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Dashcam — It does not work

Delivered in December 2019, I have just taken the camera out of the box to fit to my new car. I pressed the power button and it has remained stuck in the on position and will not retract. I have not interfered with the device in any way.
Transaction I.D. 12M692989T202541J

Request a refund

Andrew Russell
49 Gravel Lane
Hemel Hempstead
United Kingdom

sku: [protected], sku: 86ts9059, sku: 86ts8740, several others

Order #: 190806B5ULQUOrder Date: Tuesday 06 August, 2019 Order #: 1907313JRUJG, Order Date: Wednesday 31...

not receiving order#181216kctgct, sku8630195 ordered 12/16/18

Checked with usps tracking #rp135119520cn and it says last tracking 1/7/19 it is in transit to next facility...


I ordered a violin on Thursday, August 16th and it arrived on Tuesday, August 21st with the strings cut and the headrest broken, and overall just poor condition I am very disappointed because I have been waiting a long time for a violin and your website claims to be the best. the costs it will take to repair the violin will amount to more than its cost. i would like a refund so i can buy this item on a better website or a new violin in good condition. thank you


  •'s response · Aug 23, 2018

    Hi joymoshe,may i know your order number please ? Or please send email to [email protected] directly, we will definitely solve for you and give you an satisfying solution. We are so sorry for such inconveniences caused to you .

I did receive two batteries this morning that I thought were the right ones that I had ordered but they were not.

These two batterie s have the numbers 18650 and the ones that weredelivered are numbered 18650 B ! The are...

non working / pretend radar detector

I have owned several radar detectors over the last 30 years. Some good. Some not so good, but this one is simply just a toy. It's made to look like one, but it's not even working. It makes random noise (as if it's pre-recorded). Both times I have passed by police actually pointing a radar gun at me, it did not make a sound(!!!). Next problem, the audio is so cheaply made it is nearly impossible to understand what's being said. And lastly, whoever designed this forgot to create a windshield, mirror or dash holder for it, and included a flimsy rubber mat to lay it on(!!!). Every time I run over a bump or have to press the break hard, it's flying of my dash, hitting the windshield. WTH?If I had a pre-teen grand son, I suppose I could give it to him to put on his bicycle to play with, but I don't, so I am asking you for my money back. After you arrange for pre-paid return label, I will gladly drop it off at the post office sending it back to you.

jjrc mini elfie

JJRC mini Elfie was a Christmas gift that doesn't work. After downloading the app and connecting to wi if the brand new product didn't fly. No life off one off th front propellers doesn't spin consistently. Tried charging the battery still didn't work this product may need to be discontinued. To many things you have to do to make it work and it didn't come with a carry on bag.

I have ordered the same product twice and have yet to receive either order.

My first order was on Nov. 27, 2017. Still not received. Ordered again on Dec. 11, 2017. Still not received...

wrong item

Nothing positive can be said about these people.
They sent me a wrong order and just imagine what I felt: I wanted for my order to arrive for 2 months and when I opened the package what did I see? Yes, the wrong item I have never ordered!!!
I was extremely infuriated and wanted to throw it away, but I understood that I had to ask for a refund, I didn't donate my money. Unfortunately, it only means that I have to spend a long time on hassling with them regarding shipping (at my expense) and a refund. I don't wanna do it, but I am forced.

  •'s response · Dec 04, 2017

    Hi, this is Customer Service Serena from Tmart. Please accept my sincere apologies for all the inconveniences caused to you.May I have your order number first so that we can further handle your case? Looking forward to your early reply.Best regards Serena

employee problem

I am tired of shopping with my husband and when we walk in the cd music area this girl named kayla keep...

be aware!

Don't buy anything form them. This company is awful.
Every day it makes me feel terrible. I ordered an item in the beginning of August and it hasn't been shipped yet. It's under process. Just unbelievable that it can take such a long time. I didn't order a car.
Talking to them is absolutely useless, all they say is that I have to wait for them to ship an item as soon as it's in stock. It was in stock when I was ordering it.
What a shame!!

fluke 15b multimeter

Dear Sir or Madam,
I received my Fluke multimetre yesterday and it doesn't work right out of the box. The package was shipped in a plastic bag, from China as I understand it. Does Tmart expect a delicate electronic testing tool to travel half way around the globe in a plastic bag without being damaged? There is no visible damage to the tool itself so it must have something internally wrong because it won't even turn on. The package it came in has definite signs of damage however. Checked batteries, they are not the cause. Also there is English several places on the package but there is no English manual. Waiting for your reply.

