Dubai First Complaints & Reviews

Dubai First / credit card cancellation

Sep 11, 2017

I received the credit after more than 3 months and had obtained other cards fm other institutions So I called the customer care number n was given 138376 as my reference number. After sm days a guy called Haysam fm cancellation department called me at 16:11 on the 11of September refusing...

Dubai First / credit card - late payment fees

Aug 20, 2017

I have started using my credit card of Dubai First from May 2017 and have not received any statement from Dubai First until August 10. In between that, I have made payment of the outstanding on July 10 in good faith without getting the statement. when I make a complaint about the same on...

Dubai First / credit card payment

Aug 16, 2017

Respected whosoever it may concern I pay my complete amount as per statment online as i was out i make telegraphic transfer thrugh emirates nbd but i noticed from july some terms n conditions dubai first and emirates nbd changed amount was reversed in my current account due to which i got...

Dubai First / credit card

Aug 13, 2017

I have paid my credit card balance in full and completed the payment before the due date. and i was in peaceful mind then suddenly i got a statemnt showing 366.00 AED to be paid immediately and it mentioned as late payment charges (What the Hell) Can anyone from the Bank official can help me...

Dubai First / clearance letter

Aug 02, 2017

I have cancelled my credit card 10 days back and the balance on teh card was paid through Arab bank and enclosed with the check there was a guarantee letter from Arab bank valid for 45 days, accordingly I do understand that i have to wait 35 days for clearnace letter however and since...

Dubai First / very poor service

Jul 27, 2017

I approached your agent ms. Binesh-045068720 asking for card transfer on 18/7/18. My requirement was I need before 27/7/17 as I am travelling to india. She said ok. Since then I have not received the cheque for the transfer. Evrrytime she gives cock and bull story. I asked help me with...

Dubai First / credit card

Jul 24, 2017

Dear Sir, Dubai First charged unnecessary charges of AED 250 and forcefully recovered from me. I raised my compaint as on 25th june and today is 24th july. In between i called atleast 20 times to them but there is no resolution and every time they are telling it will take two more days. I am...

Dubai First / complaint regarding extra and untold charges are applied on credit card services.

Jul 23, 2017

Hi My card no. Is 5161004035892005 actually i cleared my full amount before coming to india . i applied request of cancelling my credit card. They asked me to come to dubai first branch so i said ok and leave my card like this and i asked them about charges bt No one informed me regarding any...

Dubai First / unclear charges / unresponsive call center / unethical behaviour - dubai last bank

Jul 13, 2017

Right from procuring the liability letter request till submitting a final settlement, I have faced one of the worst bank services in my life. The customer care centre is clueless of who took the 1st request and where does it stand in the system. "15 working days" to issue a letter ha...

Dubai First / customer service!!!

Jul 12, 2017

12th july, 2017: This is the worst banking finance ever!! Beware of their hidden charges and worst customer service!! All their customer service agents are rude!!! Definitely bad experience!! Do not get from this bank finance I swear you'll regret it. Customer service is most important...

Dubai First / dubai first credit card

Jul 10, 2017

Hi, I have installments pending for payment in dubai first credit card. My concern is I don't get any confirmation SMS or email regarding the date of my installments. Because of which m always paying late payment fine of 249 every month. Apart from that, this credit shield option I never...

Dubai First / by their unprofessional salesperson mr noel and mr eric

Jul 10, 2017

Dear dubai first, And to the other loyal customers like me, and a to your future clients. Im one of your loyal clients who never failed to pay my dues on date. March 2016 I got my dubai first credit card, I started on 15k aed credit limit, now after almost 1 year and 4 months I am enjoying...

Dubai First / credit card loan

Jul 10, 2017

i have reached Dubai first to make an early settelment for my credit card loan surprisngly they are asking me to settle the interets for the full period, my balance on the card is almost 90, 000 AED and tehy are asking me to pay 125, 000 which is totaly rediculouse, it is well known that...

