Domino's Pizzapoor service, no delivery!


On 3-11-07, aprox. 7pm, I had a friend over at my new house ordering pizza from the above store . We had been painting all day and were in no joking mood. We placed an order, the only thing my friend got confused with was whether or not the street was ave. ct. etc. They actually called us back and said that we were calling in a prank, when after I verified that the street was Ave. I felt outraged, as they also said my friend sounded like a little girl trying to call in, she is 20yo, lives on her own as well. I feel we have been discriminated against. If need be I can provide that I made over 70000 last year and did not expect to be treated that way by Dominos. Has always been my favorite pizza joint, but until last night, not anymore. So, after that, we called another location for pick-up, only to place an order and actually went to pick it up, and they had no record of our order. Now i am not sure what happened there, but we did in fact have in our minds that we wanted pizza, and if we could not get it delivered, we would pick it up. So it delayed us that much more to have to input our order once again. All in we attempted to order the first time around 7pm, we were not able to eat until 930, as we had to drive to another store to pick it up, when in fact the other store could have delivered it. Do I need to show them my lease, my tax records, to in fact prove that I am an adult? I felt very offended by this, and am really quite ready to NEVER call Dominos again unless the poor service is made up somehow. I have also called the complaint office. THIS HAS BEEN BY FAR THE WORST ANY PIZZA FOOD JOINT HAS EVER MADE ME FEEL!!! How can Dominos tell if in fact that someone is of age over the phone? Do they hire psychics now? And the fact that they insisted on arguing about the matter, instead of talk to even me to settle it down, they still insisted on saying we were pranks. First off we were extremely hungry and having pizza delivered to my house was the most convenient solution. After taking over 2 hrs to order one large pizza and a crazy bread, I don't care how busy, I understand there is a waiting line, but this is just plain ridiculous. I do wonder if they were too lazy to have it delivered, maybe they were getting ready to close? Who knows but they still answered Dominos how can we help you, so therefore they SHOULD have had delivery service. I am so offended that a free pizza will not cut it. I WILL NEVER ORDER DOMINOS AGAIN IN MY LIFE, EVEN IF ITS THE ONLY STORE LEFT OPEN!!! Thats how outraged at this I am, I have never been this outraged at such poor service, no one has ever discriminated against me as much as this one store has. IT COMPLETELY RUINED MY NIGHT, I say THANKS DOMINOS FOR THAT!!! I will also have no problem writing a paper of this incident and see what newspaper companies around the country might like to hear about it. I am very articulate with a degree in Writing, so Dominos might look very good after I write and send my letter to as many newspapers as I can, also the BBB and many other resources to complain about POOR SERVICE.

Thank You,
Glen T. Y.


  • Le
    Leslie Z. Williams Apr 02, 2007

    On Monday April 2, 2007 my niece placed an order for a Large Brooklyn Style Pizza,via phone to the Dominos Pizza in Yadkinville NC. At the time of the order (employee) David, stated the store was currently out of dough for large pizzas so she HAD to order an X-Large. I called back and asked David if it was right that she was made to purchase the X-Large even though all she wanted was a large. He made the correction giving her the X-Large at the large price.

    At the time the order was placed my niece informed David of a coupon through the local high school offering "Buy any pizza at menu price and receive an additional one of equal or lesser value free". David stated that he could not honor the coupon with the purchase of an X-Large pizza (that she didn't want anyway), after speaking with him myself, he was willing to honor the coupon.

    The orignal order was, a Large Brooklyn style pizza with pepperoni and one with sausage. When the delivery arrived they were both pepperoni. The delivery driver called David from my home. David stated the order was correct and it couldn't be purchased with sausage. At that time I requested the corporate office number, David said we don't have a number to give you, in the store.

    After reviewing the coupon taped on the box, we found that the pizza can in fact only be ordered in sausage and/or pepperoni and that our receipt read 1 Large pep and 1 large sausage.

    We frequent this Dominos location quite often and i am outraged at David's attitude in this situation.

