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The manager of Domino's Pizza is forcing his drivers to deliver pizza on ice and snow covered roads, threating to fire them if they refuse. One of them has already had an accident. Most business in Denison is closed and DPS is urging people not to travel untill the ice and snow melt. If this company has so little regard for the saftey of their employees and the public I will never buy anymore of their products, and I will ask others I know to do the same. This kind of sick greed and disregard for human life is disgusting. Please let Domino's how you feel about this if you agree with me. I also plan to contact a reporter I know, I would like to see a report of this kind of employee abuse aired on the local and national news.

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, US
Sep 15, 2022 2:42 pm EDT

When I applied I was vetted with I-9 and given the evil eye for days and then never heard to report to work. Not good enough to deliver pizzas made by violent ignorant fools. All trump supporters, play with people's heads like paper dolls

Amol bhalerao
, US
Mar 03, 2018 12:59 pm EST

Swap to Hindi
Halo, Sir Akola is Ram Bhure and Harishchandra Bhure in Domino restaurant in Maharashtra. They are both brothers and Ramchandra steals and Harichand handles it in inventory .. It is said that the rule is that the two brothers of the same house should remove that Ram Chandra This request is ..

Jess Aurora Rhinelander
, US
Mar 10, 2017 6:56 pm EST

o Whom It May Concern:

I left work from Dominos Pizza, soaking wet, covered in pizza sauce, humiliation, and shamed. This was a job I worked for six grueling months while I bit my tongue on the inappropriate treatment I received from my managers and co-workers.

After suffering through a demotion because I took sick days when I was recovering from a procedure. I had been scared to take any sick time even before the demotion, and was forced to work THROUGH having a miscarriage when I knew I needed to go to a doctor. I am a working mom, doing the best I can at my job, and cannot afford to lose any income.

Everybody, including the managers, will come to work when they are extremely sick. They pay no extra attention or special care to the food, mixibg, spilling, snacking, sneezing in, sweating on, and contaminating all the ingredients. I've seen toopings scrapped off crusts, and re-used. Ingrediants dropped on the floor and then served.
I was ridiculed when I asked for sick time, as it would not have been wise for me – or for Dominos’ loyal customers – for me to come into work.

I was demoted for the common cold, and a medical procedure that was a necessity.

When I first got to work on Thursday, March 9th, 2017, I stacked the pizza sauce in the cooler around 4:00pm.

Two hours later, my manager saw sauce leaking out from under the walk in cooler, and immediately turned to me and said, “This is coming out of your paycheck.”

I was pinned for the spill though there is no evidence that the leaked sauce was my fault. I have stacked pizza sauce several times before and I know it was sturdy, and was in no stress.

The manager forced me to clean everything up – while only he and another manager helped. The laughter and jokes from on looking co-workers were humiliating. Sexist, cruel, and condoned by every co-worker and manager.

One manager, Darin, sprayed me in face with a water pressire hose (on a low setting) and proceeded to point, laugh, and encourage my coworkers to make cruel jokes and take pictures. As the only girl who works here, the jokes were incredibly demeaning, malicious, and I couldn’t have felt more attacked.

“You put the sauce in, you clean it up, ” they said, continuing to ridicule me, encourage fellow employees to make jokes, and laugh at my frantic state.

I was covered head to toe in sauce, soaking wet with water, and the manager tried to get me inside in the cooler. This would be a hazard to my health – leading to hyperthermia, pneumonia, or worse.

“Need a tampon with that?”
“Glad I'm not you."
"I thought you hid a body in there!"
Were just few of the things I heard over my pounding heart and humiliation. Only one other employee asked if I was alright. The most troubling thing about this situation, was the fact that I (moments before the incident) stated the fallowing; "It will take more than a demotion to get rid of me." That raises question to me, upon weather the entire thing was staged.

I was emotionally, physically, and verbally abused. This is unacceptable behavior from Domino’s and I am appalled by how I was treated. Every single person I talk to about this tells me I have grounds to sue.

I am not the only femail employee who has suffered this way at this particular store. For sometime I have been the only woman in the workplace. I didn't realize how right the women who worked there before me were. Its no wonder they all quit, or transfered out.

I look forward to hearing how Domino’s plans to rectify this horrible situation.

Thank you for your time,

Jessie Rhinelander

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Kelly Collins Cottrill
, US
Apr 15, 2016 11:49 am EDT

I have a friend who has been a driver for Domino's Pizza for several years. He is just became a US citizen but before he had his papers, he was afraid to complain about how he was treated at Domino's . I used to tell him he was being taken advantage of but, he was so grateful to have a job he didn't, complain. I believe they hire people feel they can bully, Immigrants, high schoolkids ect

, US
Apr 15, 2016 11:34 am EDT

I had been abuse by a Domino's manager from south plainfield new jersey and i was making money for past three days and soon is this manager came to work one day and then saw me working in a nice little environment and become hateing and angry that i couldn't make any dispatch on my own because that's how i was controlled what i i take or not while i was fine there without this manager gave order like force me to take order while other drivers stood there i was be argued with if i didn't do it and in the morning i ask how come there are three drivers here while the scheduled qas taken down by they other driver and then the manager came in late to store after that called in her brother to work while i was scheduled to work on that time also on different day called in another driver before i was to work then took an out of area delivery which the manager force me to take in the afternoon time while there was only two drivers in the store said take the delivey give me your money and go home did not explain to me that will call in more drivers so all the orders don't get late.

Aransas Pass, US
Feb 20, 2011 6:04 pm EST
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Since my complaint is from a second hand source, I would encourage an investigation into the treatment of employees at the Rosharon, Tx Domino's facility. The manager, at this location, has belittled, browbeat and harrassed employees. While not being an isolated incident, it had become outrageous within the last week. I do ask that this be investigated by your corporation. Having been a supervisor for many years, it was always inapproiate to verbaly abuse an employee.