore...Pogo is a hoax.

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  • Tr
    tricked Jan 07, 2009

    POGO players be warned: I've played games with people that set their own rules so they never loose a game; many people quit when they are losing so you end up playing the computer; a few told me they use to be members but the site automatically charges your credit card and they couldn't contact anyone at POGO to stop the payments so they had to call their bank; the computers occasionally kick you off while playing so you have to keep a record of where you are playing in order to get back in; and some players can be rude. Play but play with caution!

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  • Vi
    violet buchanan Jul 08, 2009

    I am still having trouble signing in to the web site with my paid account, but am able to log in with my other account that is not paid. Now i see why. I am just quiting, not worth the aggrevation.

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cannot access club pogo

Have been playing long time. OK . Suddenly, I can access Club Pogo, access games I like and when I start to...

league bowling in temporary room and advertising jump numbers

This league called the tazzmaniacs are setting up a league in temporary room 239 and we feel that pogo should address this problem asap and we cant have no fun here because theres way too many of there members here.

We feel pogo should address this problem and please we need your help asap. Pogo should address leagues rooms and start times and designated lanes times for leagues.

Thank you

  • Li
    Lisa F Habig May 22, 2007

    I have a problem I have an account with Pogo that is paid for and my sister in law and other of her family members who have pogo are sending me emails and sending viruses to my computer. I want to keep my account and was wondering if I can change my user name because they are following me and harassing me. Thank you, Lisa Habig.

    I enjoy playing the games and have accumulated alot of tokens and hate to lose them on an account that is paid for but they know my user name and are harassing me.

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  • Ba
    Bambi May 15, 2009

    This is a response to JOe Halsey:: Sorry you feel this way about leagues coming into what you are calling your room. Don't know if you are aware even league members pay dues to play pogo. If the league is kind and well mannered, please allow them to play without complaint. Believe me as a league owner I would much rather have a members room to hold league games in, but it is very hard to find rooms where you can hold tourneys, that other leagues have not already claimed.

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can't get in to renew!

The link they put in my e-mail keeps coming up unavailable. Sent several replies but get same message and...

no refund on services not incurred! has a ridiculous cancellation policy. They made no effort to contact us by email (I haven’t...

unable to find out to discontinue pogo service

I can no longer afford to pogo $12.00 a month and i want this service discontinued. I'm on a fixed income. I have been unable to find out how to discontinue this service.

  • Sa
    Sandy Jul 24, 2007

    Quote from another thread here... "For everyone who needs help with POGO. It is run by EA Games. Here is their phone number (650) 628-1500 It is a call center . Feel free to pass it along to anyone and everyone in Pogo. They will give you their standard reply that they are looking into it. Do NOT fall for it. Ask for an administrator or supervisor."

    If that doesn't work, call your bank and tell them to not accept charges on your account from Pogo or EA Sports.

    HTH! GL!

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  • Ei
    Eilena Jul 06, 2008

    Just call your bank or credit card company and tell them to block any future payments to that should do it...

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  • Lu
    lukebandit Dec 26, 2008

    yes, dear. call your bank and tell them that you decided to cancel them and they are still charging you. tell them you want them to block pogo from charging you. it is call unauthorized charges. God Bless you.

    P.s. Phil. 4:13 I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.

    best wishes,

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  • Sh
    shirleyfo Jun 14, 2010

    I've been with pogo since 2003 and have never won nothing but wallpaper. When they show the winners you never reconized the names, they are all made up. I just paid my 39.95 for the year believe me it will be my last payment too them as they are a big rip off and all they are doing is taking our hard earned money. This was one of my only enjoyments in life as I am retired. I have better places to put my money, , not to some rip offs. I hope someone will be able to do something to this so -called company.

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the balls get stuck and nothing happens

Pogo "Lottso" during the games the balls get stuck or nothing happens for one game, or no balls come up. Thank you in advance.

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