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  • Nk
    N K May 22, 2007

    Glen Yeoman sorry but you are a pompous idiot. Leslie Z, it seems u were dealt with by an inexperienced employee. The correct procedure would be to tell you at the start of the conversation what they did not have in terms of dough sizes. Then it would be up to you to decide on your size from what they had. If this had happened you would not have been able to get a x-large at medium price. There are many jokers who will kick up a stink and try get free food/cut price food out of it. These people have no respect for the employees of these stores.

    If the coupon was to get a second pizza free then it is wrong of you to force them into giving you a second x-large pizza free when u are only paying large price for it.

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  • Ch
    chris ackland Jun 03, 2007

    Hello, Im complaining about the very poor customer service i received on the 3rd June 07 at 6:45pm from Dominos Hollywood Plaza in Salisbury S.A from the staff, I found her very ignorant, rude & non co-operative when asked about the family deals. I then rang back asking to speak with the manager to make a complaint, I then realized when speaking to the person it was the manager I was talking to earlier, I wanted to complain about one of the female staff for the ignorant way I was spoken to, the manager stated that there is no female staff on accept for herself, I said to her (alex) manager "I ordered from your shop a family deal & didn't appreciate the way I was spoken to did you speak with me on the phone when I made the deal" she said "no" I said "you told me there is no other staff that are female on duty"so you lied, I said I would like to cancel my order now thank you, she Alex then hung the phone up without any oppologies what so ever. I think that is down right rude and ignorant and very unprofessional I have spoken to my manager from a government organization who deals with your company on a regular basis & will be taking our business some where that is appreciated. Thank you

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    david williamson Jun 04, 2007

    What is the problem with Dominos and the inability to provide the services they advertise. For a second time I have had a major problem with service from your store. Why say you can place an order online when in fact you only get the runaround. After 3 times of an online order failing, I was told to call the store. When I did call they were unable to take my order either, so they send me to yet another person who keeps putting me on hold. I was on a cell and they were just running up my minutes. Finally I have to tell them to call me back because I'm on a cell. They call back only to tell me to try and pay with another form of tender. I get upset at this point because I've been trying to order pizza for near a half hour and still no one seems to know how to take my order AND COMPLETE IT. I tell them to get their heads out of their ### and forget it. I tell them I'm gonna complain and they tell me to go ahead. Egging me on. NOW THATS GOOD BUSINESS HUH? I hang up. I call back to get store info for my complaint. They put me on hold again. I hang up. They call my cell and i tell they to quit. I hang up and they call back again. I tell them if they call me one more time I will call the Police for HARASSMENT. They continue to egg me on. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM YOUR STORE EVER AGAIN. IF YOUR ASSOCIATE CALLS AGAIN, I WILL SUE FOR HARASSMENT. I only will talk to someone threw emails only. I was assured the last time i had so many problems with Dominos that it would never be like that again. WRONG!!! YOUR STORE ASSOCIATES NEED BETTER TRAINING. On how to take and complete orders and most of all CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will always tell anyone that asks about Dominos, NEVER USE THEM!!! they are rude and don't know how to even take a simple order with a credit card!!!

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    Freddie Paulin Sep 17, 2007

    I am very dissadisfied with the service or lack of service I just recieved from the Domino P{izza located on Broad and Hunting Park in Philadelphia, PA. Today is Sept., 17, 2007. I called and ordered two large pizzas. After waiting for about an hour and a half I called to fine out why my order hasn't arrived. I was told that they called me and n one answer the phone so they killed the order. On checking my caller ID I didn't see any proof of a call from Domino Pizza. I spoke with the manager and told him that I felt like I should recieve some complamentory food as well as my order. His reply was it wasn't there falt. I was so upset, that even though I was very hungry and longing for pizza, I told him to forget it. However, I was so angry I decided to search the web and post my dissadisfaction. I really wanted to contact the corp. office and tell them of the poor service I recieved

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  • Ma
    Mary Smith Nov 05, 2007

    I totally agree with you. Just had the same thing almost happen to me. I was painting all day. Went to buy pizza for every one that was helping out. I had coupons that showed The address of the Domino's that took the coupon after being harassed on the phone by a man named Aldopho. I went down there to show him I do have a coupon and has that business address on it for one of the locations participating in this. He started almost yelling at me said they do not participate in that any more they did months ago (Coupons good through 2008) Said some one should take those away from me. I explain I purchased a buy one get one free last week they had no problem with these coupons man said I do not care I will not take that, You can not have pizza go away. I literally have to drive across town to the other domino's that does not deliver to my address. They said coupons were good new exactly who I was talking about and just apologized for the other stores attitude.

