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eBay - unethical treatment by ebay customer support

Regarding item #[protected] - Case of 40 DSC LC-100-PL - I sold it on Ebay 09-07-15. Upon being notified, I printed the Ebay shipping label and shipped the package. My buyer advised he had not received the package. Seems the address Ebay printed on the label was incorrect. UPS left it on the front porch at the address printed on the label. Over a month later, and after many phone calls to the, UPS said they sent a rep to the address and talked to a person there who didn't have the package. I called Ebay customer support. I'm out $160.00 plus $21.00 freight because the Ebay system made an error, and they refused to reimburse me. Unethical or even immoral what they did to me.

Oct 26, 2015

eBay - claim id 1191464

I ordered a camera cover from Ebay.in on 15 August. (prepaid order). They committed they will ship on 19th August. Today it is 26th October, Product isn't shipped and refund isn't done. I called customer care several times but they extend days and told" amount will be refunded after 2 days". Finally I gave them my money as the company is beggar. I committe I will never buy anything from this site and prefer others not to buy from this site.

Oct 19, 2015

eBay - reverse pickup but no refund

This is regarding Claim ID : 1285050 for PaisaPay ID : [protected] I had purchased a camera Fuji FX660EXR from geb portal of ebay. The camera was defective. The defective camera was reverse picked up on 3rd Oct and Fedex delivered the defective camera to seller on 6t Oct using Fedex Tracking No: [protected] (Reverse Pickup no KNUA26 on 3/10/2015) Now (20th Oct, after 17 days) I am informed that current status is: "Pending from Logistics for the Reverse Pick up" Earlier my feeling was that JUST ONE SELLER on EBAY cheated me by wrong listing of his item (faulty item was shown as new). But now I am feeling more cheated. A camera which was 30% defective costing around 10, 000 (Ten Thousand Rupees) has been picked up by Ebay, send to seller and there is no sign of my getting my money back. I have lost both the camera and my money. Every time I call customer care number I am promised a call back within 24 to 48 hrs by Ebay claim department for past 10 days, but no call back has taken place. Earlier some persons answering customer care number promised refund on even same day/next day. It is impossible to belive that management in Ebay is so pathetic that one department (Claims department) can not ask another department (logistics department) what the actual status is. What is more likely is that to reduce further claims (and hence their work) they are delaying the process so customers inform others so that other customers move to Amazon/Snapdeal and their work reduces. Or maybe they are just cheats.

Oct 08, 2015

eBay - bevy reyes scammed me on ebay username chevrolet103

Bevy Reyes took my money on ebay and refused to send the guitar case. He also wont refund my money and is lying about the transaction. He will take your money and not send the items he is selling. I...

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Sep 23, 2015

eBay - refusing to let law enforcement and military members to use there services

My name is SRGT Dario Freijanes and me like every other law abiding and hard working american who has been with the US Army for 10 years has been kicked off ebay for no apparent reason because they claim that i pose a risk. All i have done was attempt to bid and buy on there community as well as sell a motorcycle i had that needed fixing due to the engine taking in water from a flooded parking lot which voided the warranty on it. I figured ebay would be a good market place to shop on and buy and sell things while i fight to defend the american people. Why is it companies now seem to think its ok ( a new trend ) to refuse services to law enforcement officials and Military men of this country. I think its wrong that anyone should have to feel like they have been singled out and or discriminated on by this company who makes billions of dollars by scheming its members for everything they sell and trade on there website by charging them outrageous fees that they can get away with because they have monopolized the market and there are no other market places in existence that gets the type of traffic and business ebay does

Sep 14, 2015
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

eBay - not received

I received a Ladies 9ct Gold Omega watch on a leather strap. Value 670 pounds sterling. But I ordered an Omega Ladies 18 ct with matching bracelet.
I paid 1700 pounds sterling. Mr Anastasis refuses to replace the watch or refund my money. I made the payment by Bank transfer to his personal account. Big mistake. What should I do now

This complaint is pure fabrication, this transaction never transpired, and such a sale never happened. The address is an old address from over 6 months ago and the member who listed this complainant may have a problem with me that is not genuine so they had to make up something that is completely false. All you need to do for the truth is look on ebay and read my feedback on all my selling to know what a genuine and true seller I am. Please do not take this persons comment as a serious complaint about anything as it is, if anything, a manipulative lie and nothing else. Mr. Anastasis Thrasyvoulou

