Dollar Treevery poor customer service

D Aug 12, 2018

I visited your Lindenhurst, NY store located on Wellwood Avenue today 8/12/18 with my 16 yr old daughter. Although she prefers the Dollar Tree on Montauk Highway because the isles are neater this location was more convenient today.
While checking out there was only one line open. The cashier called for cashier assistance and another lady opened her drawer. While doing so she spoke out in a very stern voice for the next customer in line to go to isle 3. That was the lady in front of me and I followed her. I loaded some of my items into a basket I was also purchasing onto the belt. As the cashier began to ring up my order she told me in a very unpleasant tone that I needed to remove the items from my basket. I did so. She had a scowl on her face the entire time she rang up my $34 purchase. This is not the first time I have felt unwelcomed and treated coldly in this location. I feel there is a lack of customer service training in this particular location, as my family are fans of all the other local locations of Dollar Tree. I will not be returning to the West Babylon store.

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