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unable to play pogo games

I have been charged for Pogo and not been able to play pogo games for 3 yrs. with the exception of a couple...

failure to properly credit tokens won, pay moneys won

On 5-20-08 I was "ripped off" for in excess of 15, 000 "tokens" I was won playing the game Hog Heaven Slots in Club Pogo on This has also been happening on a regular basis to other players, not getting credits for tokens we're being told by the game we've won, but trust me, tokens "wagered" are very promptly deducted from our totals. Granted, they are "tokens" not real money with little or no cash value. But many of us who play are older persons, many, such as myself, are disabled, and this provides us with contact with others who share our challanges, trials and tears. We also share our joys and our triumphs as well. We pay a fee to play on Club Pogo, some monthly, some bi-yearly, some yearly and I don't believe we are being treated fairly. You try to contact them on line and get stonewalled, with nothing but "generic" answers; you call their 866 # only to be faced with an automated phone system which doesn't give you the opportunity to talk with a live person in a one-on-one basis, meaning all you get is more frustrated. What can be done to see that we receive the benefits we pay for? People are being told on line they've won cash prizes, from $5.00 to $4, 999.00 and when they try to collect, are told they are "ineligible because they cheated", or some excuse, with the bottom line being the money never comes through. NO ONE I'VE TALKED TO ON THE CLUB POGO KNOWS ANYONE WHO IS ALLEGED BY THE SITE TO HAVE WON A JACKPOT! We believe the identities are being falsified by the site and EA Games to encourage us to continue playing. After all, how many elderly and/or disabled people do you know who couldn't use such winnings? Can you help us, at least to be able to make contact with a real live person and not some computer generated voice that is totally useless and obviously designed to frustrate and discourage personal contact? Thank you.

  • Fl
    floyd Jul 06, 2008

    I would like everyone who is complaining about pogo cheating us of Jack Pot winnings, that they are misinformed. My frind won a JP and was paid by check. Thank-you POGO your games have been a God send to me, and even if I don't win I sure have fun playing. Keep up the good work.
    Sincerely, fhzwins

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  • Ot
    OttosGal Jul 13, 2008

    I can't speak personally, but I have seen the winners announced that they did indeed win. I heard a girl complaining the other day that she was cheated out of a JP. Their rules are spelled out. You must be registered with EA as well as Pogo and you must have proper ID to give to them in the form of two pictures and verification of age, etc. I have all that in my computer. Now, I probably will never win a game jackpot, but if I win those amounts of money x2 being a member of Club Pogo would be a Godsend because I have so much fun playing their games. The site is an awesome site and I thoroughly enjoy it.

    I have heard of a couple of people getting paper checks from Pogo and I believe they are legitimate or they would not have been around so long. I have only been playing there about 4 weeks and I never knew they existed, but I wish I had known long ago.

    I do believe by reading their contract that they will pay, but you do have to abide by the rules of winning and that is providing all necessary identification.

    Hope this helps and try to enjoy these marvelous games. They are so much fun!

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  • De
    Denise Sep 18, 2008

    Pogo only started doing these so called paper checks because there was a pending lawsuit against them from a player who was told he cheated when he won the JP spin and it was doubled, and yes some of the names are not real 5 times I saw someone win a JP I went to the friends list to add them just to see if what i was reading about fake names was true and 5 names I typed in on different times said "NOT A CLUB POGO MEMBER". Pogo is sending very few checks but 90% of those that had won were excused of cheating and those were exact words used by Pogo "cheating" not because they were not registered with EA along with Pogo but Cheated!!!

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  • Ma
    Mary E. Perry Oct 11, 2008

    I have written this complaint so many times it is not funny. I paid to be in a pogo club. I was taken out of this club pogo and puy into another pogo club.The pogo club back ground was blue. You can edit your profile. You can purchase gems. Your friends can send you mail through this club. I had over 2oo thousand points in this club.I cannot get back into this club pogo. Why did pogo take my money only to stick me in another club that I do not care to be in, I want OUT of the green pogo club. Can someone - Anyone help me I am so upset with pogo I do not know what to do. Please help me.

