Domino's Pizzacustomer service / overall experience

E Aug 12, 2018

I cannot understand how a whole chain can consistently get bad reviews and nothing be done to change this. Between (always) having to wait at least 20 minutes to sometimes over an hour JUST for some one to answer the phone to take your order already begins a less than ideal situation.

If some one is patient enough to sit and wait until they are able to get their order in; they then have to worry about how long the order is going to take or if it is even going to arrive at all. It would be different if it was on one occasion but on almost 3 different occasions I placed an order - WAYYY before closing - and did not receive it either due to wrong information like the phone number or just no call no show. It would almost be funny if it didn't mean being left starving after TRYING to be EXTREMELY patient through an already tenuiuous situation.

Worse off, you can't tell yourself that one location is bad so you will call another. NO WAY! ALL OF THE LOCATIONS NEAR 11203 AREA CODE ARE TERRRRIBLE!! Same bad service. Same cold distorted food. Same old Dominos.

It may seem like this is a rant but it is more than apparent how much bad publicity your franchise is receiving from those locations with numbers of bad reviews on a monthly basis. Again I ask, why has nothing been done to change this? As good as business may appear I am sure that those locations are nowhere near bringing in the numbers that they could.

I send this complaint to state that I no longer promote Dominos nor offer it for suggestion. It is simply not worth it. There is no convenience and you usually end up with a headache - between the service & being hungry at the same time. Just doesn't work and there's way better options out there.

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