Dubai First / annual fees charges

Jul 05, 2017

Dear team, I have already raised this same complaint through email but didn't get any response. I got to know that my dubai first credit card was free first year. For second year there is annual fees but I was unaware about this fees as your sales person who issued me card, informed me that...

Dubai First / credit card

Jul 03, 2017

sales guy told me interest rate on cash credit will be 0.69% and told limit will be good, after getting card they are saying interest rate is 1.30% (doubled overnight) and if i am calling they are making stories like it was never like that. initially they said its free card and charging...

Dubai First / delaying of cancellation - credit card

Jun 27, 2017

I have a really bad experience with this Dubai First. This is an issue of cancellation request of the Dubai First credit card. I don’t get the idea why they can’t cancel a single credit card and why do they need me to chase them for this request for 3 years! Every time I will call them for...

Dubai First / poor service

Jun 14, 2017

Requested to remove credit shield. April 28, they didnt remove it, logged a complaint May 6 No: 115934, they didnt remove it, i was charged 200+ dirhams, they only removed it on the 18th. Now i call and everybody is giving the run around, i logged another complaint 121412, the insurance...

Dubai First / sales and card cancellation staff

Jun 07, 2017

Dear team, One of your sales person approached me and force me to apply cards by lying to me. Now I want to close that card and I already raised request. I received call form miss urvisha it was recorded call and the way she talked to me I was surprised. I want to make complain against...

Dubai First / credit card

May 24, 2017

Dear Sir / Madam, Good day. I was charged of Overlimit. Last 18 to 20 May, Dubai First sending me messages that I have credit limit of 39K so all knowing I can use and avail that amount so I purchased a ticket but at the end that message mislead me and I was been charged. After knowing I...

Dubai First / credit card

May 21, 2017

Hi, My name is syed haider ali bukhari my mobile number is 00971558160240. I had dubai first credit card for which I m having trouble now. 2 years back dubai first had presented my cheque and took all my outstanding after that I have called dubai first for releasing clearance letter and the...

Dubai First / credit card

May 09, 2017

As i have some issue of payments from clients from last past 4 months i have borrow from my friends and my relative i have paid the amount some of minimum in the month of march and April one Ms.Hiba has advice me to go for a pre structure plan with the bank and clear all payrment in...

Dubai First / application on hold

May 07, 2017

Dear Dubai first, Recently I have rejected an application for Dubai first card and applied a loan from other bank but during my process for loan it is still showing that my application is on hold whereas when I speak with operator they are saying my application has been rejected. I have...

Dubai First / clearance certificate

Apr 26, 2017

I submitted the cheque on 16th of april 2017 against my credit card for the settlement, and still not yet done my settlement against my credit card and also they are saying you will get the clearance certificate after 35 days, in uae no banks having such a regulation except fgb, why I...

Dubai First / clearance letter

Apr 18, 2017

Dear sir/madam My name is Manesh before I used your credit cards in uae i will clear the pending amount before one year till now I didn't get clearance letter from your side so please send clearance letter immediately i want come back to uae at this month last Thanks & best regards Manesh...

Dubai First / first secure insurance

Apr 12, 2017

Dear Team, There is one complaint lodged by me on helpline and got a call back also. I'm not putting my complaint into your status or on twitter right now, just want to see if I'll get a positive response from your side. Complaint no is 109253. Concern is I'm getting charged for First...

Dubai First / credit card closing & charges

Apr 10, 2017

I have been a Dubai First customer of your credit card for a while however a few months back I wished to close the credit card. I made the call to Dubai first and requested them to close the card, they informed me that someone would surely get in touch with me to close the card. No one got...

Dubai First / credit card given instead of personal loan

Apr 07, 2017

Dubai first executive named "Ali" (Mob-0566644169) contacted by promising personal loan they collected documents and told to sign the application for personal loan. I was told that credit card will come free with loan & adviced to say 'yes' while customer care ask for verification whether...

