Dollar Treediscrimination/ defamation of character/slander

E Aug 15, 2018

Today at 9:50 pm, employees Janice and Delondra wellre discriminatory and acted by slandering my daughters reputation with false accusations as Delandra made a spoken false accusation to a random customer at the store after Janice had already apologized for lying about camera footage.

On this date, my twin daughters, my son and my father, and myself shopped at the Dollar tree store on 935 grafton street in Worcester Massacussettes.
Upon completing our transaction and paying cash I was approached by Janice. She asked if I spoke English, and told me that she saw footage where my daughters put a nail polish in their pocket. I asked to see the footage and she said she couldnt show me. After this, My daughters denied this accusation. Janice then proceeded to apologize and say that this was a mistake and she was sorry as she didnt see them on camera doing this. She then said that the cashier Delondra said she did. While we are conversing, Delondra was telling a random customer that she saw my daughters put a nail polish in their pocket. I told Delondra that this was very unprofessional and why if she had no proof as my daughters had no such items in their clothing would she slander my daughters reputation in such a manner. Janice stated that delondra was mistaken as she thinks it was a cell phone that my daughter had in her pocket. I asked Janice what happened next after she suppossedly saw the alledged footage if my daughters have no said item in their possession and Janice said thats why
She apologized because she didnt see anything, and delondra will be written up for talking about your daughters to random people. I then told Janice that she lied when she said she saw footage as she admitted that she didnt, and Janice said this is why she was apologizing because she didnt see anything and was sorry for the mistake. At this point customers were commenting and looking at my daughters. My daughters and all of us were very embarrassed and our reputation and integrity was damaged due to the slander, discrimination based on age and etnicity as Janice asked me if I spoke English before she made the accusation. Janice said she has lost alot of dollars due to young girls and she apologized once more for their mistake. I explained that we are not even from this state and look at the experience that we had to endure. I asked for my money back and at first Janice didnt want to as she claimed to be closed, she took our cash receipt and didnt give it back once she gave us our money. I also asked for a written statement from her stating how she lied about seeing footage that showed my daughters taking something, and Delondra talking to a customer about the lies she made up. Janice said she wouldnt give a written statement and why i needed one if she has already apologized for the mistake. Delondra just said ok, laughed in our faces, and never apologized for pointing at my daughters and accusing them of such an immoral act. My daughters are faithful Catholics and would never engage in such an act. I am a professional in my career and never would I allow that an employee treat unfairly, discriminate, slander, and humiliate any consumer under any circumstance.
My daughters cried of embarrassment and felt profiled based on age and etnicity and so do I. My young son was also humiliated and confused and my father who lives in this state was humiliated.
Apologies do not change the fact that your employees lied and singled us out to strangers with false spoken accusations. They completely ruined our trip.

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