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B Sep 05, 2018

To Whom it may concern:

I live at 87th & Mobile behind the strip mall on 87th & Narragansette. I am constantly being blocked by your delivery trucks. I am either unable to get in my parking or unable to leave my parking space. Your drivers will ignore the residents & just continue setting up to unload their product. I have lived here for 3 yrs & have had this problem to many times to count. There is plenty of room for them to pull & park closer to the wall so we the residents are able to get in & out but instead they park right in the middle to the alley blocking all traffic from getting thru. This is very unfair to all the residents who pay their property taxes. I have been told to go around & shut up & wait. When I explain they are blocking my parking spot I am told "well than you're just going to have to wait than. " I sat in my car behind the truck for 20 mins today while he unloaded with Milk, Ice cream & frozen products. I had to throw the ice cream away. He had not yet began to unload When I arrived so he could had easily move his truck forward 10-15 feet so I could park my vehicle. I am so tired of this, it is not fair. We the residents pay our property taxes just like everyone else. I am elderly & had to sit in my car in this hot & humid day for 20 mins for no reason. Again he could had moved his truck forward a few feet. Please do something to end this. I am attaching a couple of pictures. One of the truck blocking my parking & one to show all the space they have to park yet choose to park right along our parking spaces.

Blanca Najera

your delivery trucks
your delivery trucks

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