Dubai First Complaints & Reviews

Dubai First / jane from collecting department being rude with me by phone.

Jul 17, 2018

Please noted that Ms.Jane called me an indian lady called me with mobile number 0564183738, 0564183744 0564183756 ...she shouted on me because of the1 month late payment even i explained to her im waiting for my salary and i had an emergency but suddenly she started to shout where is the...

Dubai First / employee obligation

May 31, 2018

I'm from HR department and one of our employee have some obligation with the institution. They calling me very regularly asking if the salary is transferred. That's fine. I understand they want to get back the money. But today the person name Mark (043021409) behaved very badly. He called...

Dubai First / cancellation of credit card

May 24, 2018

I have requested for my card cancellation three weeks before and verification has done. Now they are asking me to provide the visa cancellation proof. Can you tell me why should I provide such document. Its my wish, I don't want that card. The Customer care has no use to call. Every time they...

Dubai First / amila nishad from collating department being rude with me by phone

May 23, 2018

My name is Nerses Keshish Ojli please noted that mr. Amila Nishad called me with mobail no.0564183735.. And he shouted on me.. And keeped himself very rude with me... Because of the late payment even I explained you that still I am waiting the salary but suddenly he started to shout...

Dubai First / credit shield insurance on credit card

May 22, 2018

Dear Dubai First, My name is Gibran Ali Hussain and my contact no. is 056 4994974 I have recently activated my Dubai First Card No. 5441525000010241. I was charged Dhs 338 plus Dhs 17 VAT for Credit Shield Insurance. On speaking to the customer care representative Chiz, I was informed that I...

Dubai First / credit card

May 13, 2018

I always paying my credit card on due date time not exceeding on due date. Last month my due date was April 12, 2018 (this is a payment for the month of March)and I paid on time. When I received my statement for the month of April I found that there's a late payment fee mentioned I paid my...

Dubai First / wrong information in credit bureau report

May 04, 2018

I do not have Loans or Credit Cards under Dubai First. Now when I requested a Credit Report, Dubai First came out and shows that I have a 50, 000AED Credit Card Since October of 2015. How did this happen? Because of this I can not apply for a top Loan to other bank. Please update the...

Dubai First / customer service

Apr 23, 2018

The customer service is giving wrong information and I think they are not knowlegeable enough to do their job. They are just like answering phone calls and after that they will left your complain hanging, every month that we received our bill there's additional fees that are not informed...

Dubai First / liability letter

Apr 11, 2018

Since last 2 weeks I have requested for a liability letter and they said I will get a call after 3 days. after which my due date comes and they issued me to pay the overdue in order to get the liability letter. They have waited for too long in order to reach the next payment date in order...

Dubai First / person

Apr 10, 2018

Good day, i want to complain someone working in your office, shes sending me messages saying that she will ruin my family, call my office and threatened me that she will make a scene in our office, so that i can be terminated in our company, i dont understand why shes acting like that, it...

Dubai First / clearance letter issuance

Apr 01, 2018

Dear Sir/ Mam, I would like to complaint about the issuance of the clearance letter. Emirates Islamic buy-out the credit card and we were informed from the branch that it will only take 7 to 10 working days to get the clearance letter, the cheque has been given 28th of March, we called the...

Dubai First / illegal use of my credit card

Mar 27, 2018

This is chandan Kumar choudhary, I resigned the job and left UAE on 2nd march after the settlement of old payment and submitted closure form also on 26th Feb. On 12th march I received a message on my registered mobile number that I made a purchase of AED 6033.75 at Etc - IVR 142, Abu...

Dubai First / credit card annual fee due amount

Mar 25, 2018

This is Naga Prathap Cheni, am taken credit card (Dubai Parks and Resorts card) from Dubai First 2017. When am taken this card is free for life. Even am ex employee of Dubai First. Employee ID : IN32136, I settled the old payments when I resigned the job in the month of August. Even they are...

