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Verotel Merchant Services / complaints 93

Verotel Merchant Services / - Richiesta addebito fraudolento Verotel, sono a richiederle la sospensione immediata della richiesta di addebioto di € 49.99 sulla mia carta di credito
n° 5100 **** **** 5656 intestatala sottoscritto, Sig. Zampolini Danilo.
Qualora non dovesse esser effettuata con urgenza tale richiesta, mi vedrò costretto ad adire alle vie legali chiedendo spese e rimborsi e sporgendo querela alle autorità competenti.

Cordiali saluti

Zampolini Danilo

Desired outcome: Cancellazione immediata richieste di pagamento a mio nome sulla mia carta di credito

The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Verotel Merchant Services / - Not authorized charge

My credit card (VISA) was charged $16.0 each month by VTSUP.COM since February 4. 2021 till November 4. 2021 without any reason!
I did not have any subscriptions with that company and I want to get my money back and stop those charges.

Thank you.
Natalia Goryacheva

Desired outcome: Make my return

Today, I am going to dispute all transaction you did since February 4th -21 year till December 4th 2021.

Please let me know if you made a return my $176.

thank you,


Verotel Merchant Services / - illegally taking money from my account

Before this deduction I have never heard of these people yet I get money deducted from my account? I was relaxing when the notification went off. What kind of desperate scam is this. I want my $10 back.

Desired outcome: Refund


Verotel Merchant Services / -

I am an Australian selller unable to process a payment for a one month premium on I have used my husband's Westpac bank card and 86400 bank card, which has sufficient funds and is able to be used for internet purchases. stated it is a Verotel issue. I've tried contacting Verotel with no luck.
It's effecting my business measures immensely.

Desired outcome: Option to pay for one month premium or resolve why I cannot pay

Sep 04, 2021

Verotel Merchant Services / - unauthorised payment

On 3rd Sept my bank statement showed a payment to XS MOBILE SP Z.O.O. in the amount of £14.99.
I did not authorise this payment and believe it is fraudulent. I was not in possession of any credit cards since 12th August and I am still awaiting new bank cards.
My bank accounts have recently been scammed
My email is :mike.[protected]
My name is M Hall

Please arrange to refund monies immediately.T hank You

Desired outcome: I want the monies refunded urgently

Aug 30, 2021

Verotel Merchant Services / - unauthorised payments from my bank account,, possible, scams,fraudulent

My internet is :mike.[protected] My name is M Hall. The following transactions appear on my bank statement as follows:
XSMOBILE SP Z.O.O. 23.8.21 £14.99
XSMOBILE SP Z.O.O> 14.8.21 £7.49 (appears twice on same date)
VTSUP.COM*FUNION L 23.8.21 £39.99
VTSUP.COM*FUNION l 23.8.21 £49.99
VTSUP.COM ESCTO 17.08.21 £49.95 ( appears twice)
VTSUP.COM*C11-TEL C 23.08.21 £16.49 and £5.00 on the same date
VTSUP>COM*C11 -TEL C 11.08.21 £16.49, £5.00 & £2.95 on the same date
I did not agree any of these payments and cannot give indication of which bank cards were used because i know that i did not make any payments via my bank cards. I have been hacked /scammed and i view these as fraudulent I want the amounts refunded and any memberships cancelled immediately. Thank you Mr M Hall

Desired outcome: refund and cancellation of any subscriptions

Verotel Merchant Services / - Unauthorised charge in my credit card for 39,95 euros

2021/08/13 at 05:05:28, I have been charged with the above mentioned amount for a purchase I have never done, not even authorised lately in my bank.

I have already comunicated this fraudulent fact to the support email provided by the company on Internet, a couple of times but received no answer. If the charge is not cancelled, I shall sue the matter at a police station and act with all the wrath that my guts allow against the company.

My bank is Kutxabank and my credit card ends in 8004.

Looking forward to a swift solving of the matter.


Aug 23, 2021

Verotel Merchant Services / - Charge in account

I have been charged for I don't know what? This is not me who authorised the charge and I would like it to be stopped. I have no clue as to what it is or have I gave anyone my card details. It seems like a scam and I have never heard of this company or never dealt with this company.
Reading online it appears to be a scam. Please help me in this matter.
Thank you

Desired outcome: Stop charge!!!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Verotel Merchant Services / - Unsure?

I have at least 6 mo of $9 charges and one for $29.95 on my bank statement and I've never ordered ANYTHING from this place! I want an immediate refund along with canceling recurring charges for whatever the hell this is! You can reach me at s.[protected] If I don't hear anything in 24 hrs or my account is not reimbursed in that time frame, I'll be contacting my attorney!

Desired outcome: Refund

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Verotel Merchant Services / - Can not cancel recurring charge

I have a recurring monthly charge for 15.95. I can not figure out how to cancel it. I attempted via email to no end. I did some research online and other people have warned me that if I try to cancel via your website and give you my card number you will just double charge me. My email address is [protected] Please contact me to fix this issue.

