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I went to the Dollar Tree today (8/9/19) at 1 PM to purchase some balloons. There was one cashier helping a long line of customers and no one at the balloon counter. After waiting for a few minutes and noticing there were three associates in the office next to the balloon counter laughing and joking loudly enough to hear through the walls, I knocked on the door and asked if one of them would be able to help me. One associate informed me in a patronizing tone calling me "dear" that I would have to wait for the one working sales associate to finish with the line of six customers she was ringing up. Another associate that came out of the office stated to the first one they didn't have the capability to inflate balloons at that time, something was wrong with the helium tank. None of the associates were courteous enough to involve me in that part of the conversation. They simply walked off until I said, "It's not working?" Then the first tossed a "No" over her shoulder. As a consumer I don't have high expectations for customer service in the Dollar Tree, but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect the basic courtesies. Big thumbs down for today's visit.

Aug 09, 2019
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