Sep 17, 2015

You should report the Jeweler Anastasis Thrasyvoulou. 24 Oakhurst Road. Enfield. Middlesex. EN3 6QQ. United Kingdom. .
Anastasis Thrasyvoulou., United Kingdom to the Jewellery fraud dep at .GOV UK

Sep 15, 2015

Anastasis Thrasyvoulou. 24 Oakhurst Road. Enfield. Middlesex is a crooked jeweller


eBay - 2 outdoor zero gravity lounge chairs/item #[protected]

I ordered these chairs on August 24, 2015. My item # is [protected]. Was told that estimated delivery would be on September 1, 2015. After not being delivered on or near that day, looked at tracking...

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Aug 18, 2015

eBay - did not deliver product

This vendor did not deliver my order worth 31USD. They claimed they re-sent but that did not arrive too. After trusting and waiting too long, I am unable to resolve through eBay. After many emails, they proposed to refund half. I did not agree. After several emails, they refund half and told me I agreed.

Aug 07, 2015

eBay - sold me manufacturing defect iphone 4

MY name is santosh s from bijapur. contact number is [protected].

i had purchased iphone 4 32 gb on 13/05/2015 from ebay seller ” cellworld_apd ” PaisaPay ID [protected]. amount 12176/-.

on 01/06/2015(within 12 days) camera was not working (i recieved iphone on 19/05). i called ebay and told the problem because it was still under 30days ebay gaurantee.

i requested for repair or replacement of iphone.seller contacted me. he promised me that he will repair it and if the problem arises again, he will replace it and begged me not to ask for refund of money.

i sent the iphone to ” cellworld_apd ” on 03/06/2015.he sent it back after repair on 20th june which i recieved on 27th june(DTDC COURIER-Awb no-V22906542)

on 11/07/2015 (within 13 days)camera stopped working again.there was no signal from any sim which was inserted.i could not use the phone.
i called ebay and told the problem. they told that 30 days ebay guarantee is over, we cant help you. i asked the seller for replacement on 11/07/2015. he told that wait for ramzan to be finished because his partner is on leave.since then he is not picking my calls or replying to messages.he is not ready to recieve the iphone by courier.

i raised complaint to ebay about this.
the complaint id 1-[protected]. ebay is not making any progress with the case.

i went to apple store to get the iphone checked. they have GIVEN ME IN WRITING that there is hardware issue and its a manufacturing defect. IT CANNOT BE REPAIRED.it will keep having problems.
they also told me that iphone was NOT NEW. IT WAS a REPLACED iphone.

1) iphone is not new has mentioned on the website.
2)seller knew that there was a manufacturing defect, he resold it to me and then offered me to repair it within 15 days (i have written proof from apple service centre stating that it cannot be repaired)
3)inspite of having 18months warranty, seller is refusing to recieve calls and messages.
4)ebay is ducking behind 30 days guarantee.

what am i supposed to do? . i want my money back. i dont want anything else.please help me
i dont trust the seller or EBAY now.

the link to the ebay page is

the seller page clearly states that the warranty is 18months.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

eBay - fake item

Currently, eBay involved with some seller those who are doing business unethically. The eBay supports that kind of seller directly and involved with unacceptable business and not having any good corporate governance and control over a seller. Whatsoever seller gives advertisement without checking eBay published its own website.
I bought “Orange Jasmine Bonsai Tree - 1 Live Plant (Send in special packaging)” on June 1, 2015. The description of items was written as follows:

• Live plant
• Amazing tree
• Special tree
• The tree includes aluminum wire for getting a first design!
• Special tree for bonsai growers
• Plant Age - 1 year!
• Condition of the plant - Perfect
• Plant will be shipped with pot and soil.
• User guide will be added for delivery
• We send regular mail only!

