Dollar Treecustomer service

R Aug 14, 2018

On 8/14/2018 I visited store 484 in Woodsyocm, Georgia. When I was checking out my boyfriend made a comment that offended her. Shaun was her name according to the receipt.

My boyfriend didnt mean any harm in what was said. Shaun has multiple piercings on her face including a larger nose ring. He said that looking at her face made him cringe. He never meant her looks made him it cringe, he just couldnt imagine the pain.

So he asked a few questions about her piercings and wanted to know if it was painful. She responded to him saying "youre weird. [censored] you." He listened to her and apologized. My boyfriend actually has brain trauma from an accident. He has a 8 plates and 16 screws in his brain. His trauma sometimes causes him thinking trouble- he doesn't realize he says things the wrong way.

I do believe that her response was very inappropriate. Nobody shops at a store and wants to hear "[censored] you" when checking out. I understand how she might have taken it personally but her response was not the way to go about it. In addition, other customers overheard what she said.

I tried to interject and explain that he did not mean to be offense. Instead of calming the situation or changing the conversation she responded with cuss words.

I think this associate, and possible store manager, need additional training on customer service. It was never his intention to offend her so much.

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