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I haven’t received my order

I had ordered 2 Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes Refill, Fragrance free for $111.08
I also ordered Dove Baby Wipes 50 CT Rich Moisture for $49.20 these items were on the same transaction.
I ordered these items off of which is you guys. I ordered them on March 13, 2020 at 7:42 AM. My Emerald MasterCard WAS CHARGED for $160.28. It is now March 25, 2020 at 11:41 PM I still haven't received my items. You guys are a scam and I want my money back!!!

I haven’t received my order
I haven’t received my order
I haven’t received my order
I haven’t received my order

online sales fraud

This complaint is registered against Concord Dollaritem, an online sales company operating as
Complaint: item ordered was never delivered and I was denied a refund. I suspect fraud.
• 6/18/19 order placed.  Invoice 7758-FfBFkh.  Customer ID 25976 (see exhibit 1)
• 6/21/19 UPS delivered one box weighing 10lbs (see exhibit 8)
• 7/3/19, Customer sends 1st email notifying vendor of shipment discrepancy (see exhibit 2)
• 7/4/19 vendor responds with question/clarification (see exhibit 3)
• 7/4/19 Customer sends email #2, response to vendor requesting rectification (see exhibit 4)
• 7/23/19, Due to no response from vendor, Customer sends email #3, again requesting rectification (see exhibit 5)
• 7/23/19 vendor responds with "Request Received" notification (see exhibit 6)
• 7/24/19 vendor declines to rectify their mistake (see exhibit 7) stating the following:   "Our proof of delivery states that you have received this merchandise. This has also been over 1 month since delivery and we were not informed in time to handle any issues you may have".
In response to this statement, I DISPUTE both points. 
Per the UPS Shipment delivery, the ONE package that was delivered weighed 10lbs (see exhibit 9).
 I ordered two items: 
1.    Wholesale Lucky Pocket Tissue Soft 8 Pack Premium Quality
2.    Wholesale Clorox Scrub Singles, Decide-a-Size, (quantity 20)
The weight of the two items,  respectively, are as follows:
1.    Wholesale Lucky Pocket Tissue Soft 8 Pack Premium Quality Case Weight: 7.9 lbs (per website)
2.    Wholesale Clorox Scrub Singles, Decide-a-Size Per Item Weight: 2.4 oz,
20 items = 48 ounces or 3lbs.
The minimum weight this shipment would have been, had it included both items, was 10lbs and 9 ounces and that would NOT have included the weight of the box or packing materials.  The weight of the box delivered by UPS was only 10lbs.
This is full proof that only one box was delivered and that it did not contain the full order. If it had contained the full order, it would have weighed more than 10lbs.  
I dispute the assertion "This has also been over 1 month since delivery and we were not informed in time to handle any issues you may have".  My first communication with the vendor was 8 business days following shipment arrival. This is ample time to handle issues.
I notice that Dollaritem no longer sells this item on its website which leads me to suspect that this was not an accidental error but outright sales fraud - an unavailable item was advertised and sold - it was undeliverable! Nevertheless, the vendor feigns delivery then refuses customer refund.

online sales fraud
online sales fraud
online sales fraud
online sales fraud
online sales fraud
online sales fraud
online sales fraud
online sales fraud


I order two items from them three weeks ago. The salesman name is aldo. I have not received them, but they did get my money! When I call, I get the run around, or just voice mail, or hung up on. I do not recomend concord dollaeitem to anyone they are a ripoff. The attorny general office need to look into this bogus company. Along with the bbb &i.R. S. I want my money back, or what I paid for!!!

  • Updated by abdullahi ali · Sep 07, 2019

    I am requesting to well refund because ali express can´t success to shipping somalia.

    last three month I waiting my order but I missed

    I was bought 5 following items on the picture.

  • Be
    Beware_09 Jul 01, 2010

    There is something wrong with this company. I tried to order large quantitiy of products. There so call Bussiness developer promised next day informations. Its over 4 weeks now nothing form him. When called he gave a very unprofessional excuse. I found him telling lies. The customer support atimes quickly transfer you to a voice mail. I think one need to be very carefull with them.

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  • Ad
    a]dskjh Oct 07, 2010

    Im waiting for my refund four weeks. They counted $73, 36 from my bank account stright away after I have placed my order (07/09/2010). They named it like a deposit. The same day I asked them for refund because they send me an email that item I chosed together with delivery will cost for me $223.36! This price was never mentioned before I placed my order!!! I have received another email next day (08/09/2010) saying "we'll do refund your deposit this Fri." from email address [email protected] .
    On friday night (10/09/2010) I have asked them why I still didnt receive my refund. I got an answer: "your internet order number was #170846 and we received on 06/09/2010. so, every Friday we process refund and it takes 2~3weeks.".
    Ok. Today is one month (07/10/2010) and no more answers from them even after I have contacted them again via email on 26/09/2010.

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  • Ab
    abdullahi ali Sep 15, 2019

    I was was bought ali express online services 5 different types of items such as 1 voice translator, suit, tie, shoes and optic .

    those items I bought on credit card.

    Ali express doesn´t able to bring somalia.
    he was said somalia is is a wsr area we couldn`t shipping.

    items you can see the pictures.

    I am reuesting to well refund

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