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jackpot investigation

Looking further into the multiple complaints against Pogo and EA games, I decided to keep a detailed record of all "winners" of any and all Pogo Jackpots. My findings were quite interesting:

Of 3, 212 documented $4, 999.99 jackpot "winners, " 2, 859 of them all had screen names using a complete first name and last initial.

Of those, 2, 837 were either inactive very old accounts, or brand new.

Interestingly enough, 2, 944 of 3, 652 jackpot amounts below the maximum were denied to the winner for supposed "fraudulant activity" such as claims of the winner using cheat software, etc. Of the accounts that were paid, most amounts were less than $200.00.

It is my firm belief after much investigation, that Pogo and EA games are mass advertising these massive "jackpots" to lure unsuspecting gamers into purchasing their subscriptions. I believe from my findings that Pogo and EA games in collusion together have created a system of "ghost" accounts and set the jackpots to strike these accounts specifically in most cases to minimize their losses.

The lack of contact information provided on their pages also suggests that they are indeed attempting in every way to be inaccessible to their member community, thus adding to the suspicion that there is definitely some ulterior motives at work.

In conclusion, I'd like to advise any and all Pogo and EA game players to use extreme caution. Their terms and conditions for paying out of jackpot winnings find a HUGE loophole in the online industry, and they use it quite frequently to their own advantage.

The fact that the internet is so vulnerable to hacking is precisely the loophole Pogo and EA needed to exploit their users by claiming their accounts have been hacked in order not to pay out the jackpot. The fact that it is so hard to prove otherwise is exactly why Pogo and EA continue to get away with these claims. The only way to prove 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt is for federal authorities to seize all Pogo and EA softwares, databases and servers and investigate internally. I can pretty much assure you, much to my dismay, that will never happen.


  • An
    Ange Oct 27, 2008

    It does actually say in Ms Netiquette that winners have the option of putting their screenname OR their real first name and surname initial expressly for the purpose of stopping people looking them up.

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  • Po
    Pogo Staff Oct 29, 2008


    I have some information that hopefully will help you all.
    If you wish to contact Electronic Arts/ Pogo it's rather simple.
    They have two phone numbers.

    1-(650)-628-1500 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. PST Pogo
    To use this option, press 0 to speak with an operator and ask to speak with a live representative regarding your Pogo or Club Pogo account.
    Your best bet would probably to try to get ahold of Jay Averill, he's the general manager at for Electronic Arts.

    1-(866)-543-5435 24 Hour Phoneline Electronic Arts
    Select My Account, Make a Payment, Say Yes to using a credit card, press two.
    This will get you a live person to speak with...

    Hopefully this helped!

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  • Sn
    Snofy Apr 06, 2009

    I've been a member since pogo began. I have never won a jackpot, nor do I foresee winning one. I will say this, for the amount of money we pay per year, you will not find entertainment better than this. So, what if you don't win? You win in the long run by finding friends on here. What's money compared to that?

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  • Si
    siege Nov 24, 2009

    Great investigation. I've been a pogo member since 2004 and I've never run across anyone who has won and actually been given a cash prize before--not even $50--yet I've met plenty of people who have won Pogo hats and various other pogo memorabilia. It seems that in almost 6 years I should have at least "met" 1 cash prize winner. I'm convinced they don't exist.

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harassing people

this is for all the people that SphynxIady harasses in pogo her real name is susan capelli her telephone # is [protected] she harasses everone with lindsay another fat loser ev1 give her a call and tell her off

  • Ny
    nyhottie Oct 18, 2008

    She does harass but I have to say she is always nice. Lindsay is the beauty of the group and most of the people who complain that she harasses are very jealous. I won't put my phone number up because i don't want to get calls. I am IPrintMyOwnRed3s and I am a huge cheater on pogo so I don't want a bunch of phone calls.

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  • Ny
    nyhottie Oct 20, 2008

    Haha, LindsayMarieBev. Julia got married on the weekend and it went well. We had a cake. I don't care that Dodgemegacab4u thinks I don't trust her cause she is a huge cheat anyway. Not to mention, her husband Doug thinks you are beautiful and she is furious over that one.

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  • Sp
    sphynxlady Oct 20, 2008

    You guys are all nuts. I just called that number and it is a doctors office. Why don't you all just play the game and stop being so stupid. Dodge, we know you are a cheat. Linda, you want everyone to like you. Sphynxlady, you are condescending to everyone. Lindsay, you might be beautiful but you should stay out of the mile because iprintmyred3s is so in love with you he makes it bad for the rest of us.