Most of the descriptions are fake and cheating with customers. Today when I received the item I am surprised to see that it comes with an envelope and inside the envelope there is a 6” plastic bottle. And inside the bottle there is a 2” plant with 5 leaves and approximately age is 1/2 months.
Not only that, seller does not accept any return. I have nothing to say and only I will try to avoid eBay and will go another online seller.
I posted two Image here one is shown in website another is what I have received. Please compare this and take professional judgment.

eBay - ebay intentionally promotes theft

Most of these sites are simply set up to allow people to vent their frustrations and nothing ever actually comes from the complaints / public warnings. I had a long history of trying to sell on Ebay but with more and more " screw the seller " rules put in at random, I have no desire to use that trash site anymore. Who needs them? No one. Part of the Ebay plan is to instill the seller with a fear that we need them. We don't. Amazon is a real site to market ones items. Ebay is a theft promotion / scam incouragement site. Nothing more. The so called " Buyer protection" was established to promote theft by allowing everyone to rent free items and generate millions to Ebay by them stealing the so called sellers fees. Did you know that you really don't have to buy anything listed on Ebay anymore? This is the message Ebay is trying to get out to the world now. Free use of anything listed for 6 months, then just say Item not as described and they will make sure to steal the money back from the seller and refund the buyer. Will the thieves refund the seller fees? HA! If you see a piece of something that you need, just pretend to buy it on Ebay. That's all you need do. When the item arrives, simply take out what you want then claim " Iten not as described" and send back a little bit of something so that you can show postage on the return. No need to actually put the item back to the seller. A rock will do fine. Ebay has the " Intentionally screw the seller " program which has got your back.

eBay - half.com: irresponsible business, zero customer service

If you intend to sell books thru Half.com, please be warned and advised. This site does not care about sellers. They cancelled our selling account after 10 years of long standing good history, because of a supposed shipping violation; they never explained the violation even though we requested explanation several times. Only possible communication with them is via email (they call themselves "an online company"); the online customer representative was very rude and not helpful, ignored all our questions or concerns and simply kept referring us to their "help" pages. Since half.com accounts link to eBay.com, this caused our eBay.com account to also be blocked, which is a totally different site with different policies. This blocks seller activity also on the other site, and doesn't even let you use the account for buying any product; but half.com did not care about helping resolve the situation. The eBay people tried to help but they could not do anything about the already blocked account.

On top of this half.com does not immediately pay seller revenues, as policy they only pay twice a month and they provide no option for requesting immediate payment if you are in urgent need of the money. So upon cancelling an account like they did to us, they place your pending payments on a 60-day hold period, which we doubt is legal. After 60 days when you try to reclaim the frozen funds they come up with another list of hurdles and "account identity validations" in order to release your money. In our case we did not have any extra identity validations to do since our account had current up-to-date information, so then the customer representative simply stopped responding to our email requests for payment. (There is no way to contact them via phone).

We had to call ebay for advise, they provided a phone number for half.com [protected], when you call this number it is an endless loop voice response system that never connects you to a real person. So, when there is a problem with these people, there is no simple way to resolve issues and you are stuck, and THEY ARE EXTREMELY DISREGARDING AND DISRESPECTING OF SELLERS, who are THE ONES WHO ALLOW THEM TO EARN THE STEEP FEES they charge on every book sale.

If you intend to sell with this company beware of their questionable and unfair practices, try to take your business somewhere else.

Thank you.

Dec 01, 2011

They take too much commission. They do not reimburse for all shipping costs. They break sales contracts.

Jun 03, 2011

Takes forever to get paid, high commissions, and no 1800#, no live chat, just poorly communicated emails. They don't have a 1800# because they know they suck. Use Ebay to Sell(or anyone else for that matter).

Half .com will not let me log on to my Ebay account until I fill in my details including my Debit Card
I do not want to become a member of Half.com

eBay - suspended my account

I've bought from ebay for 10 years or so but never set up a seller account. It's not easy to do on ebay especially when you have accounts with different email addresses. After hours of frustration...

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eBay - stole my money no product

I ordered through Ebay through the auction from this stores item: http://stores.ebay.com/sunsmile2019/ SUNSMILE*2013 a purchse of $ 16.10 us dollars for " Black Mannequin Necklace Jewelry Pendant...

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eBay - money back guarantee

Don't trust eBay to protect you against fraud! Their Money Back Guarantee is worthless. I bought a lens listed as Mint Condition but when I got it the focusing was messed up. I sent it to Canon service for a repair estimate of $550 which I sent to eBay - twice. They claim that they did not get it in the time required and denied the claim. Their appeal process said the decision was right so now I am stuck with the repair bill.