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  • Sp
    spooky slots Oct 05, 2009

    spooky slots does not give you the right tokens the game will skip around will some check it out plese thank you

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pogo games

For the last 3 months, I have sent Emails, my bank has contacted Club Pogo to cancel my membership. The are...

unauthorized charges after nonrenewal

I subscribed to this company for one year to play games. Knowing it was coming up for renewal, I tried to contact them. I cannot finds a phone number, but I did send an e-mail on their website ( I don't have a record, as it did not go through my personal email account) in February to let them know that I did not want to renew. I just found the charge on my credit card for 4/11
This was their reply

Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our service, we do not offer refunds for the subscription fees for any of our online games. In the event of a cancellation, Electronic Arts will not be able to provide any type of pro-rated refund or extension of unused access time. In order to avoid any charges, customers will need to cancel the billing of their account before the subscription fee has been deducted.

In any case, in order to cancel your account, please do the following:

1) Go to, Click "Sign In" on the top right of the page.
2) Enter your Screen Name and Password.
3) Click on "My Stuff" option and choose "MY Account" from the drop down menu.
4.) Click on “View Your Subscription Info.”
5) Enter your password and click OK. After this you will be at a page where you will be able to view your subscription status.
6) Click on cancel subscription link next to the game subscription you'd like to cancel.
7) On the next page you will get two options:

1) Cancel immediately.
2) Cancel at the end of the billing plan.

Chose the second option to play the remaining game time and to cancel the automatic renewal of your Club Pogo subscription.

If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know.

Thank you

EA Online Support

Customer04/21/2008 03:39 PM
I emailed this info in February, stating I did not want to renew my subscription...please credit my account $39.99 and cancel me out...

  • El
    Elizabeth Vahl Jun 24, 2008

    I was getting club pogo for $5.99 a month with my Visa card .On april 26 2008, I paid for club pogo with my master card.$39.99 for the whole year. you still kept taking the money from my visa card . I got that straighten, out but you put my account under 2 names Bettybabes_ and Bettybabes . When they canseled Bettybabes_ I lost all my Points I had with Bettybabes_.Why! I'm still the same account

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  • Su
    Sunshineeplayer Sep 24, 2008

    I too pd. for a yr.'s subscription at $39.00 on 6/11/08. But when I attempt to log-in, it say's password invalid. Has been approx. a wk. since i've been able to play. If I can't play, give my money back!!! Plus the number and address that is listed is INVALID!

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  • Su
    Sunshineeplayer Sep 24, 2008

    If I can't play, give my money back!

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wrongfully suspended

I am so unbelievably shocked on how pogo treats their members, I have been a member since last yr. Never if i...

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pogo games

I play Tri-peakssolitaire the last few weeks - the program freezes up and will not let me play any longer. I am payinmg $5.99 a month for this service

  • Ro
    Rose Kenney Jul 26, 2008

    I have a complaint:

    I am a member to pogo games. I pay yearly $39.95 a year. Everything was going good until you started offering non members to play certain new games. These games can play and the word JAVA comes along side of the games.

    However If I pick casino games or any other games on the member lists I am not allowed to play. A message comes up and says OOPS, that I am not connected to Java. My computer says I am connected and enjoy playing. When I try again only get the message OOPS.

    I would like to know what is wrong? I go on AOL through Windows Internet Explorer.

    Help If I don't get an answer how to rectify this problem then I will no longer be a member of POGO when my contract comes up for renewal.

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  • Dm
    D McKnight Mar 26, 2009

    I, m trying to contract pogo games because I am trying to pogo game I keep getting error message saying oops and Iam conect to java reload java back on and I still play my games for the price $39.95 My games been down for a month something need to done about or don't charge me it I can't play it and they have a techsupport that you can get in contract with or customer service> Like I say something need to be done this because I call aol about the problem they try to help then I call my computer company they couldn't nothing wrong with computer so mean it on pogo game.

    I see I'm not the only one having problem with this site.

    D McKnight

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account disabled!

I was a member of pogo for for a little over 4years. I wasn't able to pay to pay when my subscription...

getting banned for nothing!

Pogo banned me for two days for a reason I disagree with and so do some witnesses who witnessed the person...


This site is such a rip off in so many ways!! They take our money for memberships, then when we have a problem they act like we don't exist. You never receive a response to a question or complaint. All they want is the money, customer service and satisfaction is NOT a part of their plan. The jackpot winnings are a joke as well. The winners don't exist and those that do win a very small amount, they accuse of cheating to keep from paying them. It's just a shame that a company making millions from paid members can't have a little integrity and treat their customers as if they matter in the least. Oh well, companies like these only last a short while because people will get sick of being ripped off. Enjoy while it lasts Pogo!!