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  • Ma
    maggie Mar 05, 2009

    It so sad to see that a person has to tell their self how beautiful they are in a POGO game room
    There has to be somthink very sick with that person to feel so bad about themself that that's where they go to feel better.
    This person and her frind doodlebug..mgc...mountainslionwife... lyndeymariebev... the list does go on
    to many I would have to say.
    They are the most hated people on POGO
    I dont see the thrill they get from this.I work for doctors and they say something is very wrong
    sad that if you google their names its in pogo complaints on the internet
    WOW sad
    and the numbers is true so you didn't call that one
    or your one of them

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  • Fr
    FRODOBUS13_ Sep 24, 2009

    my name is Frodobus13 and I play in dice city roller. I happen to know that sphynxlady and lindajean66 are amazing people. They are always nice to me, and I am not the easiest person to deal with. I am angry and I dont really know why people dislike me. But anyway, thats just the way it is.

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  • Si
    Sincity55200 Oct 27, 2011

    To all pogo players.. Be very carefull of 2 players in pogo.. One is Stalik, the other is Tease4meB. These two plaayers will hack into your profile..Some how this player Stalik can get all your important infomation. Like your full name, you home address, and your home phone #.. I am not making up one word of this.. If you get the chance.. Look at there profiles. You will see all kinds of phony names in them..

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Clubpogo received my moms' order on Mothers Day 2008. Shes's had nothing but problems the lastest being full page advertisments come on the screen. That has not been the case until today. Now she plays for maybe 5 mins. with a Listerine Bottle fazed on the back of the page. Come on guys, sup-
posedly after paying for the exclusive members club. Also when she signs on she no longer gets a full screen of games. It has been reduced by half. I just cannot believe this is a paid subscription. She has another 8 months of this junk...have you found any solutions? Please help????

  • Li
    Linda L. Whitson Nov 17, 2008

    I can get my way t pogo but I can't play the games, I have lost my run time and cannot get it back tried everything can you help me, your what to do just doesn't work

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  • Ma
    Mary Volinchak Jan 10, 2010

    I cant get on club pogo, I have my new cridit card, its a debit card, its taken and then next time I cant get on, please help. Marys Gone Bingo

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losing my pogo

Issued Club Pogo 2/2008 and it was disconnected from my PC in August. It was paid up for a year with credit...

re: not paying jackpots

Regarding all of you complaining about pogo. Do a search for California Attorney General's office. It...

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mahjong garden not working properly

I am a paying member of Club Pogo at around 3:00 am central time i was notified that the servers would be shutting down. So I closed out my game I was in which was mahjong garden. I knew my dragon was 70 years old and my rank was breathing fire. Two hours later I log in to find that it will not load my previous rank or dragon and that it has begun all over. when you check my stats it shows how old the dragon is but when you log out of the game it starts you all over again.

your games are running slow

I've been a member for some years now and never like this before. It is to slow and not running at all.

The games are running like turtles, the balls are not falling into place.

I've braodband and a new system what's the problem now, fix it. I need my games to work.

rip off artists and thieves

As soon as I received my credit card bill I noted they had charged me $39.99. I did not authorize them to...

unauthorized charges

I paid to join ea/pogo last year. After I joined I could never play chess, either I could not get into a room or it would stop working during a game. The whole thing might freeze up. I would ask for help and never receive an answer. I think for $39.99 a year one should get service for what you pay for. I quit trying to play on their web site and went else where. I completely forgot about pogo until I received my credit card bill today Aug, 2008 and there was another charge for $39.99. I never signed up for recurring charges and never left my card on their web site. The card was expired so should never have been used. I am going to turn them into the FTA and CA Attorney General s office unless I get my money back.

billing error

Sorry i dont talk very well!But i have a complaint to charge me two times my bill on may and july 2008 i want to know for what.Please send me my money 41.99$+tx=43.24$.They charge me on two credit card .master card canadian tire and master card mosaik.Please help me

fraud and scam

Uploaded to new browser version Mozilla/firefox3.01 and could not play my favorite games with my other...

games freeze

For the last two months, I have been unable to play ANY of the Club Pogo games without my computer freezing and giving me the message "Not Responding". I cannot play a complete game. I do not have this problem with any other site so it is not my computer. Either fix the program or I am not renewing my subscription ~ I've been a member since 2002. I can spend my money at other game sites and play a complete game.