    I never new that ordering a pizza would take two hours ruin my day. Put me way behind of schedule. I will never go back to that location again. That location should not have that person working for them. They will only loose business.

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  • Pe
    Pedro Dec 09, 2007

    Your dominoes pizza service is full of sh*t!

    2196 Pitkin Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11207
    Phone: 718-495-4441

    P.S. you should fire his *ss!

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  • To
    Tony Mirabella Dec 18, 2007

    Just ordered a large deep dish on the internet. Payed with my debit card. After over an hour, I called and got a rude guy who said they'd get there and it was "mad busy here and I'm all alone." Okay, so the girl finally comes. She gives me cold pizza and a receipt to sign. I signed the receipt, and noticed after she left that she gave me SOMEONE ELSES RECEIPT! This had a different address and phone number. I called the guy up, and sure enough, he had MY receipt, meaning we both signed each others' receipts! I hope our banks don't pay them because of this, and it is also and identity risk. Never, EVER again. They suck!

    Bronx, NY

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  • Je
    Jeremiah McDaniel Jan 31, 2008

    I order from Domino's Pizza often. I went to place an order with the one located in Davenport Florida which is a resort area in Orlando Fl. I was placed on hold for 20 min, so I called from another line and the wnated to take my order soIsakwhy I was placed on hold onthe other line for 20 min andthe man on the other line told me that I wasn't and began to arguee with me and told me that I wasn't and hung up on me. As soon as he hung up I was still on the line that was never answered and he answered that line,so I ask his name and he told me George Lopez and he was the manger. I told him That I wanted his bosses number and he said he didn't have one... Yeah right everyone has someone to answer to...All that I can say is they lost a $70.00 sale tonight and I would never recomend that anyone ever order fromt this Domino's Pizza..This one is located at 45717 US Hwy 27 in Davenport Florida and there number is 863 424 5222.. I can also say that I will never order from another Domino's ever again..And will let everyone I know not to order from them... It's timeto protest poor customer service.. So everyone pass the word on!!

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  • Lo
    Louise May 17, 2008

    May 17, 2008
    We were just watching television (the Hallmark station) when the Dominoes commercial came on. The commercial had several men piled on top of each other and tangled up with legs and arms around each other.

    The Dominoes Pizza delivery girl went to the door to deliver pizza and collect money. At the door she was looking at this pile of men.

    The man who was to pay for the pizza could not reach his wallet so he asked the man who was tangled up with him to reach into the pants pocket to retrieve the wallet. The one man reaching for the wallet asked if he had gotten a hold of the wallet. The other man responded by saying, " no, that is not my wallet."

    It is not questionable this silent message indicated that the man who had his hand in the pocket had gotten a hold of the other man's body part, not the wallet - and what body part is by the pocket? The penis.

    This kind of advertising is disgusting, disrespectable and totally stupid. What is wrong with you Dominoes?? Who are you hiring to write and create your commercials. Can't you do better than that? What a low class commercial. We and our friends will not buy from Dominoes again and will spread the word to as many people as possible.

    We are sending this email to Hallmark, the television network and station it was aired on, and also contacting executives at Dominoes.
    Dominoes, fire your executives who approve this distastetful advertising and hire intelligent and responsible executives who do not have their minds in the gutter.

    We all have lost our appetite for Dominoes pizza. Dominoes, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER and be responsible to everyone, including children.

    Thank you.

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  • Am
    Amanda Jun 03, 2008

    We orded pizza from Dominos in Leesburg Virginia. We did not recieve our drink or extra marina sauce. The delivery guy said he will bring it back. We found a hair baked into the pizza. We called the Dominos and they said there is no way it's their hair no one has long hair there. We asked for our money back and the delivery guy came and he said there is no way it's their hair, he brought us our drink and extra marina sauce. He gave us the money back for one pizza. We have been ordering pizza there for a long time.

