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Maxisone home fibre

Hello. I signed up for this plan on 28th of December 2019 which cost about RM89 per month and added an extra cost of RM10 per month for unlimited calls. Before I made this payment, I was told I had not fully cleared my payments due last time which I had no idea of. Then, the seller at the store in Maxis Kampar asked us to wait for the modem to be installed in my home. I waited for quite some time and soon after, I was told that this product was fully "used up" and they said they will return my money instead. I waited again and until today I still did not receive my money. I am indeed very furious. Please fix this soon. If I did not get my refund soon, I intend to lodge a report to MCMC. Thanks. My account number is [protected].

one home fibre
one home fibre

internet connection

Wow maxis number one plan 4G fastest network, bla bla bla piss off, you know how annoying when your data just cut off half game online, yeah that hurts alot sir, it's making me feel like I'm a joker laughing how gross the internet connection is, you guys should start cover up 4G network, maxis for 5G? 4G already bad ass network you want to go to 5G, don't ever think about that sht, I hope you fix la please, i got monthly plan and I'm one of the maxis dealer that has a free maxis simcard but hell no the free simcard seem pretty uselless and stressful, now i beg you to fix your goddamn tower because it sucks ass

bad user experience

The auto data roaming subscribing was totally an bad idea. There is no control over any charge to customer without request the service. The respond on this matter was totally dissapointed for 3 days charge data roaming RM114 to Thailand is insane. As local sim card RM20. Despite royal customer stay even line was bad but didnt get appreciated. Is gonna be for sure time to change Telco

maxis home fibre


This is Mahendran from Rawang Perdana.Its has frustrating services rendered by you where to get a home fibre services im still waiting from 3.12.2019.The reasons behind it only god knows when your reputable company cant even solve the issue eventhough i have stated many times that i have college going children.I think you are the worst company that i dealt having so many problems to deliver a product so called maxis home fibre.Unfortunately i dont have any other option as you are only provider there.Whats next course of action?Shall i lodge a report to MCMC?

maxis one home fibre

Account No: [protected]
Modem ID: 869470
VOIP Directory Number: [protected]
Plan: Home 500Mbps Voice Unlimited (RM219)
Monthly commitment fees (RM): 219.00
Contract Tenure: 24 month(s)
Start Date: 07/11/2019
contact number : [protected]

I am Murali facing slow speed problem since day install until today.
already change two time router and still below expentated 40- 76.59mpbs latest test speed yesterday for 5g. for 2.4 is below 40mpbs. and now already from Thursday until now house telephone not work and call and complaint but no action is taken. whenever call and ask about status is feed back is very bad. for you info I have report noC23217692, but just now I call they say this report no case close. how can they close this case without solve the problem. on 21/12/19 your tech came and change router and use land cable to test with is laptop is ok can go up maximum but without cable is below 100mpbs. this is wifi so I cannot use cable all the time. if cannot support please let us know or I can find other sources to fullfill my problem. I this case some time my family member have to use they data to support. may I know how long need to wait. last week two time you technical people call and ask for speed test result. I am hope can get some feed back asap.
please solve my telephone isssue asap.

thank you.

poor service in fixing internet disruption.

Ceo of maxis, Please look into this matter... Made a report on 21/12/2019 on internet broadband disruption and the report no is c 233 49531. Then has been following up on 22/12...

maxis broadband

Hallo telco greedy company, I have concern about my maxis broadband bill, last month when me call your customer service your people claim that I'm missed one payment so your people ask me to pay for 2 month bill, last month I only pay for one month payment, I've plan to pay its this month as I dont have evidence or paper Bill's to prove my payment history.but as always your [censored] greedy company tease my nerve when you send December bils that worth 3 month payment, you think we user are stupid because all transactions payment now is online after you dismiss paper Bill that user can't use as proof, after this every payment me make, I'll keep the evidence, should me viral its and gather all user you cheat every month, [censored]est greedy telco ever.please count the exact payment before send bill to user.

maxis broadband
maxis broadband

maxis home fiber service

Report nbr C23247468
1st call on 30/11/2019 @ 1501
2ns call on 1/12/2019 @ 1506
3rd call on 2/12/2019 @ 1356
NO response (not even sms to acknowledge my call) after 1st & 2nd calls. Only on 3rd call after much noise, was informed on status of report & a temporary solution be sent tomorrow (3/12/2019).
Very disappointed indeed with such BAD services.

maxis home internet

589041 I have migrated from unifi to this maxis Internet 2mths ago due bad Internet line from unifi, when approach maxis they iterated that maxis was different from unifi and they more...

poor signal in my office in taman rinting, masai, jb and also my house in setia tropika, jb.