  • Fu
    furby415 Jul 24, 2008

    I received this e-mail from Pogo when I was having trouble playing and freezing all the time. I installed a different version of Java (Microsoft Virtual Machine) like they said and it works perfectly. Just follow the directions. Hope it helps. Good Luck.


    Reference #: 080223-006379 Subject: Java 1.6.0_03 (Sun Microsystems Inc.) Win...

    Discussion Thread Response (Elysia)03/26/2008 02:15 PM

    Thank you for contacting technical support. I am sorry that you are experiencing difficulty.

    Can you try using the MS Java instead of the Sun Java? Prior to making this change go ahead and uninstall any current version of "Sun Java" under the control panel, then follow the instructions below to set your browser to use MS Java.

    -Open Internet Explorer
    -Click Tools then Internet options
    -Click the Advanced tab
    -Scroll down and unselect Java (Sun) "Use JRE 1.5.0_0x for (applet)
    -Check the box under Microsoft VM "Java console enabled"
    -Hit Apply/OK

    Go ahead and try playing the game again.

    Here is a link to get the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine. This site is not affiliated with Electronic Arts so if you run into any issues please consult with your system administrator.

    $#[email protected]://

    How to Disable Sun Java and Install Microsoft Java

    (Although it's a bit harder to install, Microsoft Java is faster, more stable and provides better graphics.)

    To use Microsoft Java, you would need to disable Sun Java first.

    How to disable Sun Java:

    Open up Internet Explorer and go to the 'Tools' menu located on top of the Internet Explorer window. Here, select 'Internet Options'. Go to Advanced' tab and scroll down until you see Sun Java. Just uncheck the box and hit 'Apply' then press 'OK'. Now your are ready to install your new Microsoft Java.

    How to install Microsoft Java:

    To install Microsoft Java on your PC, click on the link below and save to 'My Documents' or wherever you normally save.


    Double click the file and click install.

    After the file is installed, it will ask you to reboot/restart your yes.

    When your PC restarts, open up Internet Explorer and go to the 'Tools' menu located at the top of the Internet Explorer window and select 'Internet Options'. Now go to 'Advanced' tab, scroll down until you see 'Microsoft VM' and make sure all 3 boxes are checked. Now select 'Apply' button and then press OK.

    Click on the link below to get an update for Microsoft Java version 10 and save it to 'My Documents' or where you normally save.

    [email protected]://^$a04af2b34d.exe

    Double-click the file and install it. After it installs, it will ask you to reboot/restart your yes.

    When your PC restarts, your new Microsoft Java should be ready.

    Switching between Sun Java and Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (for Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP)

    Both Sun java and Microsoft Java can reside on the same computer without creating a conflict.

    Sun Java is updated very often, sometimes weekly. It is still, in general, slower and less stable than Microsoft Java.

    (If you are technically inclined: the thread management functionality in Sun Java is less robust than in Microsoft Java which makes Sun Java a far less desirable choice for games for now.)

    If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can easily switch between Sun Java and Microsoft Java (you'd need to have both installed as per above).

    The procedure of turning back on your existing Microsoft Java is slightly different depending on which version of Sun Java you have installed. In both cases, you'd need to turn off Sun Java from your Internet Explorer and then Microsoft Java would 'kick in' on its own.

    If you have Internet Explorer browser and Sun Java version 1.5.0 and later, you'd need to go to your browser's menus: Tool/Internet Options/Advanced. Here you'd need to find Java (Sun) item and uncheck it & press OK. Then, you'd need to close/reopen Internet Explorer.

    If you have Sun Java plugin for the previous version of Sun Java, you'd need to go to Control Panel/Java plug-in/Browsers tab. Here you'd need to uncheck Internet Explorer & press OK. ((On Windows XP, Java Plugin can be in Control Panel/ Other group)

    Once you uncheck Internet Explorer from Sun Java Plugin - Microsoft Java should take control upon browser restart. This will only happen IF Microsoft Java is present and correctly configured. If not present/configured, then you can still get it by (1) installing Build 3810 (see above) and (2) installing Windows Updates (see above)

    If you have any further questions or comments please simply reply back and we will do our best to address your concern.

