Domino's Pizzadelivery and manager non compliant attitude over the missed delivery

D Jul 23, 2019

Hello, My name is Darren Horsey, I live in a building that houses all veterans, and 3 weeks ago on the 2nd I ordered two large pepperoni pizzas, they never were delivered so I called the store, the manager which was a female sent them out again, and for some reason after explaining where to deliver them, they still never got delivered. I called maybe an hour later or so and found out they just did nt deliver them. I called to speak to a manager the next day, and unfortunately, he said there was nothing he could do about it, I must have given them the wrong address? Now I was upset and trying to explain to him how was it my fault I have had other orders delivered here before and never had a problem, well he hung up in my ear once, then I called back a day or so later and he hung up again, stating that he was going to fix that problem but I was shouting, which i was not I was explaining to him what had happened and he hung up again. So I am really upset when a manager does this, and it wasn't the fact that I had the order delivered twice, and it still did not make it to my apartment, it was the fact that the manager tried to twist it and make it the customers fault. Please see what you can do about that because if this is how you do your customer s, and especially when your a manager, its a shame.

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