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Several weeks ago I purchased a small stapler at Dollar Tree and discovered, once home, the interior mechanism was missing. I went back the following day, receipt in hand, without considering I could possibly receive resistance from the store manager. I was wrong. She inspected the stapler, inspected my receipt, asked if I was sure I had not broken it, than aquiesced with a heavy sigh, allowing me to go retrieve a replacement stapler. The entire incident was frustrating, but humorous. Today, I was in same Dollar Tree with my 13-year-old son to get Father's Day balloons, among other items. When my son and I stepped out the door of Dollar Tree, one of the mylar balloons detached from the ribbon and flew away. My son said he'd tell the store manager and I decided to let him handle it. He went back inside holding the balloon-less ribbon only to appear back outside the store within seconds, head hanging. He told me the store manager told him (same woman who interrogated me about the defective stapler) once balloons go out the door the store is no longer responsible. I asked my son to wait near our car and went inside. I approached the surly store manager and told her the balloon was not secured on the ribbon and had, through no fault of ours, flown away. She said, "You have to hang onto them!" I told her the ribbon had not been tied. She said, "We tie them!" I looked at the ten-person line waiting at the only check-out and asked, "Are you telling me I have to get in line now and buy another balloon?" She sighed her familiar heavy sigh and said, "Just this time I will let you get another balloon!" I walked over, took another mylar balloon and saw the ribbon was attached to the balloon with a piece of Scotch tape. When I got to the car, I checked the other balloons we had purchased, and they, too, had ribbons held with only a piece of Scotch tape. Many mylar balloons are destined to be set free once outside that Dollar Tree. The point is this store manager has an utter lack of people skills and, like many in jobs they appear to hate, seizes all opportunity, apparently, to wield the tiny power she has over Dollar Tree customers. She is not interested in customer service. She makes no effort to be pleasant. She is interested in holding her miniscule authority over the heads of unfortunate shoppers needing assistance.


  •   Jun 17, 2009

    What are you complaining about then; you got your way both times you big baby. Awwwwww the manager was rude, big deal - it's a ### job & probably the only thing she's qualified for. Maybe she was on the rag too, who knows? You're just gonna have to buck up & get over it; you are going to run into many more rude people in your lifetime.

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      Feb 05, 2011

    No one has pride in their work anymore, do they -- yes, that's probably the only thing that sorry manager will ever qualify for (like most Dollar Tree employees in the manager or asst. manager position) but so what? If you can't do the job, get the [censored] out. I'm glad she stood her ground AND got her way.

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