    Please feel free to contact us back again or visit our help site at


    Customer Support Representative III
    Electronic Arts

    Need further help? Try the 'Answers' area on our support site, *+#=://

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  • Cv
    C Vande Apr 12, 2009

    I have java and tells me that all is working properly yet I cannot play any games or get my badges due to it telling me that I need to update my java plug in...what is going on and how can I fix it? Last weekend I played the games all day and no problems and on Monday this is what it was telling me about the update JAVA plug in
    Thank you,
    [email protected]

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  • Wb
    wblelliott Jul 05, 2010

    since last mon. nite/tue. am cant get into lotd of games specialy yahtzee also soc hops after spin game freezes. help! help! we both pay good money. HELP!

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  • Wb
    wblelliott Jul 05, 2010


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payday freecell, freezes up!

Please transfer my pogo account along with my tokens and friends information to the above email address. AOL...

fraud & scam

I've posted before about being denied my jackpot win but I wanted to update the "saga". It's now been three months since my win, the BBB has closed my case because I won't accept EA's excuses and EA won't answer the BBB anymore. But just today(7/5/08) I got a letter back from the California Attorney General's office. It's just a form letter but in short it says they will keep the info open and look into EA if they get enough complaints. Go online to and look for the link to the AG. Everyone who has been cheated complain to them, they will listen if they start to get more complaints! If we all start complaining the EA will have to own up to this.

  • An
    Ann Aug 17, 2008

    this is the second time in less than a month that all of a sudden when playing Jokers Poker that I get a pop up box that tells me I am not allowed to play the game, could you please explain to me WHY!!!, in an intermission there was an ad for free access to being able to play other games and win money, I am getting just a tad tired of the blocks for playing Jokers Poker, I am only playing for fun, why block me out. For heavens sake in Jokers Wild there is no money involved, just fun. Thank you

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  • Po
    Pogo Staff Oct 29, 2008


    I have some information that hopefully will help you all.
    If you wish to contact Electronic Arts/ Pogo it's rather simple.
    They have two phone numbers.

    1-(650)-628-1500 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. PST Pogo
    To use this option, press 0 to speak with an operator and ask to speak with a live representative regarding your Pogo or Club Pogo account.
    Your best bet would probably to try to get ahold of Jay Averill, he's the general manager at for Electronic Arts.

    1-(866)-543-5435 24 Hour Phoneline Electronic Arts
    Select My Account, Make a Payment, Say Yes to using a credit card, press two.
    This will get you a live person to speak with...

    Hopefully this helped!

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fraud credit card charges

I had a charge on my cc statement from I called the my credit card co. to dispute the charge and they gave me a number to call Pogo. I called and they wanted me to give them my number again. (They couldn't pull up the account by my name) I refused so they said they couldn't help me. I called my credit card company back and told them that I wanted to report a fraudulent charge on my account. They said that they would look into it and get back with me. Today, my soon to be ex credit card co. (Discover) sent me a letter that stated the charges appeared to be valid and that I would have to pay the charge. When I contacted them, the only information that EA Sports provided them was my cc number and verification number, which they would have had to make the first charge. They didn't give them a name, a e-mail address, or anything else. To pour salt in the wound, I checked my cc account on line later in the day and I've been charged again. Apparently it's some kind of monthly subscription that someone has given my cc number for. I'm not sure what to do next. I don't play games on line, never purchased anything from this company, and I can't get much help out of my cc co. I do know I'm about to change cc companies in the very near future.


I have being banned by pogo for saying to my opponent, I'm going for a ###. Obviously ### in America...

told I cheated, denied prize

I too won a prize, $10, then got an email saying I was being denied for cheating. After almost two months of back and forth with them I have filed a complaint with the FTC. They will not do anything directly but they enter the info online and if enough complaints are received an investigation will be started by the local authorities. Please, anyone who has been denied UNFAIRLY, go lodge a complaint with the FTC. Maybe we can get CA's attorney general to look into why so many people don't get paid.

  • Po
    Pogo Staff Oct 29, 2008


    I have some information that hopefully will help you all.
    If you wish to contact Electronic Arts/ Pogo it's rather simple.
    They have two phone numbers.

    1-(650)-628-1500 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. PST Pogo
    To use this option, press 0 to speak with an operator and ask to speak with a live representative regarding your Pogo or Club Pogo account.
    Your best bet would probably to try to get ahold of Jay Averill, he's the general manager at for Electronic Arts.

    1-(866)-543-5435 24 Hour Phoneline Electronic Arts
    Select My Account, Make a Payment, Say Yes to using a credit card, press two.
    This will get you a live person to speak with...

    Hopefully this helped!