If at all possible buy on Amazon which stands behind their customers. If you have to buy on eBay Never buy from a listing that says no returns or anyone with less than 98% feedback.

eBay - dishonest employees

I sold a light fixture on eBay. Fedex damaged the package in transit and was unable to ship it to anyone. I called eBay, the call was escalated to the "resolutions team". I told them what happened and they said if I would give the buyer an immediate refund (325$) instead of waiting for the item to get back to me, (which would take who knows how long would be bad for the customer and myself) eBay would give me an immediate refund and then the fedex claim would pay ebay once the claim was paid. I had 2 different customer service representative tell me this.

I then refunded the customer immediately per ebay's instructions, called back to tell them and they said they would not honor my reimbursement anymore. Even though the customer service representatives left notes saying they would, they would not do it. This is the worst customer service I have ever had and can't believe ebay would have such low ethics.

Jan 12, 2015

eBay - counterfeited moroccanoil

I had very bad experiences with eBay buyer protection program, every time they are standing on the seller side without taking in considerations the buyer information and details provided . The last...

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eBay - vast differential between ebay's and ups's calculated shipping rates

On December 26, 2014, one of my auctions successfully closed with a buyer for the item that I listed a week prior. The buyer very promptly paid the same day and to return the courtesy, I made an extra effort to provide same-day shipping. When creating the auction listing, the least expensive option for shipping was via UPS ground given the parcel's weight. To make certain that the shipping estimates for my eBay listings are reasonably accurate, I pre-pack, weigh, and measure each box. I'm careful about selecting the right shipping carrier relative to parcel size and weight, both for my sake and my prospective buyer's sake. No one likes to be surprised about higher shipping charges than expected. EBay's quote for shipping was $18.52.

Creating a shipping label entails logging into My eBay and under the Activity tab, one will find the items that successfully sold in the left hand column. EBay has the interface simplified such that once a buyer has sent payment, all a seller needs to do is pay for and print a shipping label and then get the paid item out the door.

It had been a very long time since I had used UPS's services, so I had to create a new UPS account from scratch since old accounts are deactivated and then deleted by UPS. This UPS account then has to be linked to the PayPal account through PayPal's user settings, which was also done so that I could successfully print a label. The amount that UPS charged for ground shipping with no Saturday delivery was $29.64. Recall what eBay quoted: $18.52. That's a difference of $11.12.

Once I had taken care of taking my packages to the respective shippers, including one specifically to the UPS Store, I called eBay to address the difference between quoted and actual shipping. The first eBay customer service rep passed the buck and transferred the call to PayPal. The PayPal representative in turn explained that eBay solely uses PayPal to process payments. The PayPal rep offered to transfer the call back to eBay and explain the situation, which he did. At that point, I found myself speaking with Rea at eBay, call reference number 1-[protected]. Rea ended up systematically walking through the problem from the start, from generating a quote on UPS's website to calculating the shipping using eBay's shipping calculator, just to confirm my story and the facts of the parcel dimensions, weight, and origination and destination addresses. Rea promised, repeating herself no fewer than 3x: 1) a credit of $11.21 to my account would be processed within 2 hours of the call, which was ended around 8:30P Pacific Time and 2) that she would call or e-mail me to confirm that the credit had been processed.

A few cursory checks of my eBay account after logging in indicated that no such credit had been issued by Saturday (12/27/2014) afternoon. I contacted eBay's customer service department again through their callback system and this time someone named Amor (spelling?) called me at 12:27P. All she could do was escalate the case once again so that a supervisor could approve the credit back to my account.

At 3:09P that same Saturday afternoon, Rea (eBay's Customer Service rep) called again, this time to inform me that her faceless and nameless supervisor has denied the credit to my account and to repeatedly press me like a broken, skipping CD player about some UPS discounted shipping program. Rea insisted there was an option for this discount as a seller buys a label through PayPal and then creates the labels for parcels being shipped via UPS. I retraced my steps to walk through the process of creating a label - NO SUCH OPTION EXISTS. Rea would not listen to me. It was clear that she and her supervisor had never walked through the eBay seller's website interface, let alone PayPal's or UPS's account setup interface, so neither Rea nor her supervisor has any concept of what buyers or sellers are looking at or experiencing. Although Rea did not call the program by its proper name, what she was blindly asking me about was the UPS Special Pricing Program for eBay Sellers. When a seller links their UPS account to their PayPal user account, one is defaulted into participating in the UPS Special Pricing Program for eBay Sellers; to not agree to the program is to be denied the capacity to ship via UPS through PayPal. Rea put me on hold for a 4th time to patch through a conference call to PayPal's customer service department and then a 5th time to let me know that PayPal put her on hold. This call to PayPal was to confirm that my PayPal account is linked to my UPS account and that I'm enrolled in this ridiculous UPS Special Pricing Program that I'm not allowed to opt out of anyway. The PayPal representative then informs me and Rea that the UPS discount will not be available to me as a credit until 12/30 or 12/31. Moreover, the PayPal representative cannot give me an estimate of the amount that I can expect to be credited.

