Im writing you expressing my complete disappointment with Du and the worst services ever!

First of all after changing my plan for a cheaper plan (100aed business plan) I still got extra charges that were not explained to me previously upon applying to this new plan.

Second I have a super busy schedule at work and have no time to call and complain every month when I should rely on a good service and trustful company! Instead I keep finding tricky bills full of messy details! Costumer service is the worse ever! Takes forever to get to the point and no one is really able to fully solve the situation! When ask to speak with manager! Manager is never available!

Third aspect and the one that concerns me the most, tricky and not clear bill information! I must say this is the worst billing information I have seen! I got 2 emails with my billing information and upon opening I read, as a costumer, what metters for me which is the grand total! The total I am supposed to pay for that month! For example in one of my bills shows the grand total of 40.24aed! And on second page I see the payment slip exactly saying the same amount due to pay! I don't honestly go through those small letters and numbers as I rely on you guys!
And then I get surprised that I have been deducted of 317.04aed (big difference no?)

It is obvious for me that something is not right here! This is not clear and I now my rights as a customer!

Another aspect is that I kept getting emails asking me to proceed to pay those 2bills manually, when before it was set for payment automatically debited from my card! And when I go to do this payment I realized it has been deducted already from my account!

I am super unhappy with all this confusions month after months and I am seriously considering closing up my number and go to another company because this is not clear and not reliable

Please find attached, the details I just mentioned regarding the information that comes on the email, specifically on the pay slip (which accordingly should be the amount I should pay)

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  • Ab
    Abdullah Imtiaz Oct 01, 2017

    I am super unhappy with DU lies and fraud as soon as all confusions several months .Surely closing up my number along with all of my friends and go to another company because it, s worst and not reliable.

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