Mark Davis
Order #170826BBBDXK


I bought a 1 X M318 Car Bluetooth V3.0 + EDR Transmitter with FM & Hands-free & USB Charger Black [protected] *...

order nr.170508eapuhf, did not receive it.

Hello! I got an e-mail (on 13.05.2017), that my order is shipped.
I checked tracking number and looked my order up on the website. It says that my order has arrived in Latvia on May 31st, but it has been sent back to you a long time ago.
Tmart did not return my money!!! I have written to tmart several times and have not gotten a decent answer!!! I have been patient, but this is not ok anymore!

[Resolved] product never received and no refund either

I ordered on tmart website a 1.1"oled screen spo2 heart rate monitor fingertip pulse oximeter and paid...

Tmart is a complete joke!

This company Tmart is a complete joke! I have purchased headphones from them and did not received any confirmations or tracking number.
Customer service ignored all my messages and gave me no information regarding my order status.
A lot of time passed and my order never showed up and refund was not given. Instead of giving me my money back they charged me again! That was done without my permission!
I demanded a full refund and of course there was no response.
Tmart is a fraud, don't buy anything from them!

Downloading tmart images onto my picture files

I had a live chat yesterday with belly and she was not able to help me and did not understand what i...


After being sent a defective Drone and then being asked to repair it myself I asked for a refund and they sent me a shipping label, but will not give me a full refund. I have written several times and they come up with a different lame reason why they will not give all my money back. They have terrible customer service and do not have a full understanding of English, not to mention the lies. DO NOT BUY FROM TMART !

  • Updated by genewgene · Apr 09, 2017

    They said they would provide a refund, and after returning the defective drone, they only gave a 80% return. After several messages, each time giving a different lame reason in broken English, they will not offer a full refund. They don't keep their word and give you the run around.


Paiement non reçu

Bonjour, J'ai commandé le 27.03.2017 a95x amlogic s905x quad-core. J'ai été débité sur mon compte bancaire...

I bought a clock from Tmart and did not receive it.

I bought a clock from Tmart and did no receive it. I tried to reach Tmart myself but they never bothered to reply. Then I found some reviews and to be honest I was terrified! Since I wasn't able to do anything myself I decided to ask PayPal for help and opened a dispute.
Several weeks passed and still no result, PayPal is trying to help me, but they were ignored by Tmart. There is something wrong about this company. They literally stole from me and now they try to hide. I would not recommend this site to anyone and I hope that they'll be out of business in the near future.

Avoid this site!

Where is my order?? It was supposed to be here till Christmas! These scam artists tricked me when they said I'll get it before Christmas. I will never buy anything from Tmart again and I will tell everyone I know about my terrible experience with them. My order is still missing and every time I contact Tmart customer service they say that my order was shipped. I want to know where it is and I want to get a tracking number! Please do not make the same mistake and avoid this site!

What a terrible scam!

I purchased something from this terrible website and had to return because my order arrived damaged. Tmart support seemed nice and friendly and agreed to refund me. That was way too good to be true. I paid for the return shipping (they said they don't give return labels) and shipped the item back and it cost me a fortune!
About two weeks later when they received the item back they contacted me and said that they were not able to refund me. No explanation no nothing!! That was the last thing I heard from them. What a terrible scam!! I want my money back!

Electric wood curving tool

Sir I sent you the sum of 10.22 Euro to send me the electric wood curving tool. I have not received it yet...

Damaged product

I have ordered from Tmart website and it took forever to receive my order. When it finally arrived I was shocked that my item arrived completely damaged. Tmart customer service did absolutely nothing to help me. They said that it was not their fault and said that I need to contact the shipping company.
They refused to accept any responsibility. In my opinion it was only their fault. Item was packaged very poorly. Never again!

Beyond ridiculous!!