  • 39
    39lyleag Aug 28, 2009

    Won a Jackpot at 2:46am Aug. 28, 2009. When the wheel finished spinning it said I won a jackpot of $2, 900 and that it would be double because I am a member (have been for 6 years) However, I did not get an e-mail saying that I won. Wrote them, and try calling them, but not sucessful. So this I spent all morning looking how to contect them. Found an a live chat person and told them what my screen said about winning the jackpot. The person on the chat line said that, sometimes there is a "glich" on the internet and it was not recorded on their server. So I would not get paid. I told them I took a picture of the computer screen that show I had won. Pogo said "Sorry we do not pay unless it is on our server has the information. So I have joined a list of POGO victims that will not get paid. Law in forcement and attorney generals shoulc stop these high rolling scammer that run POGO.

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  • Ma
    maabella May 02, 2012


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you look for pogo games and you get porn

I was looking for pogo games so did a search i got more than games when i hit a link that said pogo games it directed me to this site: - 10k - Cached . this was not what i was looking for at all.

  • Jo
    joanna gonzalez Jun 30, 2008

    I would like to complaint about a female pogo player [email protected] also valleyvern at pogo. Who stalkes male players on the site in pvt rooms, see suggest they male player to to sexual talk like a porn site. She enaggeses in sexual act and language. I feel this piece of work should be band for your acts. This is a family playful site it is not for getting men to commit to sexual incounters. Why does gargage people like do not get monitored and play for their actions. I been trying and did noticify pogo game site of this valleyvern.

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  • Fu
    funnygirl Dec 17, 2009

    Pogo is not the only site that has had porn linked to them. Nickelodeon recently had the same problem. Instead of searching for it the address for them is Also, I find that if you ignore people they will stop whatever they are doing. You can choose rooms where people cannot say certain things and pogo automatically bleeps it out for you. I think they do pretty good for having as many members as they have. I have been a club pogo member for over a year, and I have never really had a problem that I couldn't handle with a click of my mouse. Happy Gaming.

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I completed all three games in the scavenger hunt game ,but was not credited, the computer says that I did not complete 'Dominoes which I did today.


  • Ja
    janice sparks Feb 08, 2008

    I am having trouble with my pogo... I went thru dell and
    paid $242. to see if the problem could be solved and it was not..
    My games keep going down and says it has to do with Java
    an my Jave is up to date...

    there are very few games I can play... I have been a pogo
    member for years and this problem just started ab out 4 months
    ago...please let me know what can be done.

    Thank you.

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  • De
    devo011064 Feb 27, 2008

    you suspended domsisit for bad behavior against player boatmaster in doms red eyes today. If you would have looked into this fairly then you would have seen that boatmaster actually started the incident by calling dom a ### on more than 1 occaision.So much for fairness it was seen through blinkered eyes ,i think so why do you not check this out fully before you ban someone .Stop this onesided rubbish and do things fairly .

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  • Jo
    John D. Gutierrez Mar 19, 2008

    I am having trouble with your customer service. It "sucks". I called 1-866-543-5435 about 5 times for information and every time I get prompted on several options just to get disconnected. That is so Uncool. Please give me a number where I can talk to a live person so I can get the info that I need.

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  • Po
    Pogo game player May 06, 2008

    I have been playing in pogo games for more than 5 years and have watched it degrade from fun games to games rooms with chats that result in grown men chasinging down 14 yr olds and raping them. Grown men admitting to assaulting his girl friend and her father. Upon investigation this was found to be true and he is in jail. There are 10, 11, 12 13, 14 yr olds in this room participating in extremely graphic sexual conversations, playing out sexual activity, being told what they could do with body parts. Pogo has a reporting system which doesn't work and is, for the most part, no used to control the conversations. There have been blatant solicitations of young girls, 11, 12, 13, etc by grown men. These girls give out their addresses, myspace and e-mail addresses. I have continually reported these situations to pogo. I have copies of their e-mails back to me and photos of the conversations being conducted. Two days ago my account was suspended. I had been reporting the verbal abuse/sexual conversation and suggestions by an adult female to a 10 yr old male. They did not remove the male and the women continued her conversations with the child. I butted in and started mimicing their conversations (if that is what you want to call them) using all their graphic language, suggestions, etc. This was done on purpose to see what pogo was going to do. About three hours later they suspended my account for the same reason I have been reporting other players who continue to play. I'm not surprised this happened as this has been the one way they could shut me up. Reports of these incidents have also been made to legal authorities. Maybe something will be done.