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  • De
    Devon Rice Jun 13, 2008

    Boulder City, NV. location has not fulfilled the national publicized great service.

    Dominos does not pay attention to detail. Personal prejudice of a Mormon town reflects through their service ethics in customer service towards African-American Veterans.

    It is evident.

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  • Th
    thuy tran Jun 18, 2008

    I am beyond upset. I placed and order at 6:18pm and waited until 7:20 to call to see where my order was. The store manager said they don't deliver to my address and continued to give me another phone number. I explained to him I ordered online, and this was the store and contact information from the confirmation.

    I had two very hungry children waiting for their pizza, not being delivered tonight. I am so upset with the customer service. Did I just order online? What good was your confirmation if your store manager can't even follow through?

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  • Fa
    fabulous Jun 25, 2008

    I ordered pizza and a side from domino's on Olive Ave in West palm Beach, Fl for a guest only to get the pizza and no side or any documentation of the side.
    I called Domino's and still nothing so i called again to get a rude delivery driver that obviously had a long day.
    It's not that serious on the fact that i didn't get my side order but that i was told that i was going to and more than willing to pay for it but with the horrid answers i received from the domino's representative, it has left a bitter taste of domino's on my tongue for life. i will most defiantly not order from them anymore or any affiliations I'm involved with on campus.

    In the past this same Domino's has confused my address, given me cold pizza, and messed up my order more than three times. i am not a difficult customer nor do i yell at Domino's employees having been in customer service myself.

    Enough is enough how much incompetency must one company continually perform. Next time i'm starving, i know I'll much rather walk to a different store or call Papa John's where the service in the past has always been positive...and they're located further from my house than Domino's but always manage to deliver to the correct address without complications. p.s. i live 5 blocks off the same street off the Domino's in question.

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  • Be
    bentoo Aug 01, 2008

    i dont blame dominos for being racist, ###s steal... there is proof everywhere. nothing any1 says will make me or the world think otherwise

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  • Le
    Lee Rosa Aug 10, 2008

    On August 10, 2008 I trying placing an order online but the coupon was not picking up in the system, so I called to place the order. As I'm placing my order the clerk tells me that my total is $18.76 and I ask him why. Well he bacame very rude and said "I don't know mam that is the price we have in our computers and is not wrong, you must be mistaken". I was set to have pizza so I went and call another place. I use to like dominos, but not anymore they offer bad service and their employees are rude.

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  • Vi
    Vicki Oct 13, 2008


    I have seen your new advertisement on hot Subs and I am appalled at the language used in the ad. The word "fricking or "frigging" is just as bad as saying the "f" word. The way things are in this country it is bad enough the way it is without having a free for all on words in our commercials these days. We need to get back to the basics of living. Family time with love and understanding. How was your day today, sure did have a nice lunch with a Dominoes new Hot Sub. They are mighty tasty.

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  • Pu
    puzzled Oct 20, 2008

    all the comments im seeing from NY, brooklyn, bronx, you live where they make the best pizza in the country, why are you ordering from dominos? u deserve the worst service. Thanks im out!

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  • Br
    Bruce Oct 20, 2008

    On October 19, 2008 night, I ordered a large pizza and two hot chicken wings. The total due is $31. I gave hundred dollars to dominos' fat delivery guy because I have not change. That guy said:" I have the other delivery in library road. So, I'll back and give you change." and did not gave me receipt. He looks so hurry just like run out. I didn't care about that that I consider he is so hurry to finish his job. But until next day, he did not came and gave me change back. In next day night, we decided that reorder some dominos food and wait for that fat delivery guy 1 hour after he called us that delivery will to here. But we cannot find him and called dominos that he not came. But dominos said that that fat guy came there thrice and can't find us. But we just waiting for delivery out the door, so that's imposible that we cannot find that guy. So, he is a lier. I think he should lose his job and be in jail. That day, we want to called 911 to catch him, but we only have one witness and not have the basic evidence---receipt. The policeman said we have not enough evidence to prosecution him. It's a sad news for us because nobody can help us to find that offenders. Just for a hundred dollar that it's wasting my time and give me a worst sense to dominos because it's my first time to get delivery from dominos.