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  • An
    Andrea Dec 09, 2008

    That's great and all but we only wish that you guys would play nicely and fair and we don't want to talk to electronic arts we want to talk to someone from your company the pogo company! to the original poster don't worry the members will be warned..

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  • Sm
    SmellMeNowwww Jan 10, 2009

    I agree with the complaint, foir 2007, I placed the Pogo tokens on their so called raffle, and recieved an email stating I won $50.00, and after responding to their email I was told that i used a cheat program, which is against my nature to do so, I was brought with better values then that, I did not file a complaint with the FTC, but did file a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General's office, when I lived in Kansas City at the time, they told me that was to small of an amount for them to investigate on, so I dropped the issue. I still play at aka EAGames, because i've met some nice people, including my future wife, but they should be made to be accountable for their actions, this is outragous behavor, period!

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  • Gl
    Gloria Scott3 May 26, 2010

    I have been a member of club pogo for a long time just recently lost the website and haven't been able to get it back I need someone to reset it back on my computer or I want the balance of my money back

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games will not load and let me play for the past 2 days

I have tried for the last 2 days to play a game called jungle gin and it takes a long time loading then it...

threats and child threats

I have sat in one room playing a game on club pogo that I enjoy. People come into this room and continuously harass and threaten other people. even though it is an uncensored room. they have threatened to kill people, molest their children and use very vulgar names and also racisms. I have contacted pogo continuously about this problem and all they do is send me an automotive response. I have tried contacting them and all i get is a machine. How can they let these people get away with this and not do anything.

  • De
    Denise Sep 18, 2008

    Pogo does not care about what is said in rooms uncencored or not all Pogo cares about is the monthly or yearly billing and money they can get from you. They are good about one thing though and that is when your bill is due they make sure they send numerous emails and if you don't update right when they say you will lose your Club benefits. Pogo also rips players off with ratings they will have your rating go down anywhere from 20 to 30 pts but only allow it to go back up 3 to maybe 10 pts which I see as being unfair when you work so hard on getting a good rating and don't ever win money or anything else because you will be excused of cheating even though the jackpot spins go by themselves unless you click it to stop so how can you cheat on a jackpot spin. All Pogo wants is money money money and won't give back money you win.

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  • Ji
    JiminyCricket Feb 01, 2009

    When you win a Pogo prize, such as a coffee mug, they ask you to pay $6.95 shipping for it!

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  • Ab
    absurdpillow Feb 08, 2009


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  • Jo
    JoanneS Aug 08, 2010

    This year they are offering 100 gems upon renewal. I did not get mine and when I contacted them they said I was not eligible because I paid with paypal and did not give them my credit card number which is a big nono on pogo because the site is not secure with the hacking of passwords.

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  • Lo
    Loree Pentecost Oct 13, 2011

    This game is very lax in responding to complaints.
    We have vulgar people on here, cheaters, , game stallers, among many other problems. Why isnt something done??? Also i have won games and have lost points at the end of the game on several occasions. I dont understand why this continually happens. Do you not have monitors? Its not fair and very annoying.

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unauthorized charges from my checking account

I made a phone call to Electroni Arts with regard to this Club Pogo Account. An account that was set up in my name and money was deducted from my checking account monthly. I do not have a computer at home and cannot access games on my computer during the day, my company does not allow this. They promised to cancel account, return my money and gave me a reference number. The very next day, they withdrew another amount from my account. I'm livid and don't know what to do. I dont' want to close my account that I've had for 16 years, but have no alternative.These people are cheats and liars.

  • Ri
    rickcharles Oct 01, 2008

    EA has billed me for product and services I have oredered but never got.
    Sent 7 complaints over 11 days and only response I have gotten explained that point of sales is too blame for not having product sent too me. EA is the point of sale, so basically they stole money from me, and just created a loop to deal with any problems.

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  • Jo
    John Mourning Oct 20, 2008

    Electronic Arts aggtressively tries to charge accounts that have been canceled and it takes a great deal of tenacity to correct any of their actions. I would recommend that anyone dealing with electronic Arts use a "safe cardf" available from many credit cards and banks that sets limits and expires before any anticipated furure charges from this obviously unethical company.

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  • Ad
    ADITYA Jan 26, 2009

    i bought the CD of cricket 2004. it asked for the CD key. i wrote the CD key but is not accepting it. The CD key is

    please help us quickly
    my email address is [email protected]

    0 Votes

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