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  • An
    annjerryhudd May 15, 2009

    This is my second year of pogo games. I did not use to have trouble with them kicking me off the game. Now I can not play any more with out the game going off with out finishing the game. We took are computer and had it checked and nothing was wrong with it. What can I do cause I really enjoy pogo games and playing the games with other player. I have called are interent service and they said it was ok. please let me know what to do.

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  • Bt
    bttbbill Feb 16, 2011

    I think you should forward this or my first email to pogo and tell them they are now stalking your friends and they can email me if they have any questions.. " Hi, I'm William Malo. I have ben a member in POGO for over 10 years now.. I realy enjoyed play in pogo.. Anyway.. I had this person in pogo..The name is STALLK.. I have reported this person about 50 times.. Pogo did nothing... Then in jan, around the 20th.. I was in a room playing.. It was a group room where everyone chats.. The room is called hogs heaven.. And it's a age 50's room.. This stallk comes in and starts with me once more.. Only this time he's talking about my wife who has cancer... And saying awful things... I'm sorry but i lost it.. And the next time i seen stallk i did write things in his profile.. I did this with so much anger.. And i am sure if someone said things about your loved one you would to... This person some how can make up a name so close to yours.. Then pretend it''s you.. I did'nt believe it till i seen it.. This person says he live in Australia.. Yet he can get you home phone number.. I am far from a computer whiz... Like i sad.. I have reported this same person atleast 50 times..Not a thing was done to him.. And 2 days ago i get a letter from pogo that i threating and i am being monitored...I am 62 years old.. I don't need ll this.. And this person still wont stop... Please look what he sent to a friend of mine.. And wrote this stuff in her guest book.. With another phony name.. I reporte this name months ago.. You did nothing.. I am scared of this person that he can my home phone number and get into my profile and use all my infomation.. And i'm the one who gets a letter from pogo... I have this person blocked.. If i see him on i leave pogo.. Im affraid that he may make something up so when i see hes on i leave pogo.. INFACT this person thought it was me in pogo and i was sitting with my grand son when he started saying things to him.. Hes 9 years old.. And i get this kind of letter and he get nothing ????????? POGO was a fun and safe place to be at one time.. Please look at what he wrote in my friends profile.. And look at that name... My pogo name is BTTBBILL. I hope and pray this gets in the right hands... My pogo renwell is comming up in April.. After 10 + years.. I dont think i will renew it.. I have never any problems in pogo till this person came into pogo.. And like i said.. If someone said rotten things about your wife who has cancer.. I am sure you would'nt let it slide.. That i am sure oof... And i reported it and POGO said its a Level one...Can you believe that.. Agian.. I think its awfal to be paying to play in pogo, then when you see this person you have to leave.. And your grand childeren cant play a game under you name with out this person saying things to him... Infact its kinda sad.. Like i said.. I hope and pray this gets into the right hands.. I rally do... Thank you, William Malo
    On 2/15/2011 4:45 PM, bttbbill1 wrote:
    Karen, I honestly don't know what to do.. I have reported this person so many times.. Not one thing has pogo done... But how, or how ever he reported me.. I got a letter from pogo.. saying they are wattching me.. And can take legal actions.. Nice ha... Thank you so much for trying.. And thank you for letting me know there still [censor]ing with me.. BILL

    On Feb 15, 2011, KaReN <[email protected]> wrote:

    i would report it but its under your name so that wouldnt prove anything and it would get you in trouble not him!
    what can we do about this?