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  • J
    j Oct 28, 2008

    IT SAYS 420 on the building!!! OMG!!!

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  • Br
    Brandon Nov 07, 2008

    After a long day at work without time to stop for lunch and lucky to get a biscuit on the way to work all I could think about was getting home. So i decided to order Domino's because i was to tired to drive anywhere and just wanted to get off my feet. I ordered my pizza at 5:11pm cst pizza arrived 6:45 COLD. I called and made my complaint to the manager ive complained before from my old address in a different county that manger never hesitated to deliver me a fresh new pizza immideatly. Well not this Manager he offered me a 5 dollar discount that aint going to do anything to replace my want for a hot fresh pizza after a long day working. Then he asked if i had eatten any of the food which i hadnt, so he offered me a new pizza as long as i returned the cold one but it would be another 2 hours. THAT is ridiculous the manager was very racist and rude I will NEVER order from your establishment again thanks to your racist employees and you employing them ! For now on im eattin papa johns when i want a pizza since they have never seemed to have a problem anytime i have ever ordered a pizza always fresh hot and good SO THE HELL WITH DOMINOS !

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  • Ma
    Manoj Nov 08, 2008


    This is manoj i ordred pizza from Dominas, the taste is very bad, i am old customer to u, always I prefer to have u r restaurent only. today first time i got bad experience with u.I cud not able digest the taste bcoz it was happened infront of my friends so i felt very bad ...and it is not hot also.The distance between my house restaurent not more than 5min

    my cell -no:-:-9999311637
    Date of order:- nov-08-2008

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  • Ol
    old employee Dec 04, 2008

    I will tell u first hand that dominos sucks big time i used to work for them they not only treat there customers bad they also treat their employees bad and cheer up my friends dominos is about to get sued big time

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  • Do
    domino Mar 14, 2009

    Dominos bloody pizza what a joke complete waste of time and money my 4 pizzas arrived completely ruined after spending 34 quid on the pizzas they arrive ruined completely and utterly destroyedd delivery driver carried pizzas vertically and swung them around do not deal with them

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  • Sx
    sxc-babii-15 Mar 20, 2009

    Hello. My name is Angela and im making a complaint about Dominos pizza in Kurri Kurri. Not only was the pizza horrible it also made my mother, father and i really sick. One of the people that work there, i use to go to school with so he also might have something to do with this. I have not been this sick in years. Nore has my family. I think we will be laying off Dominos pizza for a really long time. Also the toppings did not look the right colour and the sauce was horrible. I do believe that Dominos in Kurri Kurri should always use fresh ingredients and well fresh everthing. I also have to add that when i had walked into the store that the floor was horrible. There was so much mess on the floor, little room for the employes to walk around and get all the pizzas ready. I believe they need a bigger newer store.

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  • Fl
    FloresvilleTx Mar 27, 2009

    Check out the inside of dominoes. After preparation of the pizzas the employees have to pick up the droppings and put them back into the bends. This is droppings that could be hours old.. unrefrigerated . They will reuse these droppings on the next day! They do not follow health codes. Rub noses before shaping the dough. etc.

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  • Sh
    Sharon May 11, 2009

    I'm hoping that someone from Dominoes corporate office is keeping tabs on this site and actually reading the complaints. I just came across a web site with a very disturbing video about a couple Dominoes workers and very unhealthy hygiene. I'm not sure where this particular store is, but hope something will be done to find out and the employees are fired on the spot. If I knew which store it was I'd contact the manager and demand it.

    <embed src="" width="450" height="370" scale="noscale" bgcolor="111111" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="always" allowNetworking="all" pluginspage=""></embed>

    If the imbed code for the video didn't work it can be found at

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  • So
    soulantea Jun 24, 2009

    My husband and i went to the Mount Roskill Dominoes and as we were ordering our food one of the workers used the pizza spatula to pick off some stuff from the front of the counter, then another worker from behind the counter asked for the spatula back and proceeded to use it to pick up the pizza and cut it. They didn't even clean before using on food again!!!