I've been using Maxis for more than a decade, but recently after i extend my commitments by adding my sub lines for my children, Maxis signal getting bad to worst, sometime whole...

maxis one

I have been experiencing very bad service with the stability of my internet connection on my phone. I have done multiple speed test during these occurrences and the results have not been poor. Please note that all of this cases have happened within the Klang Valley and I have started to make records of it since the 24th of October 2019. Photos of the speed test results are available for your review and action. As a customer of Maxis and Hotlink for almost 10 years I am gravely disappointed at the service provided. Your prompt action on this matter is much appreciated.

maxis one
maxis one
maxis one
maxis one
maxis one
maxis one
maxis one
maxis one

service attitude of staff

Poor service staff . Bad attitude . What a such things I just wanna to activate esim and ask me to wait for 1 and half hours!! A Malay girl told me that her manager will come over...

change hotlink prepaid to maxisone98

589041 My name is viknesvaran a/l nallan My contact no: [protected] On 6 november 2019 at 7.34pm I have taken a no to change my hotlink prepaid to maxisone98. it has been taken more...

internet service very slow

Past 2 days, the browser took longer time to load and streaming also very slow.
Used to be 4g+ and fast, able to stream drama from site smoothly.
Recently, it's very slow to load a page, not to say to stream drama or movie. Keep lagging.
Even though restarted the mobile and there are enough data still left behind.
The service too lagging causes much inconvenience.

complaint about dealer service

25 July 2019 Dealer : House Of Phone at Emart Matang Jaya. i need a prepaid card for temporary use with higher GB. Dealer name Teddy [protected] he help me to register a...

network coverage and handphone model

I'm using postpaid 98 plan. 20gb weekday 10gb weekend. My plan renews every 24th of the month. As usual it renewed this month on 24th october and my network start being so [censored]ing bad from bad... Last month I have call maxis customer service to help me with my network coverage but after 1 days.. The network start slowing back and it interrupted my game and my life.. Maxis.. Please be responsible towards your service because we are paying you for your service.. And my phone next 1 that I got from the 98 plan was so [censored]ing useless because always restart and loss the notification bar and needs me to format it and after that I need to install back all my data..

Maxis Network — poor if not none coverage of 4g/3g or 2g in bukit jalil

I am staying at Unit D 41-02, Parkhill Residence, No 12, Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil, Bukit Jalil 57000, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. For the past few months (since August 2019) we have...

sim card exchange

Date: Oct 27th 2019
A0338 is my queue number.

My 70 year old father has a SIM card that is no longer functioning. It is intermittently able to receive service from Maxis. We have tested the phone with a different SIM card and it worked fine. He has been customer to Maxis for many years. Unfortunately [protected]@Gardens refuses to swap his SIM card because the finger print scanner is unable to read his fingerprint and verify. This is a common thing amongst old people where their finger skin have gone really thin. [protected]@Gardens said they cannot do it because it's in violation of PDPA.

We are not asking for new services or termination of services. We need a change of SIM card. We even brought our documents, IC, Credit Cards, Existing Phone, MAxis account, and the faulty SIM card with a serial number on it.

Further concerning me is that [protected]@Gardens do not seem to understand PDPA. It is the customer particulars that need to be secured, not the service that is being provisioned. Prior to finger verification, Maxis has asked for our phone number and in their IPAD, they displayed publicly to us, our supplementary numbers, address, names, and IC number without authenticating any documents from us. That itself is a violation of PDPA already. PDPA is protection against personal particulars, not on the SIM card that we are trying to exchange. Yet, they said without fingerprint authorization, it's a PDPA violation. If I were into identify theft, that would have been all I needed to walk away with.

The existing process is really inconvenient. Exchanging a SIM card is equivalent to exchanging faulty hardware. It has nothing to do with personal data. [protected]@Gardens seemed really happy we walk away with a broken SIM card and are still happily charging every month for it. For faulty fingerprint verification, [protected]@Gardens requested for a letter from JPN. Which even makes authentication more worrying. Maxis prioritize authentication over a JPN letter over the real person, his drivers license, verification of phone and/or even his maxis account. I.e, a person who is able to login to his Maxis account cannot be verified over a letter which can be easily be falsified.

Maxis have other forms of identification done over the phone while promoting services, but not other forms of identification when a senior citizen walks into a branch asking for help.

You need to fix the process of personal identification.

unauthorized call from maxis agent/staff [protected]

I received a call from your agent/staff today at 220pm to promote your product. For your information, I have never given any authorization to maxis to call my mobile number. Clearly, this is against PDPA 2010.

