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I was accused of working off the clock and I wasn't. This will be the second time that I have been terminated by this store for something I didn't do. I want my job back please. On Friday Sept. 27, I was picking up my boxes and clip strips and saw a box of gift bags that had been opened by a customer that was on the floor and shelf and was picking them up and hanging them on a peg when the DM walked through. I told him I was just picking up my mess and then would be done for the day. He said to not worry about it. I put my boxes on the boat and pushed it into the ware house. I stayed and bought a few things and talked with the asst mgr for awhile and went outside with the cashier to smoke a cigarette. I left and came back at 9 pm to leave the store keys with the asst mgr because I forgot to give them back to her after using the restroom. The next morning I went in to work when the store mgr called me to the back and told me that the DM Jonathan Fisher had called HR saying I was working off the clock. Like I said before this is the second time being terminated behind some BS. The DM does not communicate with me because if he had, I could have cleared this up. Before, I had just clocked out and asked Mr Fisher if I could pick up my boxes and sweep up my mess and he said ik. So which is it? Also, there is a sign in our break room that says don't pass it up, pick it up and that's what I was doing. For something this stupid he calls HR but when I texted him about me being intimated, bullied and retaliation, he didn't even address the issue. Management breaks all kinds of store policy rules and nothing happens because they're management. I just want my job back. I have always given 110 percent to this store only to be treated like crap. I'm not even given the opportunity to advance. Everything I have read says you can't retaliate or choose favorites or cut my hours as punishment for filing a complaint yet this is what was done to me and I let the DM know and he did nothing. If you would please reconsider and let me have my job back, I would appreciate it and I will promise you stop working 15 minutes before I have to clock out to pick up my mess. I need my job. And if you could please let me know what ever you decide to do, I would appreciate it.

Thank you
Teresa Espinoza

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    You can also contact our ops mgr Alycia and she will vouch for me. The store # is 06622

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    On Sept 27, 2019 I was accused of working off the clock and terminated by the DM. I had explained to him that I was picking up my boxes and clip strips and had seen a box of gift bags that had been opened by a customer. The bags had slid out of the box and were on the floor and shelf and I was picking them up and putting them on a peg. He said not to worry about it. I continued to put my boxes on the boat and pushed it to the warehouse. In the break room there is a sign that says "don't pass it up, pick it up." That's what I was doing and I got terminated. He went out of his way and called HR to get me terminated. This is the second time that I have been terminated because of a lie. I'm sure there are a lot of people that have been terminated by this company behind lies from somebody who has done more wrong than those who have lost their jobs. Nobody has ever contacted me to ask what happened. I am fighting to get my job back and maybe they can give the DM a different job position that won't allow him to fire people. We need a DM that keeps his word and doesn't work us like dogs just so he can get a bigger bonus. Shaving hours and thinking that people can unload a truck of 1500 pieces, stock the merchandise and organize the warehouse in 9.5 hours is ridiculous. We never had an issue with hours until he got there. We have never gotten a positive comment from him. He has never communicated with the employees. I had one write up almost a year ago for working off the clock and had not done it again even though it bothers me that the store is starting to look like crap because of him. We have merch mgr that have walked out because of him. All of the stores are going down as far as being clean and stocked since he became the DM. I informed him a few months ago about retaliation, being bullied, harassed and intimidation and he never addressed that issue. This is not good for someone who has a mental disability. I have always tried to do my best for this store. I take pride in it's appearance and keeping the customers happy. I love positive feedback. I have always owned anything that I have done, good or bad. But I will fight for being accused of something I didn't do. Management has broken more policy rules than I could ever dream of and nothing has ever been done about that. I just want my job back along with my hours. I don't care about what anyone else does as long as it doesn't involve me. Corporate needs to step up and take a closer look t how their employees are being treated and the conditions we have to work in. We take the hit when DM's make mistakes or don't know what they're doing. Mr Philbin needs to compensate those of us who had to fight together our jobs back. We also have Bill's to pay. Communication will open their eyes as far as how these stores are being run into the ground. They say this is a family store? Lol! I already have family like this. I don't want to be part of another family that's the same.

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    I have tried to get someone, anyone from corporate or HR to address this issue about being wrongfully terminated. I would appreciate a response from someone. No one deserves to be treated the way I have been treated. I don't want to but it looks like I might have to contact the EEOC about this matter. I have been patient for too long. How hard is it to pick up a phone or type a message to let someone know that they are being acknowledged or heard? I'm hoping corporate doesn't have stupid or heartless people in charge but that's what it's starting to look like. No disrespect just frustration.

Sep 29, 2019
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  •   Oct 02, 2019

    Working off the clock means you were basically volunteering. Why would you be fired for saving the company money?

    And why were you terminated the first time? That's fishy to me. Normally a store or organization won't rehire you if you were fired for anything other than downsizing. You were fired for doing the same thing? Essentially giving your time to them?

    On the other hand, I do see their point for policing you. Should something happen to you you could sue and the company would have a hard time explaining why they are not responsible. They'd also have a problem with insurance. People on the clock are covered by the company's insurance. Those not are not.

    Seriously, now it looks like you are trying to have something happen and the company to be held responsible without insurance coverage.

    That's immoral of you and should be fired -- again.

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  •   Oct 02, 2019

    So I have read all the complaints you have against this store and this particular branch and it looks as if Jessica needs to file a restraining order against you.

    Good God! Even if what you are saying is true she has every right to sue you and file all sorts of libel defamatory charges.

    Why you are whining on here instead if finding another job, preferably one that doesn't make you handle money is beyond me.

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