    We took our pizzas home and as we were serving the pizza we found a VERY long hair in the toppings!! it seems Dominoes has forgotten hygiene standards!

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  • We
    Weidner Aug 03, 2009

    On 8-1-09 I ordered 6 large pizzas. and was told that it would take about 30-45 min. until they arrived. after about an hour and a half i called to see where my pizzas were and i was told that they had just been placed in the oven because they pushed my order back to make an order that had come in after mine but had a time limit i wonder how a business can do this to their customers and still be in operation i don't care that my pizzas would have been late i care that the company had been rude with me when i called and treated me poorly instead of addressing my concerns.

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  • Dd
    ddimple Aug 05, 2009

    we are really fed up with ur simla staff...they dont attend there customers properly...once we made a complaint abt the pizza tht the crust was burnt ...since then they have startsd humiliating n insulting us in one way or the other...if we complain...its ur responsibility to improve...rather than U TELLING US THAT DONT BUY OUR PIZZA...very funny attitude...good businessmanship...we have a lot to learn from THE DOMINOS i hope u would like to see into the matter...or u will also ask people not to buy ur pizzas...

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  • Mg
    M.GONZALEZ Aug 12, 2009


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  • Dr
    drwhovian Aug 15, 2009

    Stinking Dominoes should not be allowed to deliver pizza after midnight. Effing driver came banging on my apartment door at 1:30 in the freaking morning! I was sound asleep--they got the apartment number wrong. SOB!!! I had to get up early for work, too, and work all the next day...and, I was recovering from a moderate illness, and needing my stinking sleep.

    Dominoes sucks. I hate them.

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  • Pa
    Payal Mehdiratta Aug 30, 2009

    This is an incident happened today on 30-aug at Tilak Nagar in New Delhi. I live with my family at Mukhram Park Extension in Tilak Nagar. I wanted to place an order so i dialed the the Dominos helpline no. (011-44448888), my line was transfered to the dominos store in Vikaspuri as my last order on 05-jul-09 was delivered by the same store nd they've registered my mobile no. with the same store. While interecting with the lady who attanded my call, i could hear the voice of her male colleague who was insisting her to not to take the order as this will not be delivered. Then i requested to make me speak to the store manager or any competent authority, then she connected me with Mr Amandeep who happens to be supervisor. Even he refused to take my order. Moreover he only told me that they've delivered the order on 5th july but this time they'll not deliver any order. When i asked him why was it delivered last time, he told me that because i requested them & then i said that i'm again requesting him to deliver this time again, he straight away refused to deliver the order. I'm still trying to find out the answer as to -

    1) Why was my order delivered on 5th jul ??
    2) Why didn't they deliver on my next request ??
    3) Why have been promotional message being sent to me on my moblie through SMS on regular intervals when none of the nearby dominos store want to deliver the order. Interestingly, after the calls are being transfer to them by their centralised helpline no. only ???

    At the end, i felt humiliated.

    A frustated customer

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  • Sa
    sandy24 Oct 14, 2009


    you guys are right about dominos pizza, they are awful, i actually worked there briefly. I had a call from the shop so I went down to see them, on that very day I was handed the uniform and was told to start work. I was amazed they never even gave me an interview!!!. I wasn't trained properly only another employee, would tell me bits about how to take order. Then i was thrown onto the phones to take orders half of the time i wouldn't understand the special offers and how to enter this onto the computer. As time went past I heard some employees stating they haven't received their pay and some would point out the company didn't enter their bank details...

    Not only the story gets silly, I was told I was making many mistakes and the manager told me. I was fuming firstly you don't train me properly, then you let me answer calls where customers are complaining about the food and to cover your backsides, I didn't even get to have my food and worked for 7 hours the one time. The phones were constantly ringing. There was lack of information and training provided, manager even told me before I resigned he didn't have time to train staff. How on earth is he going to hire the best if you don't train people properly. In this place lots of employees have been told to leave one was told to leave fired after the first day.

    I resigned because i wasn't having any of it, the management was a mess, i wanted to complain and I was refused by the Team Leader I couldn't have the area managers contact number. I felt angry, and i was told I clocked off at 10pm when I left 11pm. They even kept some of my wages.