Dubai First / unethical behaviour & irrelevant information provided

Mar 20, 2018

Hi I have been a customer for Dubai First Bank credit card for last year and had no payment issues on my card. As i was into business and had some financial debts, my payment didn't happen for December and January. I had to talk to multiple Dubai First Collection executive (Ethne & Jisha...

Dubai First / unethical behaviour

Mar 19, 2018

I applied for a credit card from Dubai first with the hope of not receiving it as I did not submit all documents. low and behold i received a card with a hefty credit limit. i tried cancelling it but due to scripted and all knowing agents nothing was been done. due to the ever changing...

Dubai First / customer service

Mar 19, 2018

I had applied for Dubai First credit card clearance letter on 10/02/2018. They told that will take 2 weeks to get it ready and will receive a call and sent soft copy through mail and hard copy can collect from office. I didn't receive anything even after 3 weeks . Then I have sent a mail...

Dubai First / unethical and threatening sms from recovery

Mar 13, 2018

Hi, I have a credit card with Dubai First, there are some payments due on the card, for the last 1 year or more i have been paying around 1500 to 1700 dirhams, now due to some financial issues i was not able to pay the amount as minimum payment, this issue is being addressed by the collection team...

Dubai First / unauthorised credit card charges

Mar 10, 2018

I requested to remove all insurance on my card, the lady said its compulsory and reactivated on my card. but today i called customer care and they are saying it can be removed but amount charged on my card for insurance cannot be reversed and you guys charged me DHS 40 for insurance (unnecessary) dont...

Dubai First / credit card

Mar 07, 2018

I requested to close my credit card 5161784043607004 in December 2017, and I got a 10 months instalments of 1, 918. I paid December 2018, January 2018. I did not pay the instalment of Feb 2018 and despite my numerous emails requesting someone to call me. A lady called me today so impolite and...

Dubai First / I was harassed by an agent

Mar 06, 2018

I was getting harass by one of your credit card agent. I submitted my documents and sign some paper I told her that I cant accomodate the request because it was during working hours. I told her if I cant submit the other documents on time I would like to cancel my application. Afterward...

Dubai First / credit card cash loan

Mar 05, 2018

Hi, I had requested for credit card cash loan of AED 3000 for period of 6M with 0%interest somewhere in Jan last week. So that AED 500 pm I have to pay with one time processing charge. I received message on 31st Jan that insta cash request approved for 3M. Soon i gave call back to customer...

Dubai First / credit card

Mar 01, 2018

Hi! I was approached by one of your agent in my working place for a credit card promotion from your bank. I agreed to get one from your bank dated october 2017. She came to me twice and asked for my details and i willingly send to her emails everything that she needs and i also signed...

Dubai First / credit card

Feb 06, 2018

Dear Team, I had a credit card which having a limit of 33000 AED, for closing that card i paid about 54000 AED. Could you please clarify why i need to pay 21000 extra just closing the card. i would like to know the calculation details. in the time of closing my outstanding balance was 33770...

Dubai First / credit card

Feb 01, 2018

Dear Team, I have made a request to convert my Dubai First Regard's I have made a request on Jan first week that time they said within 3 days I will receive. Again I called today the voucher still with bank please update me the issue for the delay or if your not able to support I will go...

Dubai First / dubai first credit card annual fee charged!

Jan 24, 2018

I used to be an employee of Dubai First, before i resigned in Sept 2017, i was asked to pay the full amount of credit card for them to cancel my visa. I was able to pay off my account with over payment of 120aed (not exact amount). And since i left the company they blocked my card so i...

Dubai First / Credit Card

Jan 13, 2018

Dear Sir, ​I ​am writing to dispute a fraudulent charge on my account for the amount of AED 4472​ with Dubai First Credit card. I have a credit card with Dubai First​ which I never activated. My credit card number is 5161784034267008. Recently, I received my credit card bill dated ​05​...

Dubai First / credit card dew payment

Jan 11, 2018

i have been paying my credit card 1 1/2 year as i got some problem back in my country i couldn't pay it and i put for installment plan been paid for more then 1 1/2 year. still the card payment is same and its not getting less. they keep on charging. i have send email to come up with the...

