Dunkin' Brandsdunkin management deplorable ignoring complaints


Dunkin executive leadership is following its consistent pattern of ignoring complaints in that I once again had a problem at a store only to have DD customer service force me to wait for the franchisee to respond, which of course it never did. It has been several days past the established two-day
period for such a response.

My sense is that the franchisee never responds because it knows that DD does not require any effort to resolve disputes.

I once again left messages on the voice mails of virtually everyone listed on the executive leadership section of the DD website. Not one of them have responded.

DD customer service told me the complaint before this one simply to not shop at the location at which I was having the same ongoing problem. I have done so and now at going to stop shopping at all locations.

Spending more than a dollar on a stale doughnut is not worse several futile hours of seeking satisfaction when history repeats itself in the store. I can get just as good doughtnuts less expensively in the grocery store or have a better experience at CORPORATE-OWNED Starbucks and get a better response if things do not go well.

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