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E Rewards review: Unable to redeem earned e dollars

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5:54 pm EST
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After earning $183.25 I waited around 2 months to go back and redeem e dollars for something I could use I selected a home depot gift card worth $25.00 cost of $75.00 of my earned e money, after going through the process a error code qsb0303-17 telling me to contact customer service which I did, the web site mention fast responses well no one responded! So while waiting for them to message me I googled the code and learned more of how this is a long running issue with them. Since this just happened today I think ill give them 48 hours to respond to me. After that I may look into seeking out other with same unresolved issues to this pattern for a class action suite!

Desired outcome: tell me why i cant use my $183.25 account to buy a Home Depot $20.00 gift card for $75.00

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