Dollar Rent A Carcar rental services

I Aug 15, 2018

I came to a Ohio from Florida as I do every month because my business is in Ohio I've used Dolar a few times before this particular time I prepaid. Biggest mistake of my life. I get to the desk at the time of my rental. I am told they couldn't accept my credit card that they already took my money off of for the weekly rental because it wasn't a big enough line of credit on it. Ok. Fine I'll go somewhere else. I spoke to them about a refund they directed me to call their prepaid service number...I did VERY RUDE PEOPLE! This was in May 2018 here it is August 2018 and my money was NEVER refunded I called Dollar customer service they said it shows I should've gotten a refund!! Then they tell me because I prepaid they couldn't help me it's a different company what the what??!!! Where is my money. I will never use this car service again neither will anyone I know. They took my money I am not rich! I need my money still to this day I be put in numerous calls only to keep hearing they can't help me! I want my money!!

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