Boingo Wireless Customer Service

Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Boingo Wireless, Inc.

10960 Wilshire Boulevard, 23rd Floor
Los Angeles
United States - 90024

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 880 4117(USA & Canada) 1 0
800 032 6793(United Kingdom) 1 0
1800 441 7844(Thailand) 1 0
800 032 0014(UAE) 1 0
1877 348 8201(Mexico) 1 0
+1 310 586 5180(Head Office) 1 0
+1 312 357 2900(Chicago Office) 1 0
+1 972 542 3555(Dallas Office) 1 0
+1 734 921 0004(Detroit Office) 1 0
+1 516 328 3790(New York Office) 1 0
+44 203 450 6554(United Kingdom) 1 0
+49 800 589 3724(Germany) 1 0
+39 800 917 980(Italy) 1 0
+351 800 208 821(Portugal) 1 0
+86 400 881 1290(China) 1 0
+55 800 095 9026(Brazil) 1 0
Chicago Office
2215 York Road, Suite 415, Oakbrook, Il 60523, USA

Dallas Office
2150 South Central Expressway, Suite 160, McKinney, TX 75070, USA

Detroit Office
Detroit Metro Airport, McNamara Terminal, Building 830, №2559, Detroit, MI 48242, USA

New York Office
3000 Marcus Avenue, Suite 2E6, Lake Success, NY 11402, USA

United Kingdom
Regus Building 3, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, W45YA, UK

Boingo Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Boingo / my internet service;nintendo switch

Sep 02, 2018

I cant play multiplayer on Switch using Boingo. I keep getting a error code 2618 0513 when I try to play multiplayer. Boingo keeps shutting down everytime it feels like it and im paying monthly. Now I have to wait to play online again and wait for another company to call me from boingo...

Boingo / unauthorized charges, excessive charges, unethical behaviour, terrible customer service

Aug 15, 2017

Boingo have charged me 70$ for one day's internet usage in Oslo. I was not told I would be charged this at subscription nor during connectivity process. Customer services have refused to give me a refund and do not accept liability despite misinforming their customers, and also have...

Boingo / pathetic customer service

Apr 06, 2017

Hi there, Please let me know how I can submit a formal complaint?? I created to accounts in February which both has been cancelled was under amranete under nelu Having had both cancelled I was charge 13 dollars for nelu's account which your incompetent staff is unable to...

Boingo Wireless / unauthorized credit card charges

Feb 06, 2017

About ten months ago, in March of 2016, I connected to the internet at an airport using Boingo Wireless. I have not used it since, but the company keeps charging me ten dollars a month despite my lack of usage. They keep draining my debit card, and I would like to put an end to this. I...

Boingo / prepaid wifi

Jan 21, 2017

I was travelling back from JFK and needed to Skype my parents, because the airport does not have free wifi, i had to purchase some, which i thought was a one off payment, not a SUBSCRIPTION! $9.95 has been taken out my account for the Subscription even though i have not bee using the...

Boingo Wireless / unsolicited charges

Oct 17, 2016

These crooks charged my daughter and she's never even heard of them. doing a search took me no time to find several complaints, so we wont bother calling the BOGUS [protected] that wont get us any where. Calling the bank and reporting them to them. charged 10/15 Bank is in agreement...

Boingo Wireless, Inc. / auto charging on my credit card

Nov 12, 2015

These folks are ridiculous. having huge difficulty cancelling a subscription that I did not really sign up for. websites were down, been on hold for over 20 mins. websites give the following errors... We're unable to process your request. Our network is not currently responding...

Boingo / cancellation subscription

Feb 25, 2014

Hello, As I noticed on several sites, I experience the same trouble to stop my subscription of Boingo. I get only automatic replies but no confirmation of cancellation. For my first visit to the US, this is a very unpleasant experience. I don't understand that such companies are allowed...

Boingo / they keep made me pay for something I don't even use

Feb 06, 2013

DO NOT USE THEM NEVER EVER ! I have used once Boingo Wireless while I was stuck in an airport to get online. After a few months I realize I was charge on my card every month something about 5£. They made me subrscribe for a monthly plan i didn't even know it. So I called them. It...

Boingo Wireless / deceptive biling and advertising

Jan 27, 2013

On the Boingo web page soliciting that you purchase their mobile services they state the following: "Use 1-hour credits for only $1.99 USD at Boingo hotspots worldwide." The above is blatant deception on their part. They do not warn you that if you disconnect from their service you forfeit...

Boingo Wireless, Inc. / disgraceful


Be advised that, should you cancel your boingo account, you will be billed to the end of your billing cycle, which is the day of the month you first opened your account. I opened an account March 7th, then was traveling in September so went to the unlimited plan for a couple weeks, and...