I have received the wrong order and when I contacted Tmart customer service they asked me to provide pictures. I gave they what they asked and they claimed that they were not able to open them!!
Are you kidding me?
Sent another one and they said that my pictures would not open so literally they did not believe me and refused to refund my money! These guys are completely ridiculous if they can't even open a simple jpg image!!

Customer service; damaged product

Ordered a battery from and it arrived damaged. I contacted customer service and asked for a refund and the person I spoke to did not believe me! I was called a liar and they refused to give me a refund. I told them that I can provide pictures that there was a visible damage and that I can prove that I was telling the truth, but they said that they don't need any pictures.
The worst customer service ever! They never game a chance to prove anything! Never again!!

Wltoys power star, 1 6 channel r.C. Helicopter

On april 22 2016, i purchased a wltoys power star 1 r.C. Helicopter from tmart. It arrived on april 29 2016...

Very unprofessional customer service!

I ordered some cheap products from Tmart in the past. Then I noticed that my card was charged several times without my permission. I immediately contacted customer service and explained what happened. The rep I spoke to was absolutely unprofessional and kept telling me it was impossible that someone stole my card details. Then I contacted my credit card company and they helped me. Do not buy anything from this scam site. I'm very disappointed with this company!

Very poor service!

I ordered some things from Tmart in the past and items I received were great! But my next order never arrived, customer service never helped, so I decided to delete my account. But they blocked me and I could not even log into my account for weeks! When I finally contacted someone from the company they said I was a liar and told me to prove my account was blocked. How on Earth I can prove that? What a ridiculous joke! Now they refuse to let me delete my account. Save your precious time! These people should be ashamed of themselves!

This company is obviously a scam!

I ordered a guitar from Tmart in early January. Their tracking system stated it was shipped. One week later I decided to contact their customer service and ask about the status of my order. Their replied nothing, so I decided to ask a refund. Several days later I received a message stating my order was cancelled, but I received no money yet. Their policy states you will get one within 24 hours. Later I got another email and was asked to provide pictures of my credit card. Obviously a scam! They took money from my card and had difficulties in putting it back? What a joke. I think this company is just another huge scam. I hope I'll get my money back.


In early January I made two orders. Tmart charged my credit card and I received an email stating that my order was accepted and got a tracking number. Later I received another message from Tmart saying that they needed a copy of my credit card and passport. What a joke! I would never provide anyone with a copy of my credit card and passport. After I refused providing them those documents, they cancelled both of my orders! I demanded a refund, but they never replied. So now I am having my bank trace the bank that they used to process my credit card. Since they are a company they will have to send an attorney to court, otherwise I will get a judgment, then I can go about causing them financial difficulties! These thieves will pay for stealing my money!

Waterproof dv camcoder and sd card adapter

The items were ordered on September 16, 2015. I received confirmation that my order was received and that the...

Wrong items shipped

I ordered a remote control boat and a 11.1volt 2200mah battery on 09/25/2015, paid for rush delivery. Did'nt get it till 2 weeks, so much for rush delivery i paid for. The remote controlled boat lasted one day and burnt up. The battery i ordered never came so i am out $24.50. After complaining for a week tmart sends me another battery. (Not the battery i ordered) instead they send me a $12.00 battery, i complained now they calling me a liar even after i sent pics of the battery still in their package. These people need to be shut down!! All i want is what i paid for, my boat is under warranty all i need is the 20$ part that burnt up to fix my boat. The customer service chat does not work, never has!! The phone number does not work, never has!! The email for customer service is a joke. They do not respond... Pls help me!

It is Scam don't buy

This month September 2015 I have purchased few electronics for 200$. Its been a week there is no response...

useless help support

bought one of those mini power supplies for recharging my phone, the device is thin and compact it is a nice...

Refuse to replace broken or unshipped items

I have gone on there live help line on several occasions and they refuse to help, tell me it's my... / Customer Service

dropshippers stay away from tmart

I just recently started dropshipping business on ebay, and was stupid enough to choose tmart as my dropship...

delete account and ask for my order

Ι bought an alarm clock from Tmart. I know that the item was cheap but it's still money. They...

Fake Site

I had a very bad experience with tmart first they charged my account 526.71$ and shipped my item so fast a...

order still not received

took advantage of black Friday online shopping. I found this site that offered the product I wanted and...