    They are hungry for money and use people, they mess their customers around, and the orders all the time. I felt they wanted me out by day one, they looked for excuses.

    I hate the place and can't even face going there.. Not only that the pizza dough had a bad whiff, but that dough was used to feed the customers. I know disgusting. The shop had a nasty smell at times as well, not the nice smell of pizza cooking.

    Not only do I have sympathy for customers, I feel sorry for the employees who have been told to leave with no fault of their own. All i can say is good ridance i left that rat hole and hope it gets closed down one day!!!

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  • Uh
    Uhavenoidea Oct 25, 2009

    Incident began Saturday October 24, 2009 with phone order.Waited 2 hrs and pizza never came.Called store and spoke to manager Sal and said pizza will be delivered in 15-20 min., no show. Promised to take care of order next time we called.Phone order Sunday 6/6:30 pm, carry out & took home.Pizza ordered well done and dough was raw.Called store and spoke to manager Sal again.Over the phone he stated "white piece of s***" and he said "to come over here so I could f*** you up!".Went to store to show proof of pizza and to confront him about statement made.He stated, while in store in front of employees including 1 customer, a multitude of insults that was heard by many.Also threatened to kill me more than once. Should we file a lawsuit with Dominoes Pizza or are we going to settle this in another way? Something needs to be done immediately.

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  • Pa
    Palicio Dec 10, 2009

    The Dominos Pizza here in North Ridgeville, Ohio has a baby in the kitchen and a toddler boy running around. I'm not sure why they aren't shut down by the department of health. I'm sure I'll never be back, so I don't care.

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  • Jn
    Jnew Dec 29, 2009

    I am outraged at the service that I just recieved from domino's. I placed an order yesterday and it took an hour and a half to be delivered, when I finally got my order it wasnt complete, the driver called the store and explained the situation to the manager, he then informed me that the oven was shut down and he asked if I wouldn't mind ordering tommorow, I agreed, upon entering my apartment I was more disgruntled to find out my pizza was cold, nevertheless me and my girlfriend were hungry and decided to have it. Today I placed my order for my "free" buffalo wings, when the driver came he had no idea what I was reffering to, he too called the store and after waiting in the cold outside for the situation to be cleared for 10 minutes, he simply gave me the order and told me "you should've called the store", still outraged from last night and todays unfortune I preceeded to make my complaint in the domino's complaint box. I recieved a phone call from the store manager asking me "did you just make that complaint e-mail?" I obliged, and he began to go on a rant on how I shouldve call the store and then he began to argue my complaints, I continued to state my case and was hung up on. This is by far the worst professional act I have come across. Is this what domino's trains the managers and employees? If a customer complains about an order, call them ranting and then hang up. Dominos will never see my hard earned money again and if you have fell victim to one of these situations I advise that you don't provide them any business.



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  • Pi
    Pizza Delivery Boy Jan 11, 2010

    Stop crying about a pizza you fat ugly messy ###. Order from them again and itll come with a side portion of MAN JIZZ - Yours, Angry Delivery Boy.

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  • Ka
    kawshif Jan 15, 2010

    Ordered dominos. Very horrible food. it was so old. I feel like suing these People.

    store #
    order number# 216551
    shop # 4193
    Date of order: 1/15/2010 6:47PM

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  • Yo
    yoshigirl1458 Feb 10, 2010

    This has been the most disgusting display of customer service I ever had to undergo from Dominoes. I know there was a snow storm in the area but they guaranteed a service whether rain sleet or snow. Not only my order was over 3 hours late, the sodas never arrived with my order, the food is stale and cold, we had to warm it up in the oven after delivery. I tried getting a hold of the delivery guy so he knew to return the sodas to me and he along with the store never answered. I am so disgusted this was a very horrible experience and if I am able to I will report this because this is just wrong you promised a service whether any amount of the order and you guys failed me on my expectations. Disgusting. At least the store could of picked up the phone and let the customers know, I'm sorry we only have one delivery guy and it's going to be a while, I already knew it was going to be a while because there was a snow storm but at least pick up the phone. I wasn't sure if I should have canceled my order or not. Was the store closed; was I going to get my food?

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