Boingo Wireless / beware


Don't do it. seems innocent enough. $7.95 to use your iphone in an airport you are stuck in because of some 'weather.' Signup is easy, heck there's even an app for that. Instructions are dead simple and...i can't get online. rats. guess i'll use my laptop...

Boingo Wireless / don't use boingo!


I signed on to Boingo while on a layover in Chicago O'Hare airport, for what I thought was a one-time $6.95 fee for 24-hours use. After a few minutes online, I lost the signal, so signed on again. Two days later, Boingo hit my credit card for another $6.95, and when I called to...

Boingo Wireless / no service, pain to cancel


I attempted to sign up to Boingo wireless at Heathrow airport. The connection to sign up was terrible but I only needed to send one email for work so I persisted and some how managed to create two accounts. I never was able to get an internet connection so I assumed the accounts were never...

Boingo Wireless / no refunds even if service doesn't work


I signed up for Boingo Mobile service prior to taking a trip overseas. I verified before leaving that Boingo had hotspots (thousands of them) in the destination country. Upon arrival, and for the entire trip, I was unable to connect to any "Boingo compatible" hotspots. I exchanged e-mail...

Boingo / double even triple charging


BoingoThey really have unacceptable attitude. When I checked my credit card bill this morning, and I found some odd charging by Boingo, I just login my account and gather all the billing history and login history...(find the attached photo please) I was just too shock to believe that I wa...

Boingo Wireless / stay far away from boingo wireless


Purchased one-time BOINGO wifi access at the Regan National Airport in Washington DC. First, it makes you download and install their software in order to connect to the internet. In the description they state it's not necessary to do so, but HIGHLY encouraged. I tried using Boingo...

Boingo Wireless / once boingo gets your credit card, they keep charging it no matter how many times you request them to cancel


Once Boingo gets your credit card, they keep charging it no matter how many times you request them to cancel the service -- in fact they do cancel the service and then just keep charging -- then they can't find a record of you to stop the charges. They give you the run-around -- if you can get through.

Boingo Wireless / boingo keeps charging me everyday on my debit card and stealing my money


BOINGO wireless keeps charging me every single day I used it twice in 2 different airports but now i m not using it anymore i dont have the software on my pc I m staying in syria now and there s no boingo hotspots here though it keeps charging me i m so pissed off i wonder why no one can...

Boingo Wireless / you will automatically get charged, and they will not warn you about that


You will get prompted to log in whenever you are near a hotspot - even if you are in a location where you can get free wireless internet. You will automatically get charged, and they will not warn you that you are not accessing the free internet, but Boingo service for which you will be charged.

Boingo Wireless / as for me, i'll never use them again


Connection slow to start. Heavy on the promotion. During access, session froze. Billing continued for months. Company refused to refund more than 2 months. Only after 3 months was acknowledgement sent that a perpetual account was in effect. Even then, no mention of a monthly fee. As for me, I'll NEVER use them again.

Boingo Wireless / I would not recommend this shame of a company to anyone


I have tried to call Boingo Customer Service to cancel but they never answer. There is never a human being on there, just a long wait. When you contact them via their Support email address, they do respond but make you call them to cancel and then the same voice mail hell!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS SHAM OF A COMPANY TO ANY ONE.

Boingo / can't get through to customer service


After months of trying to figure out what this charge was that kept coming up on my bank statement, I finally realized it was the Boingo subscription that I allowed my son to get when he was traveling. Now, I did not realize this was a subscription but that's what I get for letting...

Boingo Wireless / do not give them your credit card info, they will use it again and again to charge you


I signed up for their service at ATL airport for a 24hr period. Apparently by doing so I signed some kind of contract that they can charge that credit card again if I use their services again. I was at Brussels airport a few months later and because of a popup that they installed, I wa...

Boingo Wireless / huge undisclosed fees


Boingo Wireless advertises low rates. When you create an account, you give a credit card number. I recently was in Germany at a hotel and they had wireless internet access. I clicked on the browser and Boingo came up. I could not get on the hotel service because the Boingo service came up...

Boingo / scam


I read the warnings about this service but thought they must be overstated. I regret ignoring their advice to stay away from this company. I used the service once then canceled the account online and after I canceled they continued to charge my credit card for months. I called and emailed...

Boingo Wireless / scam charges


Boingo is a horrible service that exploits the ability of automatic credit card acceptance. I cancelled my service and two weeks later was billed a $7.95 fee. The shift supervisor confirmed the recorded conversation and agreed to the prior cancellation. Two weeks later my credit card show...

Boingo Wireless / scam


When it comes to Boingo, it's way way worse than "accidental" charging. I paid for their one-day pass, out of desperation since I usually don't give out my credit card details online, one year ago. ONE YEAR AGO. Since then, I have clicked "Cancel" and closed down the GoBoingo!...