Dubai First / installment plan

Jan 10, 2018

I kindly request Dubai first Bank to give option to convert outstanding balance to installment plan. it's a request. I have done this before and this was very convenient and I was using my card more. Now when I called, I was told there's no option. Management has decided. I feel this i...

Dubai First / credit card cancellation

Jan 07, 2018

I made a request calling customer care to cancel my credit card more than a week ago .. I was told my request has been registered and I will be called by Dubai first personnel within 2-3 working days .. it has been more than a week now no messages or calls yet ... i have had no solution...

Dubai First / misrepresentation by sales manager dev bishnoi & unauthorised credit card charges

Jan 04, 2018

I had applied for a Dubai first card sometime early November 2017 on the presentation from the Sales Representative of Dubai first that this credit card will be free for the first year. Based on this i applied for the credit card. The card was delivered sometime in mid November - after...

Dubai First / credit card

Dec 18, 2017

This company does not care about their clients. I missed to pay my bills due to some unavoidable circumstances. I called them to inform as a gesture that I am not running away from my obligations but the collection agent is so rude. Every time you call she will twist the story and made you...

Dubai First / card not cancelled

Dec 07, 2017

I am Dr.Ashok. I have cancelled my card on 14 August 2017 because of job shift and left the country on 24th August. I was told I will get a call from bank in 3 working days and did not get so. When i was in the USA I got a mail stating i have to pay late payment fees and membership fees. I...

Dubai First / service

Dec 06, 2017

I am using dubai first credit card for past two months, I called enquired about statement and due amount and date to the customer service on 18th November, and they said they will statement to email and due amount and date they will send as sms if i activate sms alert, So I activated I didnt...

Dubai First / negligence

Dec 05, 2017

This bank have caused a moral damage to my mom who has been they're previous client. unluckily my mom got arrested for wrong accusations that made the whole flight of my mom miserable to death. it caused us a lot of efforts and wasted money because of what they've done and then they will...

Dubai First / credit cards - debt consolidation-reference case number: 158453

Oct 22, 2017

Dated 22nd October 2017 Reference Case Number: 158453 Sub: Debt Relief Plan Agreement dated 09th Feb 2017 " on Credit cards 5242 0452 5029 2606 & On 5486 7049 2969 2001 This is with regard to the settlement of the above-mentioned cards. Dubai First Bank has issued me with a Debt Relief ...

Dubai First / credit card

Oct 16, 2017

Dear Team This is with reference to credit card in my name issued in year 2016 with below details : Credit card no 4573294353388000 Name Vikas purohit Expiry date 10/19 I would like to bring to your kind notice that the credit card was taken by me in consideration to the benefits shown...

Dubai First / credit card clearance & withdrawal of case delay after settlement

Oct 04, 2017

04 October 2017 Lorievic Demafiles Madelo 0561293383 Credit Card Number 5242045275372003 With Due respect I would like to thank Mr. Yousef and Mr. Mohd from collections department for assisting me when I came to Dubai office last saturday September 30, 2017. Mr. Yousef was the one who...

Dubai First / closure of account - non compliance - ref: 134836

Oct 04, 2017

To the Complaints Department I have been writing to your Customer Service for the last few months now in order to get my credit card closed and to date have not had any satisfactory answer form them or the clearance letter. This is completed unacceptable as the card appears on and affects my...

Dubai First / credit card - insurance sold by bank

Oct 02, 2017

Dear Sirs, I am holding a credit card issued by Dubai First since January, 2017. In the last August Somebody from Dubai First contacted me saying that, as I was prompt in paying my credit card bills in time they have decided to issue me an insurance policy at a discounted rate, on installment...

Dubai First / given the wrong information for personal loan

Oct 01, 2017

I have been in contact with Altaf from DF. I wanted the personal loan and was not interested in the credit card. He gave information for loan and gave details regarding amount I would receive and the interest rates and said the card is free with the loan. Signed all docs and the security...