Dubai First / complaint on service & quality manager (nafis khan)

Apr 05, 2017

I'm very disappointed with the way I had been treated by Customers service of Dubai first bank which are managed by someone who don't know any thing about quality and service manner, after I was straggling with unskilled customer service agents and provide me with different policy and...

Dubai First / unauthorized credit card charges

Apr 01, 2017

Dear Sir, I have been a customer of Dubai First since the year 2008. I have had lifetime free credit cards from Dubai First as I do not believe in paying the annual fee for any credit card. To my surprise, I received 2 new credit cards in 2016 (one visa card and one master card) which I...

Dubai First / customer service

Mar 29, 2017

Worst banking service response ever faced in uae. They speak a lot about the procedure for a card cancellation call back 3 days and when it was for a loan called in 1 day. I would recommend all my friends having this card to start cancel it asap. The customer service speaks so rude for asking...

Dubai First / credit card charges and credit shield

Mar 19, 2017

I have gone into some financial troubles and this credit card is so toxic that the charges are growing like a cancer. Although I demanded them to remove credit shield thing at the beginning as well as afterwards they still didn't do so. Stay away from this toxic card. I am asking them to...

Dubai First / credit card shield

Mar 15, 2017

This has a reference to credit card shield on my credit card. i want to lodge a complaint that the time i signed a document from your agent, i asked her clearly about hidden charges and she replied to me that there is no any hidden charges on Dubai first credit card. unfortunately, i wa...

Dubai First / bank delaying the card cancellation and charging me with renewal fees

Mar 07, 2017

I have been trying to get rid of this Dubai First credit card which was kind of imposed on me in the first place. I was told there is no renewal or registration fee. I was charged with renewal fee in Jan 2016, i was told to keep using the card for six month to waive off the fee. I did...

Dubai First / bank is trying to forcefully make me use the credit card and misleading me

Feb 26, 2017

Dear Dubai First bank, Complain on bank trying to forcefully make me use the credit card and misleading me I signed off for a free credit card in November 2014 and I was informed that this card is a life time free card. Later in April 2015 I received a call from the bank to activate the...

[Resolved] Dubai First / credit card - moments platinum credit card

Feb 19, 2017

Dear All, I have contacted Dubai First customer care twice for cancellation of my Credit card, as per there records they have called me twice and i wasn't reachable. i checked all my call logs but didn't found any call from Bank. My mobile was very much available during that period. Today on...

Dubai First / customer service agent

Feb 06, 2017

Please note my experience talking to your customer service agent (Abdul Rahman) was extremely frustrating and racial. Mr. Abdul Rahman made a racial comment to me as a customer that "Keep your Indian talks in India". This was such a shocking comment to hear from an agent, is this what you...

Dubai First / I am outside of uae can you help me

Feb 02, 2017

I try to call so many time but unfortunately can't speak. Please can you call my this number +918942880217 today 6 pm to 10 pm or make for me easy installment plan for 9 months. My card no is 5441524944793004. Please can you tell me also when my first due date and how much? I have credit...

[Resolved] Dubai First / billing

Jan 31, 2017

Good morning I have paid all my dues as per call with the customer care there should not be any charges or any out standing as i have paid as per customer care and got conformation after deposit and now i am reviving a pending of payment of 150 which is un-professional. Kindly correct the your...

Dubai First / credit card / clearance letter

Jan 26, 2017

Dubai first has been harrasing me terribly. I hav never seen a pathetic bAnk than this. I hav requested fr clerance letter n the bank is not calling me . Its a week . Thy dont call n put the mesg on system that thy called unethical if them to do this .its urgent fr me to get the...

Dubai First / liar relationship officer

Jan 23, 2017

Im looking for personal loan one relationship officer name cheni naga prathap called me and encourage me to apply for personal loan coz im eligible according to him with 5k salary, after I submit all my docs they approved only creditcard and I found out to the customer service that 7, 500...