Desired outcome: Stop recurring charge


Verotel Merchant Services / - Unlawful charge of 29.99

It's 12:30 am. July 10, 2021. My card was charged without my permission. Just so you know for whoever is reading this, you have 24 hours to reply and give me my money back or I will be going to my Captain and start a investigation myself. I am a police officer in Orlando, Florida. If you think this is a game, then you shall see that it isn't. I will be waiting for a response ASAP. FOR ANYONE ELSE WHO ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THIS COMPANY. PLEASE CALL ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT AND REPORT IT. EVEN IF YOU DONT LIVE IN ORLANDO, FL. JUST REPORT THE CITY AND STATE AND IT WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF. Thank you

Desired outcome: My money back on my card and delete my information. I will keep watching this page

Verotel Merchant Services / - Verotel “vtsup”

Took money from my debit/bank account and I don't know what this company is. I have never given them any information and it is very concerning. I do not have any "active memberships" with any companies at all, so that is a complete lie. They are more than likely a China scam. I will go through the head of my own business and their investigation department before I "type in my credit card information" again are you kidding me!

Desired outcome: Refund for $9.00 for 3+ months

Jul 07, 2021

Verotel Merchant Services / - £7.99 charge.

I have been charged £7.02 from*N-I-PROD.

I don't know what this charge is for. I would like it refunded and any future charges cancel.

My name is Tanya Payne. I do not want to give any further details until I know this site is lawful and able to help me.

You should know who you are charging and with that unique charge reference should be able to locate any information you have on the charge for me.

Please email me:


Desired outcome: Refund/cancellation.

Verotel Merchant Services / - Fraudulent Charge

I was charged 9.00 usd today and have no idea why. I've never even heard of your company. Please refund. I have no subscribed to anything recently, nor have I approved of any charges to my debit card. I cannot afford to be throwing money away, especially for absolutely nothing. I would greatly appreciate if this would be taken care of, and no future charges are made to my account. Thank you.

Desired outcome: Refund and no further charges


Verotel Merchant Services / - VTSUP.COM*FUNION LP Amsterdam NDL

Dear staff,

My credit card was charged of a sum of 39, 95 euro the last 8th of June (2021), by your service VTSUP.COM*FUNION LP AMSTERDAM NDL. I do not know this service, nor I purchased or subscribed to it. I noticed my card was charged because my bank send me an SMS on my phone everytime I make an operation on my bank account. I was sleeping and the ringing of the SMS from my bank awakened me. I did not make any operation that day on my account, so it is a fraud, and someone is attempting to steal this sum from my bank account. I would like to involve the italian postal&telecomunication police into this problem, to investigare. But, before doing that, I wanna also try to resolve the problem in a friendly way, asking you to refund me.

Best regards,

Desired outcome: Complete refund


Verotel Merchant Services / - Addebito non autorizzato Verotel, sono a richiederle la sospensione immediata dell'addebito di € 39.95 sulla mia carta Postepay (avvenuto in data 09/04/21) intestata al sottoscritto Sig. Munaro Luciano, pagamento avvenuto senza autorizzazione alcuna.
Qualora non dovesse esser effettuato con sollecito tale richiesta, mi vedrò costretto ad adire alle vie legali chiedendo spese e rimborsi.
Cordiali saluti

mail: [protected]


Verotel Merchant Services / - Cargo no autorizado

Hola, se me está haciendo un cargo no autorizado de 39, 95 euros, y no he activado ninguna suscripción. Por favor den de baja este cargo y háganme la devolución, gracias.
Mi email es ah. [protected]
El cargo se ha realizado hoy a las 7:09 hora española.
No tengo ninguna suscripción activa que pueda provocar esto, así que no entiendo de donde proviene.
Un saludo

Apr 16, 2021

Verotel Merchant Services / - Please cancel the payment

19.90 EUR was paid at * HEXUM LTD LONDON GB on March 10, 2021, and 19.90 EUR was automatically paid at * HEXUM LTD LONDON GB on April 10, 2021.
Payments made on April 10, 2021 are not what I want.
Please cancel the payment.

The site is located at

card number: [protected]

e-mail: [protected]

Desired outcome: cancel the payment

Apr 02, 2021

Verotel Merchant Services / - Website I didn't sign up for

I have been getting charged alot from you guys for some site I've never heard of due to my card been stolen which I've contacted my bank about. But they've mad thousands of dollars in transactions to some site and would really want a refund due to needing the money back for bills and etc. Please and thank you
Plus I really need the money to pay my bills please and thank you

Desired outcome: Full refund

Mar 08, 2021

Verotel Merchant Services / - Charges To My Debit Card

I sincerely wish to have whatever subscription or monthly payment from my debit card CEASED.
On Both the Months of Feb & March of this year, I was unaware of the monthly subscription I was initially getting involved with. A GRAND MISTAKE ON MY PART!

I have received the following in my bank account today:

POS Purchase
OPOS*DC Paynet Trapiche Ar ES




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