    On 2/15/2011 1:11 PM, bttbbill1 wrote:
    Karen, This is from someone i got piss at..Bcause he saaid something about my wife... This person some how can take you infomation and make up names like this one.. I recieved a letter from pogo saying this person turned me in for threating them.. I am so sorry.. The person name in pogo in STALLK.. This person is from Australia.. I have this person blocked in my pogo profile.. Again i am sorry.. This sick person must have seen me talking to you.. I wish there was away of fwd this to pogo.. BILL

    On Feb 15, 2011, KaReN <[email protected]> wrote:


    10 hours ago
    I AM SO FULL OF BILLSHIlT You shouldnt trust me im a compulsive LIAR
    Options | DeleteBILLSHIlT

    10 hours ago
    BTTBBILL Jan 21, 2011 Stallk I am =!&#!=$ shaking i am so +##!&=# mad.. I swear to god..I wish you where in the USA.. You would be DEADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD @[email protected]!://[email protected]@^.com/guestbook/BTTBBILL BTTBBILL
    Options | DeleteBILLSHIlT

    10 hours ago
    BTTBBILL Jan 21, 2011 STALLK You =#^!*=* @*&&!^!.. You can keep this or stick it up ^=&$!$s and hers.. I am done with Pogo.. Later #[email protected]^!&= ^^&+://*#*=*#*

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wrongly suspended!

I had my Pogo account suspended as it was said that I had used an inappropriate word. The word wa...

6 months of refused cancellations



I am a member of Pogo community and i find it very intense and chilling as soon as i am logged into there...

the biggest culprits in taking money

The Pogo Games site is one of the biggest culprits in taking money every month from credit cards. The site...

wont pay jackpot

Just wanted to let everyone know on here that I have started an MSN group: CHEATED BY POGO and we are working with an attorney in St Louis, MO who is looking into this. If you are interested please join my group, so that I can have the lawyer contact you. He is investigating our claims. I have already posted on here once about my complaint but thought I would give you all this info. We are going to get Pogo one way or another. They are wrong and SHAME ON YOU EA.COM/POGO GAMES!!! Greedy jerks! I cannot believe this. Makes me sick. Please email your comments and please check out the group. Thanks!

  • Ce
    CECIL R BRAY Jan 05, 2008


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  • Ct
    cthy2717 Jan 10, 2008

    i am tired of paying for a gift and my friend can not get it this is the second time it did it. and you comp cheat so bad it makes me upset i play the game to relax please fix it.

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  • Ct
    cthy2717 Jan 10, 2008

    if youdont get your comp from cheating i will stop paying for the three people i pay for and i mean it

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  • Dr
    Dream R. Culverhouse Jan 14, 2008

    I also won some money or prize money on Sept 3, 2007 of the grand total of $282.00 and sent e-mail after e-mail with no luck finding address or phone number how can we fix this rip guff its totally garbage. And that was in Harvest Mania they have no trouble taking their money when your membership is due.

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  • Am
    Amy Maguire Jan 15, 2008

    I won a $25 gift card to target last year and they said I used a cheat program. I did't even know what that was until they accused me of it. Never sent me the prize but they keep taking my money to be a club pogo member.

    Where can I find a link to your group? Look to me like Pogo are the CHEATERS!

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  • Le
    Leo R Fournier Jan 26, 2008

    I have played Tri-Peaks Solitaire to go for a long time.. I had better than 150K Now have 81 What did u do to my tokens???

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  • Sh
    sherry May 20, 2008

    pogo cheated me out of my wins and i need help can you help me thank you

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  • Sh
    sherry May 20, 2008

    i won a jackpot also but didnt get the money please help me with this

    Sherry Ice

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  • Te
    tena taylor Jul 02, 2008

    if any lawyer wishes to contact me regarding this site please feel free to do so

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  • Pa
    pat harris Mar 08, 2009

    contact--pat harris at 501-942-3893 i also was a pogo member .then started noticing strage thang goin on, never played with the same people again, it says to make friends, where did they all go after two or three games with them . please have the bbb or fbi check this out they are ripping old folks off

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  • Lj
    LJROWE Mar 12, 2009

    Could someone please tell me what the annual charge for pogo is? After reading these complaints I realized I am paying more than anyone else. Is the annual fee $43.19 or $39.95 or $34.95. I am confused, why are we all paying different amounts? WHAT IS THE ANNUAL FEE FOR POGO? I do not receive any notice of rates going up but I see the deduction from my account. What's up with that?