I demand your company to take appropriate action within 3 days. Failure to do so I will take legal action based on PDPA 2010

Thank You

  • Updated by Nelson B · Oct 23, 2019

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extremely slow speed in the evenings around 5pm

I subscribe to the 30Mps HomeFibre package. I am generall satified as I get speeds of 25-28Mps most of the time using both ookla and TM speed testers. However towards 5pm the...

data service

Can you guys fix the data or signal problem properly? It's been a month the line [censored] like this. I bought the data plan in return of poor signal? I complaint before by sending email but get a call to ask me call the number next time if I face any issue...Excuse me? Do you fix the issue I face? No... it's still the same [censored] line until today. The other telco I used got bad signal before but unlike you, maxis data is totally cannot use at all. Such a bad month! Please fix it ASAP. Thank you!

data service
data service
data service
data service

  • Updated by Elynnnn · Oct 17, 2019

    I can't block the message send by Hotlink but can Hotlink be more intelligence in promoting their offers? Such an annoying stuff to me! I can't stop them, unable to reply them? What should I do...I'm not going to accept the offer! I dont even need the offer! Thank you very much! Hotlink! Okay? Please stop sending me the annoying stuff. FML

4g connectivity

I am a postpaid user based in Menara Hong Leong and the purported 4G connectivity is non-existent in the said building. The phone constantly shows a H+ connection and when I...

customer service

I am very disappointed with the shabby treatment that I received today( 16 Oct. 2019) when I was at the aforesaid MAXIS center. My visit there was to sign up for a new contract for MaxisONE Home fibre. Everything was going on very smoothly with the consultant handling my application taking pains to explain to me the terms of the new contract- which I very much appreciate and am thankful for. However, as we were in this process, the consultant handling my application was told that he and I should move to another table to make way for some VIP. who needed his/ her application to be attended to.

This, in my view is simply not the way that customer care should be done. Every customer, irrespective of whether s/he is a holder of an honorific title should be treated equally. This treatment meted to me does not speak well, particularly for a company of high repute like MAXIS. I have stayed over 20 years in Switzerland, and never once- never, have I been treated so shabbily at any office, be it at the Swisscom, or at the Swiss postal services or at any other place. If indeed the person was a VIP, - and was so important that merited any special treatment, s/he should have been attended to separately and by some other consultant- without having interrupted or asked me to move to another terminal to complete the process, ie the consultant explaining the terms of the contract and obtaining my signature. TheRef number of my application is: RF 8283168. Approximate time of this incident:16.13 hrs.

maxis hotlink

Hi team,

It was really frustrating last 2 days because of maxis.

I lost my mobile on wednesday, oct 09, I immediately called customer care to block my number. Next morning oct 10 I went to midvalley maxis store to get replacement sim for my number ([protected]) and it is not active yet even after 2 days.

I visited maxis midvalley store 3 times, spoke to customer service 5 times, chat support 4 times. Everyone gives different response and it is not active yet.

I badly need my mobile number to retrieve passwords, do bank transactions but it is not active yet.

It is really frustrating I dont know what else I need to do to get my number back.

I believe atleast you guys help.

With all hopes


postpaid 98

I'm using postpaid 98 plan. 20Gb weekday 10gb weekend. My plan renews every 7th of the month. As usual it renewed this month on 7th October. On the 7th October, my data was 20gb...


The India Girl Very Bad Service... When I ask if my sub line need to change to the other telco, need to do what..? The first time she answered me, I was not too understand.. Then...

bad staff

I went to maxis centre at Aeon Seremban 2 to upgrade my fibre today at 3.05pm. I talked to your staff a malay girl wearing tudung. Her communication and services no welcoming me. After she finished key in my details I requested for payment receipt. She asked me to wait but no sign of her then I asked another staff. He went in the office and passed me the receipt. Bad services... It's a simple deal can't focus.

Attached is the of your staff that served me

Thank you

bad staff

43, kuchai exchange, jalan kuchai maju 13

Poor internet connection in Jalan Hujan Gerimis 2 OUG, Kuchai Exchange and Cheras Trader Square. Numerous phone call complaint have been done but still no improvement. The...

