Ebaymanipulation and fraud

S Aug 17, 2018

Manipulation and Fraud Ebay protects the people who sell their products through Ebay and the reason for the money. When the seller criticizes and strongly criticizes the seller and that this is contrary to the policy of dealing with the site and in return does not protect the customer from the supplier fraud and the client is notified by the site in the case of repeated To submit a complaint or a request to close his account where a notice in the recent period a lot of products do not match the description is described as a new item is not so, the goods will be used by the failure has reached the seriousness of this site underestimating the customers of the site It is worth mentioning that the suppliers of the disease site Know how to choose the victim by sending the damaged or used parts outside the United States and the reason is that most buyers from outside the states do not claim their rights and this is a failure and shameful by the suppliers and also the site unfortunately I have dealt with you and wasted time and money for a fraudulent site

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