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  • Cn
    Cntrygrl822 Oct 13, 2009

    I won the jackpot and got the check and the bank is stating that they are "looking into it" before they can release the funds, so i don't know if it's real or not. good luck all

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  • Ba
    bama fan Feb 26, 2013

    They with drew money out of my checking account $43.09 to be exact and I did not approve it. I use to be a member years ago but have not played or gone to their web site in over 2 years. I don't know if they have done this in the past, I just happent to catch this one. This is what shows on by bank statement CS.POGO.COM POGREDWOOD CITY .
    How are they able to take money out of my account with out my approved?
    I would be glad to be part of the lawsuit it one comes.

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fraud and cheating!

I won a jackpot and didn't win it. I am still fuming over it, because I have been a paying member for almost 5 years now. I posted an earlier complaint on here. I am now going to let folks know that I have started an MSN Group called Cheated by Pogo if anyone is interested that feels that they have a legit gripe with Pogo. We are going to get some names and I am trying to start a class action lawsuit on them. They are taking our money, and cheating us. This is fraud. If you are interested please join my group. Hopefully we can get these idiots where it counts in the pocketbook for doing us wrong. They advertise over 1.5 million members and counting. Think of all that money they are getting, and no one is getting anything in return. Thanks!

if you have been scammed by pogo, here is what you need to know!

IF YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY POGO, HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! the internet gaming site that claims to have jackpots and prizes for winners, DOES NOT PAY THE WINNERS! They give everyone the same pre-written generic letter stating that the person cheated or somehow violated the site's Terms Of Service at some point in the player's membership, and with a thorough investigation within the company, it has been found that in more than 75% of cases, this is NOT TRUE. These prize winners are COMPLETELY ELIGIBLE to win these prizes and yet are denied because simply refuses to pay. They are scamming and conning not only the game players but their long list of company investors. If you want to STOP POGO FROM COMMITTING FRAUD, contact the investors directly and let them know that the company they dump thousands or millions of dollars into is a fraudulent company and needs to be stopped!
Here are the investors for

Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers


Invesco Private Capital

Liberty Digital

Nokia Ventures

Vertex Management

Wasserstein Adelson Ventures

  • Ga
    gaurav surve Dec 30, 2007

    dear sir,
    sir i send the money to ur company officer,MR.G.ONUWAJE,but sir before 5 days he not contact me or any mail me so sir my winning fund of lotery is dispatch or not please i am not understan the problem,so please sir contact me immediete sir.please help me i send them 650 pounds for ur please send me my winning fund please
    gaurav surve.

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  • Pa
    Patsyvouplayer Feb 20, 2008

    I have been scammed by Pogo. They won't pay me my jackpot.

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  • Me
    melody Mar 13, 2008

    I agree and i have proof i took a video of my self playing and it shows that pogo is cheating people if you would like a copy of video let me know it is clear we are being cheated.

    Thank you melody will this be sent to the investors?

    1 Votes
  • Be
    becca46 Jun 07, 2012

    pogo cuts half my game out and no contact number. Is this a scam. I wonder. there not honest. Signed Becca 46

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new scam to get members suspended is now permitting bullying in the chat rooms that leads to account suspension. Here is how it work...

pogo jackpot scam!

On November 8, 2007 - I won a pogo jackpot in the game WordCraft of approximately $3,000. There was a matter of filling out a W-9 form. When I wrote them an e-mail asking where to get the form, I received an e-mail telling me that the jackpot was to be forfeited because after an audit of my account, it was determined that I had either "used an automated device or had manipulated the game in some way".

I called the EA Sports company and argued to no avail. They would not discuss the matter with me, just said over and over that I had violated their terms of service. I have never used an automated device, nor have I manipulated any game. They simply said to get a lawyer and contact their legal department. I even offered to let them take my computer apart and see there is nothing there. They told me they could not discuss the matter in detail with me nor would they provide any proof or documentation. They then hung up on me.

I am also interested in starting a class-action lawsuit.

  • Jw
    JW Aug 14, 2007

    Pogo is a Scam - have you been Scammed by Pogo?? - Frauded, or just Generally BENT OVER. Check out Read Stories from other users, Submit your own Stories, and even read the authors story. I was SCREWED by Pogo my story is there too.

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  • Li
    Lilly Munoz Aug 17, 2007

    Because I have windows vista I can only get into two games. I have been here before and someone emailed me and said to get firefox or foxfire. I did and it still does not help me one bit. Do you have any other idea's???

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