Maxis Centre Rawang — portover; attitude and services

654584 Sunday (8 sept) I port over at my father in law (chu foong fatt) line [protected] to maxis at maxis centre rawang around noon. At 4.29pm we received message from digi to confirm...

poor home fiber customer service

Appointment made on following day for installation fiber. But next day maxis technician told couldn't install cause TM technician not arrive, their miscommunication part which nothing to do with customer . Wasting one day in my life but thing never solve, call customer support in evening same day and they inform will get back to me.
But no update on following day, I've keep following call on everyday until the 7th day, they just given answer the relevant department will contact me. So nobody admit what they made and no solution . I've decide to cancel the registration via customer support email but they replied case referred in 14days will arrange installation . I've mentioned via replied, upon registration within 14days contact to install which I'm understanding. But my case was appointment already made, maxis did not get the job done yet irresponsible . Which we not satisfy with the quality, why need to spent double of my time and wait another 14 days? Please do it simple way, I've given time to wait and pay my interest on the product. I never broke the deal but maxis who can't stick to promise . I'm just request to cancel it since haven't install anything.

poor service

I would like to request for esim. I went to sunshine square maxis shop on 25aug19 and they askled me to go to queensbay mall qb maxis as they do not support. 26aug I went to qb...

Maxis Fiberpoor service

Good evening. I'm Irene with maxis account number [protected]. I've chosen Maxis Fiber 30 Mbps in October 2018. Until now, I'm having very poor line service. Every time when I did maxis speed test, it will only showed 2-5 mbps. Every month I have to call your centre to fix the problem but unfortunely they were unable to fix it. I'm paying monthly for nothing. When I asked to terminate the service, your side asked me to pay penalty charge RM 500 for the useless service. I'm tired of calling and so called trying to solve the troubleshooting. I've made a complain to the 'Suruhanjaya Komunikasi & Multimedia)and waiting for their reply. Please advice for the above matter. Hope to solve this problem as soon as possible. Thank you

try to pull out account to switch to celcom but maxis keep on reject the application! why!

My Name is Erman Muzahar. Using this Maxis no [protected] more than 10 years. Now i want to switch to Celcom. So, when Celcom request to swap account Maxis keep on reject the request. The reason that Maxis give is the number that i using is inactive? How come the account is inactive but i still can use the line? I don't have any problem with the billing. Why keep on reject Celcom request? Please take note on this complaint Maxis.

almost no network coverage for almost a month

Hello, im here to complain about bad network coverage at a certain location at Kampung Bahagia Bukit Lagong 47000. About a month this situation is been on going. Previously there would be a strong 3G internet connection. But for a month there have been no network coverage at all. i hope this problem can be solved quickly. this makes the communication really hard.

guarantee refund 012/2010445 of 1300 ringgit

Having cancel my mobile abonnee on 05.06.19 and after promise of immediat refund as we left the country, until today no refund has been done, neither any reply from your side to have this money back, i dont understand your policy, despite the many mobile calls, they always guarantee this would happen in the shorstest period, but all e mails, calls remains silence

customer service

I changed from postpaid to prepaid, but after 2 days of waiting, i got notification request completed BUT my phone says NO SERVICE. Now it has been 12 hours, 2 live chats, 3 phone calls and a visit to Maxis KLCC no update! Ridiculous! I dont know why I stick with Maxis for so long!
The customer service keeps apologizing but i actually need resolve instead of escalation of my problem and no one is actually working to solve it. Embarrassing Maxis!

very bad customer service given

I've been a 'Loyal Customer' with Maxis for so many years but never encounter with such 'Bad Customer Services' from your agent. I've called up Hotline 123 this morning telling your agent 'Nasyira' bout' my issue that I'm trying to purchase a 'Caller Ringtone' for my sub-line but my request has failed. I've told her that I've bought the 'Caller Ringtone' from '' but failed. From beginning of the conversation I've told her my problems but it seems that she's not listening what I'm complaining and instead asking me to purchase other caller ringtone songs which I don't like. What kind of 'Customer Services' Maxis is giving nowdays??? Not only that, last month 4th June, 2019 I've called spoke to the 'Home Fibre Internet Dept' regarding bout' my 'Land Line Issue' and problem haven't solved at all until now. I, as a 'Loyal Customer' to Maxis and I'm the one had to keep on calling Maxis bout' my case instead of your'Maxis Customer Services Staffs' calling the customers. This is the 'WORST & BAD CUSTOMER SERVICES' given to me and I've already send an e-mail to 'Malaysia Communications & Multimedia Commission' for the 'VERY BAD SERVICES GIVEN'.

Best Regards,
Ms. Catherine

Maxis — please take action, before that i'am already compalint to mcmc

Saya merujuk kembali pada aduan saya, bertarikh pada 17/16/19 (compalint ID: [protected]-MXS) walau pihak maxis ada berhubung dgn saya owner sendiri pd tarikh 24/6/19. masalah...

Maxis Fibre Internet — need half month for repair

I have complaint my internet service was down on 09.06.2019 (saturday) and get the report number from maxis staff. However, it did not repair my internet line until monday...

bad staff

Dear maxis, there's a way to respond with a customer. Today I went to this branch to enquire about my safe device termination. I explained thoroughly to the guy and that guy seem...