EBay is doing everything that it can to skirt its responsibility for creating faulty shipping quotes while holding sellers responsible for charging for shipping fairly and accurately. It's impossible for sellers to charge for shipping accurately when we are forced to rely on the inaccuracy of eBay's shipping calculators, which Rea admitted has been an ongoing issue in my first conversation with her on the evening of December 26th. When I asked her when this will be resolved, she could not and would not say. The only workaround she offered was to restrict shipping to USPS, so 1) buyers end up bearing the brunt of higher shipping costs when lower cost options are possible and 2) sellers end up unfairly absorbing the difference between eBay's inaccurate shipping quotes and UPS's actual shipping cost.

Attached for the reader's consideration are the UPS Special Pricing Program for eBay Sellers Agreement as well as an indicator of what a seller sees when he or she clicks through eBay and then logs into PayPal in order to create a UPS shipping label. The original parcel to my buyer was already shipped, so I wasn't about to create yet another label - my address and the recipient's address have been blurred out for privacy. Note for the record that the shipping that eBay quoted and then charged the buyer was $18.52 and that there is no radio button or check off box to select the UPS discount program that Rea repeatedly and insistently but insensitively pressed me about.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

eBay - do not use guest accounts in ebay

Made a purchase using ebay guest account Item number [protected] from xtreme_warehouse ( transaction: [protected]). I never received the item. I went to lodge a complain with paypal Transaction ID: 04D1171840492584R they are diecting me to. ebay Resolution center

When I go to Resolution center ebay do NOT have an option to lodge complaint category for guest account. Therefore cant lodge complaints because of that. Seller easily get away.
When call ebay Australia they say its paypal issue not them and contact paypal.

So end of the day BUYER is the looser. EBAY Australia created Guest accounts make fraudsters flourish. NEVER EVER USE EBAY.COM.AU

IN regards to the upcoming changes and restructure of eBay fees,


My complaint is the combination of charges that ebay is about to unleash on sellers in Australia and consequentially will cause a price rise for the consumer

They are about to include postal charges with final value fees which will lead to higher running costs for ebay sellers and price rises.
This will mean there are going to be a lot more free listings available to buyers but will also mean an increase in sales costs .
these changes will not effect sellers form other countries so once again Australian sellers prices will be far more expensive that international sellers
In Australia we are already paying far greater postage costs than our international counterparts especially when Australia post combined forces with ebay and removed the 250gram post parcel the minimum cost for a 500gram parcel is 7.15 via clickand send or greater over the counter this also does not include packing cost.
Thoughts anyone?

Dec 11, 2014

eBay - scammer

I ordered body armour worthing 68$ they sent to me body armour worthing 29$. I requested partial refund, they ofered to me 9$. Now traying to resolv via ebay customer support service. They advice to ship them back and they will fully refund P&P to China costs 34 Euro. Good deal to pay 34 in order to get 57.
Recomend not to buy anything from that seller.

Dec 06, 2017

I bought few boxes stationery clips and all them are received torn! Inside only 50pcs/box and not 100pcs/box.

Mar 18, 2015

Také jsem naletěl Objednal jsem v 11/2014 New Cable Wire Line Phone Telephone Network Toner Scan Tester Generator Tracker. V udanou dobu nepřišel. Několikrát napsal že posílá znovu. ale stejně nic nepřišlo. Koncem 2/2015 přestal komunikovat úplně

Feb 02, 2015

Single2000 sold met 2 pens .. one arrived broken and one was missing
They use delay tactics to get over the 45 and 60 day term

Do not buy from this seller

May 02, 2019

Same here, they still use this delay tactics, don't buy from this scamper.

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